Perpetual Income 365 Review – Is It Another DFY System Scam or Legit?

Perpetual Income 365 Review Summary

Overall Rating

2.5 / 5

Perpetual Income 365 is a plug-and-play system that helps you earn commissions online by setting up an affiliate system.

Best Suited For

Beginners who want to make quick money online


$47 per month

Free Trial

No, but there is a $9 trial


Shawn Josiah

Ease of Use

3 / 5


2 / 5


3 / 5

Customer Support

2.5 / 5


2 / 5

Value For Money

2.5 / 5


  • Free email swipes
  • DFY squeeze page templates
  • Integration to autoresponder
  • Solo ads traffic sources
  • Free eBooks


  • No learning
  • Scammy refund policy
  • Lousy and outdated business model
  • No netflix or google algorithm in-place as claimed in the sales video
  • Costly upsells inside
  • Focused on self-promotion


Perpetual Income 365 is another "Done-for-You' or "Plug-And-Play" system that doesn't offer any real learning. I have been observing for quite some time on ClickBank and other platforms, such DFY systems are launching one after another.

A few other examples of such programs are 12 Minute AffiliateSimple WiFi Profits1K a Day Fast Track, etc.

The fun part is, the newbies in the world of internet marketing also fall for such systems. Though nothing wrong in that but I personally prefer to develop the skills that will enable me to build a business myself.

I highly recommend taking the reputable and legit training that teaches you to build an online business that can generate passive income for the long-term.

I love marketing and making money online through marketing!

If you are as eager to know about Perpetual Income 365 as I was, It's great that you have landed on the right page and will not waste your time to seek genuine review.

Here, I'm sharing everything that you want to know about Perpetual Income 365.

Now Stop searching and thinking whether this program is beneficial in earning money online or not.

Sit comfortably, be relax and take cold drinks, tea, or any of your favorite beverages in one hand and read my review.

promise you that after reading this, all your doubts will be overcome.

First, I'm going to cover What is Perpetual Income 365?

I know almost 99.9% of readers would know about this program, but you never know when you might get to know something new.

Anyways let's get started!

What Is Perpetual Income 365? 

Perpetual Income 365 Review - What Is It

The Perpetual Income 365 is an affiliate marketing package for marketers that helps them to make money online. 

Here's what it claims to do:

  • It is a plug-and-play affiliate system that helps you make commissions using an automatic affiliate system
  • It is an ultimate guide that is purchased by users to satisfy their needs.
  • A platform that allows you to work at home, from a cafe or on a beach, and get paid.
  • It is an automation software.

They offer you an automatic income machine for years to make money online. 

There is no exact definition of anything; in common language, we can tell & write it in any way, did I say, right?

Is The Perpetual Income 365 Right For You?

This program is for two kinds of people.

  • New learners
  • New earners

I mean, the people who are entirely new in this market and are looking to learn how to make money online and are willing to invest their money.

What Are They Promising & What Are They Offering? 

They are offering 2 of the seven ready-made landing pages i.e., any of your choice, web hosting of these pages, an email campaign for 31 days, and a guide to solo ad traffic.

Besides, this program promises you to earn $430 a day with no technical skills, no website needed, and almost a done-for-you System at just $9.

In other words, we can say that they are promising to take all of your burdens out and provide you a stress-free money-making system. 

But, to be honest

  • They just want to promote their Perpetual Income 365 instead of teaching you about how to make money online.
  • They mislead users by printing $9 because their membership plan is $47/month + upsells. You get only a trial for $9.
  • They charge hidden cost (where user need to pay for Solo Ads at least 200 dollars)
  • Although there is no automated system that generates income for you, if it's really working, then everyone would be rich by now. It is possible to make 5 or 6 digits online, but all it does take is time and effort.

Is Perpetual Income 365 a Scam or Legit?

If you were just looking to check whether the Perpetual Income 365 program is a scam or legit then you will be relaxed to know that it's not a scam.

Perpetual Income 365 is suitable for quick earners but not really for learners.

This system is beneficial for those who have NEVER made money online.

However, I am not going to recommend this program for newbies, because this is the stage where you have the eagerness to learn something new and great.

But, for somebody who wants to earn money without skills then it's good for them.

Also, if you have a lot of dollars to spend on their solo ads, and more then go for it.

I don’t recommend buying the Perpetual Income 365 because it is a misleading product.

What do you get for it?

Not much – actually only a chance to spend more money by purchasing other products (upsells).

It's an ideal system for those who are looking to make some quick bucks but not for those who are looking for developing the real skills for building a long-term sustainable online business.

To be honest, if you want to achieve something and enjoy freedom, you need to think for the long term and forget about short-term shortcuts like the Perpetual Income 365 program.

That is a concise type that hype up how much you can make and rarely (if ever) give you the results they promise.

I have also checked out their Facebook group, where some of their members are getting some sales.

But, what I don't like is their members' area where you will get nothing for what you were sold on the sales page, and the only way to make money with this is to shell out for email ad swipes with no guarantee of a return.

Besides, their sales videos also give a different picture that is entirely misleading people.

In reality, the Perpetual Income doesn't have Netflix or any other type of algorithm, it's a 100% lie.

In the last one, I would like to say that you should choose your best to learn more and more about achieving success in the online market.

What Is Good About Perpetual Income 365?

Here I am giving a few green flags that I think it is important to mention before we jump into the conclusion.

Free Email Swipes

They offer free email-swipes for 31 days, where you don't need to create the email template as emails on your behalf will be shot automatically.

All of this will save a lot of time and effort.

This is helpful for those who are brand new to email marketing.

Modern marketers can take good advantage of it by just keeping their focus on marketing.

Ready-Made Squeeze Page Integration

Perpetual Income 365 will allow users to get 2X squeeze pages of their choices.

Most of their competitors are also offering thousands of ready-made squeeze pages, but here, you can set up a job by linking them to your affiliate pages and your autoresponder.

I found it fantastic for newbies because finding and setting up a job can be daunting for some new starters.

They have an automation system that means the setup is all done-for-you.

Easy To Use

I mean, their dashboard is straightforward to use.

Just go to the menu bar, you just start from top to bottom.

  1. Integrations
  2. Money Pages
  3. Traffic Crusher

Besides, they also offer a defined video instruction at each step.

Solo Ads Traffic

It's pretty evident if you are new in this market, you must not know about Solo ads traffic.

But, this can be very helpful for you where Shawn will explain what solo ad traffic means.

Besides, they also recommend some vendors to you.

The main advantage of this type of marketing is that users will get traffic from the favored vendor.

Once worked, you need to relax because even if 10 percent of the traffic comes to you, you will get famous.

Quick Earning Without Learning

With Perpetual Income 365, you can earn money without even learning marketing skills and tricks.

Here, you will get some ready-made things.

Just look at your target audience and get the content ready that will help in leads.

However, I don't like quick earning without learning, but it's suitable for marketers who want to make it without any knowledge for the short term.

Free eBooks

Perpetual marketing 365 allows you to access their free eBooks.

Who hates free access?

No one, right?

Besides, you can also download them.

They offer three eBooks named as below:

Start today, tiny Subscription big profits: This book is about how to make big profits if you start doing small Subscriptions then right now.

Income commander: How you can make money by simple means.

Recurring revenue Master Plan: The book tells you: How to make revenue permanent.

What is "Not" Good About Perpetual Income 365?

Here I am giving a few red flags that I think are important to mention before jumping into the conclusion.

No learning

I mean No efforts no learning, all is done for you ready-made i.e., Born with the silver spoon, which equally means there'll be no learning opportunity in the long term.

You will not learn tricks and marketing ways; all you have to promote the same sales page with the same strategy.

I don't think it can be useful for a long way, or if you can't keep doing that forever, you see what I mean?

They will give you a "mindset training" video for 25 minutes, but you will learn nothing.

Refund Policy Is Bad

If you don't like their program, system, and anything you want to claim for a refund, then you'll be Blacklisted from their end - Does it make sense?

Also, I don't like their welcome message, where Shawn mentions clearly that requesting a refund is something that "cheap people" do.

I respect that he put a lot of effort into creating his system, but their refund policy is horrible.

The moment you click the refund button, your ID will automatically become a blacklisted ID.

New members do not claim a refund, referred to as"abusers" and "cheap people."

Then why their sales page claims for "60 days" no question asked" money-back guarantee.

There are many courses, programs, and systems that allow users to claim a refund without question.

ClickBank allows buyers explicitly to request a refund quickly under its policy.

Secondly, consumers are lawfully entitled to claim a refund when they receive the wrong product.

For example, if I ordered a jacket from any online site and I don't like it, it's the user's right to request a refund!

This completely misleads people.

I do agree that due to some abusers, any seller can be frustrated, users should not be intimidated by words such as "you'll be blacklisted" and "cheap people" for doing what we feel is right and fair.

Lousy And Outdated Business Model

I have read many reviews before trying, and maximum people say it's effortless to make money with Perpetual Income 365.

I've lost count of how many programs I've seen out there.

But, what I got is outdated and messy data, which is entirely not suitable for new learners because they will get confused with old vs. new strategies.

Their lousy and obsolete business model drives me insane.

Fake Reviews

Not all reviews are fake, but most of them are false.

You can check out their sales page where you get a couple of counterfeit photos of an actor.

Many fake people will say things like "I'm getting paid 365 days around the clock," which is hypothetically impossible.

No Such Algorithms

Some of the people landed on their sales page because they introduced the algorithm used by Netflix, Google, Microsoft, and Apple.

Unfortunately, neither of them is mentioned in the members' area.

You can just generate the sales through their standard squeeze page and make ClickBank affiliate commissions using solo ads, and that's it.

There is nothing about any secret code or algorithms.

They use phrases like a loophole, secret algorithm, Done-For-You, to apply to have your attention.


This is entirely unethical because, in the beginning, they show $9 only, but once you are a member, then you need to pay several hundred to get the full service.

Isn't it frustrating?

Focused on Self-Promotion?

They are wholly focused on their self-promotion; they have nothing to do with your learning.

They will only tell you the basic things that help them to promote their sales pages, which is why I don't like this program.

Help and Support

Their help and support system is quite slow as if you raise queries, they will revert within 24 hours to 48 hours, but they also join the Facebook group.

They have a small number of members in the group, so your questions may receive proper attention.

Best Perpetual Income 365 Alternatives

For those of you who prefer to learn for earning, I recommend two training programs.

You don’t need to purchase both of the training programs, however, you can choose one depending on your needs and budget.

Why am I recommending these training programs?

You will know it shortly.

Authority Site System by Authority Hacker

It is a Step-By-Step system that will help you start & grow your own profitable affiliate & authority websites.

The best thing about this program is that unlike Perpetual Income 365, you are not selling some system to earn.

Instead, you will learn to build and grow your own affiliate marketing business.

In fact, it teaches the 100% white-hat strategy to build a site from scratch and make it an authority in any niche.

This training program explains everything from basics to intermediate level concepts and strategies.

Once you have learned and established your authority website, you can even upgrade to their more advanced training program Authority Hacker Pro.

Here is my review of the Authority Site System that you can read to decide if it’s for you.

Wealthy Affiliate

Some of you might be on a tight budget and may not be able to pay the Authority Site System's price.

Wealthy Affiliate is an excellent alternative to the Perpetual Income 365 program, and you need to pay a small amount every month.

This training program teaches you everything from scratch.

You get to learn about building a website, creating content, and attracting traffic through social media and SEO.

The best thing is that everything from hosting to keyword tool is provided for just $49/month.

Here's my in-depth review of Wealthy Affiliate.


Now that you know everything about the Perpetual Income 365 program, I believe you are in a better position to make a call to buy it or not.

I never say that the Done-For-You systems are bad, but they usually don't offer any value.

I really didn't like the refund part in Perpetual Income 365, even ClickBank doesn't prevent you from asking for a refund.

In the end, it's your call.

If you are ready to try this program then simply click the button below and get started.

Don't hesitate to share your feedback in the comments below after trying the system.

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