How To Start A Lifestyle Blog: The Ultimate Guide

In this new post, I am going to talk about how to start a lifestyle blog and what it really takes to make it a successful online venture.

A lifestyle blog is simply a diary about the day to day activities and interests.

Typically, where the blogger writes about his/her lifestyle, they are passionate and/or knowledgeable about it.

While it’s true that as a lifestyle blogger you would write about your interests or hobbies, you would also have to consider writing about what your readers like and what are their expectations.

Moreover, a lifestyle blog is like a magazine that would publish the content based on the reader’s interests.

In a lifestyle blog, the author may write about trending products, clothes, gadgets, habits, etc.

These blogs are supported with astonishing images, so make sure that you are capable of doing that, before starting.

A successful lifestyle blog starts by finding out what you are passionate about.

Then you explore the interests and problems of the readers about lifestyle.

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How To Start A Lifestyle Blog (Step-by-Step)?

In this post, I will help you through the step by step process of starting a lifestyle blog.

Here are the steps involved in starting a successful lifestyle blog from scratch.

  1. Pick a Topic For Your Blog
  2. Choose the right blogging platform
  3. Choose a perfect Name for your blog
  4. Setup a perfect blog hosting
  5. Choose the best WordPress theme
  6. Start publishing compelling posts
  7. Bonus tips to grow your blog

Let’s go through this process without further ado.

How to start a lifestyle blog - Infographic

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Step 1: Pick a Topic For Your Blog

Lifestyle is in itself is a very broad topic.

If you just start writing about everything about lifestyle, then you won’t be able to grow it at the pace you should.

The blogging community recommends that you niche down your topic.

If you are new to this, in the context of blogging a Niche is a topic that a blogger is passionate about and can make a living with it.

And niching down means to explore a topic and find out a child topic that you are in love with and can write about it for a long time.

There are uncountable blogs about lifestyle but the successful ones always work on unique content and a specific topic.

To find the perfect lifestyle sub-niche for your blog, choose the topic that has less competition and the potential to grow in the future.

Don't read about others, just think more and more about you; Who are you, what do you like, what are you passionate about, how do you live your life, and what are your hobbies, think about your social life – is there anything there that makes you unique?

The sum of all this could be your lifestyle blog.

For example, you could be passionate about fitness and bodybuilding.

You can choose it as the base topic for your blog.

Show the visitors how much you love fitness & bodybuilding and can help them solve their lifestyle problems related to fitness and bodybuilding.

Tell the people about your lifestyle, hobbies, and social life.

Then grow your audience by sharing useful information like how they can make life easy with fitness and bodybuilding, how bodybuilder lives a social life etc.

When it’s something you’re passionate about, you’re unlikely to run out of writing ideas for that topic.

Just make sure that you create the unique content that you love.

So, if you have been wondering, “should I start a lifestyle blog? “, now you know exactly what’s involved.

It is easier than you think, right?

Step 2: Choose The Right Blogging Platform

Now, after finalizing the blog topic, you should choose the right blogging platform.

A blogging platform is a content management system, that helps you to create and manage your blog content.

Almost all of the bloggers are using WordPress including me, and I would recommend the same to you because it's super easy and cost-effective to use.

Why Choose WordPress?

WordPress is a great tool for everyone who wants to build his/her online presence soon.

It’s easy to use and customize with zero coding skills.

There are tons of perks using WordPress for your lifestyle blogging.

The one I like most is that you don’t need to depend on anybody to design your blog.

A lot of WordPress themes provide pre-made website designs.

So, you don’t have to give your time or cost to design your website. I will discuss more about the WordPress themes, later in this post.

In addition to all that there are thousands of WordPress plugins that make life easier for bloggers.

From SEO to comment management, you will get plugins and their alternatives for everything you need.

Besides that, WordPress gives you full control and flexibility.

You can do anything with your website and scale it up anytime.

It also has a vast community, if you get stuck somewhere, there is always someone who could help.

Choose The Self-Hosted WordPress Over Free

There are two different versions of WordPress: and

I have been talking about earlier which is open-source and self-hosted.

If it is self-hosted that means you need to purchase the web hosting.

But trust me it is not that costly.

Whereas the is a hosting solution created by the WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg.

It offers both free and premium plans. Where free plans provide you with basic features for hosting your website and premium plans offer more advanced features and control over your website.

A lot of people often get confused between and

Some of them even choose's free plan to start their blog.

But the quality and control never come free.

While a free plan is fine for beginners, it doesn’t give you much control and features.

If you are planning to make money with your blog, then free blogging platforms are not good for you.

For choosing a self-hosted platform like, you need to incur some cost.

But trust me, by spending some $, you’re preparing your blog for future possibilities of a great success.

With free platforms, you are not allowed to do customization, no quality tools, and you can’t even monetize your blog.

But with the self-hosted WordPress, you will get everything from full control to unlimited customization options.

And most importantly, you can monetize your blog.

Another downside of using a free blog platform is that you can’t use a custom domain name.

So there is no unique identity of your blog.

But the self-hosted WordPress gives you the flexibility of choosing a custom domain.

By customizing your URL, your website will look more professional.

How many professional bloggers do you know have amateur-looking URLs?

No one right!

Because they are also using self-hosted or paid platforms.

Step 3: Choose a Perfect Name For Your Blog

Your blog is your online business; hence you must name it to create a unique identity.

Naming your blog can be a daunting task as you will need to purchase a domain name to host your website.

And the generic names are already purchased by others.

A domain is your blog’s address on the internet.

People can reach your website by entering your domain name.

Hence you will need to decide a unique name for which you can find a domain name.

For example, my domain name is

To decide a perfect domain name, I would recommend creating a list of the names you can think of.

You can choose any name that defines your blog, what you do, and how it will help others.

Choose a completely relevant name – something that conveys your blog’s message.

Once you have decided some potential names for your blog, validate them with the help of this tool:

Step 4: Setup a Perfect Blog Hosting

Web hosting provides the virtual space on a server, where you host your website.

Well technically, you can host your website on your own computer.

But you will have to take care of so many things on your own.

I won’t go technicalities but hosting a website this way is near to impossible.

Choosing the right hosting partner can be a daunting task as there are so many options available.

I have used Bluehost to host many of my websites and I recommend it to anyone who is just getting started.

Bluehost provides great hosting solutions for everyone from beginners to more advanced bloggers.

Here are some of the features that make it stand out:

  • You get a free domain for the first year
  • Free SSL certificate included with all the plans
  • It provides a 1-Click WordPress install application
  • 24/7/365 premium support
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • You pay as low as $3.95 per month
  • Free email hosting with all plans
  • It’s easy to manage
  • Recommended by both Blogging and WordPress community

The registration process is so simple, and everything is self-explanatory.

You won’t need more than the basic plan which costs $3.95/month only (Billed Annually).

Click here to go to

It will open the Bluehost website in a separate browser tab so that you can follow along.

On the Bluehost, webpage click on 'Get Started' button.

How To Start A Lifestyle Blog - Bluehost Get Started

Next you need to select a hosting plan.

As I mentioned earlier, you don’t need more than the Basic to host your blog.

So, click on Select under the Basic plan.

How To Start a Lifestyle blog - Bluehost pricing plans

If you want, you can select any other plan as well based on your requirements.

But for this tutorial, I am selecting the basic plan.

Do not worry everything will be the same throughout the process.

On the next page, you need to enter a domain name.

Remember, you don’t have to pay for the domain name.

You will get it free for the first year.

How to start a lifestyle blog - Blluehost setup a domain name

After entering your domain name, you will be redirected to the next age where you need to fill the account details and select your hosting plan duration.

I would recommend you select the 36-month plan as it offers the value for money.

How to start a lifestyle blog - bluehost dmain regstration

Under package extras, you can select anything you want but it is not mandatory.

How To Start a Lifestyle Blog - Bluehost Package extras

After that, you need to enter the payment details, accept terms & conditions, and click on the Submit button.

How to start a lifestyle blog - Bluehost payment information

In the next step, you need to create your account password and click on the Login button.

Now you need to choose a WordPress theme for your blog.

How To Start a Lifestyle Blog - Bluehost Select a WordPress theme

All the themes available on this page are free, so you can choose any for getting started.

Don’t worry you can change it anytime in the future.

After selecting a theme, you will be asked to enter a few details like the kind of website, site title, and description.

How To Start a Lifestyle Blog - Bluehost Enter the site name and site description

Enter or select anything relevant, and your blog will be configured accordingly.

After doing all that, I would recommend you verify your email.

You must have received a verification email from Bluehost.

Open that mail and click on Verify Your Email button.

How To Start a Lifestyle Blog - WordPress Dashboard Bluehost

All set!

Congratulations! You have your own lifestyle blog.

To access your WordPress dashboard, you can either log in from your Bluehost account or by visiting

For using the latter method, log in to your WordPress dashboard from the Bluehost account and create a new admin user.

Follow these steps to do the same:

  1. Go to Users and click on Add New
  2. Enter the required details and create a user with the Administrator role.

Once the new user is created.

You can log in to your WordPress dashboard by visiting

Step 5: Choose The Best WordPress Theme

Now you have hosting, a domain name and WordPress installed, all you need is a good theme and design your blog.

A good theme allows you to make your blog looks amazing and optimize the website.

As there are so many themes both free & premium, it is hard to choose the best of them.

But do not worry, I have got you covered.

I am currently using the Shapeshift theme from Thrive Themes.

Trust me it is one of the best themes available as Thrive themes have so much to offer.

Here is the complete review of Thrive Themes here: Thrive Themes Review.

I hope this review post helps you make your decision about your WordPress theme.

If you become a member with Thrive Themes, you get access to more than just a theme; the legendary Thrive Architect page builder plus so many pre-made website demos.

You can either use Thrive Architect to design your website or use one of the pre-built website demos.

It's a great approach for new bloggers and those with minimum design skills.

You can get your blog to look great, with extraordinarily little effort.

You could use free themes as well but you won’t get some of the required features.

Premium themes, on the other hand, will usually have more capabilities and generally give you a more professional looking site.

Step 6: Start Publishing Compelling Posts

Now you can start publishing the content to your blog website.

All is done technically, but now you must write the blog posts and publish them.

This is how we publish the posts to a blog:

  • Go to the WordPress dashboard.
  • On the left-hand side, you will see a ‘Posts’ section.
  • Click on posts then the ‘New Post’ option.
  • Give your post a title and write your post content.
  • Upload supporting images, videos, or infographics.
  • You can publish, save your post as a draft, or schedule it to publish later or time.

However, you need to take care of a few things before publishing a post.

Get acquainted with some SEO tools.

I recommend Jaaxy and Semrush for this purpose.

While Jaaxy is a keyword research tool, Semrush is more than just a keyword tool.

Once you have done some keyword research, you can start writing your post based on your keyword analyses.

Share your posts on social media, forums, and Q&A websites, as it will help you to build initial traffic.

Step 7: Bonus Tips To Grow Your Blog

Starting your blog and publishing the initial posts is not enough.

These posts will be of no use if you don’t get enough traffic.

So here some tips to create the content that attracts traffic and help grow your blog.

  • Research before writing your posts. It includes everything from keywords to competitor research.
  • Create a content plan.
  • Publish the posts frequently.
  • Make compelling headlines and create content that is simple and easy to read.
  • Make sure that your content is useful for readers.
  • Stay active on social media.
  • Create lead magnets.
  • Use email marketing to increase your traffic.
  • Write SEO rich and unique content.
  • Engage with your audience through comments, social media, emails, and forums.
  • Collaborate with other successful bloggers.
  • Monetize your blog with AdWords, Affiliate Marketing and Sponsored Posts


So, finally, you will have your own lifestyle blog by now.

Keep publishing the content and always try to learn something new.

Continuous learning is the only way of being successful in the longer run.

Thanks for reading this post till the end.

I wish you luck with your blogging journey.

I have tried to cover everything in this post.

If you think that it needs improvement or you want something else to be added, please let me know in the comments.

Happy Blogging! 🙂

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