Does Wealthy Affiliate Really Work? ( 7 Facts You Never Heard About)

I am assuming you want to know does wealthy affiliate really work before you invest your hard-earned money on it.

Or maybe you have already signed up for a free starter membership and before going premium you might be interested in making sure it's worth the money.

Whatever the reason could be, in this post together we will discover does wealthy affiliate really work and is it worth money?

Here is the answer:

Yes, Wealthy Affiliate does work but you will have to work really hard in order to achieve whatever financial goals you have set for yourself. Just by wrapping up the training quickly at wealthy affiliate is not going to give you the success you want to achieve. You will have to keep building your online business during taking the training and even after completing it in order to see the consistent results for a longer period of time.

If you want to achieve success at any business no matter whether it's offline or online it's crucial to understand that to make it profitable it will take a great deal of hard work.

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My Experience With Wealthy Affiliate

Does Wealthy Affiliate Really Work - My Experience With Wealthy Affiliate

Honestly, it may take months or years before you see the real consistent income every month.

I joined wealthy affiliate as a starter member back in 2015 and went premium in February 2019, after full four years.!

But the thing I was very happy about was to discover that it was not a scam like many other programs out there.

For me personally, I could see the very first sale from my online business after full four months of going through the training.

I wish I could go premium in 2015 but at that time I was very skeptical about spending more money on any type of training.

I had already spent hundreds of dollars on those scams that promised me, I will start getting thousands of bucks each month in my bank account.

Today, I am satisfied with the fact that I know how to launch an online business from scratch and make it profitable.

Now let's find out everything about Wealthy Affiliate that you must know if you are planning to join this community.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

What is wealthy affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is an all in one training and hosting platform for launching an affiliate marketing based online business and make it profitable.

In fact, it's more than just a training platform.

It's a community of more than 800K like-minded people who are interested in launching an online business in the respective niches of their interest.

Wealthy Affiliate facilitates you with all the tools and resources that you will ever need to launch a successful online business typically a website, eCommerce store or a blog.

Here is a glimpse of what you can expect to get once you join the platform.

  • The affiliate marketing training (Online Entrepreneur Certification and Affiliate Bootcamp Training)
  • Training classrooms
  • 1-on-1 coaching
  • Domain registration and hosting (SiteRubix)
  • Keyword research tool (Jaaxy)
  • Analytics and tracking tools
  • 24x7 Support (community, ask a question, live chat, technical support and private messaging)

There is much more than this that you get as a part of your respective membership with WA.

But the thing to note here is that you get equipped with all tools and resources for launching a profitable online business.

Is Wealthy Affiliate a Pyramid Scheme?

Is Wealthy Affiliate a Pyramid Scheme

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

Because WA has survived in an affiliate marketing industry for years, many people have this doubt for so long.

They often confuse its memberships with a pyramid type of business model.

Before we try to find out whether Wealthy Affiliate is a pyramid scheme or not it's important to understand, what is a pyramid scheme and how does it work.

Here is the definition of a pyramid scheme from Wikipedia.

Pyramid scheme - Wikipedia

As per this definition, the pyramid scheme is a kind of business model wherein you get promised to get paid for recruiting or enrolling other people rather than selling real goods or services.

As you can see, as the pyramid grows it becomes difficult for most members to profit out of it. It becomes unsustainable and often this type of business model is considered as illegal by FTC.

Now let's relate this business model with WA and try to find out does it function the way pyramid business models work?

1. It's an All-in-One Training Platform

The very first reason Wealthy Affiliate could not be a pyramid scheme is that it' an all-in-one affiliate marketing training platform that facilitates all the resources and tools to launch an online business.

It's not a business model wherein you are required to enroll other members to get paid.

Rather it will provide you with all the training and tools you will need to start your own online business, typically a profit-making website in any niche.

Inside WA, you are provided with various training and website builder resources like video walkthroughs, text tutorials, keyword research tool, hosting, security, etc.

2. A Free For Life Membership

Many of my readers and subscribers ask me, is Wealthy Affiliate free to join?

Here is the answer:

YES, its 100% free to join this platform.

The second reason WA could not be a pyramid scheme is that you don't need to provide credit card details or go through a compulsory 7-day or 14-day free trial period for being a free starter member.

And you can remain a free member for life, you are not at all forced to recruit or invite other people in order to stay affiliated to WA.

A typical pyramid scheme will ask you to enroll other members under you so that you could get paid.

And that's because often they have no legitimate products to sell.

3. It Offers an Affiliate Program

In my opinion, probably this is where most of the people confuse Wealthy Affiliate with a pyramid structure.

Since wealthy affiliate is a community for aspiring affiliate marketers it's natural for them to have their own affiliate program.

As a member of Wealthy Affiliate, you have an option to promote WA's affiliate program and earn a commission when someone joins the platform through your affiliate links.

However, this is completely optional and you are not at all required to promote it.

Many affiliates prefer to promote this affiliate program because WA is a legitimate platform that has worked for hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

When your business caters around affiliate marketing, it's always best to promote something that you know and have tried yourself.

One should not confuse affiliate marketing with a pyramid business model.

Affiliate marketing is a business model wherein a merchant (or company) pay you a commission when you help them make sales as an affiliate (or marketer) through your marketing efforts.

Based on the above points we can clearly conclude that Wealthy Affiliate is NOT a pyramid scheme but rather a platform for learning to launch a successful online business.

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How Much Does Wealthy Affiliate Cost?

I think now it's time that we talk about Wealthy Affiliate membership and what does membership offer.

Is a wealthy affiliate worth it? It's the most frequently asked question by many aspiring affiliate marketers.

Well, I would suggest you evaluate it based on what you get for what you pay.

Here is how wealthy affiliate pricing works.

WA offers two memberships, free starter membership and an optional premium membership that is priced at $49/month (or $359/year).

  • As I said, a starter membership is free for life, means you can be a free member for as much time as you wish.
  • Stay a free member for life and never upgrade to premium, it's all your choice!
  • With free starter membership, you will learn the basics of affiliate marketing and making money online in general.

I am not saying that the Wealthy Affiliate free starter membership is not that good.

The thing that needs to be understood here is the real training for building a successful online business lies behind the premium membership.

You will even be able to host two websites for completely free at Wealthy Affiliate with starter membership.

It makes sense to join WA as a free starter member and once you have a feeling that this platform has all that you need to build your online business, upgrade to premium.

Prefer to watch the video?

At Wealthy Affiliate, you will be provided with the blueprint for starting an affiliate marketing based online business and make it profitable.

Furthermore, you will be facilitated with all the essential training, tools and resources and one-on-one coaching you need for launching a business.

I come across many newbies who ask this question, does wealthy affiliate really work and can you really make money with it?

They can't make you successful unless you are willing to work hard to achieve your dreams.

It's pretty much like, they will teach you "how to swim" but you will never learn swimming until and unless you dive into the pool and start moving your body.

No system, be it Wealthy Affiliate or any other legitimate system can kind of guarantee success and they won't.


There are many factors that lead to one's success in any field.

How much you are willing to work hard, how much are you focused, are you dedicated and determined and what not!

You know what I am talking about.

It's All About Hard Work

To turn any kind of business venture into a success, a great deal of hard work, focus and consistency are required for a longer period of time.

Starting a business with Wealthy Affiliate is not different, prepare yourself to work really hard to taste the real fruits of success.

During my time at wealthy affiliate, I have seen a lot of people who join the community are only interested in making some quick money.

Well, it's their choice, no offense πŸ™‚

But, as soon as they realize that it's going to take a great deal of work they quit the game even before it's started.

In fact, it's not even their fault, because those so-called Lamborghini owners represent this industry that way.

They show newbies the hard cash bundles and big-fat cheques for making them purchase their high-ticket scammy product.

Though I am not really against anyone who shows off their wealth.

In fact, I wish I would e able to buy Lamborghini one day πŸ™‚

The reality is, they will never reveal to you what it takes to be the owner of that supercar.

They will not tell you how much hard they have worked and how much investments they made to reach to the level they are today.

The point here is, the beginners need to realize that it's going to take a lot of patience, persistence, and perseverance to achieve real success with wealthy affiliate.

If someone is trying to persuade you to buy a product that will miraculously make you rich overnight, he is either lying or is a scam.

There doesn't exist any system or program that can make you rich quickly without doing apparently nothing.

Can You Really Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate?

I frequently get asked this question from many beginners, can you really make money with wealthy affiliate?

My short answer here is, YES you can but not as fast as you might have thought of.

You would have noticed that I never said you will start earning a ton of money as soon as you join Wealthy Affiliate and finish the training.

And that's because the platform itself says that it's not a "get-quick-rich" program and doesn't guarantee the success overnight.

Rather the affiliate marketing training at Wealthy Affiliate focuses on building a legitimate business online.

All the video walkthroughs and other training tutorials show a "100% white hat tactics" to build a successful affiliate marketing based online business.

It's not a done-for-you system that will start depositing hundreds of dollars into your bank account without doing any real work.

If you ever thought that it's push-button commission system, I highly recommend you try another system because in this case, at WA you will only get more disappointments.

Prefer to watch the video?

How To Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate?

My simple advice to you is that, if you are just getting started, join wealthy affiliate as a free starter member.

The beauty of the payment model at WA is that you can be the starter member for life as I said several times.

You will never get forced by the owners Kyle and Carson to upgrade to premium.

As I said, even I became the starter member after four full years!

  • For learning the basics of affiliate marketing and making money online in general, free training is sufficient.
  • You should try the free training and launch your free website on the SiteRubix platform.
  • Most importantly, build your website or blog with awesome content as you start learning from the training.
  • Interact with other community members and see if their goals are aligned with yours or not.
  • The members at the WA community are very resourceful and ready to help no matter if you are a starter member or a premium one. The community support is equal for everyone without any kind of biased behavior, a rare thing you will find.

Once you are ready to take your business to the next level, upgrade to premium and unbox the most advanced affiliate marketing training in the world.

Expect to basically work without generating any commissions online for around six months.

Stay focused on your action plan and consistently create the quality content on your site, something you will learn from the training at WA.

Don't get distracted on the way and I see no reason you will fail at your own online business built with Wealthy Affiliate training.

Make sure that you don't fall for "Shiny Ball Syndrome", in other words, you are working on something, another something that you think is good comes up and you lose focus.

I personally have gone through distractions many times during my journey online and it has cost me a great deal of money and most importantly the precious time.

Like any other business, an online business needs to be taken seriously and you will have to be prepared to make time for it from your daily routine.


I am sure the point that I discussed here will help you find out does wealthy affiliate really work and can you really make money with it?

I know it works because it has worked for me personally and several others who committed themselves to the training and took consistent actions over a longer period of time.

The result you get is a pure by-product of the amount of actions you take.

If you are planning to join WA or any legitimate platform to learn how to launch a profitable online business, I highly recommend you commit yourself 100% to it.

​Do you still have any question related to wealthy affiliate?

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Hardik is passionate about helping people launch their own online business. He loves to talk about online business ideas, affiliate marketing tools, tips and other sources of residual income available on the internet.

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