Landingi Review 2020: A Landing Page Builder Tool For Non-Programmers

Landingi Review Summary

Overall Rating

4 / 5

Landingi is a popular landing page builder that allows anyone to create and publish beautifully-looking landing pages, manage leads, automate key tasks and optimize the campaigns. Anyone with no programming skills can easily build funnels, landing pages, popups, smart notification and much more.

Best Suited For

Anyone who wants to generate more leads through landing pages


Starts at $29/month

Free Trial

YES, 14-Day free trial (no credit card required)


Błażej Abel

Ease of Use

4.5 / 5


4 / 5


3.5 / 5

Customer Support

4 / 5


3.5 / 5

Value For Money

4 / 5


  • Drag and drop landing page editor
  • Unlimited landing pages, popups and funnels
  • 200+ pre-designed templates
  • Free image and icon library
  • Mobil-responsive design
  • One-click duplication
  • User collaboration
  • Advanced integrations
  • Campaign scheduler
  • Auto image optimizer
  • Autoresponder
  • A/B/x testing


  • Limited featured for building sales funnels
  • Limited third-party integrations


Landingi is one of the popular landing page builders that comes with a powerful drag-and-drop page builder that is pretty simple to use. The landing pages built with Landingi are optimized for conversions and look great on any type of devices. It's highly recommended for anyone who wants to generate more leads through the power of landing pages.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and I'm happy to see you reading my Landingi review.

Anyone that understands that first impressions last the longest will know that it applies to all things and not just people.

And if you are willing to maximize the online market space, then you have to know that it also applies to the creation of websites and, most notably, landing pages.

Your landing page is the first thing that your viewers will see the moment they click on your link.

What then will you like their comment to be?

"I am definitely coming back here" or "why did I even come across this page, it is so poorly designed."

And to be honest, the second remark is them going soft on you.

No, I am sure you want them to visit and want to come back again.

But how do you do this?

How do you design a great landing page when you are not a programmer, and you know nothing about coding?

You can do it with Landingi.

Already the name sounds like a remarkable landing page creator!

In this comprehensive Landing review, I am going to talk about what is Landingi, it's key features, pricing and most importantly whether this tool can really be a game changer for your business or not.

Landingi Review

That aside, if you are still wondering what Landingi is, here is a clue it is one of the best lead capture and landing page builder tool at the moment.

For a lot of marketers and entrepreneurs that have no coding skills, creating a landing page is like one of those chores, and even though they are told what to do, they have no clue how to do it still.

And this problem has plagued several entrepreneurs today who have great products or and services to offer.

Yet, the lack of these skills has stripped them of the benefit of using the online marketing space and relegated them to only making one on one sales.

And the question is, how many people can you meet in a day talk more about creating sales?

This is why Landingi has come up with a tool that can help you create your landing page nice and smooth with no skills required.

All you need to do is choose your preference.

Landingi is your ticket to changing the narrative.

It allows you to grow your business much faster and extra efficiently.

Now, you can make waves around the world from a table and chair in your bedroom, all because you have a space on the web market, and you utilized and maximized it.

And it is also excellent that you do not have to gamble with Landingi.

You might wonder, gamble in what sense?

Here it is, a lot of landing page builders are made up of one size fits all programs when indeed one size does not fit all.

The same themes cannot cater for all businesses.

Hence, there is a need to allow space for customization for these themes to meet the target audience and project the products and services that are being marketed in a good light.

Don't worry about this as the Landingi is built to tailor your landing page using the best online strategies that will help boost your particular line of trade.

What Is Landingi?

Landingi Review - What Is Landingi

Landingi helps you create landing pages that almost automatically help you capture leads. It is a platform that assists you in getting leads with or without any coding or programming skills. It is a conversion based program, and all the codes and orientation of the Landingi end to end platform are oriented towards leads generation.

Landingi is a tool that helps to make your life and sales on the internet much more comfortable by allowing you to access things and benefits that formally only individuals with coding and programming skills could.

With Landingi, there is no one size fits all program, because all formats are available.

Through Landingi, you get the satisfaction as though you were using a conjunction of vendors like web designers, system integrators, and programmers for way lesser prices.

You do not have to be a web designer to have a landing page that people are willing to see continually.

Neither do you have to hire the services of one?

Several benefits are obtainable from using Landingi, but one that stands out is the fact that all services rendered on the platform are the best.

As a child, were you ever sent to handle chores or an errand that you knew might wreck you because you had no clue how to do it even though you were given the instructions?

And then an aunt or uncle came around and helped you out with it with ease and later it became easy for you to do?

To tell you the truth, landing is one of those relatives that show up in the nick of time.

Even though we will come to the money part later, I want you to be rest assured that you will be impressed by the pricing plans.

Landingi Review - Banner

Key Features of Landingi

Landingi Review - Landingi Features

Now that you know how awesome Landingi is, how about we take a quick look at its features and all that it has to offer?

The sole aim of Landingi is to help you increase your sales and enhance your profit margins.

Here are the top 30 features of Landingi to get you more insights into how it could help your business.

1. Landing Page Creator

Landingi offers you a landing page creator that gives you full control over everything you need to design.

The landing page creator available on Landingi provides everything which you need to create and helps you to adequately and effectively optimize your lead capture page.

This is all to the effect that you will be able to convert your visitors into customers as often as possible.

Everything on Landingi is conversion based, and the truth is what you need if you are interested in getting customers or clients are conversion based software and not merely help in getting visitors.

This will help increase your profit margin in no small way, and there is no doubt that this is the result you seek.

2. Drag and drop Landing Page Editor

The reason you do not need coding or programming skills when using Landingi is because of the easy drag and drop editor feature. It helps you to customize, alter, and even remove anything you want.

You get to make your web page right for your business and will, in no small way, also help you generate leads and more customers or clients.

And you need no coding skills required, doesn't the deal just get better?

3. Over 200 Templates To Choose From

I know one thing a lot of us dislike is to be boxed in, and Landingi has taken on this cue and given you the freedom and variety that you seek.

There are over two hundred templates on Landingi, and there is no doubt one or more of them will suit your taste.

These templates are customizable and an overall collection of stunning and excellent beauties.

They are available on our landing page generator.

4. Image Library

Unlike some other tools, Landingi offers you a vast image library for you to make your pick of several stunning and gorgeous images that will fit your landing page.

It is a fact that pictures on landing pages do a great deal of influencing your visitor's decision to stay.

Landingi offers you collections of carefully selected images that help to make your landing page even more attractive.

5. Icon Library

This feature is also unlike most of the tools available today.

The icon library enables you to find the appropriate icons for your landing page, and you can choose from various sets.

They are all fully scalable and customizable.

You only need to find the right ones for you, your favorite ones, and the most appropriate ones for your web page and trade.

6. Wide Variety of Fonts

A lot of us are very picky with our use of fonts, and we all want something extra, something that speaks of uniqueness and innovation.

You get to have more fonts than you can type, you are going to find what you need.

7. Easy Moving Around

Through using Landingi, it is simple to copy and move around unique elements and or even whole sections in between your landing pages.

8. Simple Lightboxes

Another excellent factor that you can get from using Landingi, which allows you to show certain useful information, and after on, you can click events on your landing pages are the simple lightboxes.

9. Easily Adaptable

Landingi provides you with designs for your landing pages that will help you to customize your landing pages so that it works well and looks perfect over a lot of devices.

This will help you to increase your viewership and visitations because people know that they can easily view your page over an extensive range of devices.

10. Quick Previews

You are also given the benefit of previewing everything that you do.

And each section and aspect of your page before you publish it.

Hence, you can ensure that whatever your visitors and subscribers will be viewing is top-notch quality and excellent on all standards.

11. Thank-You Pages

Landingi landing page designs and themes also helps you to create a thank you page that serves as your follow-up page.

And the added advantage is that it is as easy as creating your home landing page!

12. Easy Integration of Your Existing Elements

Landingi offers you friendly themes that can comfortably accommodate any of your current components.

Elements like your custom HTML/CSS/JS elements and many others.

13. Quick Duplication

With Landingi, it is straightforward to duplicate your landing page as all you need is one click.

This click is to test the effectiveness of the different keywords and strings.

The truth is there is no other landing page builder that offers you duplication of your landing page as quick and easy as Landingi.

14. User Collaboration

With Landingi, you are allowed to invite others like your colleagues to use your platform.

This will help to aid you in quickly reviewing your work and getting the job done faster than usual.

15. Draw The Client's Attention

The first primary reason why you will want to get a landing page builder in the first place is so that you can create excellent pages that will help you attract the attention of your customers or clients.

16. Publishing With Ease

By using Landingi, you only need a single click to publish your work.

Yes, your publishing is one click away!

All you need is to customize the landing page theme to suit you and your business, and you are good to go!

Your landing page will be very engaging and, most fundamentally, conversion-optimized.

17. AWS Cloud Hosting

Landingi is a software that runs on the Amazon Web services, and it will thrill you to know that 99.95% of the time, you can be sure to get uptime availability.

18. Export Pages To Your Domain

Landingi also has a reputation for being compatible, and this is no mere bluff.

You can add up your existing domains and as well publish your landing pages under the domains.

19. In-built SSL Certificates

The security of Landingi's landing pages is top-notch.

I doubt you will get anything as good as this anywhere else.

And why is that?

The landing page generator is SSL ready, and you always have the latest encryption technology at your disposal.

With this, you can sleep soundly every night and not have to be worried about who and what could be trying to hack your account.

20. Facebook Compatible

Another super exciting feature about Landingi is that it is compatible with your Facebook!

What are the odds of that?

You can confidently leverage your social media marketing by embedding your landing page as a tab on your Facebook page.

21. Image Optimization

You want your images to be optimized so that you can maximize the speed of your landing page? Then look to Landingi.

Landingi’s software helps you to automatically optimize the quality of your images so that you can comfortably maximize the speed of your landing page.

22. Leads Management

With the lead generation software that is available on Landingi, you can analyze and manage all your leads effectively.

And the inbox is also equipped with vital tools that make it a tiny CRM for your use.

23. Form Creator

Landingi's landing page software allows you the opportunity to define all the necessary data that you need from your landing page visitors through the form creator.

24. Form Validation

Landingi also offers you form validation services, as you are allowed to set a field format while creating the form.

This will help you to execute the data you want from the visitor.

25. Lead Export

With a single click on Landingi, you can export all the leads into a CSV file or a google sheet depending on your preference and integrate them with your current processes.

There is no debate that this is a significant relief to all.

26. Anti-spam security

Landingi's software is also protected by high tech anti-spam security.

This helps to ensure that you are only updated with high quality leads from the lead generation software you are provided.

This will help you to make sure that you are not wasting your valuable time on unyielding leads that will not help you produce higher profit margins.

27. Seamless Integrations

Landingi also offers a smooth integration operation software that allows you to integrate with solutions like MailChimp, HubSpot, SalesForce, and so many others that are available to you.

And you not only incorporate them for the sake of it, but you are allowed to pass leads to virtually any email marketing or CRM tool that you might be using.

28. Lead Notifications

Landingi's software is built so that you will be notified of any leads that you get immediately so that you can start work on it with immediate effect.

This will help to increase your customer's sense of reliability in you, and you are bound to get more leads that way.

29. Autoresponders

On Landingi, you are offered an excellent autoresponder email marketing tool that gives you the leverage of your customers having a response 24/7.

Each lead is responded to immediately, and whether or not you are on sit to react to others individually, you are easily covered.

30. Landing Page Scheduler

The landing page scheduler is one of the tools on Landingi that is for helping you to keep track of all your current and future launches.

It serves as a personal assistant to you on some levels, and you do not need to miss any of your launch dates for the sake of not remembering it.

Landingi Pricing

Having understood the features of Landingi, you also need to know its pricing.

Like many other page builder tools Landingi also offers a 14-day full-featured free trial without entering the credit card details.

Landingi Review -  14-Day Free Trial

And the prices are indeed reasonable.

They include various packages, and you are allowed to choose whichever suits you best.

However, these packages are in two categories.

They are the business and agency categories.

1. Business Pricing Plans

Landingi Review - Business Plans

Core ($29):

This is a monthly fee, and you can as well be billed annually, depending on your preference.

You are guaranteed all of Landingi's elementary features and unlimited landing pages.

You also entitled to 5 custom domains, 100,000 visitors a month, two account users, a support email, and ten active popups.

Create ($45):

With this package, you are entitled to all the core features and unlimited landing pages.

You can also have ten custom domains, 100,000 visitors a month, ten account users, and support with email, phone, and chat.

And you can get unlimited popups.

Automate ($59):

This is the final subscription package for the business plan.

Here you get unlimited landing pages, 20 custom domains, 200,000 visitors a month, 40 account users, and support with email, phone, chat, and unlimited popups.

2. Agency Pricing Plans

Landingi Review - Agency Plans

Consultant ($95): 

This package is excellent as it offers, subaccounts, unbranded WordPress plugin, and Unbranded emails.

Agency ($149):

With this package, you get all consultant features with the addition of custom templates, custom image library, audit logs, and priority support.

Agency Pro ($245):

This offers you all agency features with a Landingi platform under your domain, your branding, and API for creating subaccounts.

Bottom Line

This brings us to an end of some of the features that are obtainable on Landingi.

And the good news is that it does not stop here.

You can visit to get a full download of all the great tools you stand to enjoy from using Landingi.

And with the pricing, it is indeed an excellent and fair dealing, and there is no doubt you are bound to enjoy it!

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