Affilorama Review: Does It Still Matter Today?

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3 / 5

Created by Mark Ling, Affilorama is one of the oldest affiliate marketing training that offers 120+ hours video tutorials, tools and resources to make money through affiliate marketing.

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The affiliate marketing beginners



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Backed by ClickBank's 60-day money back gaurantee


Mark Linkg

Training Quality

3 / 5


3.5 / 5

Earning Potential

3.5 / 5

Customer Support

2.5 / 5


2.5 / 5

Value For Money

3 / 5


  • 120+ video lessons
  • Affilojetpack system
  • White hat training to build a site and create content
  • Free hosting for one year


  • Poor support
  • Outdated training and tools
  • Blackhat backlining tactics 


The founder of Affilorama is one of the successful entrepreneurs who have a range of products under his belt apart from Affilorama like Pathway to Passive, Traffic Travis, Profit Engine, etc. The big turn off for me about Affilorama is that it is outdated training and rarely updated. Almost the majority of the training sections were created back in 2005 and never updated. Affiliate marketing is a highly versatile industry and new trends and products come up almost every single day.

In this in-depth Affilorama Review, you will get to know whether it really matters today or not.

Making money through affiliate marketing is a great approach but it will be more beneficial if you have complete knowledge and some experience in this field.

Otherwise, you may face difficulties such as low traffic, less commission, and more.

Are you new to affiliate marketing?

Starting an affiliate marketing business is not easy for beginners as they have little to no knowledge of how to get started.

However, there are so many affiliate marketing training programs that claim to have helped newbies to build a successful affiliate marketing business.

Due to so the availability of so many training programs, beginners find it hard to choose the right one.

Some try to opt for an online course, and some try offline courses.

Maybe you also heard of Affilorama from the online training list and don’t know if it’s good or bad for you.

What Is Affilorama And How Does It Work?

Affilorama Review - What Is Affilorama Training

Affilorama is an online platform for affiliate marketers where they can learn how to get started and grow.

Beginners and intermediate both can follow it. You don’t even need to pay for getting started, a large amount of content is available for free.

In addition to the free training program they also offer additional content, but you will have to pay for that.

What will you get from the free membership of Affilorama?

With their free plan, a user can get access to 75 video lessons, affiliate marketing quick-start guide and downloadable roadmap to success.

The free training covers the following 8 sections:

Affilorama Review - Is It Worth


This section gives you an overview of affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing, how it works, different ways to get traffic, how to do affiliate marketing without a website, and few more video lessons are covered in this section?

Market research

As the name suggests this section is majorly concerned with research and analysis.

Before starting any project or business you need to conduct research.

Similarly, for getting started with affiliate marketing you should do the market and competitor research before doing anything else.

Topics like best niches for affiliate marketing, analysis of market needs, Keyword research, etc. are covered in this section.

Site building

This section covers everything from building a basic web page to site building mistakes that you need to fix.

Content Creation

For your website, you also need to create content.

The 4th section of this training program shows how you can create good content for your website and if you are not a writer then how can you source the content.

Marketing Ideas

You have created both a website and content.

But now you need to start marketing.

This section covers all from blogging to using social media for affiliate marketing.


SEO is the greatest source of free traffic.

But you need to take care of some things to achieve good search engine rankings.

In this section, you are exposed to basic and some of the advanced SEO techniques.

PPC (Pay per click)

This is the method to grow your traffic without waiting for the charm of SEO techniques.

Of course, it’s a paid method of generating traffic.

This section introduces you to the concept of affiliate marketing PPC and also explains the right method to utilize it.

Affiliate Outsourcing

This is the last section of the free membership. W

hen you become successful as an affiliate marketer, you will need to outsource some regular tasks like website maintenance, content creation, and SEO.

In this section, shares the tips on hiring people for outsourcing your tasks.

From the type and quantity of content that is available free of cost, you may start wondering that it is just another scam.

But is it really a scam?

Let’s find out.

Is Affilorama Legit or Another Scam?

In my opinion, a scammer is a person who either doesn’t give you the product/service after taking your money or gives you the product or service but doesn’t keep his promise.

Affilorama gives you what it promises for free and doesn’t even make any false promise.

They never give you any guarantee of the results.

So, they are clearly not the scammers because they never make false claims, and the content, they are offering is completely free.

But we are not here to discuss that.

We are here to know if it’s good or bad for learning affiliate marketing.

Please be relax!

As I have done a lot of research on websites, testimonials, other sources, and subscribed to their free course.

By the end of this post, you should be able to make your decision about this training program.

What Do I Like About Affilorama?

We all know that one thing must have two aspects, first its good features and second, it’s bad.

Here, I am explaining what I like about Affilorama.

  • Free membership.
  • Free lessons, videos, articles.
  • Free access to online tools with basic options.
  • Free downloadable 32-page roadmap for making money online.
  • Help and support center.
  • A relatively active forum.

Free Training

Nothing comes for free!

Who hates it if they get something for free, right?

For beginners, I think this is a great guide that can help them start their affiliate marketing journey even without spending a penny.

You'll get enough information with a free membership, but some of this content is outdated and the best practices are neglected.

But don't worry that I will come to that point later.

1 Year Web Hosting Included With Certain Packages

The hosting is one of the important things that every affiliate marketer needs.

This will cost a marketer a few dollars per year.

So, if you upgrade to their paid product AffiloJetPack you can get the advantage of reducing your hosting cost.

You can check about it more in the upsell section.

Money-Back Guarantee

Those who have purchased their premium membership can avail of a 60-day money-back guarantee if you don’t like the product.

Besides, they also give you 100 dollars, proving that you did not benefit from their paid products.

I must say that this claim is fully showing their confidence in the services they are offering.

Affilorama Is For Everyone

Everyone can use it, there are no restrictions that only affiliate marketers can sign up or use it for free.

You may be interested in starting or just getting started.

You can be a beginner, blogger, or any interested candidate who wants to learn the tricks of affiliate marketing.

So that you can implement it better in your blog monetization model.

Legal Business Strategy

Affiliate marketing is purely a legal business model where users can make money without any objection.

This is something I have personally discovered over the years.

Many affiliate marketers had $0 when they started this, now they are making millions.

What I Don't like in Affilorama?

Always try to look at the cons as well, so if you are also curious to know about it like I am eager to share those points please stay tuned.

Every program has some downsides.

Before going to any decision, let's take a look at some of the downsides of Affilorama.

Poor Support

Great advice, support, and training make any business successful.

This principle also works in affiliate marketing, especially if you are new to it.

But, in their paid training, they never answer fast as they should be.

In fact, it may take several days, weeks, or months to get an answer.

So, this carelessness shows their poor association.

It does not matter, whether you have a simple doubt or a complex one; You need to wait for a long time.

They have poor communication network and zero support from the team.

In this case, Affilorama failed.

Poor Backlinks And PLR Content

Yes, artificial backlinks can cost you a penalty from Google because Google has set some parameters in their terms and conditions.

Therefore, getting artificial backlinks means you are trying to get into Black Hat SEO which is a completely wrong practice to bring traffic to your page.

This may damage your website ranking in the future.

Yes, it is difficult to get organic links and it will take longer but at least your website will keep growing over time and will not be penalized by Google.

They also encourage to use private label rights content.

In their video, they have clearly mentioned that you will get 50% traffic from the content, but you are advised that if you put it online, it has to be changed at least 50%.

So, putting someone else content on your website is completely unethical and it doesn't make any sense.

Zero Creator Involvement

Mark Ling did a really good job, he combined some good training videos where anyone could learn about affiliate marketing for free.

But the absence in the community shows what he really thinks about training and product.

He went on to bigger and better things.

I think it is not a great bond between the community and the creator.

Outdated Content

Trends are something that comes and goes over time.

Similarly, strategies must be updated with time.

But being a free affiliate program is outdated and some of the strategies are not even reviewed for a long time.

They are not offering advanced strategies according to the latest trends.

Just imagine, if you want to know "which is the best WordPress theme to build a business website".

You reach a blog post written in 2005, then things will work brilliantly in 2005.

But if you are reading old content today, you will not get to know about the latest themes.

Best Affilorama Alternatives

If you want to get started with affiliate marketing and looking for training programs, my recommendation would be to choose Authority Hacker or Wealthy affiliates.

Both are created by affiliate marketing business leaders, have professional training material, and provides value for money.

While Authority Hacker may seem a little expensive for people with no budget, you can sign up for Wealthy Affiliates membership at $49/ month only.

It gives you access to the training programs, web hosting, keyword research tool, and regularly updated content.

I have personally signed up for both Authority Hacker and Wealthy Affiliates therefore I can say that they are among the best affiliate marketing programs available online.

So many users have given their trust to these programs and most have even managed to achieve the success they wanted in the affiliate marketing business.

I have also written some posts about these courses that you can read here:


I hope you will be able to decide if Affilorama is good for you or not.

If you are a beginner in the affiliate marketing space, you will be able to learn the basics for free.

It's good that you are getting free content with 75 video lessons.

But I don’t think it is any good for getting started with affiliate marketing.

Building a successful affiliate marketing business requires in-depth knowledge of the industry.

At first, it may seem like a good option for getting started but if you fall into the trap of free training you will struggle a lot.

Rather it would be great if you invest in a training program that is trusted, regularly updated, and supported by the successful affiliate marketers.

Let me know in the comments what you think about the Affilorama. 🙂

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