SEMRush Review 2020: A Ground-Breaking SEO And Traffic Tool

I am guessing you are looking for a genuine SEMRush review probably because your free trial is expiring and you have made up your mind to go for the paid plans.

Or probably you simply want to learn more about this SEO tool and plan to use it in the future for your business.

Whatever the reason may be, don't worry because in this comprehensive SEMRush review we are going to explore everything about this tool including its features, pricing and how it can help get more traffic to your website.

At several intervals in the world of marketing tools, which are mostly not calculated nor premeditated, we are presented with new and improved versions of marketing and analytic tools to help to make the job easier.

SEMRush Review

Without a doubt, SEMRush is one of such applications.

However, the dimensions with which SEMRush helps you to improve your business is what makes it unique.

The truth remains that so many of us in business are still doing our best to reach the top spot in our fields.

And what is keeping most of us back is the inability to find out what exactly our competition is doing that is yielding them more results and putting us below them.

Our lack of knowledge on the strategies and techniques that our competition is implementing for them to generate better search results than us is what prevents us from gaining the much-needed results from our Search Engine Optimization.

Eventually, many businesses resort to using manual means, to unravel the secret strategies of their competition.

And frequently, this involves a lot of research that could come in late, giving the competition enough time to strategize.

Also, the manual means of researching the Search Engine Optimization techniques used by the competition could lead to us using unfair means and routes.

Still, all these do not change the fact that your competition is getting more traffic than you are, which means that they are doing something you are not.

Looking at how rigorous the manual process might seem, a lot of us give up on finding out the strategies our competitors are implementing, and this is what keeps us lagging.

But there is good news!

And it comes in the form of a Search Engine Optimization tool named SEMRush.

What Is SEMRush?

As we have discussed earlier, there are a lot of tools on the market and Search Engine Optimization tools to be precise; however, among them, SEMRush can be said to be the best and most powerful.

SEMRush is a Search Engine Optimization tool that helps you to evaluate and analyze the strategy with which your competition is thriving and understand how it is you can counter it or implement it to improve your sales and traffic.

The question now becomes how SEMRush does this and what methods it implements to help you ensure that your competition is not ahead of you.

SEMRush helps you with your content marketing by doing your keyword research and going further to track the exact keyword combination and strategies that are used by your competition.

It then performs total and encompassing audit of the articles on your blog and goes as far as looking for backlinks and many other opportunities to help you improve your Search Engine Optimization.

SEMRush performs a lot of functions, and all of these are in a bid to help you improve your content marketing.

Most of the blogs that are worth their salt make use of this Search Engine Optimization tool.

Blogs such as Forbes, Hyatt, PayPal, and many others.

Of course, at this point, it is easy to see that SEMRush has proved its worth.

However, it is also very essential that you can identify a number of those functions that SEMRush offers to help you reach the home goal of excellent content marketing.

First, SEMRush has a vast database of well over 120 million keywords and 46 million domains.

There is a considerable doubt that any other search Engine Optimization tool can boast of such significant figures with prowess as full as that of SEMRush.

Also, SEMRush tracks a lot of other things in a bid to help you with your content marketing.

For one, it follows the organic position of your landing URL or your domain on the famous Search Engine Results Pages (SERP'S) on Google.

It tracks CPC ads, Adwords ads copies and their positions, competitor analysis, and so many other things.

All of the ones listed above are merely the tip of the iceberg.

In essence, we must understand that all of these other functions that SEMRush performs and offers are all to the end of helping you with your content marketing.

This then leads us to the question of why content marketing is so important and necessary.

Why should it be that all the efforts and mechanisms inbuilt in this Search Engine Optimization tool are geared towards enhancing your content marketing?

To have an all-encompassing answer to this question, before we delve into what content marketing is as whole and what exactly makes it essential, let us take the keywords involved apart and define content and marketing apart from each other.

SEMRush Review - Start Free Trial

What Is Content In The Context of Internet Marketing?

Content simply refers to the vital or principal information that is passed across in a body of work, either written or otherwise.

Therefore, content to bloggers will apply to the significant substance and knowledge that their articles or blog intends to make available to the general public or a selected few.

What then is marketing?

Marketing, on the other hand, merely connotes all of the factors involved, and steps taken to bring awareness of the public of the availability of certain content or products.

Therefore, marketing comprises all the mechanisms that are used to ensure that the intended targets are made aware of the availability of such products, content, or services.

You might consider having to understand each of these definitions one by one as highly unnecessary, especially if you are not a novice to content marketing.

However, it is essential that we see the root of thoughts and original ideas that produced the Search Engine Optimization tool we are considering, to understand the gravity of what it does.

Having carefully studied the definitions of content and marketing, we can confidently say that content marketing is simply the method through which you can bring the awareness of your target audience to the availability of the content you are offering.

Content marketing is the strategy and genius that internet marketers engage to fundamentally create and then distribute the content efficiently that they provide in both an educative and entertaining way.

Through this, we can see that content marketing is essential and not only to a specific type of business but all businesses that are ready to make use of the internet space effectively and maximize all the possibilities that come with it.

Having great content and effectively marketing it is the best way for you to generate leads for your business, make more sales, and create a relatable and respectable reputation for your brand.

Great content marketing is the core of any successful business, especially on the online space.

There are so many benefits associated with doing good content marketing.

First, it helps you to build and bring together a totality of loyal and committed clients and customers who will keep coming back no matter what. And I am sure this is what all internet marketers wish for.

Also, it gives you leverage and makes you respectable in your niche.

There are no two ways about the fact that if you can sell more than everybody else, your competition will respect your brand.

Even more than your competition recognizing your brand, you become a significant authority and force to be reckoned with in your field.

This will also help you to be the first call for new customers and clients that might be looking for more content in your area.

Another significant benefit and reason why content marketing is essential are that it helps you to keep your customers and clients engaged and continually get feedback from them.

One way of keeping your client base active and boycotting the probability of losing them to other brands in your niche is by keeping them engaged.

And great content marketing is the only thing that can help you do that.

Your customers or clients will continue to give you feedback on what they feel about your content, and you can continually satisfy them on all fronts.

This way, they are engaged, and you do not stand the risk of losing them to the competition in as much as you satisfy them by giving them quality output and the best deals that they crave.

It also helps you to provide quality content.

Knowing that your keeping or losing your customers is dependent on you producing quality content, an excellent Search engine optimization tool for content marketing will help to understand the logic behind the use of keywords and put you a step ahead of your competition.

This way, it takes care of all the issues involved in handling your content, that is, both providing useful content and distributing it.

It as well helps you to add the needed value to your business and remain as competitive as needed in your niche. When you produce the quality, you become more qualitative, and quality equals value.

Therefore, if you are steadily delivering value, you remain valuable and increasingly valuable.

SEMRush Review

Features of SEMRush

Quality content-marketing helps to put you at the top with the big guns, and your competition will be nothing but the best.

This is because it is one thing to compete and another thing to compete with the best at what you do.

Now that we understand the use of content marketing and are fully aware of its benefits, you might be wondering why exactly you should choose SEMRush for the task, but there is no need to worry any further.

Why? Because the answer is just at the tip of your fingers, but it is embodied in so many letters and lines, you might want to keep reading.

1. Efficient Keyword Research

The first undebatable reason why no other Search engine optimization tool except for SEMRush should be your choice is that it helps you to do useful and consequently efficient keyword research.

There is no doubt that keyword research is essential and possibly the most critical aspect of digital marketing for blogs.

In content marketing, keyword research should be the core of any of your content marketing strategies.

This is because keywords are the best avenue through which your customers and clients will find you.

Linking this to a more relatable factor, we can consider keyword research on the part of the consumer to be in a scenario whereby the police are searching for an individual with the name "X" in a neighborhood.

Most likely, the first thing they are going to do is to search for all the people bearing "X" in that community.

Thereby singling out the people with that name and then going further to use other specific details about the person in question to search for them.

Features such as their sex, height, and several others until they come in contact with who it is, in particular, they are searching for.

This is the same thing as keywords and search engine optimization.

It helps you to identify with what your customers and clients are searching for and adding it to your content so that when your clients search for those things, they get to see you first.

How SEMRush helps you is that it helps you to identify those keywords that will help you generate more traffic, leads, and eventually clients and customers.

By using SEMRush, you are provided with enough search engine optimization knowledge that is needed for you to optimize your keywords and strategically present your content effectively.

SEMRush also helps you to understand and evaluate the many keyword variations that are associated with certain root words that are made use of.

This not only helps to add to your bank of knowledge but also gives you a more in-depth insight into how people think so you can understand how they search for things online.

For instance, if people do not directly search for the product that you offer but a service that it provides, you can adapt this into your content marketing and increase your traffic, leads, and invariably sales.

This keyword research is also what puts you in the homes of your clients and helps you not to lose contact with your audience.

Because you are giving them what they want at every point in time, this keyword research is what will help you make decisions on the kind of content that you will like to put out.

It helps to make your digital marketing more productive, and you can achieve the intended results.

In essence, it helps you to understand why the thoughts behind the searches of people matter.

2. Stronger Competitive Intelligence

Also, SEMRush helps you to build your competitive intelligence.

However, it does not only give you competitive information, but it also makes such data comparative.

Comparative in the sense that you are not only analyzing the functionality and strategies of the competition but yours as well.

Before you go ahead to analyze and make a detailed or comprehensive study of what your competition is up to and what strategies they are implementing, SEMRush helps you first to analyze what you have done and where you are lagging.

This helps you so that when the needed information finally comes, you know what to do with it and how to implement the veritable secrets to success that SEMRush provides you with.

How does SEMRush do this?

By entering the details of your webpage address on your SEMRush tool, you will be provided with accurate information about the nature of the traffic on your site after a thorough evaluation.

SEMRush will first help to give you an overview of the traffic on your website to know whether it is organic or paid traffic.

You will get to see the ranking of your site on Google and understand whether the traffic is getting better or worse regularly.

SEMRush will also send you monthly results of how your search engine optimization is doing.

These timely reports will help you to evaluate your progress in depth.

With progress reports going on for one or two years, there is no doubt you will get your act together and be able to continually improve on your use of keywords and generate more traffic and leads to your blog.

This in-depth analysis of your content will help you to know where you are in your traffic generation and where you need to be.

Then you are also provided with corporate intelligence on your competition.

That is, SEMRush helps you gather and analyze information on your competition and know what essential market factors that will help you to gain a competitive advantage over your competitors.

This is very important because it helps you to understand the business environment in which you operate and the opportunities that present themselves to you in that environment.

Through the analysis of this information, you can imbibe and create exceptional business practices that will help you grow.

The core of the gathered competitive intelligence is all to get actionable information.

What do we mean by actionable information?

Information that we can work on and use to shape our brand in the marketplace.

What SEMRush gives you is actionable information.

This information will even help you to foresee possible challenges that might arise in the future concerning your business and whatever strategy that you might be planning to implement.

SEMRush allows you to know your enemy and understand the intricacies of what they do that makes them better than you and helps them to serve consumers better.

It provides you with all this information without having to go through the manual method of looking through the media, monitoring them for long periods, and having to study and do research on all of their tactics.

3. Identification of New Keyword Opportunities

SEMRush serves as an excellent room for brainstorming for new keyword opportunities and how to identify them.

With SEMRush, it is as though you have a team of outstanding board members that help you to do the right thing at the right time.

At calculated and very reasonable intervals, SEMRush helps you to identify better and more suitable keywords for building your content.

SEMRush helps you to choose the right keywords by helping you think like your target audience.

Because if you want to know how to please your customers, you have to understand how they think.

It helps you first to identify your target market and then unravel the logic behind their psychology.

This means that you put yourself in the shoes of your client as you choose from your list of keywords.

And at all times you click on one keyword, you find many others that are related to it and relatable to your consumers.

All these other keywords that will be presented to you are ones that are relevant to the ones you need.

These keywords are so well-sourced that even though you choose to put yourself in the shoes of a customer, you will find that those keywords are the ones that will come to your mind to type on Google.

Also, before SEMRush presents you with these keywords, you are assured that they have been accurately compared to that of your competition, and you can bank on the high probability of it helping to put you at the top.

It as well presents you with long-tail keywords that, although might not yield the most significant search volume, will help you to generate the relevant traffic that you seek and are relatively way less competitive.

These long-tail keywords help to narrow down searches and necessarily specify the content, product, or services that you offer, which will make it easier for your target audience to find you and patronize you for your products or services.

SEMRush provides you with all this information on a platter of gold.

It also helps you to analyze the results of your keywords and all the research that has been made.

In evaluating the services that you are offered for using SEMRush, you see that it (SEMRush) sources for the keywords, helps you to compare them to that of your competition, reports them to you, allows you to make your choice from series of options and still enables you to evaluate the selection you have made to know how effective it is.

Considering this, there is no doubt that SEMRush is all that your webpage needs to improve its traffic.

This way, you can strategize and effectively analyze your brand and that of your competitor.

The keywords that are provided to you by SEMRush not only help your target audience to identify you but they help to define your business and present to your client base or customers what the essence of your services or products are.

And what better thing is there than to present your customers with their search intent?

4. Effective Progress Tracker

SEMRush helps you to do a perfect job of tracking both your past and current rankings.

The importance of knowing your past records and present records cannot be underestimated in search engine optimization.

By using SEMRush, you can effectively track your level of ranking both in the past and currently for you to evaluate your progress rate.

You are provided with information about your ranking on Google over a particular period so that you can single out what has worked for you and what has not yielded any results at all.

You can effectively and particularly identify what it is that has worked.

A good example is if there was an article on your blog that was effective in generating more traffic for you, by monitoring your progress report, you could go-ahead to identify what techniques you implemented and how you made use of the keywords provided you in that instance, to improve on subsequent posts and generate better quality and leads.

This is what SEMRush helps you do.

Even more than giving you a complete overview, it also gives you briefs on particular insight on all your blog posts one by one.

Hence, you can get an idea of each of your posts and not have to guess which one yielded the kind of traffic that you want.

As stated earlier, it is impossible to belittle the importance of keeping records in search engine optimization.


Because it is what gives you the leverage to bank on for information to implement changes and figure out the loopholes that need to be fixed in your style of writing or use of keywords.

These records are what you leverage to build similar content and engage in the same method of writing.

The fact that SEMRush helps you to track your progress enables you to have the opportunity to build a lasting practice in your writing and form an accurate and creative system of patterning and presenting your content.

This means that you will be able to teach others and help them know that your success is not by chance but a product of the implementation of specific techniques and practices in your style of writing.

It also helps you to evaluate where your business stands in comparison to your competition.

So you have standard and accurate details of where your company stands on the market and, in essence, your ranking.

More importantly, it helps you to look for ways to innovate new and improved strategies that will help you to improve your business and promote your content.

By having access to how your content has been doing in previous times you will be able to find more comfortable patterns that will give you the same results and even better ones.

The keeping of records is also an avenue for you to have information to beckon on when issues arise with your content.

It will help you to be able to quickly solve problems because you will be able to identify precisely what loopholes have been created in the course of your work and work on them.

If it is a change in the style of writing or any other factors, you will be able to identify them and provide solutions quickly.

SEMRush also helps you to monitor your competitor's competition.

Even though people are fond of saying your enemy's enemy is your friend, it is never the case in business.

The truth is there are no friends nor enemies in the business world; everyone is merely searching for an avenue to make better sales than their competitor, which is normal.

However, even at that, we still have businesses that are friendly to each other and some that are in a hostile competition.

One thing that we must not take away is the fact that at each level of competition, there is always someone that competes with the person that is your immediate competitor.

And at every level you rise to in your niche, you will find a new competition that is even more challenging than the former.

But often, the competition that you will eventually meet is one that is also a competition for your immediate competitor.

However, SEMRush offers you the opportunity to study your probable future competition ahead of time and not get caught by surprise.

This means that rather than merely analyze and review your immediate competition, you can also study your competitor's competition.

Why is this important?

Why must you study your competitor's competition, and what benefits does it offer you?

SEMRush offers you this essential facility because monitoring your competitor's competition helps you to keep up with the various changes that are ongoing in your service providing field.

It also helps you to prepare ahead for any unwanted and unforeseen surprises.

Because you will already have preliminary knowledge of what is going on and your competition cannot spring up any new surprises on you as you will be ready to face such circumstances with a counter-strategy that will help you to keep your stance in the marketplace.

The opportunity to study your competitor's competition that SEMRush gives also allows you the avenue to discover some new, real, and untapped market opportunities and channels.

Whether you are writing blog posts or trying to sell products, the fact remains that you are still in an individual marketplace, and understanding the workings of others in that market will allow you to see what they cannot and open your eyes to new resources that can be used to your favor.

It will as well allow you to earn leads from the customers that were dissatisfied with their services. In my opinion, this is one of the most significant opportunities that SEMRush offers.

The possibility for you to study your competition and even their competition as well gives you an avenue to get more leads and eventually customers or clients.

This is quite excellent because there are so many organizations that have built their empire by merely ensuring that they were able to satisfy those customers who their competitors could not meet.

This search engine optimization tool not only allows you to improve on your craft, but it also gives you an avenue to distribute it effectively.

5. Monitor And Increase The Traffic

SEMRush satisfies and monitors your existing traffic while increasing the number.

SEMRush also helps you to keep an eye on your existing traffic while sourcing for more.

Unlike a lot of other search engine optimization tools, SEMRush provides you with excellent analytic tools that help you to monitor and give the best services to your existing traffic while ensuring that the numbers are regularly soaring.

By enabling you to compare the results of your competitors by connecting you to either Google Search Console or Google Analytics,

SEMRush allows you to get additional information on the position of the keywords you are using and the keywords that need to be added to your collection.

Thereby enabling you to both satisfy your existing traffic and as well raise the numbers.

The tool also allows you to add as many as 20 top keywords that can be tracked through the information that you receive from Google Search Console or Google Analytics or a text file.

And with SEMRush, you can choose what you want to track!

6. Find Great Advertising Avenues

On the internet space today, one of the most common ways through which bloggers make money is by hosting pay-per-click ads.

And SEMRush helps you with sourcing for these business opportunities by helping you find businesses and organizations that are ready to pay for such pay-per-click ads.

The reason this is thriving is that although a lot of companies will pay whatever it takes to generate traffic through Google Adwords, they can be costly to get the most competitive and sought after keywords.

This presents itself as a great way to help you not only garner traffic to your blog but also monetize the amount of traffic that you will be getting.

Through this, you can become a reputable affiliate marketer, and there is no saying how much can be made through this business venture.

However, it all solely depends on the quality of the content that you can put out there for views.

Without creating quality content, there is no other avenue for you to be a great affiliate marketer because organizations will not like for their products or brand to be associated with mediocrity.

SEMRush will help you find out the keywords that help to make your blog thrive in the internet space and look for businesses that ready to pay for the pay-per-click adverts.

You get all this through a table that is very user friendly and easy to understand.

SEMRush then connects you with those organizations and boom your road to success is paved! You also get to know all of this information before your competitors can get a hold of it.

7. Top-Notch Guest Blogging Strategy

Another fantastic avenue for you to grow your blog and practice effective content marketing is through guest blogging.

And SEMRush brings this to your doorstep.

Over time, content marketers have found that guest blogging is one of the foremost and most effective ways of getting exceptional results from content marketing.

And with the increasing number of webpages that are ready to accept guest posts, it might become a little bit of a hassle to find out the one which will work best for you and yield the desired results.

However, you have SEMRush to the rescue!

By using this search engine optimization and analytic tool, you will be able to conduct series of researches on which website or blog among the probable ones which you are considering for guest posting will be able to give you the results that you desire.

You will then know which one will work to your benefit without having to go through a trial and error spree.

8. Backlink Analysis With a Difference

This is another exciting feature of SEMRush.

Any experienced content marketer will agree that links are the core of content marketing.

Without them, your job as a content marketer will be easily jeopardized as they are the only means by which you can trade on the internet.

For you to thrive as a content marketer, you must have an effective and efficient link building pattern in place; if not, the unpalatable will be the case.

With SEMRush, you need not be afraid of creating links and having strategies because it comes easily to you.

With the use of a pie chart, you are shown the number of high-quality links that you possess as well as that of your competitors.

You can also find out the techniques your competitors are deploying to get their backlinks, and through that, innovate ideas for you to get yours!

Essentially, there are no two ways of saying that SEMrush is a great Search Engine Optimization tool that gives you access to maximize the internet and world content and digital marketing effectively.

SEMRush Pricing

At this point, it will be unfair not to give you the directives that will help ensure that you are well hooked up to SEMRush.

Here is how the pricing of SEMRush works;

Pro Plan ($99)

This is a per month billing system that allows freelancers, start-ups, and even in-house marketers with a limited budget the opportunity to get the vital services that they require at their disposal for a meager sum.

With this plan, you can run your SEO, PPC, and SMM projects with the availability of over 40 advanced tools.

You will also be able to know the source of your competitor's traffic, rankings, social media results, and many more.

You get 10,000 results per every report and 3,000 reports per day, isn't that a fantastic deal?!

Guru Plan ($199.95)

This is the second monthly package, which is for SMB and marketing agencies.

With this package, you get all the features that are available to the Pro users and;

  • Content marketing platform
  • Branded reports
  • Historical data
  • Extended limits

Without a doubt, this is quite the deal, and it is open to you!

Business Plan ($399)

This package is the biggest deal for monthly users. It is designed especially for agencies, E-commerce projects, and businesses with a vast web presence.

You are offered all the Guru Package features with the addition of;

  • White-label reports
  • API access
  • Extended limits and sharing options
  • Google data Studio integration

All these plans are very reasonable because comparing them with the services they provide, you find that they are highly affordable.

You are also allowed to change your plans at intervals and switch from one program to another, depending on your budget or other circumstances.

They are also free of all hidden fees and contract obligations that tend to discourage content marketers from using most SEO tools.

There is also the enterprise plan that is quite flexible and open for use asides these three plans.

You could decide to subscribe to the annual program, which will help you to save a whopping 16% rate in the long-run.

You do not want to miss out on these deals, subscribe to SEMRush now!

Bottom Line

I hope I could answer all the questions you had in your mind in this in-depth SEMRush review.

SEMRush is regarded as one of the top SEO and traffic and is trusted by many big companies in the world like Vodafone, WIX,, etc.

It now only helps you improve the SEO but also drive more traffic to your website by providing in-depth analytics for the profitable keywords and competition in your niche.

SEMRush is able to provide the value by a wide range of tool suite of over 40 SEO, content, advertising, social media and reporting tools that it offers.

With SEMRush you should be quickly able to manage all aspects of your website, for example, keyword research, competition analysis, backlinks, ads, social media, authority and whatnot.

Click the button below to try SEMRush now and start your free trial today.

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