Authority Hacker Review – Is Authority Hacker Legit or Just Another Scam?

Authority Hacker Review Summary

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4.5 / 5

​The Authority Hacker Training is a step-by-step and an actionable blueprint to create authority websites and make them profitable using the white hat tactics. It helps beginners to launch a profitable authority site from the grounds up and experienced marketers to get more traffic to their existing site and generate more revenue.

Best Suited For

Those who want to launch a site in any particular niche and make it profitable by building an authority



Free Trial

No, but comes with 30-day full refund policy


Gael Breton and Mark Webster

Training Quality

4.5 / 5


4.5 / 5

Income Potential

4.5 / 5


4.5 / 5


4.5 / 5

Value For Money

4.5 / 5


  • Real white hat tactics
  • A clear and step-by-step blueprint
  • In-detail video and written tutorials
  • Q & A through the Webinars
  • The community support
  • Works great for both beginners and experienced marketers
  • A wide range of tools included
  • Regular tips and updates through podcast
  • The training is backed by years of experience in building authority sites


  • The basic course limited to 1 affiliate site
  • Costly Up-sells and the recommended tools inside


There is no doubt that the Authority Hacker is one of the best training available on the internet for building a site that ranks higher on the search engines, becomes an authority in the niche and generates more profits. Both the founders have generated millions in revenue through the authority sites they built over the years. I recommend this training to anyone who wants to launch a successful blog or website in any niche and earn money online in a legitimate way.

Welcome to my latest blog post where I'm going to do a comprehensive authority hacker review to help know whether this system really works or is it just another scam.

The internet is free and at the same time, it is full of rubbish information and programs.

  • When it comes to learning about making money online, you'll come across tons of courses online that promises you some sort of magic wand that will make You rich overnight.
  • There is no limit on how many of those self-proclaimed gurus out there who try sell the idea about internet marketing as if just by buying their product will make you rich quickly.
  • And yes these people do make money because they'll always find somebody who's willing to pay thousands of dollars to know that "secret" of being a millionaire overnight.
Authority hacker review - USD 16000 bonuses

Honestly, there is no such thing that exists in reality.

Most of the time they don't talk about how much time and effort did it take them to reach the level they're today.

The people who follow such ways of making money online will eventually lose their hard-earned money and more than that they'll get more disappointments.

Many beginners who get into the world of internet marketing think that just having their own website will make them a lot of money.

But that's not enough, there is a lot of work involved even after launching a website.

​Authority Hacker Review

Maybe you heard about the Authority Hacker earlier while searching for "affiliate marketing course" or someone sent you an email regarding this product.

Whatever the reason may be, in this authority hacker review I'm going to talk about the Authority Site System at length to help you discover whether this system will work for Your business or not.

In this detailed Authority Hacker Review, I'll talk about every aspect of this course and also share with you the real results from the students to help You make the right decision.

But to be honest, the Authority Hacker is not my number #1 recommended internet marketing course for the beginners.

Because it costs a lot and even after purchasing the course you'll realize that you need to buy a few more premium tools in order for it to work before You see the real results.

you'll get to know this shortly.

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Now let's talk about the Authority Hacker system in detail.

What is Authority Hacker?

The Authority Hacker (also referred to as Authority Site System) is an all-in-one online marketing course that will provide You the training and all the tools You'll ever need to launch highly profitable authority sites from scratch.

Authority Hacker Review - What is Authority Hacker

If you're a newbie and don't know how the entire ecosystem of the internet marketing works then the authority site system is the right course for you to get started.

This course is also for you if you already have a site but You're still struggling to generate the consistent revenue.

It's a Step-By-Step blueprint that you can replicate to create and grow your own authority sites.

The authority hacker is not a get quick rich scheme and hence you won't see the quick results within a few days or months.

You'll have to work really hard towards building your website in order to see the real results.

Ideally, it can take up to one year before your site starts generating steady revenues.

Authority hacker review - USD 16000 bonuses

What Is Authority Hacker Pro?

With "Pro" in its name, you might be guessing it right, this program is designed for the advanced users.

Authority Hacker Pro is an optional upgrade inside the membership area which is aimed towards the experienced marketers who want to scale up their existing online business to the next level.

It provides detailed blueprints on how to grow revenue and take your site to the next level.

I'm going to talk about all the blueprints in detail later in this authority hacker pro review.

Inside Authority Hacker Pro course, you'll learn all the white hat techniques to grow your site and become an authority in your niche.

Who Owns The Authority Hacker?

Mark Webster and Gael Breton are the guys behind this system who have a vast experience in building the authority sites.

Authority Hacker Review - Gael and Mark

Gael Breton is the editor-in-chief and one of the co-founders of Authority Hacker who is responsible for creating and managing the authority hacker blog and training courses.

Mark Webster is another of the co-founders of Authority Hacker who has years of experience with AdSense campaigns and creating ClickBank products.

In addition to playing their respective roles and responsibilities, both Gael and Mark also writes the content on the authority hacker blog.

Both of them have created several authority sites over the years.

At authority hacker, they share the lessons they learned during their journey and talk about the latest trends and tools in the industry.

How Does The Authority Hacker Work?

The authority site system is a complete step-by-step proven blueprint that will teach You how to build your own profitable high authority site using the white-hat techniques.

Authority Hacker Review - How Does The Authority Hacker Work

Once you discover, how the entire system of developing an authority site works, there's nothing that can stop you from becoming an authority in your niche.

You'll be tempted to create two, three or even more authority sites once you know what it takes.

An In-Depth & Step-By-Step Training

Once You sign up for the authority site system, you'll be taken through the entire process of building the authority site from scratch.

The authority site system is a 70+ video training that will show you the exact steps you need to take to build a full-blown authority site from just an initial idea.

This is especially great for the beginners as you'll discover,

  • How to research the niche and the profitable keywords for your business
  • Build a site around that niche
  • Create high-quality content
  • How to build the backlinks
  • Get the traffic using SEO and Paid Ads

Did you know that more than 95% of the people who try to build an online business never generate even a single sale?

It's hard to believe but it is true.

They never get out of the loop of making the common affiliate marketing mistakes and eventually give up.

Both Gael and Mark have made countless mistakes over their years of being in the online marketing industry and they have made sure that the people who enroll in their authority hacker pro system don't have to repeat those mistakes.

You'll end up saving a lot of time as they'll help you avoid the mistakes and bypass the roadblocks along your journey of building your own online business from nothing.

Everything in the training course has been laid down in a step-by-step, click-by-click manner and all the topics are covered in-depth.

Watch The Entire Process

If you have ever taken an online course, you would have noticed that they will tell You the steps that you need to replicate to see the results but will never show You everything in real-time.

Unlike other online courses, inside the authority hacker system, you'll see Gael and Mark building a real and live authority site from scratch!

They are being as actionable as possible throughout the training and see them doing the real work of building a real site.

There are no boring text tutorials or any PowerPoint presentations, instead, they've recorded the videos of every step of the end-to-end process so it becomes easier for you to build your own authority site.

The training is very practical and covers every aspect of creating the authority site in any niche.

Pre-Built Templates Library

As a beginner, you're constantly worried about how you'd create the content and organize it over your blog post.

Your visitors will bounce back from your website in no time if the content that you've written on your site is not well-organized and readable.

The team at Authority Hacker Pro knows it and to make it as easy for you as possible, they've built the library of the templates for literally every part of the course.

There is a template for almost everything that you would ever need for your authority site.

These templates cover niche research, design, product review, how-to articles, link building, and even full blog content templates.

This will ensure that you learn to build your own site and online business exactly the way it is done.

Furthermore, it'll save hours of your time while You're creating the content on your site.

A Step By Step To-Do List

Start building a new site and every day you'll ask this question to yourself "what do I do next?".

Well, even I'm not an exception here as I still constantly struggle to come up with the new content ideas for my blog and YouTube channel.

Well, the team at authority system pro know this is a problem for the majority of the people who get started with blogging, so they have come up with a solution for this.

They will give you an A-Z, linear to-do list so that you can easily focus on the stuff that you need to keep working on to make the progress.

You'll know your next item in your bucket so that you don't need to procrastinate anymore.

Interesting right?

Think of it as your outlook calendar which is full of the upcoming meetings and scheduled tasks.

Everyday you open a new item which could be a video or text tutorial, choose a template and start working on your specific task.

Once you're done finishing your task, mark it completed, open up the next item and keep moving this way until your site is fully grown.

Get The Help Quickly

Have You stuck anywhere or have any questions?

The course creators are always ready to help you with the answers.

As soon as you sign up with authority hacker, you'll become a part of the private Facebook mastermind group.

The mastermind group is full of the members just like you who're making a progress with their online business and those who've achieved the success through authority site system training.

It's a great opportunity to build a network with like-minded people and learn from them.

Furthermore, the Authority Hacker team is always there in the group to provide support to the members by answering the questions and encouraging them to keep taking the actions.

It's the best place to engage with hundreds of other students who're building their respective authority sites.

In summary, here's what you can expect to get from the private Facebook mastermind group.

  • Quick help for the problems you're facing
  • Opportunity to learn from the other members
  • Stay tuned about the latest trends and tools in the industry
  • Get the real feedback from the real members about your progress
  • A constant motivation from tons of success stories
  • Make the like-minded friends or business partners for life
  • Personalized coaching from the Authority Hacker Team

The Authority Hacker Course

Authority Hacker Review Course

Let us quickly find out what you're going to get inside this internet marketing course.

Here we go:

Module 1: How Do Websites Make Money?

The focus of the very first module is to teach you how websites really make money on the internet.

You will be taught the most efficient way to start monetizing your website and the best business model to follow that is proven to work.

Module 2: Find The Profitable Keywords For Your Business

In this part of the training, the authority hacker team will help you create a specialized plan for your website that is proven to get more traffic and generate more revenue.

First of all, you'll be doing the market research along with the authority hacker team to find the best niche for your business.

Once you know the niche that will work best for you, You'll be taught to find the profitable keywords for Your business.

Module 3: A Ste-by-Step Website Setup

In this module, you'll learn to build your own website in a step by step manner.

It's not as much scary as you think, so don't worry.

You'll never need any programming or technical skills in order to setup your site.

Gael and Mark will show you everything how it's done on a demo site, and You can then replicate everything on your site.

Module 4: Create The Content

In this part of the training, you'll be demonstrated how to create the quality content on your site to bring in the organic traffic from the search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Moreover, you'll get to know which blog post template will work best for what kind of post.

I know, it might not be possible for you alone to create a lot of content.

So, they'll show you how you can completely outsource the content production at cheaper rates.

Module 5: Link Building For Your Site

Link building is a very crucial part of SEO which helps boost the traffic to your website.

The Authority Hacker Team will show you how to build backlinks to your site efficiently.

The techniques covered in this module are white hat and in fact very easy for the beginners to learn and implement for their new sites.

The Authority Hacker Pro Platinum

The Authority Hacker Pro Platinum is an advanced course that is specifically designed for those people who want to scale up their existing online businesses to the next level and generate more profits.

This upgrade may cost you around $1997, of course, it does provide value for its cost.

It's my personal recommendation that you don't immediately upgrade to the authority hacker pro platinum unless you know everything that's taught in the authority site system and authority hacker pro system.

First of all, build your authority site by using the tactics that you learn inside the authority site system and start to see your new website growing.

Once Yyou think that, your website is getting enough traffic and You've started seeing some profits coming in, go for this upgrade.

In order to get the most out of this program, you should be knowing the basics first.

It's an actionable program that will help you take big leaps to multiply the profits out of your authority site.

Let's take a look at what's included in the Authority Hacker Pro Platinum?

The entire system has been split down into three core modules.

  1. The Authority Hacker Pro Marketing Blueprints
  2. The Feedback/Update Live Webinars
  3. The Private Community

Let's talk about each module in detail.

The Authority Hacker Pro Marketing Blueprints

Authority Hacker Review - The Authority Hacker Pro Marketing Blueprints

This is the key module of the Authority Hacker Pro Platinum upgrade which is full of video tutorials, written tutorials and ready to use templates.

There are basically five types of blueprints covered in this training.

Let me briefly talk about each blueprint.

Content Marketing and SEO Blueprint

As the name suggests, this blueprint talks about the best ways to generate quality content for your website.

In this video training, the authority hacker pro team will walk you through the process of creating the content.

They'll also show you how you can outsource the content production so that You can save a lot of time and focus more on growing your site.

Let's quickly summarize the benefits you'll get out of this course.

  • Content ideas that have the potential to perform well in the search engines
  • Ready to use templates to generate the content quickly
  • Creating an editorial calendar
  • How to outsource the content production
  • Tactics to edit and format the posts
  • Competitor analysis and how to reverse engineer them
  • Research the seed and longtail keywords
  • Understanding the user intent
  • How to integrate your target keywords and content
  • Find seed contents to improve for skyscraper methods
  • Outreach using BuzzStream
  • Invite the guest posts
  • How to get more shares to your content
  • Backlinks building
  • Guest posting opportunities and filtering

Email Marketing Training Blueprint

When Your site starts getting the traffic, you can't ignore to integrate the email marketing into your website and convert some of those traffic into the real customers.


Simply by capturing their email addresses!

Every small to large business has email marketing as its key strategy for getting the insane amount of sales.

This part has been covered extensively in the authority hacker platinum pro course.

Let's take look at the topics covered in this blueprint.

  • Introduction to email marketing and segmentation
  • The difference between the tags and lists
  • A walk-through of the active campaign email marketing manager service
  • Schedule your promotions on a calendar
  • How email broadcasts work
  • Use the perfect Authority Hacker templates for your email campaigns
  • Automate your complete email marketing
  • Build high converting lead magnets
  • Create viral contests
  • The anatomy of optin pop-ups
  • Segment your lists with content upgrades
  • Facebook ads, retargeting and AB testing

Internet Marketing Business Blueprint

Your success online will largely depend on how well you're able to monetize your traffic.

Monetization is one of the key aspects of Internet marketing which will decide how successful you will be.

Whether You make $10 a month or $10000 a month will largely depend on how well you're monetizing your site.

It doesn't take more than the little tricks and tweaks that will entirely change the amount of money you'll make online.

Here's what you can expect to learn about in this blueprint.

Affiliate Marketing Blueprint

This section of the course focuses on leveraging the power of affiliate marketing so that You can multiply your earnings through Your authority sites.

Here's what You'll learn in this blueprint:

  • Advanced review funnels
  • Use of the broadcasts, giveaways, lead magnets
  • Tactics to make people buy
  • Create the presales pages
  • Affiliate networks that you can join
  • Find independent affiliate programs
  • Use Google to find affiliate offers
  • Spy on the competitors
  • Track tools and creating spreadsheets for all of your offers

Display Ads Blueprint

The key area of this section of the training is to teach you how to use display advertisements to generate more traffic to your website.

Here are the items that are covered in this section:

  • Use AdSense to drive more traffic to your site
  • How Amazon native ads work
  • Buy and sell ads on Ezoic and
  • Add insulators and use fixed ads widgets for your WordPress sites
  • Earnings potential from the display ads
  • Mix ads with other business models
  • Standard Ad layouts
  • The content types that work with ads
  • Tips on different layers of ad revenue growth
  • The ad revenue calculator spreadsheet and related PDF guides

Info Product Creation Blueprint

Want to turn your site from generating $10K per month to $1M per month?

Then create your own information products and sell them online.

This is the most advanced training that will show the entire step-by-step process for creating the information products that you can sell online.

Discover below what you'll learn in this section.

  • The thing you need to know about creating the info products
  • When you should create your first info product
  • Turn the concept into the working product
  • The planning, structuring, implementation, and testing of the product
  • Create the bonuses
  • The right strategies do the research
  • How well does a product have to be
  • Deal with which refunds and your policies

Social Media Blueprint

This blueprint focuses on getting free traffic from Pinterest.

Learn about the following topics in this training module:

  • Introduction to Pinterest
  • Setting up your professional looking profile
  • Create your first board and the pins
  • How to get initial followers
  • Tips on optimizing your website for Pinterest
  • Optimize your pins to get more clicks
  • Get into the group boards
  • Scale with the tailwind app
  • Use of infographics and graphics tools
  • Reuse other people's graphics
  • Scale up your search reach

The Authority Hacker Platinum Pro Webinars

Apart from the regular training, you'll be able to keep yourself updated via participating in the webinars that are mostly led by Gael Breton with regular guests.

Here are the topics that are covered in the webinars regularly.

  • Updates in the course with the latest strategies
  • Latest trend and tools
  • Tips on launching a successful e-books
  • How to outsource the content production
  • Membership site setup
  • Contents ideas for your website
  • How to sell to your list
  • Email marketing funnels
  • Q & A for the feedback

The Authority Hacker Podcast

Both the founders Gael and Marke comes up with new podcast episodes regularly where they share their experiences of building the online businesses and the authority sites.

Not only that but in The Authority Hacker Podcast they also talk about the tricks and tweaks that they use to create and grow their own websites.

With each new podcast episode, they share their ideas about how to get more traffic, create more engagements and convert those visitors into the customers.

They keep their podcast audience updated about the latest trends and the marketing tools that are used by other successful entrepreneurs that help them grow their respective businesses.

Plus, they try to fuel the motivation by talking about mindsets and psychology as they could be the roadblocks for the majority of the people who want to start the online business.

The new episodes of the Authority Hacker Podcast are released on so many platforms like the Authority Hacker website, Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud, etc.

This is not the complete list though πŸ™‚

The Authority Hacker Platinum Pro Community

The community is the best part of going for the Authority Hacker Platinum Pro which is full of advanced marketers.

You'll be able to network yourself with the other successful members and get quick answers to your problems.

The authority hacker pro team will share their test research, updates and various case studies in this community.

Insider information, tests, and updates to case studies are also shared by the authority hacker team through this means.

There is no doubt in the fact that you'll get to learn so many things from other advanced marketers in the community.

How Much Does Authority Hacker Pro Cost?

The core system of the Authority Hacker is called "The Authority Site System" which costs $997.

How Much Does Authority Hacker Pro Cost

As I mentioned earlier, there are upsells inside for the authority hacker pro and authority hacker platinum pro but they're absolutely not forced.

Inside the core module the authority site system, you'll learn everything you need to build an authority site and start generating $1000+ revenue per month.

The Authority Hacker Pro upgrade will cost you $797 or the 6 installments of $179 (a $277 discount if you go for the single payment model).

The second upgrade, Authority Hacker Pro Platinum, costs $1797 or 12 monthly payments of $179(a $351 discount with the single payment model).

I know that the authority hacker pro and authority hacker pro platinum price could be still one a higher side for a few people and that's the reason I recommend the other program for the beginners.

Curious to know what it is?

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The Authority Hacker Discount (Flat 40%)

I get this question frequently from the readers and the subscribers of my blog, is there any authority site system coupon code that offers the discount?

You'd be happy to know that Yes there is an authority hacker discount and it offers as much as 40%! (I'm true to my words!)

The Authority Hacker Discount

In order to grab this lucrative discount, you need to follow one simple step that authority hacker guys want you to do (not me, lol).

You need to watch the Free Webinar that will show exactly how to create the multiple figure authority site and other secrets of making money online in a legitimate way.

Here's what you'll learn inside this free webinar.

  • How to build white hat links to your site
  • A proven method to finding profitable niches
  • Get access to the foolproof keyword research methods
  • How to outsource high-quality content

Pretty lucrative deal right?

Watch what's inside the system before even before you spend a penny.

They're not going to offer any upsells in the webinar but it's really an informative video that You should watch before spending any money on this system.

Ready to explore what's inside the FREE Webinar?

Take the action now and get the discount at the end of the webinar.

Is The Authority Hacker Pro a Scam or Legit?

The internet is filled with tons of scammy products and if you're not careful you're guaranteed to lose your hard earned money.

I can assure you based on my own research that, the authority hacker is not a scam, it's 100% legit program.

And that's the reason I was tempted to create a review on this system.

Though I recommend other product for the beginners the Authority Hacker is definitely not one of those scammy programs out there.

The entire course is full of valuable information and is one of the few internet marketing courses that teach you to build your online business using white hat tactics.

There are hundreds of people who tried this system have been able to create their own profitable authority sites.

And I see no reason you'll fail if you enroll in this training course and take the actions along your journey.

And as I said, in the beginning, the authority hacker is not my number #1 recommended training to build an online business.

Click Here to know my number #1 recommended training course to launch your own online business from nothing (Plus it has the FREE Membership).


No matter if you're just getting started with online marketing or an experienced marketer, you'll definitely learn something that will be helpful to You in your journey online.

Though nothing is achieved and sustained without hard work.

You'll have to work consistently for building and growing your site.

Just going through the training course alone won't start generating the revenue for you.

The biggest value you'll get out the authority hacker is the community of the like-minded people that are ready to support and see you succeed.

When you're just getting started, it's always motivating to get the support from the other people around you.

The team behind the authority hacker is real who has a proven track record of creating multiple successful and profitable authority sites.

Finally, it's up to you to decide whether you'd like to try out this system or not based on what I shared with You in this comprehensive authority hacker review.

Personally, I'd watch the webinar first to get more idea about how everything works before spending any money.

The authority hacker is one of those affiliate marketing courses that I highly recommend because it teaches you to build the authority site using the white hat tactics and in a legitimate way.

I'm sure I will try out this system one day when I get a chance!

I tried my best to cover every detail in this full authority hacker system review and hope it will help you make the right decision.

Have any questions about the authority hacker system?

Feel free to ask in the comment below and I'll be happy and try my best to help You with the answer πŸ™‚

About the author 

Hardik Raval

Hardik is passionate about helping people launch their own online business. He loves to talk about online business ideas, affiliate marketing tools, tips and other sources of residual income available on the internet.

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  1. I have heard a lot of noise about Authority Hacker training while searching for some good training on building a profitable blog.

    But I’m confused because everyone today promises to offer the best training in the world.

    I have so many options in front of me that I am not able to decide which training could be right for me.

    I want to start a wellness blog but honestly, I have no idea about hosting, WordPress, etc.

    Would you suggest to me if Authority Hacker provides the basic training on starting a blog in this niche?


  2. Hey Hardik,

    Great review here man. I still can’t make my mind up on TASS. The cost is a lot higher than other courses… Is it really that much better than those in the $300 range?

    My preference is for Authority Hacker Pro because of it because of the training but it’s founders Gael and Mark.

    I have heard that they have launched many successful niche websites and sold them for millions. I have a habit of quitting the projects too quickly and working on the next one. Not sure why but I can’t stick to the one project and work on it until it becomes profitable.

    Coming back to the training part, is wealthy affiliate more cost-effective than Authority Hacker?

    Both of them look promising but I’m on a very tight budget and can’t afford to spend more money just on just the courses.



    1. Hey Elliot,

      Yes, the price is bit on the higher side given the value it offers.

      I won’t recommend Authority Hacker to anyone who is interested in making some quick bucks.

      The training is focused on building an authority site in any given niche.

      There is no doubt in the fact that in order to become an authority in any niche it takes time and consistent effort.

      The training teaches some of the best practices of building a site, link building, SEO, etc in a legitimate way (no blackhat techniques).

      Both Mark and Gael have a portfolio of building such authority sites and have made millions of dollars through them.

      I hope this answer helps. πŸ™‚

      Hardik Raval

    2. Hey Elliot,

      Thanks for your feedback on the review.

      In my opinion, before spending any money on the course you should consider how much value it offers in return.

      Both the Authority Hacker and Wealthy affiliate reputable affiliate marketing course that offers a lot of value.

      But of course, both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages.

      For example, Authority Hacker training offers the training that includes the link building strategies but Wealthy Affiliate focuses more on content marketing.

      Authority Hacker doesn’t host the site for you while Wealthy Affiliate offers a managed WordPress hosting with its premium membership.

      The Authority Hacker recommends third-party keyword research tools like KWFinder but Wealthy Affiliate comes with an in-built keyword research tool called Jaaxy.

      Authority Hacker costs approximately $599 one-time and recommends some premium tools inside the membership areal.

      While Wealthy Affiliate costs $359 a year or $49/month depending upon whether you want to pay monthly or annually.

      Both of the training courses are very good and offers the value.

      Just see which pricing plan fits best for you and then decide to go for the one. πŸ™‚


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