ClickBank Gravity: What Does It Mean And How It Works?

Are you struggling to make money with ClickBank or have difficulty in understanding what is ClickBank Gravity and how does it work?

Well, ClickBank gravity is still a mystery for the majority of the people who uses ClickBank for either for selling or promoting the products.

I tried my best to gather as much information as I could and decided to create a post to try and explain exactly how it works and what does it actually indicate.

The goal here is to help you understand how to choose the profitable products on Clickbank by looking by using the gravity factor.

In other words, I will try to help to select the right products that can work best for your business.

  • No longer will you end up promoting what seem like great products but they never sell (at least for you).
  • No more guessing what products to promote.
  • No more jumping from product to product and niche to niche just hoping something converts.

This post is focused on selecting the right niche and products on ClickBank using the gravity factory.

I had talked about how to make money with ClickBank in my earlier post, feel free to check it out.

The Reality of ClickBank Gravity

I can help you decipher Clickbank gravity and approach the process of picking products to promote in a logical and efficient way.

There are a few things I hope to cover to get you started:

  • How to pick a profitable niche market and sub-market
  • How to pick a product in your niche
  • Understanding ClickBank gravity and other Clickbank statistics

Using all of the above info you will be able to easily pick quality products to promote with less competition among other affiliates with a good chance of making a sale.

The most common problem is people do not understand that there is gold in the lower gravity products.

I can help you find these products.

There are tens of thousands of products available for sale on Clickbank.

Most people misuse the data that Clickbank provides to find a product that has high gravity try to jump on the bandwagon and make some affiliate sales.

They couldn’t be more wrong and are setting themselves up for failure.

This post is not focused on getting the traffic to your site or how to make money with ClickBank, that's altogether a different subject.

Rather, I am going to help you discover the products that will convert into sales and commissions.

Let’s get started.

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What is a Good Gravity on ClickBank?

One of the first things people look for on Clickbank is a product's gravity to help determine if they should promote a product.

What gravity is and how it is calculated is not clearly outlined by Clickbank.

They provide some guidance on how to use it but even that information is not very useful.

If you have no interest in understanding the ClickBank gravity and want just a basic rule of thumb for using it to pick a product then use the following basic rule.

"Promote a product that has a gravity between 15 and 70"

What Is The Best ClickBank Gravity Value

Clickbank provides filters to help narrow your search for products through several different criteria in their marketplace.

Use these tools.

They are on the left-hand side of the page.

Sort by clickbank gravity

Again this is not supposed to be hard.

When I first started to promote products on Clickbank I had no clue what I was doing.

It seemed that the popular wisdom was to look at a product that had high gravity and figure that I would promote it.

I did not really understand what Gravity was on Clickbank and figured from different forums that it was good to have a high one and that products with low gravity did not sell.

This is not true at all so let’s clear up:

What Is ClickBank Gravity?

Here is the official definition of “Gravity” from Clickbank:

"Number of distinct affiliates who earned a commission by promoting the vendor's products during the past 12 weeks. This is not an actual number of affiliates. For each affiliate an amount between 0.1 and 1.0 is added to the result, depending on when his/her last transaction occurred. More recent transactions are given a higher value."

I need to read this closely to understand what it does not measure.

  • Gravity is not a measure of each sale but of affiliates that have made a single sale.
  • There is no correlation between a product’s gravity and its total number of sales.
  • There is no correlation between a product’s gravity and its conversion rate.
  • High Gravity products may not convert well – it could take tons of traffic to make one sale.
  • Clickbank does not disclose sales numbers or conversion rates for any product so you can only assume.
  • The most that a single point of gravity represents is one sale.

Clickbank does not disclose how they calculate gravity but from their definition.

I can make a few assumptions about it:

  1. If only one affiliate made a single sale yesterday then the product would have a gravity of 1 (the most recent transactions are given a higher value with the max value being 1)
  2. If only one affiliate made 20 sales yesterday then the product would have a gravity of 1. (Gravity is the number of distinct affiliates that have made a sale – not the volume of sales per affiliate)
  3. If 10 affiliates each made a single sale yesterday the product would have a gravity of 10
  4. If only one affiliate made one sale 12 weeks ago the gravity for the product would be about 0.1 (Gravity only incorporates data for the most recent twelve weeks)

Examples 2 & 3 above highlight the problem of using gravity.

The product being sold in example #2 is a better seller but only has a gravity of 1.

The product in #3 has a much higher gravity but fewer overall sales and more completion in the number of affiliates successfully promoting it.

Most affiliates will see the higher gravity and pick that product to promote.

What you can assume (and Clickbank does tell you this) is that products with a lower gravity have fewer individual affiliates making sales.

There is less potential competition for these products (though the actual affiliates may be very good).

Here is how Clickbank says to use Gravity to find products (highlighting is my own):

High Gravity

Sort by ‘Gravity’->’High to Low’ if you are looking for products that have a proven track record for converting well.

clickbank gravity high to low

ClickBank Gravity refers to the number of affiliates who earned a commission by promoting a particular vendor’s product(s).

Therefore, if a publisher has a high gravity score, it means that the vendor has lots of affiliates earning money by promoting their product.

This, in turn, should be an indicator to you that the product sells well.

High Gravity can also mean that a vendor has lots of affiliates buying the product through their own affiliate link.

High Gravity can also mean that a vendor has manipulated a product’s gravity.

The downside to promoting products with a high gravity score is that you will encounter lots of competition in promoting it.

Low Gravity

If you are looking for hidden gems and want to be one of the first to market with product promotion, sort your marketplace search by ‘Gravity’->’Low to High.’

clickbank gravity low to high

This is a bit of a high risk/high reward option.

Low gravity means little competition from other affiliates, so you may be able to spend less time and money promoting that product than with a high gravity product.

If the product converts well, you can win big as one of the only affiliates promoting it.

This is the high reward side.

However, low gravity also means that the product either hasn’t been tested by many other affiliates or has been tested by affiliates and hasn’t converted well.

Either way, it’s possible that you could be spending your time and ad dollars on a product that doesn’t sell.

That’s the high-risk side of low gravity.

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How To Find Good ClickBank Products?

If you are new to affiliate marketing you have likely found your way to it through Googling “make money online” or via an internet marketing forum.

Clickbank is a great place to find products to promote but there are many common mistakes that newcomers make when it comes to selecting a niche.

My approach is to find niches that are “evergreen”.

The broad definition of evergreen markets are ones that provide continuous opportunity.

The products are in demand year-round and meet a need that never goes away.

All of us have basic wants and needs, things like good health, more wealth and good relationships and these three make up the top evergreen markets.

Health: Includes weight loss, fitness, skincare, men’s health issues, women’s health issues and so on.

Wealth: Includes forex, stocks, make money online, work from home, internet marketing, and other make money opportunities.

Self-help: Includes dating, marriage, divorce and break-ups, success, motivation, self-esteem, new age, spirituality, and all things related.

But they are far too broad so let’s narrow it down.

First, let’s get rid of the make money (wealth) niche.

Why Internet Marketing Niche Is Not For All?

During my early days in internet marketing, it was clear that the make money online (MMO) or internet marketing (IM) niche was lucrative and that maybe I should promote some of those products.

Internet Marketing Niche

All their sales pages made it seem like promoting products was easy and I found it all somewhat convincing.

They had screenshots of their affiliate commissions from Clickbank and they seemed to be raking the money in.

I figured I should promote these internet marketing products because if I thought they looked good then other people would – plus they had a high gravity so they must be selling.

These products can be lucrative.

My advice is, if you are new to internet marketing then avoid the internet marketing niche!

I have found the make money niche to be brutally competitive and if you are new to affiliate marketing then it would be best to avoid it.

That doesn’t mean there are no opportunities here but that you will have a few factors against you.

  • There are very experienced marketers in these niches (though they are in all niches just a lot of them are in this niche)
  • There are experienced buyers too.
  • Many people who buy these products will use their own affiliate links.
  • They visit the same forums, here about the same product launches, etc.
  • All these single sales by affiliates buying a product through their own account skews the data Clickbank provides.
  • Clickbank gravity and other data are inflated.
  • Many of the products are software-based or plugins – these are subject to bugs, glitches and so on leading to support issues and refunds.
  • There are a ton of customer service issues in these niches and with a required 60-day refund window there is plenty of time for a customer to give up on a product.
  • Nothing like buying a plugin that hasn’t been updated for the latest version of WordPress or it does not work on a mac and so on.
  • Information products (eBooks and videos) have less quality control issues.
  • Product cycles are limited.
  • Many of these products have short shelf lives as developers move on to newer products or some outside change affects them (Google algorithm change, Amazon policy change etc.).

So the niche is evergreen but the products are not.

Again there is money in this niche but why make it hard on yourself when I have two major markets left and 1000’s of other products to promote.

If this is a niche you are passionate about then you may consider promoting certain products in this niche.

But do your homework.

Avoid ClickBank Niches That Doesn't Interest You

I also avoid niches that I truly have no interest in such as survival and renewable energy niches.

Green products niche

I look at products that promise to help you run your car on water and I have no desire to promote them.

These niches may interest you so take a look.

There could be evergreen demand in different niches I just focus on the simple ones.

So let’s focus on the other two major markets on Clickbank.

My Favorite Evergreen Niches

Both the health market and the self-help market are full of sub-niches that you can drill down into to find a band of products to promote.

There are a ton of products in these niches to choose from and plenty of keywords to research.

Many of the products will appeal to a broad spectrum of buyers so your goal here is to give some thought to the market you want to target on your website and the content, keywords and other research you need to do.

How to set-up your site and do SEO is not the purview of this post but to give you a thumbnail of what I mean.

About Weight Loss Niche

See the below example.

Weight loss is a broad market but I can drill down easily into it by adding a few variables such as:

“weight loss for women”

“weight loss post pregnancy”

“weight loss for seniors”

“lose belly fat for men”

“lose cellulite”

Head over to free tool UberSuggest to find out the profitable keywords for your chosen niche market.

weight loss post pregnancy niche

One product may apply to all these sub-categories but you are going to have better sales if you focus on one of these groups to start but you will need to do a lot of keyword research to determine what to pick.

If you need help with this kind of research or understanding SEO, PPC, and traffic generation then I highly recommend joining Wealthy Affiliate as their approach is clear, uncomplicated and practical.

My product selection is geared towards promoting the products on my review sites or landing pages and not to lists.

There are nuanced differences between selecting a product to market to search engine traffic and to market to email lists.

Generally, you can use an even lower gravity threshold for selecting products when promoting to a list.

About Relationships Niche

I have had tremendous success with "getting your ex back guides" geared towards men.

ClickBank does not tell you who bought the product so I assume it is men buying them given that my website is geared towards that market.

The market for “get your ex back” products is evergreen – people break-up year round.

The market for these products is looking for a solution to an urgent problem (they lost their girlfriend).

Sub-Niche May Interest You

I know this is simple but doing this kind of research and marketing does not need to be complex or convoluted.

I focus on a market that is desperate for a solution and that is willing to spend a few bucks to get it.

I focus my content on guys in this way I can also build up a list that I can market to in the future.

My main goal is to make the sale through my website and not building a list.

Finding a niche is not that hard, you just need to do some research on it before jumping into it and buying a domain and rolling up your sleeves and adding content and optimizing it.

Maybe there is a sub-niche that actually interests you or you understand well then use this interest to help narrow down your search.

Once you find the niche and sub-niche how do you find an actual product on Clickbank?

How To Choose Product on ClickBank?

There are several basic factors I use to help me select specific products in the Clickbank Marketplace once I have picked a niche.

I will explain them further, as there are exceptions, but here are my rules of thumb for selecting a product based on information Clickbank provides.

All of these factors are important with ClickBank gravity and commission being most important.

Not discussed here is the quality of a product sales page I are only going to focus on the information you can get from Clickbank’s website with regards to making a product selection.

You must review a product’s sales page before sending traffic to it.

Also before promoting a product try contacting the vendor and ask them questions you may have with regards to their Clickbank data, their product and their sales page.

ClickBank Gravity vs Popularity

Clickbank does not disclose or define how they calculate a product’s popularity.

There are many assumptions made about what factors are involved in determining a product's popularity such as payout, refund rate, number of affiliates and so on but these are all guesses.

  • Promote a product that has a gravity between 15 and 70
  • The product should have a minimum commission of $25
  • Commission rate should be at least 50% though payout trumps this
  • Low Refund Rate – in 2019 and beyond this will be important

Ignore Products' Popularity on Clickbank

If there were some way to know what data was used in determining the popularity of a product and how that data was weighted then it might be a useful metric for picking products to promote.

Popularity is not even given a numerical value.

clickbank gravity - sort by popularity

My assumption is that since the default sorting of “popularity” is from “highest to lowest” that most affiliates pick the most “popular” products given that is how they are presented.

I just ignore a product’s popularity since I do not know what the heck it means other than it is in some way “popular” in the most general sense.

Can ClickBank Gravity Be Manipulated?

It's a heated debate and unfortunately,  what it seems that gravity can be manipulated on Clickbank.

The reason vendors do this is to attract more affiliates and make more sales because so many people believe that high gravity means sales and a quality product.

I am not going to go into the specifics of how this manipulation occurs but it is not hard to do and will often happen around a product’s launch.

Don't Ignore The Gravity

The question you may be asking then is “should I just ignore gravity altogether?”

The answer is you should not dismiss Gravity because once you understand it you will find that looking for products with a lower gravity is the way to go.

The lower the gravity the fewer affiliates successfully promoting a product.

If you have a good niche then one of these products may be perfect for your target market.

A low gravity shows that some sales have been made if the product has a good sales page then you may have something that can sell well.

Let’s say you have found a niche (cellulite loss for women) and there are two products listed on Clickbank that match this niche.

One product has a gravity of 120 and another has one of 15.

Based on gravity alone I would focus on the product with the lower gravity and from there examine that products sales page to determine if I think traffic I send to it will convert.

Other Factors On Clickbank To Consider

There are a few more things that I like to look for when analyzing products to promote on Clickbank.

These factors can increase your commissions and help narrow down your selection.

All this information is readily available on Clickbank.

clickbank gravity - other factors

One Time Offers (OTO’s)

Do the products have upsells and One Time Offers (OTO’s)?

I like products that have these and actually see lower refund rates on buyers of upsells.

Some upsells convert really well and provide significant commissions (more than the base product often).

Recurring Payments

Most of the membership sites have recurring payments.

Basically, these are subscriptions.

I generally do not promote these products (though in my niches they are not as prevalent).

I think that people do not stick with these programs unless they are excellent and I see more refunds on them.

The recurring revenue stream can be great if you really like the product.

Trial Offers

I like products that offer paid trial offers (usually $4.95).

You do get a commission on this amount but they are automatically billed the remainder a few weeks later allowing you to get full commission.

There is an uptick I refund with these offers but worth it for the conversions anyway.

I do not promote products that provide free trials or have email opt-ins in order to get the trial.

Marketplace Star Ratings

Clickbank has implemented a product rating in 2013.

The ratings reflect a pooling of different data such as refund rate, chargebacks, and customer experience.

I am wary of this shortcut but will take into consideration if a product has a star rating of 1 or 2 to potentially avoid it.

But I will not automatically dismiss a low rated product.

Contact the vendor and ask them to explain the rating.


As a rule of thumb, never stress too much on the ClickBank Gravity and promote the product that you feel is going to convert by following the steps that I mentioned above.

When you begin to understand what you are looking at when going through the Clickbank marketplace you will begin to make smart choices, eliminate confusion and build a strong foundation for your affiliate business.

Hopefully, you can avoid lots of discouragement and failure that many people new to promoting products on Clickbank experience.

I hope this guide can help get you started along the road to making some money online with ClickBank.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. If you would like to know more about my strategies, feel free to check this out.

Good luck with your ClickBank journey.!

Have any questions with regards to ClickBank?

Please comment below, and I would be happy to answer any questions you may have. 🙂

About the author 

Hardik Raval

Hardik is passionate about helping people launch their own online business. He loves to talk about online business ideas, affiliate marketing tools, tips and other sources of residual income available on the internet.

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  1. Hi Hardik Raval,

    I was just looking for some info on affiliate marketing and came across your website; very informative and I wish I would have seen this a while back but then again, I’ve seen a lot of information’s that I didn’t do anything with.

    I’m trying to start my own affiliate business in the next month or so and was hoping you could mentor me through this?

    Thank you.


    1. Hey Manny,

      I’m glad to hear that you liked the content on my blog.

      First of all, all the best to you for the affiliate business that you are planning to start.

      I am curious to know which niche you are planning to get into as it’s going to be the first task in front of you when you get started.

      If you are planning to promote the ClickBank products, you know there are a ton of products in their marketplace.

      I believe that you have somewhat affiliate marketing experience and ready to apply that in your venture.

      Don’t fall for the done-for-you or automatic money, quick money, etc scams, as such nothing like that exists.

      I would suggest you start your own blog or YouTube channel for creating a long-term business.

      If you don’t know how to get started, register for this free webinar and you will get all your questions answered.

      To your success,

      1. Hi Hardik Raval,

        Thank you so much for your reply. Actually, I don’t have any experience at all in affiliate marketing except I have read a lot of materials about the subject. However, reading and doing are definitely two things.

        My Niche will likely be in the “Diets and Weight Loss” field but I still have to drill down to see what might work best for me. If you have any suggestion as to something that may prove a little easier to get my feet wet, that will be welcomed as well.

        Thank you.


        1. Hey Manny,

          First of all, apologies for the delayed response.

          I was pretty much occupied last week in another project.

          Yes, what you said is absolutely correct, reading and doing are completely different things.

          Just reading will not lead to anywhere but taking actions certainly takes a person from one point to another.

          Of course, there is no harm in learning new things by reading or watching the videos, but one should also take the actions along with it.

          “Diet and weight loss” industry is pretty broad and it’s great that you have already realized that it needs to be drilled down to some specific sub-niche.

          For example, “best diet plan for mental health” or “best diet plan for skinny guys” etc.

          The benefit of getting into the weight loss niche is that there are a ton of products like diet guides, diet plans, supplements, fitness trackers, etc that you can promote.

          So even if you choose a specific sub-niche that I just talked about, you will certainly find the relevant products in that area.

          There are many premium keyword research tools that can help you find profitable keywords in these niches.

          But if you are just getting started, the Google Keyword planner which is 100% free works as great.

          To your success,

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