10 Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes To Avoid As a Beginner

Now that you've landed on this post I believe you already know what affiliate marketing is and how does it work.

Whether you're a beginner or someone who already has tasted some level of success with the affiliate marketing, I'm sure the tips in this post are going to help you avoid some of the most common mistakes when you jump into affiliate marketing.

Most of the internet marketing gurus who claim to teach the affiliate marketing for free often hold back important pieces of the information that is crucial to your success in the business.

They'll often persuade you to purchase their affiliate products which they're promoting, since the majority of the people especially the beginners who enter this industry lack the crucial information that they need, they end up making mistakes and give up easily.

10 Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes To Avoid As a Beginner

Here are the top ten of the common affiliate marketing mistakes to avoid if you're planning to join this billion-dollar industry in order to achieve success at an early stage.

1. It's Not a Get-Rich-Quick Scheme

The biggest misunderstanding the newbies have is that they think affiliate marketing is a get-rich-quick scheme that will make them millionaires overnight.

Honestly, I too had the same misconception in my head when I first started with affiliate marketing.

Know the process that goes behind

Most of the beginners trying out affiliate marketing think that this method will make them money fast.

They often think that they simply need to take up the affiliate link, promote it everywhere and they'll start earning the commissions without knowing the process which goes behind the scenes.

People with this type of mindset often fail to make any money and end up frustrating themselves.

They either give up or lose all their capital on bad decisions.

This happens when you don't commit yourself to be in this game for a long time and often give up on the small challenges that you face along the way.

Keep an eye on the new trends

If you're just starting out, prepare yourself to learn about the processes and the latest trends in the market and take a lot of actions along the way as you progress.

You must be ready to invest a couple of hours a day for building your website or brand in order to promote the affiliate offers.

However, as you build trust with the people you attract, you will be able to sell affiliate products even though you are putting in the same amount of effort.

If you keep putting in the effort, you will be able to scale your business upward.

2. Making Excessive Claims

Most of the time the affiliates try to create a lot of hype for the product that they're promoting by making bold claims in order to get their audience's attention.

You might have come across such ads which talk about the tools that will make you a millionaire quickly. 

You probably would like to avoid ads like this.

Bold claims can hurt the image of your site

In the same way, your website visitors will also avoid what you're trying to promote them if you become too excessive while talking about the product.

People will think of your offer as a scam if it's presented this way.

In the process, your visitors may question the authenticity of the product you are offering, hurting the image of your website or brand.

Create product reviews or comparisons

Instead of taking attention of visitors through false claims, you should try to position yourself in the target audience's buying decision.

For instance, you could create a review of the product which talks about the product in detail, pros, and cons of using it which will help the buyer in making a purchase decision.

Alternatively, you could create a post which does a comparison of your product with other products in the same niche in the market.

3. Being Too Aggressive With Promotion

Most beginners approach to affiliate marketing like an aggressive salesman.

They put up tons of banners, links, and buttons to show the bright lights in their pages to highlight the product.

All they talk about is the product that they are promoting.

In the end, these pages never really rank higher in any search engines.

The people who do find their website somehow are often turned off by the sales vibe.

Focus on solving the problems

One thing you should remember that people go to the Internet to find the solution to the problem that they're facing and don't have the intention to buy things all the time.

This is the reason why many Google queries are in question form.

To be an effective affiliate marketer, you need to identify the problems that your product tries to solve and to create content that provides answers to those problems.

You could start pushing your products and services when you provide tips to deal with the concerns of your customers.

Make sure that the product or service that you offer to them acts as a solution to those problems.

4. Not Connecting With Your Audience

If you don't create the content with the true intention of helping people, it will show through and they'll see it clear one day.

This another nail in the coffin that goes along with outrageous claims and having a sales vibe.

Post the content that is helpful

Take time to build trust with your audience by putting out content that is truly helpful and helps people in solving the solution for the problem they're looking for.

Do not ask for anything in return for a while before placing your links in front of people.

Be sure to build an audience and traffic first that knows, likes, and trusts you.

This is not a RACE it's a MARATHON and those who realize this at the early stage are better off than the majority of marketers.

5. Not Learning From the Competitors

Affiliate marketing business is where there are many people are trying to do the same thing as you.

Learn from your competitors

If you're not learning from their mistakes you'll also end up making the same mistakes which eventually consume your lot of energy.

If something works for them, implement it in your business.

For example, you want to launch a Google Ads campaign to drive targeted traffic to your website, you can monitor the Ads from other advertisers who're also targeting the same keywords in your niche.

There are many tools available which can help you monitor the campaigns of your competitors, be it SEO, advertising or anything else.

Just keep an eye on what other people in your niche are doing in order to generate more sales.

6. Does It Align With Your Vision and Purpose?

It's not uncommon just for beginners but also for the established marketers, to come up with another idea while they are still in the middle of one campaign.

While working on one project, you may think of promoting other products or services as you start seeing the results.

Don't work on too many projects at the same time

If you keep pursuing and working on all your business ideas, you could spend your time and energy too thinly and thus not fully complete anything. Your progress will be extremely slow and you'll not see the desired results.

If you're working on too many projects at the same time, you may become frustrated when you do not see results you want in any of them. Often, the problem stems from a lack of focus on one marketing campaign or business effort.

Pay attention to a single campaign

It may be more effective if you put all your attention to just one project at a time.

If your other business ideas keep distracting you, write them down in a notebook with the intention of revisiting them at a later time.

Act on them only after you are done with your current campaign.

If the current campaign is not working out, you could abandon it completely and start with a new one from your notebook of ideas.

But be sure to give yourself enough time before giving up and really ask yourself questions as to why it's not working.

You may be surprised as to the solutions that come up when the root cause is fully understood.

Don't think about other options

Coming at this with a mastery mentality can solve this.

Fully devote yourself for a given time and don't even think about any other possibilities.

Most importantly know that anything worth having in life is most often worth focusing on and working for as long as it aligns with how you see your future self.

7. Not Tracking The Performance

It's very common for the newbies that they start their affiliate business without any tracking tool in place.

They just set up a website, facebook page,  and other marketing tools and leave them alone.

Tracking is the primary reason why you need your own website to attract customers. Without your own website, you will not be able to track customer behavior.

Use tracking tools to improve the performance

You never know where the best buyers come from unless you have tracking in place.

You don't have anything to lose here if you set up the free tracking like Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools.

Apart from these two, there are many other free and premium tools available in the market for tracking everything your business needs.

You will be able to know about the changes you need to make periodically on your website or the facebook page in order to improve the performance and ultimately generate more revenue.

Why tracking is important?

Let's say you run a product review website of gym supplements and created a comparison review of three supplements from different vendors.

In the process, you set up your tracking tools on the page to see which of the three supplements is most popular among your audience.

After a month of testing, you discover that the product at the bottom of the page is most popular among the buyers.

To improve the click-through rate of this product, you place it at the top of the page so that it will be seen first by your website visitors.

Now the visitors, are more likely to click on the affiliate link of this product because they see it first.

Meanwhile checking, you see that this little change to your web page has increased the clicks on your affiliate link which ultimately increases the sales and revenue.

You would now like to use the same strategy on all your other comparison reviews in the future.

8. Not Outsourcing and Partnering With Others

It's also a common mistake for most beginners to think that they can do everything by themselves.

They write the entire content, work on all the design factors of the website and test out all the marketing aspects of the business.

That way you will save costs if you do it all by yourself but you will also end up burning most of your time doing things that you could let other people do.

Outsource some of your work

For the parts of the business not related to marketing and sales, you should hire other people to do them for you.

As an affiliate marketer, you need to keep practicing the marketing aspect of the business.

Always be willing to improve and innovate with your promotional strategies.

You always need to ensure that you invest your time and focus on this aspect of the business so that you can master it over time.

9. Relying on Just One Source of Traffic

Traffic is the lifeline of any online business. If you already get the targeted traffic to your website, your only concern is on how you can monetize that.

However, if you don't have traffic, your sales will be severely limited and you won't really have anyone to market to.

Find multiple sources of traffic

The biggest mistake of most newbies make is relying on only one source of traffic for their online business.

Most of the time Google is the primary source of traffic of most websites.

However, there are other places online as well where people spend a lot of time on like discussion forums, Q & A sites and social media. Keep thinking about where you will get your next thousand visitors.

Check for popular websites in your niche

For example, you should keep your ears and eyes open for the newest social media apps. You should also keep track of the most popular websites in your niche.

When you discover the new sources where you can get traffic from, think of ways on how you can drive some of the traffic from there to your website.

Continuously test new sources of traffic in order to see which ones boost the number of visitors to your website.

10. Don't Let Fear Drives Your Decisions

This is a major mistake that not only affiliate marketers can make but also the average person can make on a daily basis.

You may have fear about what people will think of your content or you may be self-conscious getting in front of the camera for a YouTube video.

I will let you know now that this will always limit you in your decision-making abilities and how you run your life on a daily basis.

It most certainly will come through in the content you produce.

It can also limit your potential, your outlook on life, and ultimately your success in attaining the lifestyle you dream of living.

Embrace the fears and push yourself

By accepting these fears and embracing them you can ultimately free yourself.

I was always fearful about my English accent which stopped me from starting a YouTube channel. But one day I took that fear out of me and launched the one.

I was very fearful that people may not like my voice and what I have to say, but does it really matter?

If you have something to say that really can help or be of service to at least one person out there then you would be selfish by not releasing video content.

Gradually, I noticed that what people care the most is whether you're capable of solving their problem or not, no matter your accent or skin color.

Overcome the fears by taking the actions

For those of you who don't want to pursue making video content just because you are camera shy, just do it. The more you do this the more comfortable you will become.

Know that this doesn't mean you that can't be successful because you still can. You are only limiting your potential.

Once you are able to accept your fears, you can and will overcome it by taking incredible unceasing actions towards a worthy goal or purpose. The practice is what will make you the master at anything.

10 Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes To Avoid As a Beginner

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I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Please comment below and let me know your opinion. I would be happy to know what you think about the points mentioned.

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