Six Figure Mentors Review: What They Don’t Want You To Know

Six Figure Mentors Review Summary

Overall Rating

2.5 / 5

The Six Figure Mentors is an online marketing platform that offers all the resources and tools to make money online through affiliate marketing.

Best Suited For

Anyone who wants make money online through Affiliate and network marketing opportunities


Free Student Access plan, Essential plan ($297 Enrollment Fee $97 per month) and Elite Membership ($2500)

Refund Policy

YES, 30-Day refund by creating a support ticket


Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek

Training Quality

3 / 5


2.5 / 5

Earning Potential

3 / 5

Customer Support

2.5 / 5


2 / 5

Value For Money

2 / 5


  • Free Training option
  • Expert support
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Real time editing
  • 1000's courses (Paid members only)


  • Highly-priced membership plans
  • Mostly MLM focused
  • So many advertisements in free membership
  • Hidden upsells and costs
  • Controversial training (Sales peach)


If you are an experienced affiliate marketer and believe you would be comfortable promoting the Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy product range, well, then you can go for it. In short, I found Six Figure Mentors training is most likely overpriced, and the main thing you learn from it is how to convince other people to buy the same training. I don't like this kind of scheme so I will not recommend this to anyone.

There are better options available that costs less than the Six Figure Mentors, which offers more value and the training gets constantly updated with changing trends.

Looking for a genuine Six Figure Mentors Review?

You have landed at the right place.

Over the years, I have reviewed many online affiliate marketing courses over the years, both free and paid.

There are so many training programs and increasing but only a few can be trusted with.

Hence there is a need to choose them wisely.

My reviews have helped so many successful bloggers and affiliate marketers to choose the right training programs over the years.

In this in-depth Six Figure Mentors Review, I will try to explain everything from What Six Figure Mentors program is all about, how it works, how it compares to other programs, and everything else you must know before purchasing it.

This is a completely honest review, so everything is reviewed carefully.

Like I said earlier, there are a lot of training courses available, some are good, others are mediocre, and some are a complete waste of time.

Now let us see which category six-figure mentors fall into.

What Is Six Figure Mentors?

Six Figure Mentors Review - What Is It And How Does It Work

Basically, it is an online training program launched back in 2010 for digital marketers and affiliate marketers.

In their curriculum, they promise to help you build a digital business by following a success blueprint.

In short, this online platform is helping people to build and grow their online business by giving them tools, training, and support.

In this course, they focus largely on how to become a successful affiliate marketer and earn high ticket commissions by promoting products.

However, this training is focused on promoting SFM products.

Apart from this, they also explain how to make money through high ticket affiliate marketing.

Their strategy will try to convince you that it tries as much to sell a lower priced item as it does an expensive item and that is why you should only focus on high ticket affiliate sales.

Six Figure Mentors Memberships

SFM has both free and paid memberships.

Six Figure Mentors Review - Six Figure Mentors Pricing

Let’s what it includes both types of membership.

Free Access

In the free membership, the user will be able to get access to five videos where Stuart Ross covers the below topics.

  • Advertising Online
  • Websites
  • List Building
  • Providing Value
  • Products/Promotions

The information taught in his free videos is great for new marketers, I mean people who don't have much knowledge of internet marketing.

However, they continue to encourage free members to upgrade to their paid membership.

Student Access

They have a plan for students, and it comes in at $29.95.

In their student plan, students will be able to use some of their live video recordings and short courses.

Besides, students will also be eligible for commissions on their full range of products.

In this section, it is becoming increasingly clear that the nature of these types of network marketing companies is somewhat misleading.

On the official website of Six Figure Mentors, you will find quite simple details without any promotional explanation.

But if you look at their membership page or we can say they have made a special sales page, then you will get so much promotional approach.

That description gives you complete confidence that you will get everything you need to go from zero to 6 figures.

Trust me, it's not worth the price they charge, which they say is really worth it.

Essential Membership

This membership will charge you $297 enrollment fee + $97 per month.

With this subscription, users will be able to use their Digital Business Lounge membership, which includes hosting for your websites, access to landing page creators, graphics creators, and link tracking tools.

Also, your commission percentage is increased.

It is like a premium class; it will cost you $2500 plus $97 per month.

Enrolling this will give you access to more webinars and higher commissions.

But first, you should have signed up for the Essential membership plan.

That means the upfront cost will be $2797 and then $97 per month.

I don’t know what they are trying to do with their pricing plans.

Overall experience is bad with all the membership plans, where you will get bombarded with relentless upgrade offer and that gets more than a little bit irritating.

IS SFM a Scam or Legit?

No, they are not scammers, they have some decent content that a new learner needs to start, but what I did not like is their paid subscription plans.

According to my experience with Six Figure Mentors, I feel that they cost a lot, but the information is not so much.

I would also like to say that they do not live up to their promises.

If they are not scammers, am I recommending them?

Not likely, because they are offering the same content as others, but they are charging so much more for their average training products.

If you want to join them, join for free but if you want a paid membership then you should think again.

To be very honest, all these high ticket MLM programs (yes, that is what I think it is) are for learners who have enough money to burn, but if your budget is tight, don't go for it.

The only way to succeed in these types of business opportunities is if you have a high advertising budget.

But with this kind of courses like Six Figure Mentors are mainly focused on turning you into a salesperson for the program itself.

In other words, they are using you for their product sales.

This program has obviously proved profitable for some SFM students – most likely a tiny minority – but many people are uncomfortable with it.

They are offering genuine training, but with too many sales strategies.

Is Six Figure Mentors Advanced Training or Not?

If you follow Six Figure Mentors training, you will gain some great online marketing skills.

But, if we come to the advanced techniques section, they are not giving any kind of special training for free or at a reasonable price.

Refund Policy

I really do like their 30 days refund policy.

If you are not satisfied with their paid training and cancel your membership within 30 days of purchasing it, the refund will automatically be processed within 10 business days.

You can read the entire policy here.


It has been rightly said that before taking any decision, you must check the reviews to look at what people are saying about that product.

But how much genuine and depth have the reviews been told, it also has a great effect.

You’ll get many positive and good online reviews for Six Figure Mentors, but most of them offer generic praise without mentioning any specific results achieved from the training.

You will see that not one of those students said that they are actually making money from training.

Instead, they all have a general appreciation for the community, gain clarity, or have hope for the future.

Is Six Figure Mentors Course Really Worth It?

So, is Six Figure Mentors Course Really Worth It?

While tons of other people online might be singing their praises, I am not entirely convinced by Six Figure Mentors training and remember, the majority of the positive reviews you read are probably promoting this course.

The affiliate program is so profitable that you can expect to see a ton of people trying to sell you this course on the internet.

This is an honest review, and I’ve concluded that you can get the exact same level of education for a fraction of the price elsewhere on the web.

Is Six Figure Mentors Another Pyramid Scheme?

I can't say much about that but yes, their selling strategies show their MLM business model.

They sell membership to you then you sell membership to others, whereas no other products involved.

But still, I can’t conclude if it is an MLM model or another pyramid scheme.

It is really hard to distinguish because both strategies can overlap with each other.

But some people think that it is a pyramid scheme.

They are pushing students into their own niche instead of creating their own.

They are not guiding students towards establishing their own niche and online identity as an affiliate marketer.

No one likes that kind of scheme.

Isn’t it a little contradictory when the number one priority of this course is seemingly to get more students, instead of actually teaching their students skills right out of the gates?

The Six Figure Mentors is a legitimate training with real lessons waiting inside.

But there’s no denying that its goals seem a little misguided – to say the least.

Six Figure Mentors Results

Are students getting results from their online training or not?

There are some students, who have made big money only through Six Figure Mentors, but the income here has come only from selling their own product and not from any other sell theory.

The Six Figure Mentors is already a well-known multi-level marketing model.

SFM is explaining the technique of getting more admissions done.

Essentially teaching students how to recruit more students.

And then those students are engaged in recruiting other students.

There is probably more than SFM training out there, and there are probably some people who have taken training and gone on to build successful affiliate businesses without promoting SFM, but I have not found any examples of that.

Six Figure Mentors Alternatives

To learn everything to become an affiliate marketer, you need a decent course that has a practical learning model.

Here are the courses that I recommend, to start your affiliate marketing journey:

Authority Hacker

It is probably the best affiliate marketing training program, in fact, it's not just limited to affiliate marketing but the training covers everything it takes to build a profitable authority site in any given niche.

You get to learn everything from the ground to up.

Authority Hacker focuses on establishing a strong base for your success.

You get to learn everything from niche selection to building your own traffic sources.

Their beginner-friendly The Authority Site System can get you to earn anywhere between $2k to 10K per month.

And once you have achieved your first milestone move on to Authority Hacker Pro which teaches you all the advanced techniques and strategies for intermediate to experienced affiliate marketers.

Click the button below to read more about Authority Hacker training.

Wealthy Affiliate

Probably I don't need to introduce you to the Wealthy Affiliate as it's one of the oldest and most successful affiliate marketing training platform.

For just $49/month, you will get access to everything like learning platform, web hosting, keyword research tool, affiliate program directory, community, unlimited email accounts, and much more.

It is just not the learning program but a strong community of over 2 million affiliate marketers.

Here's my full review of Wealthy Affiliate.


Overall, I can say they have good content for free and yes, for newbies the Six Figure Mentors training is good.

You can start affiliate marketing, but you will need to apply yourself to the training to reap the rewards.

Like anything really.

If you are thinking about ‘Essential’ Membership or above, then this could cost you so much.

To be very frank, you will get nothing by spending more dollars on the training.

Also, I don’t think that this is a great training model where they are teaching students to promote their sales and nothing.

Anyways, if you are still interested in trying the Six Figure Mentors training then click the button below and get started.

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