BuilderAll Review 2020: A Little Crazy Landing Page And Funnel Builder Tool

BuilderAll Review Summary

Overall Rating

4 / 5

BuilderAll is a powerful cloud-based tool for building beautiful websites, landing pages and converting sales funnels. In addition to that, it comes with in-built support for the blogging app, email automation, membership areas, checkouts, CRM, hosting, security and much more.

Best Suited For

The people who want to launch their online business in any area like a blog, a membership site, an eCommerce store, a course etc.


Free plan, Builder plan at $19.90/month, Marketer plan at $29.90/month, Essential plan at $49.90/month and Premium plan at $69.90/month.

Free Trial

Yes, 14-Day Free Trial (No credit card required)


Erick Salgado

Ease of Use

4 / 5


4 / 5


4 / 5

Customer Support

4 / 5


4 / 5

Value For Money

4 / 5


  • Multi-function cloud-based marketing platform
  • Powerful webpage, landing page, and sales funnel builder
  • No need to extra for buying other digital tools
  • In-built email marketing and CRM solution
  • Unlimited subdomains and membership areas
  • Efficient for building useful business apps
  • Build secure sites with inbuilt SSL support
  • Support for payment checkouts and affiliate programs


  • Fewer customization options compared to other tools
  • No CRM and SMS marketing support in Builder plan


BuilderAll is the most flexible page builder tool when it comes to pricing. It's the only platform that offers a Free plan and 14-day free trial for other paid plans. It's preloaded with 20 DFY high-converting sales funnels that are ready to be integrated with just a few clicks. Though it's not as powerful as Clickfunnels but has everything that once needs to create an end-to-end funnel.

Are you struggling to choose the best tools, services, plugins that can help you to build your online business?

If so, this Builderall review is for you.

Imagine using a high-quality all-in-one digital marketing platform that includes all the features you need to successfully create and grow your business without spending much of your money or time.

This would significantly change your experience and help your business to flourish within a short while.

That might not be the case right now, especially if you are like many people who have struggling online businesses.

Probably, you keep switching between many expensive digital tools.

You go for one that you heard is an effective system for managing email marketing.

When things do not work very well, you buy an SEO tool to boost your organic traffic.

This trend may continue throughout the year, but you still reap no meaningful results.

To achieve some level of success, you must spend lots of money and employ many digital experts to help you.

Your business may not be as profitable as you earlier thought.

Builderall makes it possible to avoid all these problems.

So you do not have to suffer.

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What Is BuilderAll?

What is BuilderAll

At this point, you probably want to know more about this unique and valuable marketing tool.

You are likely wowed by the fact that I am presenting to you an all-in-one marketing tool.

That is fine because this is a land breaking invention.

Builderall is a single cloud-based marketing platform that Erick Salgado launched in 2017 to make your life easy. When I say it is cloud-based, I mean you do not have to install any software onto your machine or download anything to be able to reap the most out of it.

Once you have created an account on the company’s official site and have an internet connection, you are good to go.

Other than that, Builderall is an efficient tool, given that it also has reliable connections with other external sites.

If you fall into the category of people who have other tools that you would like to synchronize with, you will be able to go ahead and do that without any problem.

This means you do not have to stop using your current Software to shift to Builderall.

Of course, this is optional since the site has all that you need to succeed.

The fact that Builderall works for both experienced people and novices who want to sell their products and services means it is a revolutionary business solution.

Thus, as you can see, whether you have no coding skills or not, you can use it to save time and money.

The Key Features of BuilderAll

Builderall Features

As we have established already, this intuitive Software works excellently for all people who want to run online businesses.

This is possible due to the plenty of features that it offers.

If you are ready to drive in and learn about some of the best Builderall features that you need to take your online business to the next level, you read on.

1. Dedicated Servers

To host your website, webinar, videos, or sales channels, you should use their dedicated servers.

Remember that since this is a hosted service, the team deals with security, maintenance, backup issues, and many other related matters.

This way, you have enough time to focus on building your business.

Moreover, consider that the CDN network of Builderall also ensures excellent service delivery.

It provides five continents with servers that have quick loading speeds as well as high uptime.

If you are asking yourself whether you will use the sub-domains, you need to remember that the company’s objective is to make the life of online business people easy.

For that matter, it offers unlimited use of the subdomains.

Builderall also allows people to connect to their domains.

2. Drag And Drop Site Builder

Many people think that the website builder is Builderall’s best feature.

This is probably so because it helps them to create landing pages, which is essential to anybody who wants to build a successful online business.

You have a selection of site builders.

Because Builderall knows the benefit of optimizing your site on tablets, desktop, and mobile, it allows you to create it on the three leading builders.

These are the drag and drop pixel perfect builder and the mobile drag and drop builder.

The other popular one is the drag and drop responsive builder.

They empower you to be able to give your audience a unique and streamline user experience despite which of these devices they use to visit your website.

Moreover, search engines require you to develop sites with the needs of users in mind.

This means that the site builder tool enhances the chances of your ideal audience finding you.

Other than creating responsive landing pages, the site builder tool was also designed to help you create infographics.

If you want to develop the best Kindle covers, business cards, EBook covers, Facebook covers, advertising images, blog header designs, and much more, this utterly versatile feature will give you the perfect finish that you are seeking.

3. Done For You Templates

The extensive range of templates that Builderall offers also makes it one of the best tools out there.

The eye-catching and fully optimized templates allow you to design your entire site, landing page, or sales funnel.

Since they cover a wide range of industries and niches, you will always be spoilt for choices when it comes to choosing the type of template that is ideal for your business.

Do not forget that these templates come by type as well.

This reinforces the fact that you will always have the freedom to choose the most suitable option and customize it as you deem fit.

4. Sales Funnels

The sales funnels have their unique templates that we need to give some special attention to as well.

These are tailored to help you increase sales and conversions.

With a doubt, this is the main reason you are in your online business.

Despite the value of these templates, some users claim that the marketing tool makes it difficult to find the most suitable template.

They think that the existence of three different site builders makes it challenging to choose the most appropriate option.

The three builders look alike, and it requires a keen eye to be able to differentiate their template sections.

For that reason, one may need to take a lot of time to check each of the website builders and choose what works best for them.

Some critics also consider that the category menu is too confusing.

They believe that they appear quite random.

The three builders also use the same category filter.

However, pros who understand this marketing platform have no such concerns.

They have mastered the tricks.

As such, for first-time marketers who need help, they can ask the Builderall support team to guide them.

The well-trained staff members are responsive and quite helpful.

5. Heat Mapping

Heating mapping, also known as the click map, is another unique feature that other similar marketing platforms do not have.

You need it to be able to understand where your audience has been clicking on each of your site’s pages.

From the information, you can understand your visitors’ browsing behavior.

When you analyze the behavior, you can find ways to improve your company or the content on the pages.

One common marketing trick that you can adopt is to put call-to-action icons on the areas that draw the most attention to your online traffic.

However, you may need to use other tools to complement your heat mapping too.

This way, when it fails, you will still be able to get reliable stats.

One excellent free option that can help you is Google Analytics.

The good news is that Builderall works with this tool from Google to track the behavior of your audience and help you to make the right marketing decisions.

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6. App Creator

Do you want an efficient app for your business?

Many people love to install apps that benefit them, and you can reap a lot from this trend.

Maybe you have been trying hard to create one, but you have not registered any level of success.

To succeed, use Builderall’s app creator.

With this tool, you cannot only build and edit different mobile applications but also publish and distribute them across several platforms at your desire at no cost.

If you are planning to make some money with your app, you also need to create Play, Amazon, and Apple app accounts.

When you create apps for your business using Builderall, you will enable many of your customers to learn about your business.

Besides, they will be able to give you business.

The other benefit of this is that it gives your business a professional look.

7. Email Automation

The MailingBoss marketing tool is another feature of the cloud system that should not be ignored for good reasons.

Digital marketers agree that email marketing is an effective way to win many customers.

However, for you to achieve this milestone, you have to do this the right way, which can be extremely difficult.

MailingBoss will allow you to create many efficient emailing marketing campaigns without breaking the bank.

The unique benefit of this feature is that it has no limits.

With many other similar platforms, you can only send a few emails to a limited number of people.

If you need to continue, you have to pay more money.

With this new option, you have the freedom to add as many new subscribers as you want manually.

Alternatively, you can import new ones using MailingBoss from your landing page or site.

If you choose, you can also organize them by using the right behavior triggers and tags.

However, you must be able to use it without worrying about the top menu bar that is not clear.

Besides, the lack of submenus should not confuse you.

8. Full On-page SEO

People who do not have SEO optimized websites struggle to make a profit but eventually fail, primarily if they rely on online customers.

Business owners are working hard to learn new ways to win organic traffic to avoid that.

But you do not have to spend a lot of time reading long eBooks and how-to-guides to be able to achieve this goal.

Builderall on-page SEO tool can evaluate your site and give you a perfect score.

Moreover, it can give you the right advice on how to boost the performance of your website.

When you want this feature to help you, enter the keyword that you want to rank together with the address of your site.

Once you do that, you will be able to get the information you need instantly and eventually help you to increase the visibility of your website in search engines.

You can also create a report on both your Builderall pages and URLs.

Through this method, you can compete efficiently.

The SEO tool can give you insights into what you need to do to rank better than your competitors do.

However, some people are concerned that the information is not stored for future reference.

This means any time you want to check a page, you have to repeat the same process above.

While many people see this as a disadvantage, it is not necessarily so.

It ensures you will always use the most accurate and up-to-date data.

9. Ecommerce

For you to make a lot of money online, you need an eCommerce store.

With Builderall, you do not have to do a lot of work to build this vital digital shop.

The process of creating it is simple.

Only put your items into the Software’s marketplace.

After doing that, choose your appropriate payment and delivery options.

That is all.

You also have the freedom to use as many other eCommerce features as you like.

10. A Ton of Other Features

Some of the common ones that you can consider are coupons, popups, and more.

Another thing that you can do is set up an affiliate program.

This way, you will allow both your customers and influencers to help you market and sell your products remotely.

If you like promoting other company’s products, you can also use Builderall to build a responsive affiliate site and make money while doing what you love to do.

BuilderAll Pricing

Builderall offers five pricing plans.

These two main ones are the premium and essential plans.

Builderall Pricing

Before you join the service, choose a package that meets your needs.

Remember that the number of features that you will access depends on your choice of packaging.

The premium package, for example, offers all of the above features and many more.

However, the Builderall essential plan does not include all of them.

The essential plan is best for people who are starting and want to build their business and promote their products.

If you pay $49.90 per month, you will have access to all the Builderall apps, SSL certificates, MailingBoss mailing platforms, and many others.

Builderall premium plan offers the complete package.

Many successful business owners use it to launch new businesses or improve the existing ones.

You will find eCommerce and affiliate features, SDN hosting, webinar apps, and much more.

Due to the value that users get from this option, it costs a little more than the essential package.

To get plenty of these exciting features, you part away with $69.90 per month.

The company also offers the builder and marketer options at $19.90 and $29.90, respectively.

The marketer guarantees you 5 domains, 5,000 subscribers, 5GB disk space, and others.

The other option offers 3 domains, 100 subscribers, 2 GB disk space, and more.

What should you do if you cannot afford any of these?

You can go for the free package.

It allows you to have 100 subscribers and gives you 1 GB disk space.

Do you want to try which of these paid options is best for you?

Buiderall knows that you deserve the right to test drive before you pay anything for the service.

You can start your 14-day free trial anytime and get an opportunity to use the features that you want. No credit card required.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a complete digital marketing system, you need Builderall.

Whether you choose the free package or the paid ones, you will be able to use the right tools to launch and operate your successful business.

For that matter, you will not spend a lot of time and resources to buy several expensive stand-alone tools.

Builderall is constantly revolving to be able to address the emerging needs of users.

As such, if you want a fully integrated platform, it is time for you to check out and choose the package that will solve your problems.

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