How To Be Successful In Affiliate Marketing? – 17 “Secret” Tips

Anyone can be a successful affiliate marketer.

However, not everyone knows what they can do to make a campaign stand out.

There are a few smart tips that you must use if you wish to know how to be successful in affiliate marketing and prepare a great affiliate marketing site that fits well and has a good layout that is easy to use.

Details on who has earned the most from affiliate marketing have been hard to come by.

Many people have claimed that they have earned tens of thousands of dollars but those who do the most work are always the ones that will get the most money.

It takes a bit of effort and trial and error for you to actually make money.

How To Be Successful in Affiliate Marketing?

There are several things you can do to help yourself earn money each month from your affiliate marketing business.

You could earn five-digit totals each month if you put in your best effort.

This post focuses on some of the things you can do to understand how to be successful in affiliate marketing and to really boost your earnings.

It can be great to earn a few dollars a day but you could earn $11,000 or more each month if you really put in lots of work.

These steps that I am going to talk about in this post will work but it will take a while for you to actually reach such huge payouts.

You might have to work for a year or two just to get your marketing work to be noticed.

It's not easy but you need to stick with it.

Not everyone is going to experience the massive gains that some might.

It is possible to earn more than $10,000 per month with affiliate marketing but a whole lot of things would have to roll your way for it to work.

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Here are the top 17 tips to follow in order to be successful in affiliate marketing.

1. Choose The Products That Offers Value

You could choose practically anything to promote.

However, not all products are equal.

Some are better than others and could be a little more beneficial to you.

Gather information on all the products available for you to promote.

See that the products are of the best quality and are easy for people to use.

You can also choose to promote specific businesses or brands based on what you find.

You must look at what you feel has the best potential for marketing purposes.

Do your research on any brand of value to see what may work for you.

2. Avoid Promoting Too Many Products

Contrary to what you might think, you are not actually going to earn more money by promoting more products.

If anything, your marketing work could become more complicated if you have too many things to promote.

Create a sensible limit on the number of brands or products you are promoting at any one time.

Stick with three to six items at a time if possible.

Using fewer products means it will be easier for you to analyze how your site is operating.

You will not lose track of what is on the site.

You will also keep your content more organized.

Having too many products to work with makes it harder for you to focus your attention on certain kinds of content.

You might start to ignore one product in favor of another after a while.

The worst part is that the first product you choose to abandon might have more promise or might be drawing more visitors to your site.

3. Plan a Sensible Schedule For Work

You'll never get paid if you don't work at it.

If we could earn money without lifting a finger, then nothing would ever get done.

How would society work if everyone got paid for doing nothing?

You certainly have to look at how well your schedule for work is laid out.

You must do a significant amount of work to get your campaign to really move forward and stay strong.

Start a schedule that entails working on blog posts or other items on your site for a few hours a week.

You can set your own schedule but it helps to spend about 15 to 25 hours a week getting your site up and running.

Keep a schedule and it will start to become a habit.

It keeps you focused on what you have to do.

4. Review the Demand For Certain Items

Think about the demand for whatever you are trying to promote.

The demand should be measured by how many people are buying something or how much search volume goes into a product or service.

You will be more likely to get attention if people see you are explaining something everyone wants to learn more about.

Watch the competition if you plan on choosing popular items to promote.

The competition can be rather tight in that case.

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5. Be Selective

You can find many popular things that are in demand but that does not mean you shouldn't be selective.

The demand for a product or service might be short-lived.

This could make it harder for your site to thrive.

Remember how people used to collect virtual pet toys all those years ago?

That ship has clearly sailed as people are no longer interested in that type of collectible.

Anyone who wants to get started with affiliate marketing campaign with that in mind will surely have lost momentum.

Try to decide how long you expect the demand to last.

The demand for weight loss products or home renovation gear is always going to be popular.

Sticking with an evergreen demand is best as it ensures you will have a better shot at long-term profits.

6. Get a Conversion Tracking Software Program

One of the best ways to increase your sales is to get a clear idea of how your conversions are working.

Focus more on what is working and think about how you can retool what is underperforming.

To get an idea of what is going right, you have to use a conversion tracking program.

This is a type of program that lets you see how traffic is getting onto your site and where it is coming from.

You can use it to see how well the traffic is moving and if that traffic is authentic or if it comes from the same people.

You can even use the results to get an idea of what our audience is like.

You might understand their interests based on the pages they come from.

Sometimes you might get details on where they go after visiting your site, which helps you to see what your audience's online habits are.

The information helps you to plan a worthwhile site.

Various great programs or plug-ins can help you track your conversions.

  • Open Site Explorer analyzes the backlinks on your site. It helps you see how people use certain links to your page and where they are coming from.
  • Google Trends analyzes the popularity of top searches in Google Search across various regions and languages.
  • Google Analytics analyzes the cookies your site produces and how they are utilized.
  • Ubersuggest covers data on where customers get to your site from and certain demographic information. Points on how much time they spend on your pages are covered as well.
  • Facebook Insights looks at people who have Facebook accounts who visit your site or are coming onto your page through a social media site.

Your tracking program gives you points to help you plan a better website.

Be advised that while many of these are free, you would have to pay extra for something that offers more detailed and technical applications.

This extra charge might be worthwhile if you really use it well and you have more control over it.

7. Think About Help Only When Needed

There might be times when you need an extra bit of help to run your site.

You might ask for it when you have problems with your site or you are not fully confident about your abilities.

You can always ask someone to assist you with creating new content or images that will go onto your site.

These include posts that would show up a few times a week or once or twice a month.

Having outside help gives you the ability to maintain a strong work ethic and to keep your marketing work visible.

It also takes a bit of the load off as you are working.

Do not consider getting outside help unless you absolutely need it.

The odds are you might just be uncertain about your skills or abilities or that you can complete a task without help.

Besides, it does cost money to get outside help for your site, depending on who you ask.

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8. Be Persistent With The Most Successful Campaigns

The most important tip for someone who wants to learn how to be successful in affiliate marketing is to always think about which campaign is more successful than the others.

This is about more than just sticking with something that works.

You have to keep working on something that is going well because there is a good chance you might move up to a higher reward tier.

Depending on the merchant or network, you could get a bonus if you work with more sales during a specified time.

Getting a great program running right always helps you stay strong and active in your campaign.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post that you could make $10,000 a month with affiliate marketing.

This is based on a real example but that comes from someone who spent years honing his skills.

It takes patience and effort to get that amount of money.

It is not always easy but it could work if you think about how your campaign is to be run.

All these ideas will help you realize a bigger profit from your affiliate marketing work.

Use them to your advantage so it becomes easier for your site to work right.

9. Keep the Products or Services You Promote Connected

First, you should look at how the products or services you are promoting work with each other.

See if they are connected in some way.

An example of this might be a site that focuses on healthy living.

You could market a website that sells fitness equipment and machines.

Meanwhile, you could also have an affiliation with a merchant that sells weight loss supplements or other nutritional products.

Keeping these two types of products or sites together is perfect.

The first site offers tools people can use to get in shape.

The second includes things that improve upon the results of their weight loss or fitness routine.

By combining products, you are producing a site where it is easy to connect products.

10. Always Be Honest

You might feel positive about some product or service you are highlighting on your site but what if you don't like a certain part of it?

"Honesty is the best policy."

It is unclear who said that first but it is true.

People like it when others are honest.

They want to get the facts about something without filters.

It's no wonder that so many people on both sides of the political aisle are frustrated with "fake news".

Your marketing site should be honest about everything that is on it.

Let the reader know what you do like about something but also talk about the negatives.

Explain what you think could be improved upon or what can be done to keep those negatives from being too prevalent.

Honesty builds trust in your site and lets people see that you care about their needs.

As you do this, be careful with how you are expressing your values.

Do not go too far when talking about negative things.

The last thing you want to do is make something look so negative that your target audience will not actually want to use it.

11. Check All Evidence

Always look at the evidence surrounding what you are discussing.

Check the validity of any review you find or any website that offers information on a product or service.

Do not use any information on your site that you cannot verify.

It is best for you to get information from the merchant's website.

This site is often the most authoritative place for details as you are getting all the data straight from the horse's mouth.

Make sure that the merchant is reliable and trusted.

A merchant who has been around for years and knows the ins and outs of the market is often easier to trust.

A place that's only just been set up might not always be great as it might fabricate some information or not give you all the details.

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12. Buy It Yourself

While you can get lots of information on something online, the best thing for you to do is to buy a product or service yourself.

Get first-hand experience with whatever you are promoting to see how to use it and how it works.

The things you learn about something as you use it can be priceless.

13. Be Realistic To Your Audience

Your audience is vital to the success of your program.

You must carefully consider how you are treating your audience and that you understand what they are asking for.

Think first about what your audience will actually buy.

The analytics that you use for reviewing your audience should help you make good choices about what you will promote to your audience.

As you learn more about your audience, you have to be realistic.

Think about what the audience members would actually purchase.

Would your clientele really be interested in something flashy or very expensive?

Do you know and understand your customers' values?

Do not assume that your audience members would be interested in just anything.

Make sure you plan your sales offers properly and that you know what the readers will likely start asking for when they read your site.

14. Know Where Your Customers Pay

This next point is vital when you are aiming to add new products onto your affiliate marketing site.

You might notice that people are spending money to buy one item that is right on your site.

Think about how much money that product costs as you look for new products to add.

As you find products, choose only those that you know your audience is willing to spend money on.

Just because people are clicking on your links to buy a $25 e-book does not mean they would also click on something to buy a $300 appliance.

Keeping the values of each product or service for sale consistent or close to one another is always best.

This requires an understanding of your audience and enough analytics to see how well your sales are running.

When used properly, this strategy allows your site to grow and be marketable.

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15. Know When People Buy Your Products

The promotional work that you add to your site should reflect the season.

Do not try to market products that are obviously out of season.

Sometimes the window of opportunity for promoting something is rather large.

Let's say that you have an affiliate campaign with an airline that offers travel packages to many popular destinations.

You might consider posting information on specials a few months before those events take place.

This would give the reader enough time to plan a trip and reserve a flight through one of your links.

In other cases, the window might be a little tighter.

For example, you might have a plan to promote lawn care and landscaping products.

During the winter season, you would have to talk about things that can be done to prevent frost and other winter-related conditions from impacting a yard or landscape.

Meanwhile, you could talk about watering tools during the summer or aeration items in the spring or another time when people might be planting gardens.

The timing of anything you post is vital.

Think about how much time someone needs to act upon your message in order to use a product or service.

This is about giving the reader a sense of urgency while understanding some of the products that will be featured in the future.

Scheduling your content based on what will happen in the future is important.

Give people a reason to buy something now by explaining that it will be critical down the road.

16. Show Them The Reasons To Buy

As people support your business, they will be doing so according to their wants and needs.

You have to tailor your content and your approach based on what visitors might be thinking.

What if you were promoting a website that sells shoes?

Maybe your customers are going online to look for specific types of shoes.

You should prepare content that relates to the things people might consider as they aim to buy shoes from you.

Some customers might be trying to get comfortable shoes for the workplace.

You could write content relating to how to find fashionable yet comfortable shoes for many working environments.

Perhaps customers might want to find running shoes for their regular jogging activities.

Your site might include details on how to find a good running shoe based on how the feet hit the ground while moving.

Whatever the case is, you should look at what your customers might be thinking as they buy products.

They will have their own reasons for wanting to buy products through your links.

Feel free to ask those customers questions.

Any question will do if you just think about it.

Just try to figure out what makes your visitors tick and you will be rewarded with new ideas for content.

Think about what you consider as you buy something.

Are you thinking about what a product might do for you?

What triggers you into even thinking of purchase in the first place?

These could be ideas you could use for your promotional articles.

17. Be Consistent With the Message

You must also keep your messages under control.

You cannot bounce from one message to another.

The greatest problem with jumping around is that it might make it harder for people to think that you understand what you want to do.

People prefer it when they are reading sites that stick with a particular attitude or message.

They might not be interested in a place that keeps on changing its values as they might think there is a strong sense of uncertainty in how your site is being planned out.

A blog about home renovation tasks should contain details on how to make one's home look great.

Talking about buying a new home or how to search for a new home would obviously be a poor idea as that does not fit in with the message of your site.

Keeping a consistent approach is vital to your success.

This gives the readers a reason to keep on looking at your site.

Plan your affiliate marketing work carefully.


If you are serious about learning how to be successful in affiliate marketing, try following these tips and most importantly be consistent with your efforts.

Be clear with what you are choosing and see that you have a smart layout so that it becomes easier for your site to work well.

It is not hard to produce a great site when you have a clear layout and idea for how you are going to produce something worthwhile and effective for your marketing program.

Are you struggling to find the success at affiliate marketing?

Feel free to let me know in the comments below and I'd be happy to help you with any question you might have. πŸ™‚

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