How Affiliate Marketing Works Step by Step? (Even Kids Can Do It.!!)

If you are struggling to make a consistent income online and want to learn how affiliate marketing works step by step then you have landed in the right place.

The idea of affiliate marketing is a channel that helps one forget the morning rush and hustles of walking along the streets.

For someone who is looking for potential buyers of the items in hand and the benefits that are yielded from this move are undeniably lucrative.

Affiliate marketing drive sales to a common basket and generates cumulative revenue to both the affiliate marketers and the brands.

The technology advancements have made the affiliate marketing strategies easier, accessible, and more mass driving.

If you are a lazy person just like me who hates to read the long posts, simply take a look at the below infographic that briefly explains how affiliate marketing works step by step.

How affiliate marketing works infographic

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How Affiliate Marketing Works Step by Step?

A successful affiliate marketer must be bold enough to take massive actions in life and get into some work if they have to generate that first profit.

It is not about the skill, but the will comes first.

A combination of the will to make a move and the will to sacrifice some effort and time is the automatic way of generating profit through affiliate marketing.

Here are the proven steps to be successful in affiliate marketing.

Follow through all these steps without fail and I see no reason you won't succeed in this lucrative field called affiliate marketing

1. Decide On a Specific Niche

There are various niches that one can target in affiliate marketing.

The first step that a beginner must consider as the foundation is deciding on the best niche that they will target for maximum results.

Choosing the right niche will help you to decide on the products that you will target and the target audience.

Deciding on the best niche is the most crucial step, yet it is the most difficult step to accomplish.

It is vital to consider some guiding questions when trying to arrive at the appropriate niche.

Here are some of the questions to consider while trying to choose the right niche for your business.

  • What you are passionate about?
  • Is there money in the niche or not?
  • If the topic is easier to write about?
  • Is there room for expansion for other affiliate marketers in that particular niche?
  • Whether there is enough interest and demand for products and the availability of affiliate programs?
  • Whether to consider a niche with easy keywords or that which is easier to look for other products in the niche?

Whereas it could be challenging to arrive at the appropriate answers for the above questions, getting the correct answers will easily lead to arriving at the appropriate niche.

You have a ton of tools at your hand for choosing the right niche and profitable keywords for your business.

Start with free tools like Google Keyword Planner or UberSuggest by Neil Patel and as you grow to consider including the powerful niche research tools like Jaaxy.

Still confused about where to get started?

Simply enter the keyword below the research the profitable niche for your business.

2. Thoroughly Research The Affiliate Programs

Upon selecting the appropriate niche, it is very crucial to settle on the best affiliate program.

This is the point of putting the research into action and getting into making some profit.

Having done rough research on this area while finding the niche to choose on, it is time to get a better evaluation of the same.

Choosing the perfect affiliate program may demand a reasonable amount of time, but it is worth.


Because it is the eventual source of residual income.

There are various key points that must be put into consideration while choosing the best affiliate program.

It is important to do some background checks on what type of merchants use the said program.

  • How much commission it is likely to generate?
  • The urge of whether getting associated with the product or not
  • The surety to deliver the promised results
  • And the kind of support that the program provides in the long run.

The approach to the above insights would be the appropriate head start to affiliate marketing.

If you are a beginner in affiliate marketing you need to work around the corner into making sure the customers get well acquainted with the products that are trending in the market.

Furthermore, ensure that the potential customers understand the niche properly so as to yield the maximum commission.

An affiliate marketer must be keen when sharing the information about the products they are promoting since fresh products go with the first impression and that impression ensures their possibility of maintaining a positive clientele in the long run.

The program must equip the clientele with the support to understand the content available in the market while at the same time ensuring that the clients want to be associated with the products due to their high-quality, availability, and affordability.

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3. Build a Website

Having done enough research through the above steps, it is time to put the research and findings into a website.

With the dynamic moves in technology, nowadays, building a website is faster and easily accomplishable.

The best approach to consider if you are green in affiliate marketing is using WordPress.

The WordPress CMS is easy to use and may not demand complicated technological knowledge to put together.

Having an affiliate marketing website set and running requires the below steps.

  • One must start with buying a domain in which case it is the address of your website (e.g.  It is the initial step while setting up a website. The domain can be obtained from, NameCheap, and GoDaddy, to mention a few.
  • The next move is purchasing and setting up hosting.  Hosting a domain entails housing the site which is best done through a reliable service provider like the BlueHost, GoDaddy, and HostGator.  Purchasing a domain and hosting it through a different company requires linking the two companies.
  • After hosting, install the WordPress which is the world's most popular content management system. WordPress is user-friendly to a beginner and easy to figure out the tricks. It works well with a one-click installation.
  • The next move is to install the theme for WordPress. The theme helps keep the audience on the site and although it may seem daunting at the beginning, it is easy to get over it.
  • It is appropriate to create the content after installing the theme. The content should be relevant to the niche of your interest and must engage the audience to the latter. The content should also be search-engine friendly to the users.

These are the basic steps for building a website for running a successful affiliate marketing business.

You can do affiliate marketing without a website as well, however that is not a recommended approach and eventually it may lead you to failure.

Enter your preferred domain name in the widget below, register and host it at the world's powerful hosting platform Bluehost.

4. Create The Awesome Content

Since your site is set up and you have officially joined an affiliate program, you are now ready to start those time consuming but potentially rewarding section of affiliate business.

Content production is over-utilized but true to its meaning phrase “content is king” comes into action.

The purpose of your site to build it like authority sites in your niche and the major way of doing this is by consistent production of outstanding, high-quality content.

  • Excellent content should include product reviews, well-updated content, and informational products that will showcase content about the products in the market.
  • The content availed in your niche, in this case, will depend on the selection made and the urge to raise bars above the competitors in the same niche.
  • The quality of the content can never be compromised.
  • The audience loves the high-quality content and they want to feel the value for their money.
  • A unique site is that which produces authoritative products that will attract buyers and make them understand that their money is well utilized and there are high chances of return on investment.

It is crucial to understand that return on investment is two-way traffic, in which case the service provider and the host must benefit mutually.

The product reviews that the clients leave behind are a genuine reflection of what is in the market and it should always be true to the word in that the buyer would never get anything short of what was in the reviews.

5. Build Your Own Audience

The audience is the main customers for the content availed on the site.

Whereas it may sound like a tedious process, building the audience may not be a complicated procedure and it can flow freely once the content produced is excellent.

Building the audience may be done through the promotion of the content via social media, posting as a guest on high-traffic blogs, and building an email list, to mention a few.

The key objective, in this case, is to engage as many viewers as possible.

The affiliate offers come in handy in keeping the audience on board and ensuring they are in access to the content that one wishes to sell.

The affiliate marketing demands to pull the audience from around, and making sure they are in access to the available target products and product reviews.

They may also be lured to leave positive reviews.

The audience is the key determiner of what should trend in the market and they determine the magnitude of the type and quality of the products.

An affiliate marketing newbie must be aggressive enough to understand what it takes for a client or an audience to fall for certain products and not others.

The best way to reach the maximum number of customers is through following the social media platforms that have the highest traffic and that which encourages people to share their views about certain products.

Social media is a free market that allows both the sellers and willing buyers to meet, share views, share their products, and review other people’s products.

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6. Promote Affiliate Offers

Having created a positive platform for the audience to view the products it is crucial to embark on adding value by promoting the products and convincing the audience of their authenticity.

There are various ways through which the products can be promoted, and some ideas may include such approaches as product reviews and banner ads.

Building up trust in customers is a process that takes time and may demand some patience and honesty.

Provide genuine product reviews to the clients and put them in mind that they will rely on your opinion about the products.

The banner ads put on the site will inform the clients more about your offers.

They are best placed in high traffic pages and should appear in the right location to drive maximum sales.

The banners should capture such information as email promotions, giveaways, and discounts.

7. Rinse And Repeat The Process

Running a profitable and sustainable affiliate marketing business is a continuous process that demands frequent revisits.

An aggressive affiliate marketer will repeat steps 4 to 6 in this case on a continual basis to ensure they keep at the pace of building the site.

Consistent generation of income requires continuous creation of content, promotion, marketing, innovation, and continuous selling.

It is very crucial to review the key points and do a background check on what is most important and consider revisiting the same in the affiliate journey.

The frequent revisiting of the predetermined steps is crucial in ensuring that everything runs as planned and all the safety measures that may help in maximizing the output are observed.

Affiliate marketing demand first prioritizing of the customers and ensuring the customers get high-quality content while at the same ensuring the products are availed in good time.


Finally, how affiliate marketing works step by step?

From the steps mentioned here, I am sure you understand that affiliate marketing is a process that demands patience, honesty, and aggressive innovation.

Getting overwhelmed in this niche is cultivated by income generation as a form of motivation.

It is through the consulted efforts of the marketer that the affiliate marketing gets through to attain the maximum profit in the long run.

If you have any questions or queries with regards to start a successful affiliate marketing business,  feel free to let me know in the comments below.

I would love to help you with whatever I can.:)

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