12 Minute Affiliate Review: The TRUTH No One Talks About.!

12 Minute Affiliate Review Summary

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2 / 5

The 12 Minute Affiliate system is a done-for-you system that allows aspiring affiliate marketers to make money online. It's a plug-and-play system that allows anyone to quickly set up the landing page, autoresponder, and traffic to start generating the sales from ClickBank.

Best Suited For

The affiliate marketers and those interested in making money online


$47/per month or $397 one-time for the Basic Membersip and $97 per month or $797 for the Gold Membership.

Free Trial

YES, 14-Day free trial at $9.95


Devon Brown

Ease of Use

2.5 / 5


2 / 5


1.5 / 5

Customer Support

3 / 5


1.5 / 5

Value For Money

1.5 / 5


  • Quick set up of the system
  • Easy-to-use templates
  • A step-by-step guide


  • Need to pay extra for the autoresponders
  • Costly upsells inside for memberships and traffic
  • Dependency on third-party tools


The 12 Minute Affiliate System has costly memberships and is less flexible compared to other similar programs. It is ideal for only those people who are not bound by the budget and can make investments in getting paid traffic and other tools. It's marketed as a Done-For-You system but that comes with an additional cost due to the dependency on third-party tools like Aweber. There is no flexibility in terms of choosing the affiliate network, autoresponder, traffic, niche, etc that is quite disappointing.

There are many better training and systems available that offer more value in return for the investments made.

I believe you are looking for the genuine 12 Minute Affiliate Review.

Probably you are searching for ways to make money online through affiliate marketing and so far have come across many different programs and systems.

Every time you either read a review or watch a video about that program you feel like this system is going to change your life.

You spend money on that and only get the disappointment at the end.


It’s pretty simple, the majority of those programs are only scams and offer no value.

Most of the time they are from the people who themselves are struggling or super successful gurus who want you to buy some massively expensive courses.

Those who are already successful are never going to talk about what it really took them to reach to the point they are today.

No matter whether it’s 12 Minute Affiliate or any other system, it’s the hard work that leads to success.

If you look at the name of the system, it certainly looks like a scam.

But is it really the case?

We are going to find it out soon in this comprehensive 12 Minute Affiliate System Review and explore every small detail about this program and whether it’s legit or just another scam?

What Is 12 Minute Affiliate System?

12 Minute Affiliate Review - What is 12 Minute Affiliate

The 12 Minute Affiliate System is focused on beginners and struggling marketers who want to make quick money through affiliate marketing.

The founder Devon Brown represents it as a plug-and-play system that can be made ready to make money within 12-minutes.

But keep in mind that it’s not going to make you any money just by doing that so-called 12-minute setup.

There is no secret that in order to generate real profits with affiliate marketing it’s important to get the targeted traffic.

The 12 Minute Affiliate System facilitates you the interface to create a landing page and integrate it with the Aweber, a third-party autoresponder.

The traffic part is left up to you.

You are given an option to either buy the paid traffic inside the membership area or use free traffic methods.

I don't find it much useful though.

Because in order to drive paid traffic you don’t really need another program like 12 Minute Affiliate System.

There are many tools that allow you to create beautiful landing pages along with in-built support for email autoresponders like ClickFunnels, GetResponse, Kyvio, etc.

Go through some free training available on YouTube and you should be able to quickly set up the landing pages for yourself in minutes.

There are multiple ways of making money with affiliate marketing and landing page + email autoresponder is just one of them.

With this approach, you have to rely on the paid source of traffic.

Honestly, it’s the method used by the rich or already successful affiliates who have money for making such investments.

For beginners, it’s better to take some time in learning the skills required and develop your own source of traffic like a blog or YouTube channel.

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Who is Devon Brown?

Usually, I don’t review the products that look like scams in the first place, but I decided to review 12 Minute Affiliate because it comes from a person who has shared a space with the industry icons like Tony Robbins, Russel Brunson, and Dean Graziosi.

12 Minute Affiliate Review - Devon Brown

It’s created by Devon Brown who happens to be one of the most successful internet marketers.

Devon Brown is not just an internet marketer but he’s also a successful entrepreneur, blogger, speaker, coach, and influencer.

His social media accounts are proof of it.

12 minute affiliate review - Devon Brown Facebook

Needless to say, Devon Brown is a real guy and has the fan following of thousands on social media.

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Why Is The 12 Minute Affiliate System Not My First Choice?

Here are the top seven reasons why I say it’s not my recommended product.

1. Not Teaching The Skills

The very first reason I don’t like about this program is that it’s marketed in a very scammy way.

And guess what those who didn’t read the honest reviews may regret their decision to purchase it later on.

Here are a few examples of the headlines from the sales of this system.

"If you can order a pizza you can make money online."

"If a 64-old year grandma can do it you can too and blah blah.

Another sales page says that it works best for the newbies and struggling affiliates.

Most of the time, beginners are not aware of what it really takes to earn real passive income.

Just a 12-minute setup is not the whole game and the one who understands this at an early stage could potentially save a lot of money.

I tend to believe in the training or courses that teach you some sort of skill development that can help you build a sustainable business for yourself.

Inside the 12 Minute Affiliate, don’t expect to get any sort of training videos that will teach you how to build landing pages, keyword research, email marketing, WordPress, or setting up a website, SEO etc.

2. Marketed As a Done-For-You System

Devon says that the 12 Minute Affiliate is a Done-For-Your system and all you have to do is to spend about only 12 minutes every day to keep making money while you are sleeping.


Could anyone in this world become successful by doing just a 12-minute work every day?

I am not saying that the 12 Minute Affiliate System is not proven and doesn’t offer the value.

But the fact is one can not become successful with affiliate marketing by doing nothing.

This is a huge turn off for the people who believe in building a long-term business rather than creating some crappy pages.

Even if you already had all the needed tools and registrations in place, it will still take more time than 12 minutes.

No matter even if it’s a DFY system or anything else of that sort you gotta sacrifice something, be it time, money, or sometimes both.

If you are a little bit a bit aware of affiliate marketing you know that getting traffic is the real game.


3. No In-built Autoresponder

One of the important steps in generating profits through the 12 affiliate system is that you need to have an autoresponder.

But surprisingly there is no in-built support for the same and you only have one option for an autoresponder integration which is from Aweber.

This is not only an additional cost but also a huge limitation.

There are autoresponder tools like GetResponse, ConvertKit, Kyvio, etc that offer email automation and hundreds of beautiful landing pages.

I am sure even those tools have more flexibility than 12 Minute Affiliate.

Aweber has a 30-day free trial but after that, you are required to pay $19/month and that increases as your subscriber base grows.

4. No Mention of Hidden Costs

The key takeaway from the 12-Affiliate System is that it basically provides you an interface to set up the entire system in just three simple steps.

Create your free affiliate account (2 minutes), integrate an autoresponder (2 minutes), an optional setup of (2 minutes), and get your DFY traffic (2 minutes) and so on.

But what about the cost of creating the landing page, buying an autoresponder, and yes the traffic?

You don’t need a separate system to tell you this.

The cost of creating a landing page is either $97 or $297 per month depending upon which plan you choose.

The cost of integrating any email autoresponder tool is at least $10 a month.

And the third and the most important part, the traffic.

You either pay or spend time to grow your traffic organically.

There are multiple ways of getting paid traffic like paid ads, solo ads, display ads, etc.

The paid ad campaigns on platforms like Facebook, Google, or Bing costs at least $300 per month for generating targeted traffic.

Do your own math and then decide if the 12 Minute Affiliate System is really going to be the right choice for your business or not.

It could be a good system for anyone for whom the budget is not a constraint.

I recommend beginners with a limited budget to invest the money on the right training or platform that helps them develop the right skills to do affiliate marketing.

5. Traffic You Get Is Paid

Any online business without traffic is like it doesn’t exist at all.

The 12 Minute Affiliate offers the traffic but it’s paid one (additional cost to you).

You really don’t have any control over the source of the traffic and just have to hope that you will build the list of the right customers and hopefully make the sales.

There is also a provision for free traffic but in that case, you are required to work manually for it.

6. Pre-Selected Niches And Tools

The biggest problem with the 12 Minute Affiliate is that you are required to create the landing pages out of only three niches.

The niche is even restricted to only one if you are not a gold member.

The affiliate network is preselected that is ClickBank.

You are free to promote the products from other affiliates but you still need to complete the ClickBank setup.

The recommended autoresponder is Aweber inside the membership area and you have no freedom to choose the autoresponder of your own choice.

Personally, I don’t prefer to promote the products this way.

The whole concept of affiliate marketing dies here because it’s meant to promote the product you want using the tools you want.

7. Limited Number of Templates

The 12 Minute Affiliate comes with a limited number of templates in the three supported niches.

While if you run a WordPress blog or use ClickFunnels you have a range of pre-designed and converting templates in different niches.

You might have more control over the customization of the elements on the pages and content.

Furthermore, you could have the flexibility to extend the functionality like handling the payments, SEO optimization, split testing, add more pages, posts, etc.

How Does 12 Minute Affiliate Work?

Now that you have a fair idea about the 12 Minute Affiliate, let’s take a look at how it works and help you make money online.

As soon as you buy this system and login to your account, you’ll land on the dashboard.

On the left panel, you will see all the navigation options like Getting Started guide, niche funnels, traffic sources, resources, etc.

Here is how the 12 Minute Affiliate System works:

Step 1: Choose Your Niche

The very first step is to choose your niche and as I said earlier you have only three options to choose from, a home business (or make money online), weight loss, and personal development.

This part is going to be very disappointing for those who want to make money beyond these three niches.

Affiliate marketing is not just limited to ClickBank and these three niches.

One can make money with affiliate marketing in almost any niche as long as the affiliate program is available under that niche.

Once you have decided on the niche, confirm it in the textbox at the bottom of the page and move on to the next step.

Step 2: Create A Free Affiliate Account

As I just said above, the system is tightly tied with making money with ClickBank.

Basically from here, you will be asked to redirect to ClickBank and create your free account with it.

Once you set up your ClickBank account you need to enter your ‘ClickBank Id’ on this page.

If you already have a ClickBank account then simply enter your ClickBank Id and you are done with this step.

You need to complete this step even if you don’t plan to promote the ClickBank products.

Step 3: Get Your AutoResponder

There is no in-built support for the email automation inside the 12 Minute Affiliate System and you are asked to create an account with Aweber.

Like a niche and affiliate network, again you have no freedom to choose the autoresponder of your choice.

Create an account with Aweber so that you can send automated emails to your prospects.

Step 4: Set Up Your AutoResponder

In this step, you need to set up your autoresponder tool that can be integrated with the funnels.

The setup is pretty easy but you can pay a small fee and they can do it on your behalf.

The good part here is that you will get the pre-written email swipes that can be directly imported to your autoresponder.

The emails are in fact the pre-selected promotional products by the 12 Minute Affiliate team.

Step 5: Get Done-For-You Trafic

12 Minute Affiliate offers its own traffic source but this does not guarantee that it’s targeted and it will generate sales for you.

Another option is to buy the traffic at additional cost and it will be automatically driven to your landing page.

When you buy the traffic you are just buying the clicks not the actual opt-in.

So again you have no clue about whether you will get the real subscriptions or customers.

In other words, you may not get a single sale even after spending hundreds or thousands of dollars.

12 Minute Affiliate Pricing

If all those costs that we just talked about are not enough you have costly upsells inside the 12 Minute Affiliate membership area.

Here you have two options to choose from, Basic Membership and Gold Membership. The basic membership costs $47 per month or $397 one-time. The gold membership will cost you $97 per month or $797 one-time. If you are unsure of what you will get inside the membership area, you can use a 14-day paid trial at $9.95.

I’d suggest anyone who is interested in 12 Minute Affiliate should take advantage of this offer before getting into their monthly subscription.

The major difference between these two memberships is that with basic membership you can create the landing page for a single niche.

And with the gold membership, you can create the pages for three niches, Home Business, Weight Loss and Personal Development.

The problem here is that even if you have three niche options it’s not enough when you are paying close to $100 for the membership and in addition to the other required tools.

It’s like you have restrictions all over the place and you need to pay to get rid of that restriction and yet no guarantee of results.

Is 12 Minute Affiliate System a Scam or Legit?

The creator of the 12 Minute Affiliate, Devon Brown is a successful entrepreneur and is followed by thousands of people worldwide.

The good part about the 12 Minute Affiliate is that you don’t need to worry about the hosting and designing the landing pages as they are somewhat customizable.

They also have a private Facebook group where many members post their experience and progress with the system.

But that doesn’t make the 12 Minute Affiliate the best product because there are already many tools in the market that offer better features at a reasonable rate.

So the question is, is 12 Minute Affiliate a scam or legit?

I won’t say that it’s a scam product but the only thing is that it’s not worth the price and needs more flexibility, less restrictions, in-built support for at least the autoresponder and offer free traffic. That way the customers will get more value in return for their investment.

The memberships are way too costly and an average affiliate can not afford to invest more in the third-party tools.

You have restrictions at every step and the system is dependent on many third-party tools.

The tool could be best suited for those who are never going to run out of budget and want to make money through affiliate marketing using paid advertising.

The Best Alternatives To The 12 Minute Affiliate System

When I say the 12 Minute Affiliate System is not up to the expectations it is because I know that better training and systems exist that offer more value for the price.

Here are my top three recommended programs that I feel are the better alternatives to the 12 Minute Affiliate.

1. The Authority Hacker Site System

The Authority Hacker Site System (TASS) is the most reputable training and a step-by-step blueprint for building a profitable niche website from scratch.

The system is 100% transparent and you will develop the skills for finding the right niche and profitable keywords, content creation, link building, SEO, outsourcing the work, etc.

Unlike the 12 Minute Affiliate, you have no restriction on the niche, autoresponder, affiliate network, or opting for the other third-party tools.

2. Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is one of the oldest all-in-one affiliate marketing training and hosting platforms that has a community of well over 800k active users.

So far more than 2 million people have tried their membership (either free or premium).

Like the Authority Hacker Site System, it offers the best training for building a successful online business and you are free to choose your own niche, affiliate network, and the tools.

Furthermore, it comes with the in-built keyword research tool (Jaaxy), managed WordPress hosting (SiteRubix), security, backups, 24*7 support (via chat, support tickets, and the founders themselves) and much more.

3. Super Affiliate System

The Super Affiliate System, in my opinion, is the ultimate blueprint to start making money fast with affiliate marketing.

This system teaches how to make money using affiliate marketing and paid ads on platforms like Google Ads, YouTube Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and other native Ad networks.

It’s created by a self-made multimillionaire John Crestani who offers the step-by-step training to launch a successful online business from nothing.

In addition to the training, you will get access to the ad templates, presell pages, VIP pass to affiliate networks, access to the super affiliate community, and live weekly coaching sessions.


I hope in this 12 Minute Affiliate review you got all your questions answered.

I feel that the system is incomplete and has a dependency on the premium third-party tools and has less flexibility compared to other tools in the market.

I personally don’t believe in the done-for-you or plug-and-play systems because they fade away as the trend ends.

Rather I would enable myself to build an online business that can be grown every day and generates results for years.

If you still find that the 12 Minute Affiliate is the right system for you feel free to click the button below to get started.

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