How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing Without a Blog or Website?

Wondering, how to make money with affiliate marketing without a blog or website?

Well, the good news is that You don't need a blog or website to start making money with affiliate marketing.

I'm being pretty straight to the answer here.

Affiliate Marketing is the lucrative industry which is getting popular by each passing year due to the flexibility it offers when it comes to making money online.

If You want to make money online with affiliate marketing for the long term, it becomes inevitable to launch your own website.

I know for many people it may not be possible to start a website for whatever reasons.

Even if they want to build one, sometimes, they don't know where to start.

If Your only concern is that You don't know how to build an affiliate marketing website, then take a reputable affiliate marketing training which helps understand all the step required to succeed at affiliate marketing.

Your success at affiliate marketing will largely depend on how You present the affiliate products in front of the audience.

Having your own website always has an edge over others, but it's not the requirement.

It's completely up to You how You want to promote the affiliate products or services.

Why Having Your Own Website is Important?

Most of the beginners will try to promote affiliate programs using spammy or blackhat techniques.

People who adopt these type of methods don't survive for a long time and fade away eventually.

There are also chances of getting banned from the affiliate network or vendor.

The only way to break out the pack is to market and promote affiliate product in a more intelligent way or in other words through Your own website.

Personally, I prefer to have a blog or the website or at least a landing page where I can capture the email address of the visitor.

How To Start an Affiliate Website or Blog?

Nowadays, it's very easy to launch the blog or website using platforms like WordPress and good hosting providers like Bluehost.

We're not going into more details about setting up a website using WordPress as the focus of this blog post is to understand how to make money with affiliate marketing without a blog or website.

If You want to launch your own affiliate website or blog, I highly recommend You buy the domain and hosting with Bluehost as it's the industry standard hosting provider and it's shared hosting plans starts with as little as $3.95 a month.

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Advantages of Having an Affiliate Website or Blog

With your own affiliate website, you can:

  • Get the organic traffic from the search engines like Google or Bing
  • Leverage the power of email marketing and build a large subscriber base
  • Build Your own brand by posting regularly about a topic of your interest
  • Win the trust of your audience, that way they are more likely to buy the products on your recommendations
  • Promote multiple products from a single blog or website by writing reviews about the affiliate services or products

And what not.!

As I mentioned earlier, it's completely fine if You don't know how to build a website or simply don't want to start one.

You still have tons of options to promote the affiliate marketing programs and that in legitimate ways.

Let's talk about the top seven best alternatives to a website that You can use to promote the affiliate programs and discover how to make money with affiliate marketing without a bog or website.

Here we go:

1. Facebook

Create a Facebook Fan Page

Facebook is the largest social media platform and my no #1 recommendation for promoting the affiliate programs.

It has more than 1 billion daily active users worldwide which is incredible!

You'll find your share of the audience no matter what niche you're in.

I'm sure You are on Facebook, if not create Your account now.

Share With Your Friends on Facebook

It's very easy to make the things viral on Facebook by posting about something through images or videos.

Just imagine if You've 500 friends on Your Facebook account and let's say You are passionate about the staying fit and healthy.

You simply need to find the products related to health and fitness, share the affiliate link for that on Your profile and it will be visible instantly to your friends who follow your posts on facebook.

Some of them may like it, share it on their facebook profile or click on the link and purchase the product if it offers the value.

Create a Fan Page

The another and the most preferred way to get free traffic from FaceBook is to create a fan page.

It's very easy to create a fan page on Facebook, you simply need to have your personal profile on Facebook.

Once You are done creating the page, start posting the content, images, and videos regularly for building a fan base.

You may want to post the content including the images and videos more frequently because it will keep your audience engaged and they're more likely to like and comment on your posts.

Do not post the affiliate links too frequently, instead focus on building the trust of your audience.

Once your page starts growing, consider promoting the products you know your audience will enjoy.

Join the affiliate networks like ClickBank or Amazon Associates Program to find the relevant products.

I highly recommend keeping your page focused on a single niche or subject for building a fan base of the audience with a similar interest.

That way, you are more likely to get a higher number of sales for the products that You may choose to promote through your page.

Simply, make sure you're in compliance with Facebook's branded content policies.

2. YouTube

Hardik Raval - YouTube

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google and gets more search queries than both Bing and Yahoo combined.

More than 5 billion videos are watched on Youtube every single day which is insane!

Because YouTube is now owned by Google, there are chances that Your videos will also rank on Google.

Nowadays, people go to Youtube to search for the video results for the problems they are facing.

You'll notice that almost every successful affiliate marketer or entrepreneur has a channel on YouTube because they know how powerful it is for getting the free targeted traffic.

I too have my own channel on YouTube which helps me get free traffic to my blog.

Feel free to subscribe! 🙂

Create a YouTube Channel

It makes sense to create a YouTube channel in a particular niche to get the targeted visitors to your affiliate offer.

Just pick a niche and create a video series related to that topic, with related affiliate promotion.

Start creating some informative videos using your cellphone camera, laptop webcam or good screen capture software like Screencast-O-Matic to grow your channel.

Ensure that the videos You upload offers value to the people and it doesn't look like you're another spammer.

Solve the Problems of the People

If You are able to solve the problems of the people, they're more likely to engage with your videos by liking and leaving the comments to your videos.

Which in turn helps Your channel get more authority and YouTube will show those videos to even more people.

It ultimately helps You get more sales for the affiliate products that You are promoting through Your channel.

You'll see more and more people start to engage with your videos by liking your videos or dropping the comments and subscribing to your channel.

Add the affiliate links into the description of your videos, or over your video end cards, and convert some of those subscribers into the customers.

Provide genuine advice and do not mislead the viewers.

3. Pinterest


Facebook and YouTube aren't the only platforms to get free traffic to your affiliate offer.

My next recommended source of traffic is Pinterest.

Pinterest is a search engine, not just a social media site, and it's the most underrated search engine out there" say's the top SEO expert and entrepreneur Neil Patel. Source -

Sign up for a business account on Pinterest, create the relevant boards for your niche where You can pin the links for your affiliate products.

Pin Catchy And Engaging Content

It's highly recommended that the link or the web page You pin on the Pinterest board contains images or videos as it helps to catch the attention of the users on Pinterest.

Use free tools like canva to create catchy and engaging images.

Keep pinning consistently to get more engagements and the followers which in turn help to get more free traffic to your offer.

Focus on sharing the useful content first and only include affiliate links when they add value to the information you’re sharing.

Abide by Pinterest's content sharing policy to avoid getting banned from their platform.

4. Quora


If you don’t already know, Quora is a Q&A platform where anyone can post a question and get answers from experts in that topic from the community.

Affiliate marketers can use Quora as a massive source of free traffic!

Quora has three huge advantages. First, it builds your personal brand. Second, it drives referral traffic. And third, anyone can do it. Source -

Search For the Questions

For driving the traffic from the Quora, first of all, search the keywords in your niche on Quora, for example: "How can I lose weight fast".

That way You'll get the list of all the questions asked by other people related to this search query.

Provide a useful and valuable answer to that question along with the affiliate link to the product that will help that person solve the problem.

The more meaningful answer You provide the more upvotes You will get from other users which will help build your authority in a particular topic.

Don't answer the question only by replying with the affiliate links, or else you will get more downvotes and you may eventually be considered as a spammer.

Subscribe To The Topics

Subscribe to the topic of your interest. For the search query above: You can subscribe to the topics like "weight loss", "health", "fitness" etc.

You will get a notification every time someone posts a question under those topics.

Alternatively, you can ask a question and start the discussion yourself.

5. Reddit


Reddit is among the top popular websites in the world. (Current rank - 20, source -

Most internet marketers are completely unaware of it or underestimate its value as a source of free traffic.

If you want to get a large amount of traffic from Reddit, you have to keep your posts highly relevant to the users.

This requires you to do a bit of research into your subreddit and see what kind of posts are already popular.

Earn More Reddit Karma

Reddit works on the concept of "karma", learn more about it here-

It's Reddit’s scoreboard for each account where it uses upvotes or downvotes as its point system.

You gain points when your posts or comments are upvoted and you equally lose points when they are downvoted.

This means that the more that you can tailor your posts to the subreddit that you’re posting in, the better.

Avoid posting content that addresses too broad of an audience.

Get a feel for your audience first and then you will be more equipped to create a popular post of your own.

Even before posting anything in the subreddit, read the "Community Rules" first since not all the subreddits allow the external links.

There are high chances of getting kicked off from the subreddits if you try to post the spam.

6. Twitter


There are more than 326M monthly active users and more than 500 million tweets are posted every day all over the globe.

Take this opportunity to promote your affiliate products or services on Twitter.

In order to generate free traffic from Twitter, You should first focus on building a large base of followers.

You can do so by creating the profile which looks professional and consistently tweeting about the topic of your interest.

Build Your Personal Brand

Don't start tweeting the affiliate links, rather focus on building your brand first by gaining the trust of your followers.

Include text, images, and videos in your tweets which can help you get more retweets and likes from your followers.

Post the affiliate links only once or twice a week so that Your followers don't consider You as a spammer.

More importantly include a few hashtags in each of your tweets, for example, '#health', '#fitness' etc in order to reach to more audience.

Hashtags are a great way to spread your tweets to various topics.

7. Instagram


Instagram has been taken over by Facebook and currently more than 20% of the users on Facebook are on Instagram.

This is probably the most obvious way to grow your Instagram account, 20% of all users of the service are also on Facebook.

Source -

You can even create an account with Instagram simply from your Facebook account.

Furthermore, Your facebook friends who are on Instagram can start following You.

You can use your Instagram account to build your personal brand and promote your business as well.

Aim To Get More Followers

As a beginner, Your goal should be to gain engaging followers.

Instagram also allows putting hashtags like other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Use these hashtags with each image or video that You post on Instagram in order to be discovered by more people.

If your posts are engaging, people are more likely to follow you and take the actions that You ask them to do.

You can include the link to your offer in the profile bio, usually a shortened link.


In my opinion, it's best to have your own website if you want to make money online using affiliate marketing for a long time.

If You're not planning to start a blog or a website then try to master at least one of the above traffic sources that I mentioned above and aim for becoming the authority in your niche.

No matter if You have your website or not, You should aim for promoting the products in legitimate ways.

Take the affiliate marketing training if You want to learn about building the profitable affiliate marketing website or blog and the best practices for promotions.

My #1 recommendation here for best affiliate marketing course is WealthyAffiliate.

You might have come across WealthyAffiliate somewhere because it's the best affiliate marketing training that helps you build an online business from scratch.

It offers a Free Starter Membership where you can learn the basics about affiliate marketing including how to build a profitable affiliate marketing blog or website.

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Watch the video: How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing Without a Blog or Website Affiliate Marketing Guide

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