ITaggz Review – Is ITaggz a Scam or Legit? How Itaggz Works? (My Honest Review)

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3.5 / 5

Itaggz is the powerful cloud-based software tool that helps to find the most profitable and trending hashtags to drive the free and organic traffic to your website and grow the engagements and followers on your Instagram accounts.

Best Suited For

The individuals, online marketers, social media agencies, e-commerce store owners and local business who want to grow their Instagram accounts to get more followers and free organic traffic.



Free Trial

No free trial but comes with 30-day full refund policy


Simon Warner and Andrew Fox

Ease of Use

3.5 / 5


3.5 / 5


3 / 5

Customer Support

4.5 / 5


3.5 / 5

Value For Money

4 / 5


  • Automatically deliver the hottest hashtags daily
  • Works 24/7 in the background
  • Spy on your competitors’ top ranking tags automatically
  • Quickly loads the competitors’ data
  • Reordering via tags, likes, and comments
  • A single click for adding to the favorites
  • Delivers hashtags by excel sheet and email
  • Access to ThemeForest marketplace
  • Auto trend detect


  • Only supports Instagram hashtags
  • No hashtag support for Twitter and FaceBook, Youtube


ITaggz could prove to the perfect tool for any individual or agencies who want to take theri Instagram marketing to the next level. The tool has been approved by official Instagram API and can be used for growing follower based for a personal account, business account or clients.

Welcome to my Itaggz review, where I will talk about every aspect of this tool including what is Itaggz, how it works, how it can help you and everything else that You must know before You decide to buy this tool.

If your struggles are not ending to create your own brand or You simply want to drive the free organic traffic from Instagram, I'm sure this full Itaggz review is definitely going to help you.

There is a reason why most of the companies and brands nowadays are using Instagram to create their brand and grow their follower base.

Instagram boasts that it has over 1 billion active users worldwide with the highest per-post engagement rates' than any other social media platform.

That's where Itaggz can help You.

I have prepared a comprehensive Itaggz review that will talk about what can You expect from Itaggz and how it can help You scale your Instagram account to help You decide whether this tool is really for You?

Here we go,

What is Itaggz?

Itaggz has been developed by Simon Warner and Andrew Fox with the goal of helping solopreneurs and social media agencies to grow the followers and engagements on their Instagram accounts.

What is Itaggz

It's a powerful and automated tool that will find the best-ranking hashtags that You can use to promote Your posts on Instagram.

Simply copy the hashtags suggested by Itaggz and paste them into your own posts.

The process is fully automated, You just set up the system once and Itaggz will send You the hottest hashtags right into your email inbox to keep you up with the rankings.

With the help of Itaggz, You can tap into Instagram's large active audience base to get free traffic to your website or your client's businesses.

Simon and Andrew say Itaggz will do all the heavy lifting bringing you the hottest buyer traffic on the internet.

What Are The Features of Itaggz?

Itaggz does many incredible things with a few clicks in addition to discovering the winning hashtags in any niche.

Here are the top ten ways Itaggz can help to quickly shoot up your rankings on Instagram.

  1. Hottest Hashtag Search - Simply type in the tag of your choice and Itaggz will return the most profitable and popular tags within a matter of seconds.
  2. Spy on Your Competitors - Keeping an eye on your competitors is very simple with Itaggz.  Simply Select the Instagram account or Hashtags that You want to "spy" on. You will get an email notification for your competitors' top ranking tags automatically every day.
  3. A Single Window For Posts - A single all-in-one page will show all your posts organized in a beautiful manner.
  4. Easy Reordering - With a single click of a mouse, You will be able to sort or reorder all your posts by tags, likes, comments, etc.
  5. Export & Download - Grab all the tags suggested by Itaggz by exporting to a spreadsheet that You can download to your Computer or Laptop.
  6. Email Tags - Send an email of the results to yourself or your assistant. This works best when You have hired a person who is taking care of your Instagram account.
  7. Auto Trend Detect - Itaggz suggests You the most trending searches in your industry that You can take advantage of in your posts.
  8. Add To Favourites - Save your most frequently used has tags and business names with just a single click.
  9. Create Your Own Category - Easily follow the multiple people in several industries with the two-step creation system. Keep everything very well organized by creating your own categories.
  10. Boost Engagements - Once You incorporate the tags suggested by Itaggz, you will notice the more view and engagements to your posts which in turn will help you get more followers.

Who Itaggz Is For?

Itaggz could prove to be the perfect tool for solopreneurs and agencies.

It has the power to skyrocket the rankings for your own and your clients' Instagram accounts.

  • As an individual, it can help you create your own brand and as an agency, it can help You boost the followers and engagements on your clients' accounts.
  • There are digital and social media agencies out there who charge thousands of dollars just for facilitating this type of information to their clients.
  • No matter if you are an affiliate marketer, own an e-commerce store or a local business, Itaggz can prove to be a perfect tool to drive free traffic and monetize your site.

Thousands of businesses in various industries like Healthcare, Fashion, Real Estate, Online Marketing, etc gladly pay if You can help them reach to the larger audience through the power of social media.

What Bonuses Do You Get With Itaggz?

Itaggz is celebrating their launch by offering a guide called "Insta 30 Day Fast track" (PDF Guide + Mindmap), which they are going to charge $49 after the launch period is over.

Itaggz Bonuses

This free guide will teach you, how You can launch your own Instagram social media agency using the power of Insta Tags Software.

It could prove to be your A-Z guide for contacting a business to putting together a proposal and what to charge a client.

Why Drive Traffic From Instagram?

Instagram introduced business accounts in 2016 and started gaining momentum as a new hub for creating the brands and advertising ever since Facebook updated their policies.

From an individual to large global brands, everyone is working their butt off to grow their Instagram accounts to get a share of their followers.

And why not?

Instagram as of today has more than 1 billion active users every day and it's researched that approximately 80% of those users follow at least one business or brand.

It’s the fastest growing social media platform on the planet and guess what it gets 58 times more engagement per post than Facebook!

What does it mean to You?

In my opinion, it should be enough for You to get on to this platform as quickly as possible.

  • Furthermore, You can connect Your existing facebook account with Instagram and catch up with your Facebook friends quickly.
  • You'll find your share of the audience no matter which niche you're in or what type of business You run.
  • Even if you don't have any website or business, You can create your own personal brand by gaining the followers in a subject or the topic which You are expert at.
  • For the marketers out there Instagram is a lucrative free traffic source that they can use to monetize their websites and this is the number one reason they are interested in growing their Instagram follower base.

Instagram is striving hard to create meaningful interactions among the businesses and followers beyond likes and follows.

Why Do Most People Fail At Instagram Marketing?

More than 95% of the marketers out there who try their hands at Instagram fail miserably because they don't know how to convert those followers into the customers.

Marketing with Instagram works pretty different than the other social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

With Instagram, You won't be able to get your content to the same level of exposure unless You know how Instagram rankings work.

Even if You have hundreds of thousands of followers You won't be able to keep the engagements up if You don't craft the content that your audience loves.

It's equally important to know how to turn your likes into the leads if You really want to make big with Instagram.

How You Can Be Successful At Instagram Account?

The first thing that You need to have in order to make the most out of Instagram is to gain a strong community of followers.

In order to grow your Instagram account, You have to post the content that has the potential to get more views and engagements.

You need to leverage the power of the hashtags for growing your Instagram account quickly.

But how can you do it?

Let me get to the straight to the answer here, by leveraging the power of hashtags.

Why Hashtags Are Crucial?

The simple answer to this question is, hashtags are the connecting-dots that bring the highest engagement and sales on Instagram.

  • Hashtags can help You reach a larger audience which can help You get more followers.
  • You can gain more views to your posts that increase the engagements through likes and comments and develop a positive image for your brand or business.
  • The hashtags used in the correct way has the power to skyrocket your business to new heights.
  • It's important that You use the hashtags with a clear strategy in your mind.
  • Hashtags used blindly or too frequently can become pointless and damage your reputation as a legitimate business or brand.
  • Hashtags have the potential to drive the organic free traffic to your website if You know how to effectively and meaningfully use them.

There are only a handful of people and agencies know how to crack the Instagram buyer traffic code.

Once You unlock this mystery You'll love to tap into it daily.

Is Itaggz a Scam or Legit?

I have done the full research for You so that You don't need to read multiple reviews about Itaggz.

From everything that I could gather about this tool, I can certainly say that Itaggz is the legitimate software and not a scam.

I didn't find any negative review about the founders Simon Warner and Andrew Fox and their previous products anywhere.


  • If You're looking to leverage the power of Instagram as a way to get free traffic to your website or help your clients' grow their Instagram follower base, You should definitely give Itaggz a try.
  • Itaggz will become your helping hand to find the most profitable hashtags to promote and grow your business on Instagram.
  • You could use it to get more views, likes, leads, followers and ultimately the sales for yourself and your clients.

Click the button below to get instant access to this powerful tool and get your free guide "Insta 30 Day Fast track" (worth $49).

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Hardik Raval

Hardik is passionate about helping people launch their own online business. He loves to talk about online business ideas, affiliate marketing tools, tips and other sources of residual income available on the internet.

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