How Much Money Can You Make With ClickBank?

How Much Money Can You Make With ClickBank

I am making a guess here that you are familiar with affiliate marketing and want to know how much money can you make with ClickBank.

Maybe you are already familiar with ClickBank but not making enough money that you call it a real passive income.

Making money with affiliate marketing specifically with ClickBank is not as easy as you think.

I am not saying that it’s not possible to make money with ClickBank but the reality is, you will be required to put in a lot of effort in order to make passive income consistently every single month.

I am not here to discourage you and make you believe that it’s not possible to make money with ClickBank.

But I want you to avoid making the mistakes that everyone else does and save you your hard-earned money.

The reality is that making money with ClickBank is going to be a slow process.

There will be times when you will think of quitting because you will feel exhausted after putting in a bit of effort.

Initially, you will spend your time, to be honest, a month or so, in figuring out the things that you don’t know.

As you learn how ClickBank works and how to make money with it you must not stop.

The key here is to be consistent with your efforts and I am sure you will earn your first commission with ClickBank very soon.

I have been into the world of internet marketing for years now and have seen many people who are making a living just off ClickBank.

If I talk about my personal experience with ClickBank, it’s a place where I made my first online commission back in 2013 and the amount was $32.

It gives you so much excitement and boosts your confidence that it’s really possible to make money online.

In this post we are going to explore, is it really possible to make money with ClickBank and if yes then how much money can you make with ClickBank?

Make sure you read this post throughout and don’t skip out on the essentials.

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What Is ClickBank And How Does It Work?

Founded back in 1998 ClickBank is one of the oldest affiliate marketing networks that is a home for digital products like eBooks, online courses, softwares videos,  membership sites, etc.

ClickBank acts as a middleman between the marketers (or affiliates) and the companies or (a seller or a merchant, or product owner).

As a merchant, you sign up with ClickBank and list your products specifically digital products that will be available to the tens of thousands of affiliates ready to promote for you.

If you are an affiliate marketer you pick up the products listed by the merchants in various categories and promote them on your website, blog, YouTube channel or other social media platforms.

Either way, you have an opportunity to make money with ClickBank.

You don’t need to worry about the sales tracking, payments, transactions or customer-facing issues because that will be taken care of by ClickBank.

A lot of people start off as an affiliate and as they start making more money they become vendors later on and list their own products on ClickBank.

In order to make money as an affiliate marketer all you have to do is to create your account with ClickBank, start browsing the marketplace, choose the right product, grab your unique affiliate link and start promoting it to your audience.

Your visitors then click your affiliate link (“HopLink” in ClickBank’s terms) and land on the vendor’s website or sales page.

You will earn the commission as soon as they purchase something from there.

The commission from ClickBank usually ranges from 50% up to 90% depending upon the niche product that you are promoting.

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How To Make Money With ClickBank (Step by Step)?

Here comes the most exciting question, how to make money with ClickBank?

Well, I get this question from my readers and subscribers over and over again.

I am sure you would have come across so many of those so-called gurus who will tell you they are making hundreds of thousands of dollars with ClickBank on autopilot.

Sure there is a way to make money with ClickBank on autopilot but they will never reveal how hard they are working in order to make that much amount of money and what it really takes in the background.

They either have a team of writers who are constantly creating content for them or they are into paid advertising where they are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars each month for buying the traffic.

If it was that simple everyone would have been making millions with ClickBank.

If you are not willing to understand the way ClickBank works and apply the right strategies for promoting the products, the chances eventually fail to make any money with ClickBank.

Even worse, you will end up ruining your own reputation online and once that happens you are out of luck.

Follow these proven steps as mentioned below and ultimately start earning great commissions with  ClickBank.

Step 1: Browse The Marketplace

How To Make Money With ClickBank - select the category

Clickbank is loaded with tens of thousands of products in so many different niches.

So it makes sense to pick up the product that is aligned with your passion and more importantly with your audience’s interest.

All have to do is to visit their marketplace page, check out the various categories and subcategories shown on the left navigation bar.

Once you click on that you will be shown the list of products under that particular category or subcategory.

Step 2: Pick Up The Product

How Much Does It Cost To Sell On ClickBank - click the promote link

Once you have decided on the niche and category, the next step is to choose the product that you are interested in promoting.

If you are just getting started I am sure it will be a very difficult situation for you to pick up the right products.

What I will do is to take a look at the various parameters that are shown along with product description like initial commission per sale, average commission per sale, average rebill total, gravity, etc.

My simple advice to you is to go for the products that you are somewhat familiar with.

That way it will be easy for you to talk about that product and ask your audience to take action and buy it.

Step 3: Create The HopLink

How Much Does It Cost To Sell On ClickBank - create the hoplink

Once you are done finalizing the product that you want to promote, the next step in the process is to grab the HopLink.

The hoplink is nothing but the affiliate link that you should put across your website or any other platform where you will drive the traffic.

Simply click the “Promote” button which is right there along with the product description that will open a new popup window.

On that window, you will find your account nickname and an optional tracking ID.

Click the “Generate HopLink” button that will eventually generate the unique affiliate links for you.

This is the link that you need to promote in front of your audience and once they buy something through it you earn a commission.

Step 4: Promote The Product

Product Review Site

Now you are equipped with everything that you need in order to make money with ClickBank.

The best way to attract the right audience who is ready to buy is by creating a great product review that talks about each aspect of the product in question.

It’s always a great idea to have your own blog where you share the tips and resources in your niche.

In order to create an in-depth product review, you should start by talking about the problems that people are facing in your niche.

Next talk about how this particular product can help them get rid of that problem.

Be honest and don’t only talk about the positive aspects of the product.

When you include its disadvantages it becomes an effective review.

Add call to action buttons like “add to cart”, “buy now”  or “start your free trial” effectively in your review that contains your HopLink.

Share your product review link on the free social media platforms and other communities like

Quora, Reddit, Facebook or Pinterest.

If you are good at creating the videos then YouTube is the best way to drive targeted traffic.

Step 5: Drive The Traffic

ways to get free traffic to your website - Try Different Social Media Sites

The hard work and patience that you showed through the steps one through step four are useless if you are not driving traffic to your website.

Learn the SEO tactics for generating targeted traffic from search engines like Google or Bing.

If you are not limited by budget consider utilizing PPC advertising on Google Ads or Facebook Ads.

The whole idea behind doing this is to drive the people to your product review who are looking for a solution of the problem that you are offering.

The “targeted” word here is for a reason.

If you drive any random traffic to your review, you are not going to see any sales coming in.

But if you drive only those people to the offer who are genuinely looking for a solution, you will see the great conversion rates.

The steps mentioned here are very basic and essential for using ClickBank to generate a consistent income online.

This may seem like a time-consuming process in the beginning but it’s also proven to generate the massive results in the long run.

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Can You Really Make Money With ClickBank?

Well, the answer to this question is a bit tricky and could be different from person to person.

In fact, it could be both YES and NO.

YES, because you can really make money with Clickbank but it’s not as easy as it’s represented by those so-called gurus out there.

Maybe they have achieved huge success with Clickbank but they will never reveal the effort that goes behind those big fat commissions.

If you already have an audience or an email list in your niche, great..!!

Else, you either need to sacrifice your time in creating the free content and reviews for the products that you want to promote.

Another way is to invest some dollars each month on paid advertising like Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Instagram Ads, etc.

The deceptive or blackhat methods of tricking people to buy the products don’t work anymore.

It may eventually lead you to failure and you may end up losing your reputation online.

NO, because if you are new to affiliate marketing or ClickBank it may take a while to understand what it really takes to achieve success with it.

You need to acquire a few essential skills first, for example, keyword research, setting up a website, creating the content, creating the product review, driving targeted traffic, running ads, etc.

It usually takes months or a year to master these skills.

Not everyone can show that level of patience and consistency and eventually give up before the real magic happens.

Here are the simple steps that you should follow in order to make consistent income with ClickBank.

If you are just getting started, choose a single niche and research the profitable keywords.

Next, choose the right product in your niche from the ClickBank marketplace.

Build your own website or blog where you can talk about the problems and the solution the product offers

Create helpful content consistently for your audience over a long period of time.

Rinse and repeat step 4 and there is no way you could fail with ClickBank.

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How Much Money Can You Make With ClickBank?

This is a pretty obvious question when I say that it’s possible to make money with ClickBank.

It usually takes 2-3 months before you make your first commission.

As I said earlier, you must possess certain skills like research, marketing, and sales in order to make real money with ClickBank.

How fast and how much money can you make with ClickBank will largely depend on what skills you already have.

Your current experience with online marketing has a big part to play here.

Even after learning those skills you need to keep applying the tactics you learned over a long period of time to see the consistent commissions coming into your bank account.

Whether you join ClickBank as a vendor or affiliate, be ready to take the massive actions for a long time.

No matter which product you choose, your actions are going to be the key driver of your success with ClickBank.

You may make the wrong product choices at the beginning that is completely okay as long as you keep going.

No matter whether it’s ClickBank or any other program if you are not willing to put effort you are never going to succeed.

So, how much money can you make with ClickBank?

Over the years of being a ClickBank affiliate, I’ve witnessed those who are making 6-figure income per month and those who are making nothing.

The reality is, the majority of the affiliates are those who play under the $1000 mark.

Those who make more than $3000 are probably working really hard in creating content on their blog and promotion.

Maybe they are spending a good amount of money on paid advertising.

Or they have a good following on social media and have a big email list.

As I just said, the average commission the people earn with ClickBank ranges from a few hundred up to hundreds of thousands of dollars each month.

Once you crack the code about how ClickBank works and what it really takes, you will make money with it over and over again.

Initially, I’d stick to a single niche and focus on one product until it becomes profitable.

I know there are 100% chances that you may end up choosing the wrong products.

Take your time, in the beginning, to make as many mistakes as you can afford but also take your lessons from them.

As you grow my income each month, you would want to try out different products and different niches.

Remember, ClickBank is not a platform that will offer you “quick money”, what it does offer is a business opportunity and must be taken that way.


Making money with ClickBank could be as easy as cutting a cake or as hard as climbing a mountain depending upon how serious you are about it.

The benefit of working with ClickBank is that signing up is a hassle-free and promoting the products is pretty straightforward.

Anyone with no experience can quickly get the hands-on with how everything works.

Ready to earn your first commission on ClickBank?

 Feel free to keep me posted in the comments below. I’d be happy to see you succeed. 🙂


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