Kartra Review 2020: Is It Really The Best Marketing Tool Suite?

Welcome to my Kartra review where we'll explore each and every detail about this much-hyped all-in-one marketing platform.

One significant fact about the tech world and the digital community as a whole is how fast it grows.

Our current era of digitalization as a whole is fundamentally built on how quickly the tech community can evolve and grow.

These days no one is paying for basic services.

As of now, the level of your competence is majorly dependent on how fast you can update yourself and how easy you make this for your clients.

This is the same as what goes on in the world of tools and website designs.

It is typical for consumers and, in truth, anyone to want this.

Because building a website is no child's play, and one cannot merely run off the next available tool or platform to get help when building a website.

However, no doubt arises that there are indeed a lot of web designing tools available, and while some are inaccessible without the payment of a fee, the bulk of them are free and make the work look easier on the surface.

However, in truth, you are better of not having a website than using some of these tools.

Despite this being the situation, there are still a lot of tools that are worth every cent requested for their use, and they are quite easy to locate once you understand what to look out for in choosing a tool.

And Kartra is indeed one of them and on the top on the list.

What Is Kartra?

Kartra is an online shopping cart system with an all-inclusive web hosting, email marketing, list building, and business management platform that is targeted towards the use of marketers.

Kartra provides all these services and more, which is quite exciting!

Exciting because, as a marketer, you might have had to search for these services individually in various places, but today Kartra brings them all to you on one platform on a platter of gold.

Do you want your online business made easy?

Then Kartra is your best bet.

Kartra is an online tool made especially for funnel marketing and bringing your dream of owning a space on the online market that genuinely portrays what services and products that you offer.

By using Kartra, you can eliminate the challenge of finding a team of copyrighters, web page developers, designers, and even system integrators.

If you are familiar with the price tag associated with hiring the services of each of the vendors listed above, you will find that it is indeed not particularly favorable, most notably for start-ups.

This is why Kartra has been made available to help you create, market, and launch online without needing the services of any of these professionals.

Kartra has been integrated to help you save costs and of course there is anyone who is not disposed to doing that.

Indeed, you have come across a lot of tools, and they have each been pitched to be the best.

How Does Kartra Work?

But the question is, what makes Kartra stand out?

Why should you have Kartra rather than any other available tool?

The answer to this is in the product itself.

Let's see what Kartra has to offer you by accessing the features of the tool.

The first major factor that distinguishes Kartra from among its peers is that it is an all in one platform indeed.

Nowadays, it has become a trend for tools to claim to offer you all that you need in a single account.

But by the time you get to use it, you find that there you eventually have to source for the majority of the services you intended to get from them individually.

And this comes after paying exorbitant amounts of money.

Kartra makes its difference by being a one-stop complete shop for running your online business.

But unlike the other applications that you might have come across, Kartra is goal-oriented and not task-oriented.

This is why it works quite differently from the various other applications that you might have come seen.

You might wonder what it means for the Kartra application to be goal-oriented.

The answer to this is quite simple.

When you think of goals, you look more at the bigger picture and what needs to be accomplished holistically.

You think more about what the result will be and not the steps and challenging processes involved in reaching it.

As opposed to that, tasks have you more focused on what processes are involved in reaching your destination.

In this case, the final answer does not matter as much as the processes involved.

You as a result of this get more enveloped with the thoughts of how to get to your destination, forgetting what the destination holds in store for you.

And this mindset, at times, is what keeps people from achieving their goals.

This task logic might be applied to weight loss schemes in which you are advised to focus on the process and not the result alone.

But this cannot be applied in creating a shopping cart system.

How so?

Your visitors are not interested in learning the effort you put into building your website; what they want to see is mesmerizing themes and engaging directories that keep them coming for more and shopping with you.

This is the same mentality that marketers have.

Kartra has converted the ideology of marketers that says there is no bad publicity into an application.

The phrase “there is no bad publicity” merely refers to the fact that the method with which the job gets done is none of the business of a marketer, all they will be interested in is that the job gets done.

This is why Kartra has created an app that helps to take away the focus of marketers from the steps involved in accomplishing tasks to the actual goal itself. Kartra helps you to think in reverse.

Thinking in-reverse only means, Kartra helps you to focus on the result rather than the first step.

So, instead of counting from one through to ten, you count from ten backward to one.

This is how Kartra helps you to create the goal-oriented effect that you need, and this is brought to life by Kartra's simple all in one marketing tools application.

This way, you no longer have to duct tape everything together because it can all be controlled from a single dashboard.

Through the interconnection of all the services that the Kartra application provides for you, you become the utmost controller of all the events that happen on your site.

For instance, when a visitor gets to your page, Kartra analytics will track such a visit.

Should the visitor then go further to fill a Kartra form?

Kartra mail automatically helps to subscribe to such a person to your newsletter.

Then if the individual goes ahead to make a payment through Kartra checkout, your Kartra membership subscription automatically sends the login credentials.

This analogy helps to show that Kartra is indeed the interwoven all connected platform that you need.

You no longer have to monitor everything yourself or pay someone to do that, with Kartra, you have everything and every aspect of your online business on lock-down.

Key Features of Kartra

At this point, you're probably wondering what features Kartra has that makes it so awesome.

On that note, some of the features of this excellent marketing tool and business building platform include the following.

1. Page Editor

One of the significant features of Kartra is its page editor.

Unlike having to build your content from scratch, you have a click-to-edit platform, all customized to help you enhance your online business.

Just like the simple drag and drop builders that we have today, the Kartra Page Editor is straightforward and understandable to use.

However, unlike the other landing page applications, Kartra has some uniqueness.

These include;

Copy Samples:

One of the significant accessories of the Kartra page editor is the copy samples that have been pre-written that it provides.

Instead of having to hire a copywriter and paying them on another basis asides from owning your website and hosting, you can use the copy samples templates to shape and draft customized copy samples on your own.


Another unique accessory of the page editor is the excellent and straightforward design templates that come along with it.

The Kartra page editor houses these templates, and you are allowed to customize this in any way that you like.

Plus, the process that this involves is quite simple too.

Split Testing:

Unlike many other tools, Kartra offers you the opportunity to run and test different templates and layouts side by side.

This way, you know which one suits you best and how to run each of them effectively.

2. Kartra Mails

This is another major feature of Kartra, and some might even describe it as the sterling feature of Kartra.

The Kartra mail does not merely operate without any accessories.

It is the host of several top-notch accessories that have made it the heart of the success of a lot of online businesses.

They include;

The Kartra Mail Platform:

The Kartra Mail Platform is the email marketing arm of Kartra mail.

Through this accessory, you can create lists, customize your email templates, send broadcast messages, and also sync your contacts.

The services that the Kartra mail Platform provides are quite incredible.

Plus, you do not stand the risk of getting any of your emails relegated to the spam folder where you may not easily find them!

With the Kartra mail, you have full access to all of your letters as soon as they get sent.

Kartra Automation:

This is another accessory of Kartra mails that makes it even easier to use and more attractive to its users.

Kartra offers you an easy to use automation capability that has been integrated with the system.

This helps you to comfortably create and forward your customized replies and messages to all your clients or customers.

It makes the entire process of replying and sending emails even much more enticing.

This also comes with an automation builder that makes the experience even better.

3. Marketing Campaigns

The marketing campaigns of Kartra is another distinguishing feature that separates it from the others.

The marketing campaign of Kartra is the feature that hosts all the marketing tools that you need on a single page.

When we speak of Kartra being an all in one platform, the marketing campaign is the feature that is responsible for hosting all the accessories on a single page.

This feature is also what gives you access to the premade campaigns which you have access to the moment you start making use of Kartra.

These campaigns are quite many, and one of them includes; the quick launch campaign, which will assist you in launching your latest products fast and without a fuss.

There is also the list builder campaign which functions majorly to help you build and create the best email list for your marketing.

The book funnel campaign also comes in here, and as the name implies, it was built to help you make the process of launching your book more comfortable.

There are several more of these campaigns like the eShop campaign, the 4 Day cash campaign, and the MasterClass campaign, which are also available on Kartra.

Kartra updates these campaigns and releases new ones as frequently as the need arises. However, you are guaranteed to get one that suits your business perfectly.

4. Kartra Video Hosting

If you are familiar with other tools and applications that we have today, you will know that on these apps, if you need to upload a video on your page, there is a need first to upload such video on another platform like YouTube and then add a link.

But with Kartra, you don't need those hassles!

Kartra has its video hosting that is targeted towards marketing-oriented goals.

By using Kartra, you can add your videos directly and allow your clients to see them instantly on your platform.

The customized video hosting is also characterized with a lot of features that will help you increase your productivity.

One of the most prominent ones is how it helps you to monitor your progress.

By using the Kartra video hosting, you can track the progress and overall impressions of your video and as well organize them in an orderly fashion in folders.

And although the storage limit might pose an issue, there is no doubt that Kartra's video hosting features make the job easier.

5. Customer Helpdesk

Among the many tools that there are, Kartra is one that makes the possibility of you attending to your customer’s needs the fastest a reality.

The helpdesk is one feature that helps you to see that your clients have all the help they need without needing to have an extra hand involved.

It is embedded with several accessories to help you serve your customers as swiftly and efficiently as possible.

6. Affiliate Management

Kartra also provides you with the affiliate's management system.

You might be wondering what the affiliates system connotes.

This is one of the features of Kartra that is put in place to help you get the help and backing of several marketers to enhance your business by helping you increase your leads.

The system does this by opening a sign-up page for affiliates, approving the members, sending out questionnaires, configuring them, and taking all the other necessary processes involved to get the result.

7. Intuitive Form Editor

Kartra has a fantastic form editor that gives you the opportunity for you to customize your forms to your satisfaction.

This means that you get to have control over how the subscription forms for your email listing and other various types will be.

8. Kartra Marketplace

The marketplace on the Kartra app is a feature that allows you to find affiliates and also become an affiliate.

It is a feature that was added to help you create leads for your business and also help others boost their points.

9. Kartra Calendar

The Kartra calendar is another feature on the system tool that is a calendar but one that makes a difference.

The distinguishing factor is in the fact that this calendar allows your clients and customers to book you and also reorganize their bookings in line with your availability status.

10. Kartra Memberships And Courses

The Kartra memberships and courses feature is one that gives you access to host your online courses and also have control over the kind of content that gets uploaded there.

It allows you to promote vital services that you render and not mainly advertise actual products.

That regardless, it is an excellent platform to showcase your skills and even raise your edge over your competitors.

Kartra Pricing

At this point, having stated all these features about Kartra (and mind you there are still a lot more which have not been listed here), there is every possibility that what is on your mind is how much does this excellent marketing funnel go for?

Well, don't fret because it is available for way less than you think.

Kartra has several membership plans that are quite affordable for the range of services which it performs.

The Kartra price tags range thus;

1. Starter Plan

This is the first plan that is available for $99.

By subscribing to the starter plan you are entitled to certain things, and they are;

  • 2,500 contacts
  • 15,000 emails per month
  • The access to host only 100 pages
  • 10 products
  • Two membership sites
  • 50 GB Bandwidth

2. Silver Plan

The silver plan is available to users for $199.

A subscription to this plan will as well entitle you to certain features that include;

  • 12,500 contacts
  • 125,000 emails per month
  • Unlimited pages
  • Unlimited products
  • Unlimited membership sites
  • 125GB Bandwidth

3. Gold Plan

The gold plan is available for $299.

This plan offers you features like;

  • 12,500 contacts
  • 250,000 emails per month
  • Unlimited pages
  • Unlimited products
  • Unlimited membership sites and
  • 200 GB Bandwidth

4. Platinum Plan

This package is available for $499.

The subscription packages that are available for this package are quite similar to the ones above.

They are;

  • 12,500 contacts
  • 500,000 emails per month
  • Unlimited pages
  • Unlimited products
  • Unlimited memberships sites
  • 400 GB Bandwidth

These are the range of packages that are available every month on Kartra.

However, there is also the annual plan that involves you multiplying the payment of the program of your choice by the 12 months that we have in a year.

Although this might seem like a lot, there is good news.

There is a discount of 25% for an annual payment made.

This is an excellent opportunity to save money, and it will help you keep your subscription on a long term basis.


Conclusively, Kartra is an active and credible, all in one marketing tool that helps you to grow your business and make the most of the online digital marketing space.

All these facilities are provided without you needing to have any special coding skills.

This is marketing made simple on a platter of gold.

Although the pricing might initially seem like a turn-off, it is affordable for the caliber of services that you will be provided.

All you need to do to get in on this is bliss is to sign up today!

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