Simple Wifi Profits Review: Is It Legit Or Scam?

Simple WiFi Profits Review Summary

Overall Rating

2.5 / 5

Simple WiFi Profits is a training course from two young college dropouts Chris and Andrew that teaches a step by step method to find the problem, design a solution, promote a product and finally make commissions using affiliate marketing.

Best Suited For

Affiliate marketing beginners and anyone who wants to make money online using paid ads



Refund Policy

45-day full refund backed by ClickBank's refund policy


Chris Eom and Andrew Wright‎

Training Quality

2.5 / 5


2 / 5

Income Potential

3 / 5

Customer Support

2.5 / 5


2.5 / 5

Value For Money

2.5 / 5


  • Premium support and mentorship
  • Every alternate week calls
  • Focus on a profitable niches (health, wealth, or relationships)
  • Start with a small ad budget


  • No training on getting organic traffic
  • Many similar courses already available
  • Training tightly coupled with specific niches and ClickBank


Simple WiFi profits course is no different than many other similar training programs already available on the internet that teaches to create a small website, promote a product from ClickBank, drive the paid traffic using paid ads, and earn a commission. You can learn the entire process even on the free YouTube videos and I feel there is no need to pay a hefty price of $1497. It doesn't teach you any specific skills that enable you to build a sustainable business online that is legitimate and generate consistent passive income.

The availability of thousands of affiliate marketing training programs makes everyone skeptical about them.

So many affiliate marketing training programs make it hard to decide which one to choose.

To help you make the better decision I have been covering reviews of these training programs one by one.

Here’s another one "Simple Wifi Profits review".

So, without further ado, let's find out how good is Simple Wifi profits course.

What Is Simple WiFi Profits?

Simple Wifi Profits Review - What Is Simple WiFi Profits

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This training program is all about the affiliate marketing that is created by the young College dropouts.

Simple WiFi Profits is a step-by-step, online training program for affiliate marketers.

A course where you will get to know everything from scratch such as how to run a successful affiliate marketing business with the Facebook ads and related strategies.

In this course, they will also teach you how to make money by promoting the bestselling products from ClickBank using Facebook ads.

One thing I really like is they will also help you fund some initial Facebook ads.

During this course, they teach you the way to drive Facebook traffic to high-quality weight loss related offers.

I do agree, the method they are teaching is not unique.

In fact, thousands of other ClickBank affiliates are already doing it.

Some of the similar courses are here:

I found it different because almost no one is giving such kind of training in a unique, and completely legal way like they are doing.

Other people are also doing it so far, but Chris & Andrew do it in a way, literally, no one else does.

They are offering a complete guide, the exact products they sell and show you the ads to use, the targeting, and more.

Their results look extremely amazing.

There is also news that they created some of the top affiliate marketers in the world.

It looks like they have also managed to make millions of dollars with this program and some of their students have also got great results.

The point that makes them different is their in-depth level of support.

Who Created Simple WiFi Profits?

Simple Wifi Profits Review - Who Created It

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The young & energetic co-creators, Chris Eom and Andrew Wright will run monthly coaching sessions as well as a private mentorship group, and they'll give each member a call every alternate week.

In their webinar, they will share the considerably basic information such as how to search for products on ClickBank, and they never use jargon.

Who is Simple WiFi Profits for?

Simple WiFi Profits (SWP) is for those who are newbies in online marketing.

How Does Simple Wifi Profits Work?

Simple WiFi Profits is a four-step system.

Here are the steps:

  1. Find a problem that people have
  2. Find a product that solves it
  3. Share the product with those who need it
  4. Make sales & earn profits
Simple Wifi Profits Review - How Does It Work

But I didn't find it special here.

If we will check there are only 2 steps, because the answer to the 1st step is already revealed, and the 4th step is not a "step" but it's a result of using the method. 

I will explain it shortly.

Anyway, let's check out their methods one by one to get a better idea.

Step 1: Find A Problem That People Have

This method works on the principle that if people have a problem, they will pay for solving it.

One of the problems that people face is being overweight.

In this program, they focus largely on the weight loss problem.

There are so many problems that everyone faces, "health, wealth and relationships".

We do spend money to fix them.

A real example is you, you are looking for a simple wifi profits course because you have a problem and you are ready to pay i.e. you want to get out of the position you are now and get rich, so you need to pay to learn the skills.

As far as Simple WiFi Profits is concerned, they claim that they have made $960k within 31 days with that health (weight loss) niche only.

There is no doubt that weight loss is the most sought after niches but that also makes it the most competitive industry.

If you are a newbie, you should consider jumping into a niche that has less competition.

Step 2: Find a Product That Solves The Problem

There is no need to have your own weight-loss product to sell.

By signing up with ClickBank, we can find the product easily.

In this course, they show you the way that you can use to make money with ClickBank.

Step 3: Share The Product With People Who Need It

In their third step, we will finally get to know how to make money with Simple WiFi Profits and they also reveal the kind of methods.

As you are a newbie in the affiliate marketing and it's pretty obvious to have no clue what to do, this is actually the only information that you would have been looking to find out.

Here, your target audiences would be- people aged 25-65 who are interested in weight loss issues.

You will use Facebook to launch targeted ads that will make sure that you are sharing the product with the right audience.

Start with a daily budget of $5, and gradually scale it up.

Step 4: Make Sales & Earn Profit

It's a result, not a step, you get paid weekly if you make sales.

That's because ClickBank pays out your affiliate commissions weekly.

Why I Don't Like Simple WiFi Profits?

To be very honest, I don't agree with some of their points and the webinar content is also not of quality people need.

It looks like they are just stretching the webinar for long.

There are some other reasons too that makes me not to join their training program.

Little To No Transparency

They claim to have spent over $3 million on research and system testing but they set up a limited liability company.

This must have taken them a lot of resources (people) and data analysis projects while researching this process.

But the point is that they never reveal its production or who and what they spent it for.

The target audience is an almost complete novice with no clue about the details.

Therefore, in my opinion, at least they should reveal a hint of this, e.g. what worked and what didn't work for them or what research they conducted.

Repeated Information

In their webinar video, the host will show income screenshots repeatedly every minute and reveal how much money these people have made.

After watching the video, I get the feeling that it has been created intentionally to wind up to our mind.

I'm sure it wasn't, but it didn't work for me.

According to their claim of spending such a large amount on research and system testing, they should have good analytical data.

I was looking for some case studies, but instead, he showed a large amount series with random rates.

He was completely non-resistant and speaking too fast.

In the 45 minutes of the start of the webinar, they only introduce those two young people as who they are - repeatedly telling you how much money they have made.

After 45 minutes, he finally begins to explain the "4 Step Method", but the webinar host interrupts himself every two minutes with an income screenshot and goes on.

After this, you will get excited and think this is extremely easy to earn $$$$$$$$$$$ through their methods.

Quantity Over Quality

After 1 hour, it starts telling you what is included in the Simple WiFi Profits course.

You will get some handsome package after waiting long.

There are several items for the price of $ 1,497.

The problem is the webinar host never tries to prove that this program is not "quantity over quality".

For example, it offers 4 different types of support.

• 24/7/365 VIP support concierge service
• Monthly coaching call with Chris & Andrew
• Chris & Andrew will call twice a month
• VIP mentorship group

But how each one can help you differently is never explained, or even the difference between each support type.

The second problem is also about the help and support. This webinar is hosted by Mike Balmaceda, and the actual owners, Chris and Andrew don't talk to you too much.

But they are the ones who'll be hands-on, according to the webinar.

You see what I mean, they never try to convince the webinar participants that they are good coaches.

No one knows who Chris and Andrew are, so we just have to believe what's being said and the photos in the video.

They're just two young guys who may or may not be making any money online.

But assuming they're good coaches, we'd like to know things like.

Why will they have to give me a call twice a month, and for what? Just to motivate me?

Will the phone calls really help me?

What is going on in the private mentorship group?

What we mostly want to know before spending $1.5k is that why we should be buying their training program?

Unusual Money-Back Guarantee

If you don't like their services, then you can claim for ClickBank's money-back guarantee terms, which is reasonable as always with any ClickBank products.

But the twist is that if you will make $10,000 using the method then Simple WiFi Profits will give your money back ($1,497).

But what if I don’t like it or never make any money.

So if everyone is going to get their money back if they will make $10000, are they offering this training program for free.

Okay, I'm sure that's not what it's intended to say, but without a proper explanation of this strange proposition, it means what it is, isn't it?

These people are running the business by selling this training program.

If the majority of students achieve $10k in sales, their business will not make money.

Limited Seats

They claim that seats are going to fill soon, and only 30 students will be trained here by Chris & Andrew.

That's completely a bogus technique that many scammers use.

I'm not saying that they are scammers, but legitimate online training courses may set the deadline for a special offer, but they never limit the number of spots!

100% Refund - No

Their fee for the course is already mentioned above i.e. $1,497 but only if you're paying one time all fee, but Simple WiFi Profits also offers EMI option i.e. 3 x monthly installments of $577 each ($1,731 in total).

This is not the concern, but the refund policy is saying something different.

Their refund policy claims "money-back guarantee" if you don’t get the results within 45 days of purchase, then it will refund you.

But you must claim it within 45 days, "absolutely NO exception."

On the other hand, their webinar sates that "If you don't make money within 45 days, they'll coach you until you do."- I mean, does it make sense?

If you wait for coaching post 45 days, then your deadline will pass, and you will get nothing.

I think they are making the terms and policies contradictory for us.

Simple WiFi Profits is a product sold via ClickBank, so I suggest that you make sure to contact ClickBank and ask for a refund (accessible from your email receipt).

This way, you can get your full refund within 24 hours without a mistake.

Is Simple WIFI Profits Really Worth It?

It will cost you $1497 if you pay at once and $577 in three installments.

But does it really offer value for the price?

I don’t quite think so.

My intention is not to defame anyone or any training program.

But I have mentioned what I see.

Either the content published on the program page or their website is not carefully reviewed, or they are just selling another training program that is not practical enough.

Best Alternatives To Simple WIFI Profits

If you really want to invest in an affiliate marketing training program, I recommend Authority Hacker or Wealthy Affiliate.

Both are well trusted and have great value for every penny spent.

And you are taught more professional ways of building an affiliate marketing business.

Unlike Simple WiFi profits, their creators are well known in the industry not only for creating these training programs but also for the success they have achieved with their businesses.

Finally, Authority Hacker and Wealthy affiliate are established names in the industry while Simple WiFi Profits have just launched and have to go a long way.

I have written comprehensive reviews about both wealthy affiliate and Authority Hacker. 

Check them out below.

Final Verdict

Simple WiFi profits teach you to make money through affiliate marketing on a social media platform.

I hope this honest review will help you decide on investing in Simple WiFi Profits or any other program.

The choice is really yours and I have just shared what I observed.

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Hardik Raval

Hardik is passionate about helping people launch their own online business. He loves to talk about online business ideas, affiliate marketing tools, tips and other sources of residual income available on the internet.

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