15 Best Affiliate Programs To Make Money In 2020 (9th Pays $2400+/Sale)

I am assuming you are familiar with affiliate marketing, how the affiliate programs work and how to draw traffic to it, there is one more thing you need to know.

You have to enter into an affiliate program but which one is right for you?bu

What are the best affiliate programs to make money in 2020?

There are multiple affiliate programs worth exploring today.

These include programs that offer great pay rates and allow you to highlight many kinds of products.

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Best Affiliate Programs To Make Money (In 2020)

While there are many enticing affiliate programs, you should think about your specific needs for entering a program.

Do not assume that you have to get into a particular program just because it pays more.

Decide what your interest is and see if the program can support it.

This will give you more control over your campaign and therefore a better shot at actually earning money.

The Amazon Associates Program and ClickBank are not the only platforms that offer good affiliate programs.

There are many unexplored affiliate programs that we are going to talk about in this post.

Here are the 15 best affiliate programs to make money in 2020.

1. eBay Partner Network

The first option to look at and one of the best affiliate programs to make money in 2020 is the eBay Partner Network.

This is where you can promote online auctions on eBay by highlighting individual products for sale.

With this, you can post referral ads onto your site.

These would link to an affiliate code in your name.

Each ad would include details on some of the latest eBay auctions relating to the keyword or product you want to promote.

eBay gives its members full control over what they wish to promote in their campaigns.

This is an exciting way to make money and the choice of what you want to promote is in your hands.

The eBay site is where you could buy and sell just about anything and this is a perfect choice to consider for your affiliate marketing.

You could earn up to 50 percent commissions on your sales.

These include commissions on not only basic products but also huge items like cars.

eBay even has an offer for you to double your commissions for the first three months that you are a member.

Make sure you put enough effort into the campaign and realize that it does take a while for you to get a good payout from the eBay program.

2. Colmex Pro Affiliates

Colmex Pro is a trading platform that makes it easy for people to trade commodities, stocks, and other financial investments.

It offers research and information on many possible investments and helps people get into the market easily.

Every adult has probably had some kind of interest in the stock market or in working with certain investments.

Targeting them through an affiliate program with Colmex is perfect.

With this, you can place advertisements for Colmex on a site and explain the basics of investing and how to get in the market.

It works especially well if you focus on futures, CFDs, and other extremely specific financial options to trade.

You can get up to 40 percent in commissions through Colmex.

You can even enter into a revenue-sharing system where you could earn a portion of the revenues earned by Colmex although that might not always pay well.

3. Rakuten

Rakuten is one of the top affiliate partner networks you can do business with today.

Rakuten has been around since 1997 and currently offers many great products.

It is true that Rakuten focuses heavily on the Japanese market, as it is based in that country, but over the years it has grown to cover more parts of the world.

Today it has a site that caters to American customers.

The site does especially well with electronics products.

It offers television sets, computers, video games, and many other items.

You can also find fashions and other home products for sale through Rakuten.

The site is popular for affiliate marketing in that it offers a simple approach.

What makes it really great is that it offers ad rotation.

This is where the ads you put on your site will rotate regularly.

Several versions of one ad will appear with each having different messages that highlight certain products or offers.

This gives the reader more information and a distinct idea of what is on the Rakuten site.

Deep linking is also available here.

With this, you can send your traffic out to specific merchant pages on Rakuten.

This gives you extra control over how traffic will be moved from your site to somewhere else on Rakuten.

4. Sell Health

Sell Health is an affiliate network that promotes health products.

The site includes products for anti-aging, sexual health, and women's health.

The products listed on the Sell Health website include hair loss prevention products, hair removal creams, and HGH releasers.

Some products help people to look and feel great while others concentrate on giving people the energy they might have lost from aging.

Sell Health offers a system where you can earn 30 to 50 percent in commissions from the products you market.

You can choose to market anything you want although for the best results it helps to stay within one particular segment of the health industry.

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5. Travel Payouts

The Travel Payouts affiliate program is one that links up to many travel services.

It works with Booking.com and Airbnb among many others.

Travel Payouts gives you information on how to produce quality links for travel sites to your page.

It helps you explore how to let the public know about anything you want to highlight online.

As you use Travel Payouts, you must take a careful look at how it focuses on specific travel services.

You might have to tailor your site toward a specific travel function like finding great flights or looking for hotels.

You also have the option to focus on specific tourist destinations that such sites serve.

You can get a good deal of money from each booking you secure through referrals with Travel Payouts.

You could get hundreds of dollars per referral depending on the value of that booking.

The cookies produced last for 30 days too, thus ensuring your potential clients will get a great deal on what you are offering.

6. Forex Club

Forex Club has been in the business of foreign currency exchange trading since 1997.

Forex Club works with many companies dedicated to producing platforms and services for trading currencies all around the world.

It offers a massive global network that serves tens of thousands of traders.

Perhaps you might be interested in helping people to learn more about foreign currency trading.

You can choose to refer people to Forex Club through your site by highlighting some of the many things that fall within the Forex industry.

By using referral links on your site, you can highlight the Libertex online platform or the MetaTrader terminal.

The commissions you can earn from this will vary based on how your sales work.

One thing is certain: your Forex Club work would entail producing a website that includes information on Forex trading.

This includes tips on how to trade and strategies for how to get the most out of the market.

7. eHarmony

You may not think you could earn commissions from eHarmony but you can.

eHarmony is a place that makes money from extended memberships and sales of guides and other products to those looking for love and friendship.

With eHarmony, people can search for other singles.

They can share information about each other and communicate privately with one another.

With an eHarmony affiliate program membership, you can promote the site by offering information on how to find love and how to communicate with romantic partners.

You could promote things relating to how to charm others or how flirting works.

All these things can be highlighted alongside your affiliate links to eHarmony.

This is perfect as the language you use might encourage people to really think more about falling in love and what they can do to take that next step and move forward.

They might be moved toward your links by what you say.

8. Target

Target is a popular American retailer that has locations all across the United States.

It is clearly not as popular as Amazon and there is a big difference between the two.

Amazon exclusively sells online; Target gives people the option to buy products online and pick them up at local Target stores, provided that a local store has the product available in the buyer's area.

This ensures that customers do not have to wait to receive the item by having it shipped out to their homes.

A big part of what makes the Target program great is that it is a volume-based setup.

You can earn from 1 to 8 percent commissions on Target sales depending on the category your products are in or how large the transaction is.

Of course, you will earn more money if the sales you generate are higher in value.

Cookies from the site last for seven days.

9. Shopify

Shopify helps people to start up their own online businesses.

Shopify is one of my favorite and best affiliate programs to make money in 2020 and beyond.

The e-commerce platform helps by producing great website building tools and shopping cart programs among other things.

Support for managing and hosting an online store is also available.

An affiliation with Shopify is great if you want to help people learn how to start their own online stores.

You can get commissions of up to $2,400 for each customer you refer although that total will vary based on how much someone spends on a system.

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10. VigLink

VigLink is a site that works with various vendors from around the country.

It works with fashion retailers, tech stores, and others to promote items of all kinds.

The way VigLink works make it a very interesting and versatile option for your marketing.

VigLink works where your blog is heavily monetized based on its content.

You will add a VigLink box or banner to your site.

The ad copy will then scan your content to find keywords.

The banner will identify the right keywords and produce product results and listings automatically.

This also works when you mention a very specific type of product on your site.

This is a great way to make money as you can refer people to items based on what is included on your site.

However, the commissions you earn and the duration of any cookie on your site will vary according to the item.

Many merchants work with the VigLink system but you will have to review each individual one and apply separately to the ones to whom you wish to have access.

This is convenient as it gives you some control over what you will promote but it does take a while to complete.

11. Swoop

Swoop is a group that helps websites by producing exciting affiliate programs.

Swoop particularly focuses on food products and lifestyle sites.

You could use affiliation with Swoop to have special ads embedded in your site.

Swoop will review information on your site and produce ads to partner with you.

You will earn revenue based on the clicks from your Swoop ads to the pages identifying items.

The important thing about Swoop is that it focuses on food blogs.

You could write an extensive food blog that includes commentary on foods and recipes among other things.

Your Swoop link will include a connection to a website that sells products relating to whatever you are discussing.

Swoop does well for many products but is best for food.

Swoop is perfect for when you wish to promote foods to a society that has become exceptionally interested in unique dining and eating experiences.

12. Jane

Jane is a retailer that focuses on fashions, wellness products, toys, and baby products.

Maternity fashions are also available on the site.

In short, Jane is perfect for moms-to-be and parents.

It has everything for the growing family with a strong emphasis on fun products.

Today Jane has its own specific affiliate program that lets you earn something extra from the commissions you generate.

You can earn up to 10 percent in commissions on sales through your Jane links.

These all work with simple ads that you can quickly post on your site.

Jane is perfect if you want to run a site about taking care of children, pregnancy, or other topics relating to new families.

It is true that Jane has many other products for sale but it helps to showcase their main products.

13. Creative Market

Maybe you have some ideas about how people can be creative when producing websites or anything else online.

This market is growing as more people want to find ways to produce special websites.

Creative Market is a great business to explore with the aim of becoming one of their affiliate partners.

Creative Market is a website that offers digital design items in many forms.

You can use the Creative Market to buy everything from unique website templates to specific font styles and schemes.

Intriguing vector graphics are available for sale too.

You can earn a 10 percent commission for each sale you generate through your Creative Market link.

This makes your site all the more functional and useful to visitors.

It would be easier to get commissions from Creative Market if you can produce a site that is just as creative as something people might produce using what Creative Market offers.

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14. FitBark

If you have a blog that focuses on pets — especially dogs — then FitBark may be the right program to enter.

FitBark is a site that sells various pet products with an emphasis on unique pet activity monitors.

These monitors review what people's pets do and can analyze how active they are; they work best for dogs although they may be useful for other pets too.

The site has some of the best commissions, at up to 25 percent depending on how well you sell products.

This site does work with a standard where those who put in the most effort will clearly be more likely to get the best payouts.

A FitBark affiliation is best if you have a site that focuses on pet health and care.

You can also use this if you are trying to target veterinarians, dog trainers, dog walkers, or dog owners.

15. Sovrn

Sovrn is a platform that works with tens of thousands of sites around the country.

It concentrates heavily on food blogs although it does work with other types of sites.

Sovrn connects people to advertisements from various online merchants.

It uses a pay-per-view system where you earn commissions just for getting more traffic onto your site to view the ads placed there.

This is a simple option that gives you the freedom to choose any kind of product you wish to market.

It is a thrilling choice but you need to watch for what the ads from Sovrn generate.

While they can analyze your content and produce specific data automatically based on what is online, you will still have to be aware of what is actually on those ads.

You might not have much control over them.

These affiliate programs are suitable and unique choices that are sensible and appealing for all your marketing needs.


You cannot fail to be impressed by the thrilling world of affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a field that gives you the option to promote anything without having to actually own it.

The choices you have to work with are endless.

The networks and companies you can start an affiliate enterprise with are also diverse.

However, you should choose carefully which program will be an asset to you.

The information provided in this guide will help you understand what is available on the market and how you can benefit from the world of affiliate marketing.

Make sure you use the points in this guide to produce a site that reads well and can be found on a search engine.

Don't forget to look at how you can promote a site and how you can reach your customers with sensible keywords.

The exciting world of affiliate marketing holds no boundaries.

You could do what you want when you want as your site gets up and running.

The options for products for promotion are vast, with no real limits.

Best of all, you could earn a huge amount of money if you put your best efforts into it.

Refer to this guide regularly to see what you should be doing and what you should watch out for when trying to make money online.

Good luck with your exciting affiliate marketing journey.

It is one you are bound to love.

Still not able to decide which affiliate program is right for you?

Let me know by posting a comment below, I'd be happy to help you with any question you might have. 🙂

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