How Does The Amazon Affiliate Program Work?

For nearly twenty years, Amazon has been helping people make money as affiliate marketers by offering a distinct and special affiliate program.

Amazon was one of the first big names to work with affiliate marketing.

How does the Amazon Affiliate Program work?

The first point to discuss here involves Amazon, the massive online retail giant responsible for selling just about anything.

In my previous post, I talked about understanding how affiliate programs can be chosen and how you can make specific choices.

In this post, I will specifically talk about what is Amazon Affiliate Program, how does the Amazon Affiliate Program work and other aspects of this lucrative opportunity to work with the largest etailer online.

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What Is Amazon Affiliate Program?

What Is Amazon Affiliate Program

The affiliate program that Amazon proudly offers has a simple layout.

It works as a setup where people can quickly make money online by referring visitors on their sites to Amazon.

This entails working with advertisements that you post on your site.

As you refer people to Amazon, you will get money from the company for each purchase made based on your referral.

This is a special way to make money that can prove to be very worthwhile and viable.

As you work with this solution for making money, you need to be cautious as the Amazon Affiliate Program has plenty of rules attached to it.

When you start working with this program, you will wonder why you did not do it earlier.

It is estimated that nearly a million people around the world participate in the Amazon program, thus making it one of the world's most popular options.

It might be a good idea to get into this one if you are looking for a simple and easy way to make money.

The Amazon Affiliate program is officially known as the Amazon Associates Program.

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How Does The Amazon Affiliate Program Work?

How Does The Amazon Affiliate Program Work

The concept of the Amazon Affiliate Program is easy to understand.

You just post a proper advertisement or a series of links on your site.

These will go directly to Amazon with your referral code in play.

Here's how the amazon Affiliate Program work:

  1. You would start by collecting the code information for your affiliate account through Amazon. This is found on your member page.
  2. Take the code for the advertising box and place it somewhere on your site.
  3. You may also include embedded links to Amazon in your text.
  4. A person clicks on the link.
  5. That person then gets onto Amazon with your referral code embedded. This includes a tracking cookie that identifies what the user is doing.
  6. As the person makes a sale through your link, you will get a percentage of the sale.

how does amazon associates program work

This simple approach to making money with the Amazon Affiliate program is easy to understand and use.

The following are some aspects of the program in a little more detail.

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How To Join Amazon Affiliate Program?

How To Join Amazon Affiliate Program

To sign up, go to the official Amazon Affiliate page at Sign up for an Amazon account and then log in with it through the affiliate site.

As you do this, you will get access to a special section where you will see what your referral links are based on your account information.

A specific code that is unique to your account will be included.

The code can include several random numbers or letters.

This identifies who you are and allow Amazon to see that you are the one responsible for bringing in customers.

You must use these codes carefully as they are what will bring you payment.

Also, the codes typically vary based on the products you are promoting, if you plan on making specific links to certain products.

Be careful when you are planning your program if you wish to use such codes in some specific way.

How Do You Make Money As an Amazon Affiliate?

Once you join this platform, the next question is how do you make money as an Amazon affiliate?

How Do You Make Money As an Amazon Affiliate

Well, when you work with the program, you will receive a series of linking tools. These are designed to go alongside your Amazon Affiliate account code.

The ads will include different bits of information although you can control a few things on your ads depending on what you are using.

Grab the links, put them on your website or promote on the social media platforms and when someone buys the products on Amazon through your links you earn the commissions! 

Let's talk about each type of Ad briefly.

1. Text Ad

A text ad will use a layout that contains words with a hyperlink added.

The hyperlink brings the visitor to an Amazon page for a specific product.

Sometimes the text ad will include details on a specific product.

In other cases, you could create a customized hyperlink so that you can enter any text you want and then insert a link into that text.

For instance, you could type in the words "painting project" and then add an embedded link to an Amazon page for a particular product that might make the painting process a little easier for someone.

The text ad that you introduce to your site should be planned carefully.

Make sure the ad you introduced is easy for users to read.

2. Image Ad

An image ad includes a picture of a product that Amazon has for sale.

You would choose the product you wish to sell and then produce an image link that you can add anywhere on your site.

This is a special option but you must be cautious.

The quality of the picture will vary by product.

Some items have small images or ones with poor resolution.

Also, there is a chance that the image might change after a while.

3. Enhanced Ad

An enhanced ad features a special design including a picture of a product alongside the name, information about how much it costs on Amazon, and a button to encourage the visitor to click on that ad.

An enhanced ad can include images of anything that Amazon sells.

The ad is programmed to read product information based on how the Amazon page has it listed.

The following are ways to make your enhanced ad work even better:

You could program an ad to highlight very specific products.

The ad could work based on the keywords you are using.

This would produce ads for random products based on what your site shows.

The ad may include details on random products that are very popular or which Amazon wants to promote.

A person who was just on Amazon might be presented with information on products they looked for, or things relating to them.

You will get a commission on sales from any of these products.

You will have the ability to program your enhanced ads directly through your Amazon Affiliate account page.

4. Special Banners

Unique banners can be placed on your site too.

These banners include graphics that promote Amazon.

These banners will change throughout the year and will highlight very specific sales.

These include ads for particular holiday sales, deals within certain departments, or even promos for products Amazon has created itself.

These banners are available in many sizes and shapes.

A rectangular banner works well although square banners that can be placed on your site margins are also useful.

These ads work best if you want to promote Amazon but you do not have too many ideas for what specific products you wish to sell.

Although these ads are updated regularly, you should still look at how well those banners are made and be careful with how you plan to use them around your site.

5. Native Shopping Ads

Native shopping ads are a little larger in size but are suitable for producing an outstanding look.

Such an ad uses a layout in which products are arranged in a rectangular box.

This could be applied at the end or the start of your content depending on your preference.

Each native shopping ad includes:

A header announcing to the viewer what is being profiled.

  • A few images of products for sale.
  • Links that show the name of a product.
  • The value of each product on Amazon; details on sales may also be included.

There are three types of native shopping ads you can incorporate into your site:

6. Recommendation Ads

Recommendation ads are messages that display random products for sale.

These recommendations appear based on the content on your site and what your guests have been looking at.

The content could be heavily influenced by any activities your visitors have engaged in while on Amazon.

7. Search Ads

Search ads display the most popular products on Amazon based on a keyword search.

This is best if you use a keyword that you are already targeting on your site. This gives you products that are related to your site's subject matter.

8. Custom Ads

A customized ad will include a series of products of your choosing.

You will go to your account to choose which products to list.

You can even produce your own heading for the ad space.

Such ads are a little larger in size but they can fit in perfectly.

Maybe you gave positive reviews for certain products for sale; you could use your native shopping ad to let people know that they can buy what you are highlighting through Amazon.

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How To Program Product Banners?

Your Amazon Affiliate account page will let you program as many ads as you see fit.

You just enter the details on a form and Amazon's program will help create an effective copy.

This will include the specific referral code you require.

As you work on your site, you will enter the keywords you want your advertisement to focus on or plan what words you want to display.

The things you can enter vary based on the advertisement you are using.

The ads and banners should include the specific referral codes that link to your account.

Always double-check them as a single incorrect character could result in your money going to someone else.

What Percent Do You Get With Amazon Affiliate?

What Percent Do You Get With Amazon Affiliate

The total amount of money you will earn from the Amazon Affiliate program is relative to the effort you put in.

Those who do more to create compelling content that encourages people to click on the links and buy products will make the most.

In terms of percentages, you can earn up to 10 percent in commissions from the sales you generate through your links.

This is a handsome offer that comes with no limits.

To make this work, a customer must get onto your affiliate page and then buy the product within a certain amount of time.

The tracking cookie provided to the customer will only last for a few days in most cases.

The customer must act quickly, thus making it vital for you to promote something convincingly.

How To Track Your Progress?

Amazon offers a simple tracking feature on the affiliate page.

This lets you review how many times people click on your link and which customers are looking for the products you are promoting.

The information is very useful and gives you an idea of what is happening in your campaign.

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What If The Product Is No Longer Available?

Although Amazon has a massive variety of products for sale, there is always the chance that a product might no longer be available.

In such a case, the advertisement on your site might change.

A text ad may become a generic ad for Amazon or it might just stop working altogether.

You would have to look at how your ads work over time to ensure that they are still functional.

The odds that your product is no longer available through Amazon are minimal when you consider the immense variety of things on the site.

Even so, you should still be prepared for what you would do in the event that something goes awry.

How to Find The Right Products?

As you work with your Amazon program, you must recall a very important piece of information.

Most people who go online these days and look for things to buy will use Amazon as a starting point.

They know that they can find what they want on Amazon.

The question is whether the price for something is right or not.

People are always willing to go on Amazon to see what is for sale.

It is about figuring out what is available and checking out the best possible deals for products.

By using Amazon, you are reaching out to people who may be more likely to buy something you want to market.

Watch for how well you are using the Amazon marketing program.

Using the right products and keywords will make an impact on what you do.


In summary, the Amazon Affiliate marketing program is an attractive solution to consider when you are aiming to make money online.

This is a program that gives you a great chance at making money thanks to how simple it is and how it links people to one of the world's most popular and trusted companies.

Simply follow these simple steps, don't be afraid of doing hard work and there is nothing that can stop you from becoming a successful amazon affiliate.

Are you struggling to get started with the Amazon Affiliate Program?

Feel free to let me know any question you might have about making money with the Amazon Affiliate Program, I will be happy to help you with the answer. πŸ™‚

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