Can You Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate? (The Truth They’re Hiding)

Can you make money with wealthy affiliate?

Yes, you can, but not the way you think.

Because Wealthy Affiliate is not a program or system that will flood thousands of dollars in Your bank account as soon as you sign up for it and take the training.

I'm being pretty straight to the point.

The scam products and services are increasing rapidly with each passing day and You need to be very careful before you spend any money on them.

When it comes to making money online in any form, You'll come across so many scammers or even self-proclaimed gurus out there who will try to sell their "secret method".

Or they will talk about some sort of magical "get quick rich" scheme that will make you rich overnight.

Suddenly, it seems like your dreams are about to come true, but No.

When you try that stuff yourself, you realize that you got pretty much nothing, except a waste of your time and hard-earned money.

And more than that You get disappointment that eventually leads you to believe that you can't make money online at all.

I know, after reading a negative review about wealthy affiliate somewhere You might want to make sure that it really works before you jump into taking up this course.

Earlier, I had talked about it comprehensively in this wealthy affiliate review and also shared my thoughts over is wealthy affiliate worth it or is it just another scam? can you really make money with wealthy affiliate?

In this post, I'm going to share with you everything that you must know before and even after signing up for this platform and can you really make money with wealthy affiliate?

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is an online platform for learning affiliate marketing that provides all the resources to launch your own profitable online business in any niche.

It is not just a platform nor just a community. It is both, combined! ​

For beginners, advanced marketers and entrepreneurs it proves to be a single bundle of all the resources to launch an online business from scratch.

Apart from the affiliate marketing training and coaching it offers keyword research tool, domain registration, website hosting, security and support.

Once you sign up with Wealthy Affiliate, you'll get all the necessary training and support for you to succeed online.

Who Owns Wealthy Affiliate?

It was founded by two Canadian entrepreneurs Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim in 2005 with the aim of helping individuals launch their own online businesses.

They have developed Wealthy Affiliate into a huge community of 1.5 million marketers and entrepreneurs and it's growing every day.

Kyle, the co-founder of wealthy affiliate takes care of the training and Carson, another co-founder works closely with the technical team.

Both of them are very active in the community and always ready to help You if You are stuck anywhere.

On the very first lesson of the Online Entrepreneur Certification training at WA, Kyle talks about their roles and responsibilities and how you can get started with the platform.

How Does Wealthy Affiliate Training Work?

There are two types of training that You take at wealthy affiliate based on your passion or interest, 1) Online Entrepreneur Certification and 2) Affiliate Bootcamp.

1. WA Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC)

This training can help you pick up the niche based on your passion, interest or expertise and build your website around it.

It has 50 lessons divided into the 5 phases that will walk you through the end to end process of building a profitable online business within absolutely any niche.

Can you make money with wealthy affiliate - Online Entrepreneur Certification Training

2. WA Affiliate Bootcamp Training

The WA Affiliate Bootcamp training is really, really good.

Designed especially for the internet marketing niche, the Affiliate Bootcamp training has 70 lessons divided into 7 phases.

Each phase has 10 lessons that will walk you the process of building a successful website around the internet marketing niche.

This is a great approach to breaking into the online marketing niche.

Can you make money with wealthy affiliate - Affiliate Bootcamp Training

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Wealthy Affiliate Community

In order for you to succeed, one of the most important things you need to do is to place yourself in a positive environment with like-minded people.

The community at WA is resourceful and the members of the community will always be ready to help succeed online.

Can you make money with wealthy affiliate - Wealthy Affiliate Community

At Wealthy Affiliate, you will be a part of an online community where people learn affiliate marketing together while interacting and sharing the knowledge with each other.

Simply ask a question whenever you need help and the people from the community will be more than happy to help you with the answer.

It's a community that has transformed my life, changed my mindset about making money online and gave me the much-needed confidence boost I needed for launching my own online business from nothing.

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Does Wealthy Affiliate Actually Work?

Probably You're new to the wealthy affiliate, probably not.

But this question would have certainly crossed Your mind someday, does wealthy affiliate actually work?

Is it a real deal or just another scam that will shatter all your dreams of making money online.

After being in the online marketing world for more than seven years now and making countless mistakes I realized that nothing in life happens overnight.

We've got to be patient to see the results of our hard work.

Simply compare your journey of making money online with Your life offline.

Did You achieve anything in your life very quickly?

Think about how much time it took you to complete your education, get your first job or receive that well-deserved promotion?

It took You years, right?

Making money with Wealthy Affiliate is no different.

You Need To Work Very Hard

First of all, you need to go through the wealthy affiliate training to learn the best practices about affiliate marketing, launch your own website and grow it by pushing the great content to it.

Try to make some adjustments to your daily schedule to accommodate at least 2-3 hours of time every day to go through the training lessons and complete the tasks.

I know, you may have other priorities in Your life, but that's how the learning process or in other words the side hustle works.

If You've yet not signed up for a wealthy affiliate, I believe, it's good for you to know in advance.

It's Not a "Get Quick Rich" Mimic

As I mentioned earlier, it's not a "get quick rich" mimic that will make you rich quickly.

You must act on your own online business as You follow the wealthy affiliate training in order to see the real results and achieve the success you desire.

Because there are some folks who think just by signing up for and taking the training will quickly start getting them a lot of money.

Honestly, it doesn't work that way.

If You're serious about making the real money online using this platform then don't treat it as a hobby.

Rather, treat it as an opportunity to acquire new skills that will enable you one day to generate consistent passive income online.

If you work on it only occasionally then You can't expect to build a recurring monthly income through Wealthy Affiliate.

So, does Wealthy Affiliate actually work?

Yes, it does work if you are committed to choosing the path of hard work.

There are thousands of success stories at WA that will inspire you to succeed online.

I'm sure that Wealthy Affiliate will work for You if You believe in doing the hard work rather than finding the shortcuts to the success.

Even if you achieve some level of success using the shortcuts it will be momentary and won't stay with you for a long period of time.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Free?

I would say YES and NO.

Wealthy Affiliate has two membership levels and only two.

YES, because, it offers free starter membership which is truly free for life.

NO, because, WA also offers a premium membership at $49 per month or $359 per year if you choose an annual plan.

Let's talk about both of the memberships in detail.

1. Free Starter Membership

You don't need to sign up for a free account with a 1-day or 14-day trial period and then pay for it.

No one will ever ask you to pay and You don't even need a credit card to join wealthy affiliate as a starter member.

In my opinion, it's a great way for you to get a full understanding of how wealthy affiliate works without even spending a penny.

As a free starter member, You'll get access to the first phase of both of the (Online Entrepreneur Certification and Affiliate Bootcamp) training.

The free lessons are enough for you to understand the basics of making money online through affiliate marketing.

I would say use free membership to determine if Wealthy Affiliate is truly for You and are You willing to do the work that is needed?

It's an opportunity for you to get a feel of everything inside the WA community and see if you’re ready to build a profitable online business.

2. Premium Membership

You will want to upgrade to the premium membership when You think You're serious about making money online.

As I mentioned, it starts at $49 per month and it’s considerably less if you choose the annual plan.

If you upgrade to the premium membership within the first 7 days after signing up as a free starter member, You'll have to pay only $19 in the first month and $49 in the subsequent months.

Keep in mind that, if you follow the training rigorously and keep taking the actions along the way, your online business itself could start paying You more within a few months.

The training is laid down in a step by step manner that is easily understood even by a beginner.

In addition to the training and coaching, with a paid membership, You'll have access to all the tools that You'll ever need for launching and running your online business.

As you can see,

  • You'll be able to register your own domain within the wealthy affiliate interface
  • Get a secure hosting plus daily backups for your websites
  • Search for unlimited keywords in the most advanced keyword research tool, Jaaxy
  • With a paid membership, you will have round the clock support from the community
  • one-on-one with other premium members in the community and technical support
  • There's a "Ask a question" support as well wherein You ask a question inside the classrooms and other members will help you with the answers

You'll unlock so many other features as a premium member and will be truly able to work on your dream online business.

Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate Program Review

The wealthy affiliate's entire business is based on helping individuals become affiliates, so it's quite natural to have their own affiliate program.

And that's the reason both Kyle and Carson understand the expectations of the affiliates like You and me.

The Wealthy Affiliate's Affiliate Program is one of the most lucrative affiliate programs in the industry which gets delivered through the most advanced technology behind the scenes.

Wealthy Affiliate affiliate program

You will get all the knowledge and training to promote it once you join the Wealthy Affiliate's affiliate program.

In fact, as I mentioned earlier in this post, there is an entire training course called Affiliate Bootcamp training consisting of 70 lessons split into the 7 phases just for helping you understand how to promote this program.

Not only You'll get the coaching to promote this affiliate program but also all the resources that You'll need including keyword research tool, web hosting, marketing creatives, links, banners, etc.

You'll Make Recurring Commissions

On average, You've got a potential to earn $121 on an average in commissions by promoting wealthy affiliate's affiliate program.

The commissions that You'll make are going to be recurring, meaning You'll keep earning the commissions for your referrals for as long as they stay affiliated with wealthy affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate Results

Let me talk about how my journey at Wealthy Affiliate so far and how it changed my life.

I think I was very lucky to find it!

I'm not here to lie to you and say that it made me successful just by taking up the training.

If You're someone who still believes that there exists some magic system that will make you millionaire quickly then You definitely need to change your mindset and thinking.

That is just not possible, anywhere.

No system or program can make You rich overnight and those who claim they will are definitely lying.

Those "Get rich quick" schemes are definitely scams.

Otherwise, you will not get very far.

​When I first joined Wealthy Affiliate, I was still very skeptical, possibly, just like you are feeling right now.

Because I was still recovering from a bad experience I had earlier from other scammy products out there.

Very quickly, I was welcomed into the community and I began to look on Wealthy Affiliate as a community of like-minded people.

The members in the community are very helpful and motivating - rather than a "company" which sounds very profit-driven.

​The reason wealthy affiliate changed my life is that it provided me with the necessary foundation and training to start my own successful online business.

Thanks to Kyle's guidance and training, I'm also able to launch my own profit-making blog and YouTube channel and share my experience and teach others to do the same.

I don't mind admitting that, even today, I still encounter the problems and frustrations many times, however, the other members in the community always had my back covered.

I can easily find solutions or get my questions answered very fast - be it in the live chat, other training resources, blogs or in the "Ask a Question" tool.

There hasn't been a single instance where I could not find the answer to my problem that I asked the community.

It's quite an obvious that if You're just getting started, You'll have a ton of questions in your mind with regards to how everything works.

But rest assured, you will get the support more than you expect from the community.

Success Stories at Wealthy Affiliate

Hundreds of thousands of people who have taken the training at wealthy affiliate have been able to transform their life successfully.

As I said, there are countless success stories at Wealthy Affiliate that would be enough to charge you to do something for yourself.

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Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It?

Its not an uncommon question and often gets asked by the people who are considering to sign up for wealthy affiliate but skeptical about its authenticity.

My simple answer is, Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is WORTH trying.

The people who've signed up and tried the training are undoubtedly going to love it and those who aren't will look at it critically.

I'm repeating this again, You'll have to work hard during and after taking the training to see the real results and launch a successful and profitable online business.

If you set your mind and commit, there's no reason it won't work for you.

It's a platform that has helped individuals like me and You transform themselves into the successful internet entrepreneurs.

It's not just loaded with the affiliate marketing training but also provides all the tools, services and support from industry experts.

This platform has been designed to work for beginners who have no experience or skills in internet marketing to be successful in this industry.

Watch the video: Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It?

Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam or Legit?

And I'm sure before trying it out, you were to know that is Wealthy Affiliate a scam or legit?

Nowadays, it's very easy to get into a scam if You're not careful about spending the money on the right products.

I think I'm the well-equipped to talk about whether WA is a scam or not, as I've tried all the training and tools inside wealthy affiliate myself.

So the answer to the question "Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam or legit" is:

Wealthy Affiliate is a LEGIT opportunity to launch your own online business from scratch and definitely NOT a scam.

Did it change my life? Yes, it did.

Will it change your life too?​ ​I don't see any reason why it won't.

The same training that taught me and other successful people at Wealthy Affiliate is still there.

What Do You Need To Do?

Start the most advanced affiliate marketing training in the world and afterward, you need to keep taking the actions on what you've learned.

Don't be the person who gives up on the things quickly, stick to your goals and I see no reason You'll fail.

Watch the video: Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam or Legit?

Can You Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate?

So the real question, can you make money with wealthy affiliate?

I have already answered this question in the beginning, Yes, You CAN.

If You're a beginner, I have no doubt that You're going to learn a lot and acquire a lot of new skill for launching Your own online business at wealthy affiliate.

The free starter membership should allow You get a feel of the training, community, tools, and support at Wealthy Affiliate.

If you are just getting started I highly recommend that You give free starter membership a try.

As a beginner, you will make countless mistakes during journey Your towards success, but the support from the like-minded people will keep you going.

Every program has its pros and cons but as long as You're getting the value out of your money there should be an issue in trying it out.

That will not only save you the time but also the hard-earned money and heartache if you were to choose the scam product.

Watch The Video: Can You Really Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate?


I tried to cover everything that I could about wealthy affiliate and can you really make money with it.

Once you sign up for Wealthy Affiliate, You'll realize that there is a lot of training material inside to go through which may seem overwhelming to some people.

Especially if You're a beginner, only go through the training based on your interest and the path You want to walk on to.

Now as far as how much money you can make with Wealthy Affiliate is concerned, that’s completely up to you.

At WA you will get all the training, tools and support to launch a business and how far you take and make it successful will totally depend on you.

I would say that the money You'll make out of it will be directly proportional to the amount of effort and time You give to Your business.

There are countless other programs like Wealthy Affiliate out there, but I know it works because it has worked for me and several others who knew nothing about making money online.

Excited to be the part of the Wealthy Affiliate community?

Simply click the button below to get started with You free starter membership at wealthy affiliate and take the first step towards your success online.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below, I'd be happy to help. 🙂

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