Sendiio Review: Really The Powerful Email Marketing Tool?

In recent years, digital marketing and essentially maximizing the online space for the promotion of products and services by both marketers, businesses, and entrepreneurs have been the primary focus of all concerned in any of these categories.

In the last decade, it has been a merry-go-round of different kinds of tools and applications built for this purpose.

And we have seen some of these innovations thrive and others die a natural death.

In all, there is no saying that there have not been excellent applications stemming from this global wave of digital marketing innovations.

However, there have been several snags in the use of many of these tools.

And these issues stem from the rather common desire of marketers for the improvement of the Artificial Intelligence of several of these applications.

This refers to the fact that digital marketers clamored to have tools that could do make automatic responses for them even though they were not able to be on deck 24/7.

And this led to the innovation and invention of Auto-responders.

What Is Sendiio?

Sendiio Review - what is sendiio

These are programs that help individuals to automatically respond to emails without any help from the owner of the email inbox.

This is great, isn't it?

But the truth is they've been around for a while, and they are no recent innovation.

But the question now is, what's new?

Well, Sendiio is new!

Sendiio is an autoresponder, but the first and best of its kind that gives the benefit of allowing you to maximize the use of three digital marketing spaces using a single dashboard with a onetime payment fee.

Yes, you read that right onetime fee!

Sendiio gives you the benefit of maximizing and profiting from three significant digital marketing spaces, which are Email, Facebook messenger, and text messaging.

You get the benefits of each one of these three platforms on a single dashboard. And this is the real definition of amazing because it is the first of its kind, so yes, you can go ahead to gush about it.

Usually, the question most digital marketers ask is which one of these platforms is the best for digital marketing.

But for the users of Sendiio, there is no need to ask this because what you will be debating is how lucrative which one has been for you!

The truth is each one of the digital marketing spaces works well, and they are possible avenues for making millions of dollars selling your products or advertising your services.

However, the only twist is you understanding how to master the use of each one of them to generate the income that you desire.

But being a master of each of these platforms does not still guarantee you success if you cannot keep track of the progress you are making and attend to customers or clients in time.

It might just all be a waste because there is a possible count for the infinite number of service providers and salespeople that have lost customers all for the sake of not being available at the exact time they were needed.

And there is no doubt that life happens; you cannot always be in your email.

But since the birth of the autoresponder, this problem has been partially solved, and the challenge has become how many platforms can the autoresponder operates for?

This issue is what Sendiio helps you solve.

How Does Sendiio Work?

Sendiio Review - How Does Sendiio Work

With Sendiio, you have access to keep track of your progress and responses to all the three most critical messaging applications in the digital marketing space.

You are allowed to maximize your mastery of all three platforms that are available for your use. You get to not neglect one platform over the other.

This will transform your profit margin into exceptionally mind-blowing figures, and you will do this from a single dashboard.

No having multiple applications on your phone to track anything, all you need is a single dashboard!

At this point, I am confident that any digital marketer with a goal reading this is eager to learn how it works.

The good news is, I am about to tell you. The better news is the process is way more straightforward than you thought.

All you need to do is to import your contacts, create your campaigns, send those campaigns, and start making tons of money.

You see, much more straightforward than you thought.

Sendiio is an excellent tool that can help you in more ways than you can imagine.

Also, the singular fact that it enables you to multitask and does not require monthly fees and unsolicited additional costs is quite mind-blowing.

Imagine getting all these goodies for a single payment, I don't know about you, but this is a mouth-watering offer.

Now, let us explore some of the features of this auto-responder.

Although, you know the overall impact of making use of Sendiio, how about you get rid of that tiny voice of your doubting Thomas and fully establish your trust of Sendiio by perusing and understanding all the features that it makes available for you.

Key Features of Sendiio

Key Features of Sendiio

Now that you know what is Sendiio it's time that we talk about the features it offers.

Here are the key features of Sendiio that you can look forward to.

Unlimited Email Contacts

Unlike a lot of auto-responders that we have today, which schedule the last number of email contacts that you are allowed to have and still have to pay a monthly fee, Sendiio does not do that.

By using Sendiio, you are allowed to have an unlimited number of email contacts, which will enable you to send your campaigns to as many subscribers as you like.

All you need do is get their email contact and broadcast your messages.

Unlimited Emai Campaigns

Sendiio does not regulate the number of campaigns that you can send out in a day, month, and year or however you like.

You can send out and schedule as many campaigns as you want without being sent red flags or warning messages as the case may be.

And this can be done without paying a monthly fee.

You are free to operate as well as you like; the only thing you need to worry about is whether your strategy is working or not and optimizing the opportunity that you have.

Unlimited Email Lists

Another fantastic feature of Sendiio is that just as much as you are allowed to have an unlimited number of email contacts, you can as well have as many email lists as you want.

Some auto-responders will offer you one of these benefits in exchange for the other. But with Sendiio, there are no opportunity costs, and you do not have to compromise any of these features for the other.

Again, an all in one bargain at no monthly fees, mind-blowing!

Unlimited Opt-in Forms

Sendiio also allows you to create as many opt-in forms as you like.

This will help you gain the consent of interest from your subscribers that will help you increase your client base.

You can get the opportunity to contact them further and improve communication from a onetime thing for you to establish sales fully.

Unlimited Follow-up Campaigns

This fantastic feature of Sendiio is what allows you to put the icing on the cake on those campaigns that you have sent out.

By using Sendiio, you can have follow-up campaigns on the previous broadcasts that you have sent out before.

Instead of just hoping that you get contacted by chance, you can deliberately start the process of you selling your product or getting hired by a customer or client.

Send Unlimited Emails

Any digital marketer that is conversant with how a lot of auto-responders work will know that there is a difference between having unlimited email contacts and campaigns and being able to send out unlimited emails.

With most auto-responders, you have to pay a monthly fee to be able to retain your capacity to send emails and interact with both your existing customers and the potential ones.

But with Sendiio, you can send an unlimited number of emails to all your customers and clients, both current and prospective, by merely making a onetime payment.

All you need to do is to ensure to connect your SMTP with a fully-flexible scheduling system as this will help with your broadcasts, and you are good to go.

Unlimited One-Time Broadcasts

With Sendiio, you can create an unlimited number of onetime broadcast messages.

This means that if you are not interested in having follow-up messages, you might as well send onetime messages to make quick announcements, and there is no lid on the number you are allowed to send.

Unlimited Domain Names

On Sendiio, you are also allowed to connect an unlimited number of domain names, which will enable you to run as many brands as possible.

That is, you can send any amount of emails from multiple domains to help you project and market whichever brand of your choice at the moment.

And you will be able to operate in several niches which will, in turn, yield a higher profit margin for you.
Flexible broadcast scheduling system.

If you want to run several campaigns but at different time frames and will like to schedule some for later dates, then without a doubt, Sendiio is your best bet.

You can plan as many campaigns as you like for future years and have them released at the predetermined times.

Plus, if you are the kind that creates your content in advance, you have the opportunity to pre-load them and not worry about missing deadlines or forgetting dates and scheduled events.

By pre-loading your content, you might as well take a rest for the period in between which such campaigns will run because you can trust Sendiio.

Easily Connect premium SMTP providers.

Sendiio is an exceptionally friendly auto-responder that allows you to connect various premium SMTP provides.

You can join anyone at all and integrate it easily for better service deliveries.

Extra-Detailed Stats

You want to know how your email, text message, and Facebook campaigns are doing without missing out on any factor, then all you need is Sendiio.

Sendiio allows you to see the progress of your emails, starting from the point of who and who even opened those emails to which subscribers clicked the link you sent and those who didn't.

You can also track the range of devices that your subscribers viewed your emails with so that you can confirm your themes for easy viewing.

The statistics information is very well detailed, and they will help you learn about the areas you are lagging so you can do better.

This is very helpful because the reason a lot of people are not growing is that they have no idea what they have done wrong, and no one is willing to tell them. But with Sendiio, this can never be the case.

High-Profit Generation

Through Sendiio, you can generate a much higher profit margin and also help your clients generate one too.

You can do this by making use of the opportunity Sendiio creates for you to take action on your not so palatable or negative statistics.

All you need to do is click that stat and start work on it immediately.

Also, if it is a case of your emails not being opened, you can easily resend such mails and make sure that those who did not open your e-letters for one reason or the other have a second chance to do so.

Easy To Set Up

Sendiio does not merely offer the very best email marketing tools; it has also made it extremely easy to set up an account.

On Sendiio, there is very easy to use and understand tutorials that will help you and guide you through every step for you to create an account and become a part of this excellent plan.

These tutorials will guide you until you are done and complete setup.

No aspect is left out, and you need no special skills to understand them. This makes registering with Sendiio even more attractive and reliable.

How Does Sendiio Compare To Other Tools?

Sendiio vs Other Tools

From a close study of all the features that have been mentioned above, they seem majorly directed towards the email marketing channel.

But this is not the case as all the following features and packages that have been listed above are also applicable to your telephone messaging and Facebook messaging.

  • You are allowed to import unlimited contacts from your phone directory, just like you can do so on the email contacts. And the beauty of the whole package is your contacts need not make any verification.
  • The numbers that you subscribe to those plans need not verify by accepting or declining your invites. You can directly add them up.
  • Create unlimited phone directory lists as you please just like applies to the email lists.
  • And while you are at it, if you work with clients from different sectors, you can also divide them into different phone lists. This is very helpful as there will be no confusion about who is who or what is what.
  • You are free to create as many lists as you desire; there are no limitations it is up to you to maximize the opportunity.
  • You are allowed to create a limitless number of opt-in lists and follow-up sequence campaigns. This is equally mind-blowing because Facebook is highly digitally populated, and the users are generally more receptive than a lot of platforms.
  • All these are also applicable to your Facebook messenger, as you can create unlimited campaigns that will cost you not more than the initial; payment you had to make to acquire your account entirely. You are also entitled to unlimited subscribers through your Facebook messenger.
  • Another exciting factor is how fast you are allowed to add up all your fan pages to your Sen​diio account. After doing this, you can as well immediately start sending out your campaigns, no delay!

So there you have it, the best and most major online marketing channels at your grasp on a single dashboard and a platter of pure gold!

You can as well create follow-up sequences to ensure that your subscribers are not left without being engaged now and then, so you do not lose them in the long run.

Sendiio Pricing

In essence, all the same, facilities are made available for all the platforms; all you need to do is subscribe to get hooked to this bliss.

How do you do that?

The answer is, although Sendiio runs a onetime payment scheme, various packages are available, and what package you choose is dependent on the benefits you want to get.

Sendiio Review - Sendiio pricing

Here are the pricing schemes;

Agency ($37)

This subscription allows you to access the Email, Facebook messenger and text messaging list building and automation features. It is the basic subscription plan.

Academy Only ($53.29)

This plan comes along with an extra package of first tutorials on how to build subscribers and get at least a thousand subscribers in your first 14-day trial.

Elite Only ($1.00)

This is a bypassing addition that enables you to bypass the SMTP activation process and allows you to send out your emails using seasoned IP addresses through the mega servers that are made available to you.


This allows you to run campaigns by giving you access to your VA without standing the chance of compromising your existing contacts.

Booster Only ($67)

This helps you with your list marketing as you get to send out your unopened whenever you set up your campaigns.

These packages and more are made available to you on Sendiio, and having seen the significant plans; it is quite evident that there is no need to fret or hassle.

You have email, text, and Facebook marketing on lockdown with Sendiio.

I do not think I have any more reviewing to do for you to be convinced because the product markets itself to you!

Why are you not yet subscribed to one of the plans?

Bottom Line

Sendiio is the modern and most advanced email marketing tool that combines the power of both autoresponders and bulk emails.

Usually, with other tools, you will only find either of the two and you either need to sacrifice the number of emails or contacts.

Since Sendiio offers the SMTP capabilities along with an autoresponder feature you have a way to save some bucks.

Furthermore, unlike other email marketing tools, there are no monthly or yearly recurring costs.

It could be a great choice for people and businesses with limited email marketing budgets.

Are you ready to make Sendiio part of your business, click the button below to grab it on a single one-time fee. 🙂

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