How Much Does The Average Affiliate Marketer Make? [SHOCKING TRUTH.!]

If you’ve been thinking about getting into affiliate marketing, one of the questions you’ve probably also been asking yourself is, how much does the average affiliate marketer make?

Well, the answer to that question depends on several intangibles.

One of the unusual characteristics of the affiliate marketing industry is its inherent volatile nature.

Many marketers have realized success quickly, then saw it all disappear overnight, figuratively speaking.

One reason for this is that they fail to differentiate between “daily income” and “today’s income.”

For example, some new marketers make the mistake of taking a single day’s profit and then try to calculate an entire year's earnings based on that one day’s earnings.

This approach is erroneous and amounts to no more than a fantasy.

Let me give you another example:

Let’s say you make $500 on your first day as an affiliate marketer.

That does not mean your income at the end of the year is going to be $182,500.

Instead, you should try to repeat that success for some time until you’re able to see a pattern emerging.

Only then will you be able to arrive at an accurate yearly earnings estimate.

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How Much Does The Average Affiliate Marketer Make?

You will be shocked to know only 10% of the affiliate marketers drive 90% of the sales volume worldwide. An average affiliate marketer makes anywhere between $100 per month up to $10,000 per month depending upon their individual efforts and hard work.

I would place that figure in the intermediate range, mainly because the level of earnings has to be maintained for at least a year.

Unfortunately, most marketers remain in this bracket.

Then there are those who are making $0 per month and those who are recking in millions.

Jumping from earning $300 per day to $3,000 per day and sustaining it is what separates a highly-successful marketer from an average marketer.

It should be noted here that, just because they’re highly-successful, they’re content with their level of earnings.

In my case, I always ask myself, how long would it take me to make the same amount of money on a regular job if I quit, and the answer is always, probably forever.

The reason is many affiliate marketers fail to link their earnings expectations with the amount of effort needed to produce such earnings.

Here is an analysis where each of the four main affiliate categories is likely to devote the most time:

Low-level Affiliate Marketers

They usually focus their attention almost entirely on profits.

They ignore the fact that economic indicators show that high-margin campaigns that pay more for less traffic are usually the most volatile.

Some examples of this include, not improving SEO, investing in small-scale Facebook Ads, investing too much juicy ad campaigns.

Mid-level Affiliate Marketers

They devote too much attention to high-volume traffic sources, that have even smaller profit margins than those of the beginner but have more volume.

You will find these marketers concentrated usually in popular niches like health, wealth, make money online, or dating.

The highly-competitive atmosphere surrounding these high-volume sources reduces the profit margin for everybody.

High-Level Affiliate Marketers

They tend to focus on mass-market media buying and hugely-scalable traffic sources.

They often trade the convenience of self-service traffic sources for direct buys, which have better margins and are more profitable.

Super Affiliate Marketers

They try to focus on all of the above because they have enough money to re-invest on different niches and traffic sources.

So, the question is, which category do you want to aspire to?

If you would be happy taking in $100 per day, then don’t let anyone try to convince you to invest $10,000 on a Facebook ad.

Similarly, if you’re happy in the intermediate bracket, then try to avoid those risky, direct-buy investments that new marketers often succumb to.

However, if you’re the type of person who isn’t satisfied with earning $5,000 per day, then you might want to see a shrink.

Set The Realistic Goals

Are you devoting your time and energy to the area that is statistically and logistically sound?

This is what I refer to as marketing 101: working on the things that will produce an income that you can be happy with.

That should be your stated goal and not just a marketing slogan.

It is natural for marketers to be attracted to high-level income-producing targets, probably because they are young and inexperienced, greedy, or have unrealistic expectations.

And that’s fine, but every marketer has an earnings threshold that, when reached, those earnings begin to diminish.

Your lifestyle may be such that making $200 per day is enough of a motivation for you.

To go further and your motivation may begin to subside, and so will your profits.

Let’s just call it your comfort zone.

Any attempts to go beyond this point risks expelling you from your comfort zone.

Then procrastination and confusion set in.

Many affiliate marketers fail to take their business to the next level because, at the intermediate level, they can rake in 1% of the earnings of the top 1% of the country.

So, why try to reach higher?

There are good reasons for us to continue to push harder.

Affiliate marketing is not a career in the traditional sense of the word.

What this means is, we are only as successful as our last campaign - there is no moving up the corporate ladder.

Of course, you can earn an enormous amount of money, but you can also lose it just as quickly.

This is why you should transition from counting profits to establishing yourself as a valued marketer.

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Can You Really Make Money As an Affiliate Marketer?

Not only can you make money as an affiliate marketer, but all the money you make will be passive income, which makes it even more fantastic!

One of the reasons most people fail at affiliate marketing is that they don’t approach it like a real business, even though the industry rakes in billions of dollars a year.

Most new affiliate marketers think that by getting a website and a Facebook page, making a few YouTube videos, the checks will automatically begin rolling in, but that’s not necessarily how it works.

Some even fall for get-rich-quick schemes, like online training courses, e-books, and videos.

Look, if anyone tries to tell you they can make you rich without you putting in the hard work yourself, don’t believe them.

It should be obvious to you that they’re making their money by selling you their software program.

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How Fast Can You Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

Sometimes you can begin seeing the results within a couple of months, but I’d give it at least 6-12 months before quitting my day job.

The reason for this is, it depends on your particular situation.

How much time should you spend building your business?

The more time you devote to your business, the more successful you’re likely to be.

However, affiliate marketing seems to be attractive to people who are not yet ready to quit their day job.

Naturally, those people won’t be able to devote much time to their affiliate marketing business.

But that’s fine.

Affiliate marketing lets you work at your own pace.

But you should know that your earnings depend largely on the amount of time you can devote to it.

What happens when you finally realize success?

You will now have what is called residual income, meaning, the work you do today will continue to make you money for years to come.

So, the more pages you add to your website, the quicker you’ll reach that point.

And the quicker you can begin building up that residual income.

How Can You Become a Successful Affiliate Marketer?

Here are the proven steps to follow in order to become a successful affiliate marketer.

Do Your Homework

Research the history of other successful affiliate marketers.

You may also want to buy the product you want to market yourself so that you can personally attest to its quality.

Ultimately, you’ll be judged by the products you promote.

Research the affiliate program you’re thinking about joining so you’ll know how and when you’ll be paid.

Also, set up a blog, social media page to promote the product.

Choose a product that aligns with your blog or social media page.

Remember to mix-and-match the ads so your visitors don’t become anesthetized to them (Content-embedded links usually produce the best results).

Always Be Upfront With Visitors

Most visitors will understand if you make it known that you will be compensated if they click on your links.

This effort at transparency will build trust among your visitors (This is now required under the FTC endorsements rule).

Try Different Traffic Sources

Do not rely exclusively on SEO and social media to drive traffic to your site.

There may be other, more cost-effective ways to market your business.

One of the more effective marketing strategies is email marketing.

Consider using the sales funnels or opt-in Forms.

Entice visitors to your email list using free offers, that also include links to your affiliate marketing products.

Monitor Your Progress

Continuously monitor the progress of your affiliate programs, especially if you have multiple programs, or if you’re using ads from Google AdSense.

Too many ads will inundate your website, cause it to become less effective.

So, if you do decide to start an affiliate marketing business, you should know that it isn’t fast, nor is there any guarantee of success.


Your chances of being successful with affiliate marketing are no better or worse than any other business.

Your success depends largely on laying out a daily plan for involvement in your marketing business and staying committed to executing that plan as your business grows.

Affiliate marketing is only a tool for realizing your dreams and goals.

Your success depends on just how much work you put into it.

Remember, the road to success will be paved with trial-and-error, education, and perseverance.

Feel free to share your thoughts or questions in the comments below. 🙂

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