How To Start a Successful Affiliate Marketing Business?

How To Start a Successful Affiliate Marketing Business

If you are someone who is looking to start a business around affiliate marketing then probably you have landed in the right place.

Would you like to make money while sleeping?

Wouldn’t you like to take multiple breaks in a year?

How about enjoying the holidays with your friends and family on the beautiful beaches?

Well, that’s how affiliate marketing is presented to the beginners by those so-called affiliate marketing gurus.

But the reality is affiliate marketing takes a significant amount of patience and hard work for a long period of time for generating a consistent side-income.

It’s a business opportunity that very few could understand.

The rest of the people take it as a hobby for making some extra bucks and eventually give up once they feel that it requires a great deal of effort.

Initially, if you are limited by the budget and resources, you should work on it as a “side hustle” while still continuing your job.

Once you understand how affiliate marketing works and what it takes to make the real profit out of it, you should consider investing more money into it.

As I said, affiliate marketing offers a great business opportunity that has the potential to add a new income stream to your business.

However, in order to start a successful affiliate marketing business and generate a consistent side income from it, you should follow some proven steps.

In this post, I’ll talk about what is an affiliate and how to start a successful affiliate marketing business even if you have no prior experience.

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What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Quite simply affiliate marketing is when an individual or business earns commission by selling the goods or services of another company or person through a link.

In the past, that link would have been provided via a phone call or visit to another location.

Online it is simply just a link from one website to another one.

Companies that allow others to earn money from affiliate sales have the software to track down, which affiliates gained extra sales and pay commission accordingly.

Similar information can also be obtained from Google and other internet service providers.

It is not particularly difficult to sign up for affiliate programs but you will require research and patience and sometimes your own website to have opportunities to earn a good income from the affiliate marketing.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

There are essentially three parts needed to make affiliate marketing work effectively, the creators of the goods/products, the affiliates or marketers who market it, and finally the consumers who decide to buy what is being sold.

It is worth looking at how the three groups contribute to the success or failure of affiliate marketing.

How Affiliate Marketing Works For Beginners
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1. Creators (or Merchants)

Without them, there would be nothing to marketed and nothing for consumers to either buy or use.

The person or company produces or creates the product and relies on others to market it, and also to buy it.

2. Affiliates (or Marketers)

The person or company carrying out the advertising or promotion of the goods or services on offer.

The advertiser is in effect the affiliate and the more consumers they manage to tempt into using marketing links and completing transactions on the merchant’s website or app the greater the amount of commission they will earn.

3. Consumers (or Customers)

Finally, there are consumers who if they can be attracted to relevant advertising sites will purchase goods and services, which they need or want, making the creators money and earning the advertisers’ commission.

Consumers get what they need, or what the advertisers convinced them that they needed it.

In the majority of cases, consumers will not even be aware of being involved in affiliate program purchases.

The price of commission tends to be part of the overall price they pay for goods or services and does not cost anything extra for them.

Thus consumers are not generally concerned or notice that by following a link they are earning advertisers a commission.

Consumers are mainly focused on paying a good price for a high-quality product or service.

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How Much Money Can You Make With Affiliate Marketing?

Often the amount of money that you as an affiliate can make from affiliate marketing will depend on how much effort you put into it, and if you develop strategies to maximize your earnings.

Earnings can vary from a few dollars a month to several thousand dollars per month.

Yet do not expect to be earning thousands of dollars within the first few weeks of trying out affiliate marketing.

Those people that make the most out of affiliate marketing may have the benefit of a large social media following or have joined as many affiliate marketing programs as they can find.

If you have areas of particular interest and you are able to attract viewers to your sites or blogs then that will assist in your attempts to be successful in affiliate marketing.

Research, due diligence, and patience will improve your chances of being successful in terms of the income gained from joining affiliate programs and marketing goods and services through various links.

Just do not expect the overnight success of being able to give up the day job within a few days of signing up with your very first program.

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How To Start a Successful Affiliate Marketing Business?

Here are the proven steps to build a successful affiliate marketing business from scratch.

These are known as well as tried and tested steps to increase the chances of success in affiliate marketing:

Step 1: Start With Your Passion or Interest

To begin in affiliate marketing start with attempting to advertise and sell things that you know about.

If you are an expert in knitting then stick to selling patterns instead of trying to sell car parts.

Sell to your niche market instead of selling things you know nothing about.

Consumers will often tell when a website is written by an expert or a novice when it concerns goods, services or subjects, which they are interested in.

Experienced affiliates may set up sites about things outside of their normal niche, yet they will carry out wide-ranging research or even ask somebody to write it for them.

Step 2: Make Site Relevant To What You Sell

Generally, companies prefer to allow affiliates to join their programs that are related to their goods or services.

Make sure that merchants are able to visit your website, as they will not allow you to take part in the program if they believe that your site is not relevant to what they sell, or that it could change or threaten their reputation.

Remember that consumers looking for specific products or services will know more about things than you if it outside your normal niche.

So focus on marketing only specific items that you know in great detail.

Consider setting up new sites on different niches only if you have the time to conduct high-quality research and can find out of consumers are able to relate to, and buy items in any new areas that you have diversified into.

These days it is relatively easy to build a website of your own using software such as WordPress.

Remember to make a site that reflects your knowledge within your niche area.

Look into the affiliate marketing programs

Step 3: Research The Affiliate Networks

Before jumping into an affiliate marketing carry out research into a few different programs.

Look into the general affiliate marketing sites such as Amazon, and also consider any programs more specific to your specialist niche.

Sites such as Amazon can offer a great deal of opportunity as it sells just about all the goods you can think of, and some that you have never even heard of.

It also has a truly global customer base.

If you have no previous experience with such programs then pick one that is easier to use and will payout quickly.

However, if you have taken the time to research several programs start to sign up to new ones on a regular basis once younger got the hang of the first one.

There are many more popular affiliate networks such as ClickBank, Cj, ShareASale, MaxBounty, etc that you consider joining.

Step 4: Pick Up The Right Affiliate Programs

When it comes to affiliate marketing programs, there is a lot of different ones to choose from.

Take a look at several and opt for one that is simple to use and free to join.

The great majority of these programs are free to join, and never provide any program with your credit card details as you may be scammed.

It is standard though to provide either bank account details or PayPal details so that you can be paid promptly.

As always follow the golden rule of stick to what you know, and do not take needless risks.

Just join a single program to begin with, certainly until you have got used to how these programs work and you have started to make money.

Increase the scope of your affiliate marketing once you have more experience.

Step 5: Add Affiliate Links To Your Site

Add affiliate banners to your sidebar, footer or any other area to get affiliate marketing working for you.

Sidebars can be highly effective in affiliate marketing, so if you have sidebars on your site put affiliate marketing links on them.

Every part of your website should be used to either showcase your expertise in your niche area or be used to further your affiliate marketing campaigns.

Every aspect of your website needs to make a positive contribution to how consumers react to it, as well as motivating them to follow links and buy affiliated goods or services.

If you have access to sales data then use it to change your site to maximize the number of sales you are making.

It makes more sense to change things to highlight the parts that are the most successful in generating income for you.

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Step 6: Consider Creating Visual Ads

Visual ads work well with affiliate marketing.

Although demonstrating expertise concerning your niche aids successful affiliate marketing many consumers are also drawn to visual ads.

Attractive ads increase the chances of people clicking on affiliate links and earning the advertiser a commission.

People only take a few seconds to decide on, which sites to look at it if they are conducting a quick search for.goods and services.

So bright or catchy visual ads are important for getting them to buy things through your website instead of somebody else’s.

Step 7: Create Unique And Helpful Content

In my opinion, content marketing is a must for affiliate marketing.

To keep people interested in your affiliate marketing it is best to keep adding to and updating the information on your website.

That means it remains interesting to visitors and keeps earning you money.

If the niche you are operating in is one in, which there can be lots of changes in short who is of time, such as cell phones or video games then you will have to update your website more frequently as goods and services are subject to more frequent changes than other niches may be experiencing.

Step 8: Understand What Sells And What Doesn’t

Just like any other form of marketing, affiliate marketing can be made more effective by using information.

Most creators will provide analytics of sales figures and profiles of consumers.

Google also gather this type of data so that you can find out your best-performing links and gain more commission.

Review such data as often as possible and make updating your site a priority, replace what does not work with things you know will work, and will, therefore, generate more sales for you.

Furthermore, sales data can be really up to date, so you can make changes quickly, and soon have proof that these are working, or that further changes are needed.

Step 9: Change To Grow Your Business

You should always be on the lookout for more affiliate program opportunities.

Sticking with a limited number of programs will lead to stagnation so increase the programs you are signed up with.

Just because some programs may be producing a high yield of commission earnings does not mean they will remain lucrative over the long term.

Using automation means that you can have more than one site and leave things running in the background allowing you to set up new sites, or to concentrate on improving the performance of existing ones instead.

Step 10: Delegate or Automate Tasks

If you are lucky enough for your website to take off in terms of commissions it is worth hiring people to look after 24/7 to keep the money coming in.

Some programs allow you to automate some functions so do that whenever possible.

Delegation can also allow you to use somebody else’s skills or expertise to make more money.

It is also a means to open up highly specialist see markets effectively without you having to become an expert whilst concentrating on more generic programs.


The people that make a good living out of the affiliate marketing business have often put a good deal of effort into becoming successful.

There is no short cut to success, and you will have to put time and effort into it before the affiliate programs start paying out a commission.

Indeed it can take a minimum of up to three months before you start to earn any money.

Do you feel stuck at launching at your own affiliate marketing business? Feel free to let me know in the comments below. I’d be more than happy to help you with the answer. 🙂

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