Start Affiliate Marketing: The Ultimate Guide For Beginners

If you are someone who is looking to start affiliate marketing then probably you have landed at the right place.

This post is going to be an ultimate guide for the beginners who want to start affiliate marketing and create a passive source of income online.

Affiliate marketing is increasingly becoming popular because it's considered as one of the easiest ways to start making money online with a very low investment.

Don't believe it?

Just take a look at the Google Trends graph for the term "affiliate marketing". 

It's steadily increasing over the last five years.

The study from Statista suggests that US alone is going to spend whopping $8.2 billion by the year 2022.

Affiliate Marketing Spending USA - statista

Source -

It's is a practice that can have many forms, and that's one of the reasons it's popular among the people who want to make money online.

Most of the companies and big brands nowadays use this form of marketing to promote their products or services since it's simple and easy to reach to the maximum audience with a little effort on their part.

Almost every industry that you think of in today's time uses the affiliate marketing model as one of the marketing strategies for generating more sales and revenues for their products.

You'll find the affiliate products in healthcare, fashion, education, entertainment, travel, information technology, and many other industries.

Let's take a deep dive into the world of affiliate marketing and discover how it works and how to make money with it.

Important Note:

If you are clueless about affiliate marketing or have failed earlier a lot of times, I highly recommend you to checkout this section of the post where I talk about the industry standard affiliate marketing training.

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What is Affiliate Marketing And How Does It Work?

Let's start talking about affiliate marketing with its definition:

"Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate's own marketing efforts."

Here's the simplified explanation of what is affiliate marketing and how does it work:

Affiliate marketing is basically a promotion strategy used by companies or vendors offering their products online or offline with the goals of making more and more sales. It allows them to reach market segments that it would not normally reach using its own marketing resources. The affiliate or marketer or publisher promotes such products or services and receives money from that business for each sale or referral.

What is an Affiliate Marketing and How Does It Work

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Quite simply affiliate marketing is when an individual or business earns commission by selling the goods or services of another company or person through a link.

Affiliate marketing (also referred to as 'internet marketing') offers you an opportunity to start an online business with a very small investment.

In the past, that link would have been provided via a phone call or visit to another location.

Online it is simply just a link from one website to another one.

Companies that allow others to earn money from affiliate sales have the software to track down, which affiliates gained extra sales and pay commission accordingly.

Similar information can also be obtained from Google and other internet service providers.

It is not particularly difficult to sign up for affiliate programs but you will require research and patience and sometimes your own website to have opportunities to earn a good income from the affiliate marketing.

With this form of marketing, a business will entrust its promotional efforts to others.

There are basically four main players who make affiliate marketing work effectively, the creators of the goods/products, the affiliates or marketers who market it, the affiliate network that binds everything together, and finally the consumers who decide to buy what is being sold.

It is worth looking at how these groups contribute to the success or failure of affiliate marketing.

1. The Merchant

The company (also referred to as the merchant, retailer, advertiser, or brand) is the business responsible for starting up the affiliate marketing campaign.

It's a company that could be selling tangible products for use in the home or business from a variety of domains.

Without them, there would be nothing to marketed and nothing for consumers to either buy or use.

The person or company produces or creates the product and relies on others to market it, and also to buy it.

For instance travel services, financial solutions, health & fitness products, or anything else that people spend money on.

Merchants Allow Affiliates To Sign Up

A merchant must initiate a campaign and will set up the rules about how the campaign is to be run and how people are to be compensated.

They will usually allow the people who sign up as marketers or affiliates to promote their business and/or products.

They are also responsible for providing unique links and promotional materials to those marketers.

2. The Affiliate

The publisher or affiliate is the person who is responsible for getting the word out on whatever the merchant is offering.

Without them, there would be nothing to marketed and nothing for consumers to either buy or use.

The person or company produces or creates the product and relies on others to market it, and also to buy it.

In order to promote the products, you will need to sign up with the merchant's campaign through an affiliate network.

Once you as an affiliate sign up for an affiliate program, you can start promoting the products or services through a personalized website or blog, social media, or other places usually by putting those unique links.

Affiliates will receive a small cut of the sales when visitors click on a link that the affiliate has posted online and purchases the products from the merchant's site.

The amount the affiliate will receive will vary based on how much the company or the merchants are willing to pay.

It could be the percentage of the price of the product or a fixed amount.

As an affiliate, you are not bound to follow a certain process in order to promote the products given you're not using the blackhat techniques.

You can promote the products the way you want and earn the commissions, be it your own website or through social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Interact With The Audience

The affiliate should be someone who can get around online and interact with people in many ways.

This person will accept information about all the materials that the merchant offers through the network.

He will then have to manage the marketing items and use them properly as a means of potentially receiving a good payout.

Work With The Affiliate Manager

In some cases, a separate manager can help with operating the affiliate program.

This might entail working with a website or another method of promotion on a regular basis.

Either way, monitoring and a lot of effort are required to ensure that the marketing process works well.

3. The Affiliate Network

The affiliate network is the grouping that offers an affiliate program in which people can participate.

While you can find many merchants with whom to do business, you need to contact a merchant through a particular network.

You'll notice that nowadays the majority of the companies are an association with some affiliate network.

Again the purpose is to focus on the production of the products rather than having to manage each individual affiliate.

Offers a Single Platform For Merchant And Affiliates

The affiliate network works with the merchant, in that the party who wants to be an affiliate will have to prepare a reasonable campaign and list it on the network site.

When the affiliate finds the marketing opportunity, the network will send information to the merchant regarding who has signed up.

The merchant then sends out the links and other creatives for the task at hand.

Manages The Payments & Transactions

The network also helps with managing the payments and maintains the transactions that take place for all the merchants.

It reviews how well affiliates work and delivers money based on what an affiliate can do.

A network will also receive some of the profits from each sale, not necessarily as much as what the affiliate or the merchant will receive but can still be worthwhile.

In some cases, the network might provide the merchant with templates for the marketing materials to be utilized.

Such templates can vary according to each network but they should be easy to customize and then implement.

You do not always have to go through a network when finding a marketing campaign but it does help to at least get the support of one.

4. The Customer

Finally, there are consumers who if they can be attracted to relevant advertising sites will purchase goods and services, which they need or want, making the creators money and earning the advertisers' commission.

The buyer or the customer is the fourth and most important part of the affiliate marketing process whether or not he's aware of the affiliate marketing model is in place.

Without the customer, the campaign in question will fail.

Consumers get what they need, or what the advertisers convinced them that they needed it.

In the majority of cases, consumers will not even be aware of being involved in affiliate program purchases.

The price of commission tends to be part of the overall price they pay for goods or services and does not cost anything extra for them.

Thus consumers are not generally concerned or notice that by following a link they are earning advertisers a commission.

Consumers are mainly focused on paying a good price for a high-quality product or service.

He or she is not supposed to pay anything extra when the product is purchased through affiliate marketing.

Final Note

The word about the products must reach the people who are interested in buying those products for the campaign to be successful.

The affiliate should use his creativity to make the marketing items appealing and useful in the eyes of the potential buyer.

This ensures that the client will feel motivated and willing to become a customer.

A lot of effort is required in order to persuade the customer to buy the products and make affiliate marketing work without any glitches behind the scenes.

The affiliate marketing works great when:

  • The merchant must have a product that is worthwhile that the people will be interested in buying.
  • The network must be able to establish a platform for the merchant to use.
  • The affiliate has to create a smart campaign that is unique and works to highlight what the merchant is selling.

The true magic happens when all three parties the merchants, the affiliates and the affiliate network work together.

Watch the video: What is Affiliate Marketing and How Does It Work For Beginners?

How Does Affiliate Marketing Tracking Work?

Now that you have an idea about what is affiliate marketing, let's now understand how does it work and to generate commissions.

A successful affiliate marketer must be bold enough to take massive actions in life and get into some work if they have to generate that first profit.

It is not about the skill, but the will comes first.

A combination of the will to make a move and the will to sacrifice some effort and time is the automatic way of generating profit through affiliate marketing.

In this process, the vendor encourages influential marketers around the Internet to promote their products or services.

Affiliates Are Given Unique Links

These marketers are given a unique link also referred to as an "affiliate link" by each prospective vendor that they can share with the people they could influence.

The person who clicks this link will be redirected to the vendor's website which gets tracked into the system which usually is taken care of by the affiliate network.

Some vendors also have their own link tracking system in place and they handle everything on their own.

Add Call To Actions On The Websites

The affiliates usually put the "Call To Action" buttons or links on their blog or other platforms where they promote the affiliate offers.

The website has a "Buy Now" button or the link (also referred to as "Call To Action") somewhere on the page which I clicked.

For example, I searched for "buy cell phone online" on Google and I clicked on one of the search results which will redirect me to the webpage which talks about the best available cell phone in the market.

As soon as I do that, a cookie would be stored on my computer with the marketer's information.

In this way, each vendor can track which links get clicked by the users and can then compensate to the affiliate marketer.

Earn Commissions When A Sale Is Generated

You get paid when the visitor buys the product through your link.

If the visitor decides to buy a product or service, the marketer gets a commission for that sale which usually ranges from 1% up to 75% based on the vendor, product and price.

These cookies are typically tracked and remain active for roughly 1 day up to up 90 days.

So if someone clicked on your link but didn't make a purchase at that time but the person visits the same site again after a few days and buys the product, you would still get credit for that sale.

Watch the video: How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Affiliate Marketing Is a Win/Win For All

Affiliate marketing provides a platform wherein all participants come out as winners.

With affiliate marketing, a business can be promoted with a greater variety of messages since each affiliate would adopt his or her own way of marketing the products.

These might involve reviews, comparison charts, videos, or news stories or any other creative way that an affiliate thinks of.

While any company could put up web advertisements or even promote itself on television, sometimes those ads become too repetitive.

They can get so old that they will lose their meaning.

For instance, all those ads for health supplements that you watch on television could become so repetitive that you no longer really care that a particular company might promise you better supplements.

Here're a few ways each party gets a share of benefit by adopting an affiliate marketing model.

The Benefits To Buyer

The customers benefit by having access to information on a product or service that they are interested in and wish to purchase.

The customer is the key to ensuring that the affiliate marketing works.

By buying from an affiliate marketer, the buyer gets to learn about the product or service in detail before he makes a purchase.

This gives the buyer a reputable source of pre-purchase information.

In the process, they are more likely to make informed decisions and avoid buying bad products.

The Benefits To Merchants (Sellers)

At the same time, the seller also has a gain.

Merchants can get the word out about their products and are more likely to make money. For example, they get a sale that they normally wouldn't have gotten without the efforts of the affiliate marketer.

  • Without affiliate marketing, the seller wouldn't have reached the market segment of that marketer. They also would not have gained the trust of the buyer that facilitated the purchase.
  • With affiliate marketing in place, the merchant doesn't need to worry about taking the product in front of the people who want to buy their products.
  • They will have an opportunity to market their products to a large audience that each affiliate will promote to.
  • It also allows merchants to keep the pressure of marketing aside and only focus on production or the manufacturing of the products. This can also give a company the opportunity to be promoted in a variety of ways.

If their product or service meets the expectations of the buyer, they could turn one-time buyers into loyal customers.

The Benefits To Affiliate Network

Networks can help with forwarding offers to the public and even participate in the profits.

They have the greater responsibility of ensuring the affiliate marketing system works without any hassle to affiliates, merchants and, customers.

The affiliate networks usually charge the one-time registrations fees from the merchant and a small percentage of the sale.

The Benefits To Affiliates

Lastly, the affiliate marketer gets a commission that is usually equal to a percentage of the sale which is his or her reward for successfully facilitating a sale.

In many ways, the affiliate marketer acts like an online salesperson.

He finds products and services and promotes them to the right people.

Affiliates will earn money from each referral that they produce.

With all four parties working together in the affiliate marketing process, it becomes easier for each of them to get what they want.

How To Start Affiliate Marketing For Beginners (Step by Step)?

Anyone who wants to get started with affiliate marketing needs to follow a few steps because it's no different from any other kind of offline business.

In the end, it's a BUSINESS that requires a commitment that any newbie who wants to join this lucrative industry MUST remember.

It doesn't matter, what's your age, which degree you hold or whether you have any technical background.

You can achieve success with affiliate marketing at an early stage if you'll follow these proven steps.

Follow through all these steps without fail and I see no reason you won't succeed in this lucrative field called affiliate marketing.

Here are the proven steps to be successful in affiliate marketing.

1. Create a List of Your Interests

If you ask any successful affiliate marketer, what's the best way to get started with affiliate marketing and he'll tell you, it's your interests or passion!

But how could you unlock your own interest or passion and if you have no idea at all about it?

Well, there are many ways you could discover what you love the most but here are a few tips to identify the right one.

Write Down Your Ideas

Head over to your drawer, find a piece of paper and start writing down the topics of your interests.

The topics You would want to include could be related to your hobby, passion, work experience or even something that you want to learn.

Think of Helping People

People go to search engines like Google or Bing to find solutions to the problems they are facing.

Think of the ways, how you could help them by solving their problems using your skills.

And that's where your interest in the problems becomes more important.

For instance, you're a fitness expert, it makes sense that you talk about health and fitness rather than the automotive parts.

Otherwise, you'll end up wasting all your energy and time doing something that you don't enjoy doing.

Find a Solution For a Specific Problem

You're not supposed to solve everyone's problems out there.

If you try to market to everyone, you will mostly be ignored by the people who see your promotional materials.

By focusing only on one problem, you will be able to build an audience full of like-minded people in that area.

2. Pick Up a Niche of Your Interest

Picking up the niche is the foundation of affiliate marketing from where you'll lay down your journey.

There are various niches that one can target in affiliate marketing.

The first step that a beginner must consider as the foundation is deciding on the best niche that they will target for maximum results.

Choose Your Niche Carefully

If you've no prior experience with affiliate marketing, be a little careful about choosing the niche in which you want to offer the solutions to the people.

Before you build your website, first check if there are affiliate programs related to the problem you are trying to solve.

Weight loss, for example, is one of the most popular niches online. You'll find several affiliate programs in this niche.

Choosing the right niche will help you to decide on the products that you will target and the target audience.

Deciding on the best niche is the most crucial step, yet it is the most difficult step to accomplish.

It is vital to consider some guiding questions when trying to arrive at the appropriate niche.

Here are some of the questions to consider while trying to choose the right niche for your business.

  • What you are passionate about?
  • Is there money in the niche or not?
  • If the topic is easier to write about?
  • Is there room for expansion for other affiliate marketers in that particular niche?
  • Whether there is enough interest and demand for products and the availability of affiliate programs?
  • Whether to consider a niche with easy keywords or that which is easier to look for other products in the niche?

Whereas it could be challenging to arrive at the appropriate answers for the above questions, getting the correct answers will easily lead to arriving at the appropriate niche.

Use The Tools That Help

If you can not decide on the niche you want to get into, make the use of tools that make your task easier.

You have a ton of tools at your hand for choosing the right niche and profitable keywords for your business that will reduce your keyword research efforts down to a bare minimum.

Start with free tools like Google Keyword Planner or UberSuggest by Neil Patel and as you grow to consider moving to the powerful niche research tools like SEMRush.

Still confused about where to get started?

Simply enter the keyword below the research the profitable niche for your business.

3. Research The Keywords

After finding the offers, products, or services that are compatible with your interests, it's time to check if people are actually looking for them online.

The best free way to do this is by using the Keyword Planner from Google.

By testing a keyword or phrase related to your product in the keyword planner tool, you will be able to check the approximate number of searches for the product.

Let's say you are selling a specific brand of fitness trackers and you want to know how often people search these gadgets.

You use Google Ads Keyword Planner to check the number.

Use the tools like Jaaxy or SEMRush to help you decide the right niche and keywords for your business.

4. Sign-Up With An Affiliate Network

Upon selecting the appropriate niche and finding the profitable keywords, it is very crucial to settle on the best affiliate program.

Before you can start your affiliate marketing business, you will need to sign up with an affiliate program or network.

You should do this even before buying a domain.

This is the point of putting the research into action and getting into making some profit.

Having done rough research on this area while finding the niche to choose on, it is time to get a better evaluation of the same.

Choosing the perfect affiliate program may demand a reasonable amount of time, but it is worth.


Because it is the eventual source of residual income.

How To Choose The Right Affiliate Program?

There are various key points that must be put into consideration while choosing the best affiliate program.

It is important to do some background checks on what type of merchants use the said program.

  • How much commission it is likely to generate?
  • The urge of whether getting associated with the product or not
  • The surety to deliver the promised results
  • And the kind of support that the program provides in the long run.

The approach to the above insights would be the appropriate head start to affiliate marketing.

If you are a beginner in affiliate marketing you need to work around the corner into making sure the customers get well acquainted with the products that are trending in the market.

Furthermore, ensure that the potential customers understand the niche properly so as to yield the maximum commission.

An affiliate marketer must be keen when sharing the information about the products they are promoting since fresh products go with the first impression and that impression ensures their possibility of maintaining a positive clientele in the long run.

The program must equip the clientele with the support to understand the content available in the market while at the same time ensuring that the clients want to be associated with the products due to their high-quality, availability, and affordability.

Start With Amazon Or ClickBank

You have plenty of options when it comes to signing up with affiliate networks.

But not all of them allow the beginners to join their network and promote the products.

So initially it makes sense to start with those that allow newbies to get hands-on with their products.

Amazon Associates Program and ClickBank are probably the easiest networks to sign up for.

The application process takes only minutes and you only need to submit the necessary details required by Amazon or ClickBank and you're ready to promote.

Other programs are stricter in accepting affiliates to prevent scammers and black hat marketers from joining.

I don't have to explain much about Amazon because probably you already have an idea about how big it is and what you could pick up from there to promote.

The ClickBank is the most popular digital marketplace of the products which will show you whole lists of products or services with affiliate programs by their categories.

I've personally signed up for some programs there.

Amazon and ClickBank are not the only places to get started though, there are tons of others too like Commission JunctionShare a saleMaxBountyPeerFly, etc.

But as I mentioned, many of them require verification and may ask your website or show social media following proofs in order to get accept your application.

5. Find Affiliate Products and Services

After choosing the niche and signing up for an affiliate network, you've another task at hand.

You need to find the products that you can promote to the people in your niche.

You have listed down your interests in the notebook now, head over to the Internet to find affiliate programs in those areas.

If you are passionate about fitness, look for the products and services that help people stay fit.

Check to see if there are other products and services related to your interest outside of Amazon.

To do this, search keywords related to your interest in Google with the phrase "affiliate program" added to it.

Let's again take an example of the fitness niche.

If you search fitness clothing + "affiliate program" phrase in Google, you may find affiliate programs related to it.

If your interest is broader and common enough, you will likely find something that you can promote.

6. Check The Competition

Once you're done with the niche selection, the next step is to check if other people are already working on that problem.

There are thousands of affiliate marketers out there like you who're trying to solve the problems of the people in their respective domains.

Early on, you should check what other websites you would be competing with.

It's always a good practice to be aware of your competitors before getting into any niche to avoid failure in the beginning.

Here are a few tips to check for the competition in any of your chosen niche and discover the profitable business area.

Don't Give Up On Your Ideas

When you get into the affiliate marketing you'll feel that most of the keywords are already taken but that's not the case all the time.

You should not give up on your ideas just because so many people are already promoting the same thing.

You could still get into that niche if you approach the business from a different angle.

When you spend some time in doing your own research, you will discover that there many tiny or micro niche ideas that are yet to be taken up.

Remember, your competition should only guide you on the ways in which you should approach the market.

Be mindful that success often leaves clues.

Don't Compete With The Brands

If you are competing for a brand name keywords, for instance, you should expect the official website of the brand to dominate the search result pages.

Avoid keywords wherein the results are dominated by big brands or other experienced affiliates as it would be harder for you to rank on the top of the search results.

They are also aggressive in going after the top spot, so research for other keywords with less competition.

For example, you want to promote the Samsung TVs, if you target the keywords like "Samsung TV", it's more likely that the official Samsung website will be on the top of the search results.

Target Long-Tail Keywords

A long-tail keyword is a keyword phrase that contains at least three words (though some say two or more is considered long-tail).

Long-tail keywords are used to target niche demographics rather than mass audiences. 

You should target the long tail keywords as they're more specific and often less competitive than generic keyword terms.

An example of the long tail keyword would be: "how to buy the best TV in united states".

The best way to check if a keyword has a lot of competition is by going to Google or your search engine of choice.

Type in your or phrase in the query box.

The results should show you the number of pages and websites competing for that keyword.

Again, you can take the help of tools like Jaaxy or SEMRush as I mentioned earlier.

7. Set Up Your Website

Having done enough research through the above steps, it is time to put the research and findings into a website.

With the dynamic moves in technology, nowadays, building a website is faster and easily accomplishable.

While you can still promote the affiliate products without a website, it's good to have one.

Benefits of Having Your Own Affiliate Site

There are a ton of benefits of having your own website.

Here are a few of the advantages of creating the content based site.

  • Having your own website will help you get organic traffic from search engines like Google or Bing.
  • When you have your own blog or website, you have the potential to transform it into a legitimate online business.
  • There is an opportunity to build a long-term profitable affiliate marketing business of your own.
  • Many affiliate networks only accept the affiliates that have their own website.
  • You get more flexibility with your own blog when it comes to writing product reviews, sharing useful tips, etc.
  • You could grow your own follower base, reader base, and email list by having your own blog.
  • The website visitor is more likely to buy the product when he or she reads the genuine product review online. That way you get more conversion rates.

And much more..

The moral here is that by having your own content based website is only going to benefit you more and you are more likely to become successful.

Register a Domain Name

One must start with buying a domain in which case it is the address of your website (e.g.  

It is the initial step while setting up a website. 

The domain can be obtained from Bluehost, NameCheap, and GoDaddy, to mention a few.

Setup The Hosting

The next move is purchasing and setting up hosting.  

In order to build a website or blog, you need to register your domain name and purchase the cost-effective hosting plans.

Hosting a domain entails housing the site which is best done through a reliable service provider like the Bluehost, GoDaddy, and HostGator.

Purchasing a domain and hosting it through a different company requires linking the two companies.

There are many types of hosting like shared, VPS, dedicated, cloud, etc, and cost differently depending upon the resources allocated to your site.

For the beginners, the shared hosting from a reputed hosting company should be enough to get started.

You have many options to choose the hosting for your site but the Bluehost is a great place for starting a WordPress blog for beginners.

Their hosting plans start at as little as $3 per month and offer a free domain name with an SSL certificate.

Furthermore, it's one of the recommended hosting platforms by WordPress and offers industry-standard 99.99% uptime.

Simply enter your preferred domain name below and see if it's available and register it with Bluehost.

Install WordPress On Your Site

The best approach to consider if you are green in affiliate marketing is using WordPress which is the world's most popular content management.

WordPress is user-friendly to a beginner and easy to figure out the tricks.

It works well with a one-click installation.

The WordPress CMS is easy to use and may not demand complicated technological knowledge to put together.

You can easily set up your own blog using the WordPress content management system.

By installing WordPress on your hosted server, you can easily post the content on your website and the features that you want to add.

You don't even need any technical skills in order to run a site built on WordPress.

You even have access to a wide variety of plugins, which help expand the functionality of your site.

Install The Theme For WordPress

The next move is to install the theme for WordPress.

The theme helps keep the audience on the site and although it may seem daunting at the beginning, it is easy to get over it.

It is appropriate to create the content after installing the theme.

The content should be relevant to the niche of your interest and must engage the audience to the latter.

The content should also be search-engine friendly to the users.

Keep Your Website Clean

As an affiliate marketer, don't go crazy adding plugins to your website as you really want to limit the features available. 

You should also limit the design features of your website.

Nowadays the search engines like Google and Bing takes a page speed into the consideration for ranking your posts.

Having more plugins or more graphic elements can slow down the speed of your site.

Really keep your website clean to limit loading speed and to make a positive user experience.

You can also get some great ideas from other websites in your same niche or in niches that are close to yours.

While you should make the design fit the taste of your visitors, do not put too many colors into which can turn your visitor down quickly.

Your visitors must be focused on your high quality and informative content and not the bells and whistles of your website.

These are the basic steps for building a website for running a successful affiliate marketing business. You can do affiliate marketing without a website as well, however that is not a recommended approach and eventually it may lead you to failure.

8. Start Creating The Content

Imagine you want to drive from one city to another by car.

But what if you don't have fuel in your car?

The content is like fuel for your car.

You need to keep creating unique and engaging content in order to grow your affiliate business.

The moment you stop, you stop your growth and someone else will overtake you in no time.

This is the step where the majority of people fail when it comes to making real money with affiliate marketing.

The beginners are more excited at the beginning and they even set up their website.

But as time pass on, they find it difficult to come up with new and creative content on a regular basis and eventually give up.

That's the reality of the affiliate marketing business model.

You are required to create more and more content, be it written, or graphics, or in video format.

From my personal experience, I can say that when you have your own content plan in place and don't pressurize yourself it becomes bread and butter to come up with new content each week.

You will want to create content or articles about new topics that you noted down.

While you can outsource content creation, it's better to do some of it yourself in the beginning so that you will learn the process and save the costs.

The beginner may find it difficult to write the content but there are the affiliate marketing training courses like Authority Hacker or Wealthy Affiliate are the best places to learn to create creative content.

How To Create The Unique And Engaging Content?

Since your site is set up and you have officially joined an affiliate program, you are now ready to start those time consuming but potentially rewarding section of affiliate business.

Content production is over-utilized but true to its meaning phrase "content is king" comes into action.

The purpose of your site to build it like authority sites in your niche and the major way of doing this is by consistent production of outstanding, high-quality content.

  • Excellent content should include product reviews, well-updated content, and informational products that will showcase content about the products in the market.
  • The content availed in your niche, in this case, will depend on the selection made and the urge to raise bars above the competitors in the same niche.
  • The quality of the content can never be compromised.
  • The audience loves the high-quality content and they want to feel the value for their money.
  • A unique site is that which produces authoritative products that will attract buyers and make them understand that their money is well utilized and there are high chances of return on investment.
It is crucial to understand that return on investment is two-way traffic, in which case the service provider and the host must benefit mutually.

9. Build Your Own Audience

The audience is the main customers for the content availed on the site.

Whereas it may sound like a tedious process, building the audience may not be a complicated procedure and it can flow freely once the content produced is excellent.

Grab Your Audience's Attention

Your primary goal after identifying your target market is going to grab the people's attention.

In order to achieve that you should produce the original and quality content and post it on your website or social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest.

Provide useful information to your audience.

Ensure that before you start including your affiliate links on your site, you've won your audience's trust by providing them free and useful information.

Create More Engagements With Your Audience

Building the audience may be done through the promotion of the content via social media, posting as a guest on high-traffic blogs, and building an email list, to mention a few.

The key objective, in this case, is to engage as many viewers as possible.

The affiliate offers come in handy in keeping the audience on board and ensuring they are in access to the content that one wishes to sell.

The affiliate marketing demands to pull the audience from around, and making sure they are in access to the available target products and product reviews.

They may also be lured to leave positive reviews.

The audience is the key determiner of what should trend in the market and they determine the magnitude of the type and quality of the products.

Be Active On Social Media Platforms

An affiliate marketing newbie must be aggressive enough to understand what it takes for a client or an audience to fall for certain products and not others.

The best way to reach the maximum number of customers is through following the social media platforms that have the highest traffic and that which encourages people to share their views about certain products.

Social media is a free market that allows both the sellers and willing buyers to meet, share views, share their products, and review other people’s products.

Meaningfully Post Your Affiliate Links

Most beginners make the mistake of creating the content and inserting their links somewhere in a random corner where it's less noticeable.

This won't exactly be helpful if you want to sell a lot of products.

Post your affiliate links meaningfully and only when they are required.

In order for the people to look at your content and click on your affiliate links, you should try to grab the people's attention in a legitimate and meaningful way.

10. Rinse And Repeat The Process

Running a profitable and sustainable affiliate marketing business is a continuous process that demands frequent revisits.

An aggressive affiliate marketer will continue creating content and grow the site.

In this case on a continual basis to ensure they keep at the pace of building the site.

Consistent generation of income requires continuous creation of content, promotion, marketing, innovation, and continuous selling.

It is very crucial to review the key points and do a background check on what is most important and consider revisiting the same in the affiliate journey.

The frequent revisiting of the predetermined steps is crucial in ensuring that everything runs as planned and all the safety measures that may help in maximizing the output are observed.

Affiliate marketing demand first prioritizing of the customers and ensuring the customers get high-quality content while at the same ensuring the products are availed in good time.

Can You Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

Is Affiliate Marketing a right choice for you?

Can you really make money with affiliate marketing?

The short answer is yes, you can earn a passive income and even a full-time income from affiliate programs. The long answer is, it requires a commitment. The process is not as easy as it sounds. It takes time and most people don't have the patience to keep pursuing it.

Would you like to make money while sleeping?

Wouldn't you like to take multiple breaks in a year?

How about enjoying the holidays with your friends and family on the beautiful beaches?

Well, that's how affiliate marketing is presented to the beginners by those so-called affiliate marketing gurus.

But the reality is affiliate marketing takes a significant amount of patience and hard work for a long period of time for generating a consistent side-income.

It's a business opportunity that very few could understand.

The rest of the people take it as a hobby for making some extra bucks and eventually give up once they feel that it requires a great deal of effort.

Initially, if you are limited by the budget and resources, you should work on it as a "side hustle" while still continuing your job.

Once you understand how affiliate marketing works and what it takes to make the real profit out of it, you should consider investing more money into it.

Affiliate marketing offers a great business opportunity that has the potential to add a new income stream to your business.

However, in order to start a successful affiliate marketing business and generate a consistent side income from it, you should follow some proven steps.

Remember, "Affiliate marketing is a BUSINESS" and if you want to achieve success at it, you must commit yourself to invest your time and keep taking the actions until you achieve the desired results.

Your chances for making money with affiliate marketing is probably no better and no worse than any other type of online home-based business.

You need to keep learning about new trends and affiliate programs in order to keep pace with the competition.

Your success will always depend on how committed you are at taking the actions at each stage and how well you execute your business plan.

I am sure you understand that affiliate marketing is a process that demands patience, honesty, and aggressive innovation.

Getting overwhelmed in this niche is cultivated by income generation as a form of motivation.

It is through the consulted efforts of the marketer that the affiliate marketing gets through to attain the maximum profit in the long run.

How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing provides a huge opportunity to make money online utilizing the power of the internet.

There are many ways of promoting affiliate programs or offers, good and bad, legit, and illegitimate.

The choice is really yours.

I would never recommend choosing the black hat or illegal method of promotion as there are higher chances of destroying the reputation online and ultimately getting banned from the community. 

The legit ways to make money with affiliate marketing takes some time but it's really worth it.

That of course involves a lot of learning curve, for example, building a website, creating content, SEO, email marketing, traffic, etc.

If you don't know how it really works, you always have an option to take the reputable affiliate marketing course.

Your earnings in this form of business will largely depend on your ability to make online sales.

As an affiliate, you have an opportunity to talk about the products or the services by working from the comfort of your home.

If you're doing a day job, you can continue doing that with putting in some extra effort for the product promotions.

You can start promoting the offers as long as you have a computer or laptop and a good internet connection.

Though I have already covered the steps required in order to launch a successful affiliate marketing business, here are a few more tips to make money online with affiliate marketing that are 100% legit and proven to work.

1. Start By Telling Your Friends

If you're a beginner with no prior experience in online marketing, you could start earning by telling your family and friends to buy using your affiliate link.

Let's say you are an Amazon Associates Program member and you know a lot of people who are already buying from the website. You should send them your link.

Explain to them how it works and ask them to help you out.

While talking to them, emphasize that using your link to make their purchase does not add any cost to their purchases and it will also help you grow your online business.

While this method will not add a significant amount of impact on your business, it will help boost your sales numbers to raise your commission rates.

2. Build a Website or Blog

You can build your website or blog where you create content around your chosen topic or niche.

The bulk of the potential income, however, comes from your online marketing efforts.

Most people just place their affiliate links around the Internet, hoping that people will click on them.

This strategy is not very effective and doesn't produce the results in the long run.

There are chances that you'll get banned if the vendor or the affiliate network consider it as spam.

Instead of posting the links everywhere on the internet, you should put up multiple online properties that discuss tips and tricks on a specific niche.

If you are good at something, for instance, fitness you could put up fitness tips online through a blog.

You could then drive traffic to the vendor's website using SEO and social media marketing.

3. Create Product Reviews

In your website or the video, post contents that suggest products that you use.

Also, create a product review of the things you are promoting.

Consider any ideas you might have to promote a product or company.

Use your creativity at writing, recording a video about the product or use your personality and charm to take the product to your audience and earn money.

In your reviews, you can place your affiliate links and encourage people to buy them.

You will be able to build trust and gain rapport with this audience which will help you get more sales.

Simply make sure that your marketing strategies are legitimate and not the blackhat ways of persuading the customers to buy the products from you.

The product reviews that the clients leave behind are a genuine reflection of what is in the market and it should always be true to the word in that the buyer would never get anything short of what was in the reviews.

4. Banners, Giveaways And Discounts

There are various ways through which the products can be promoted, and some ideas may include such approaches as product reviews and banner ads.

The banner ads put on the site will inform the clients more about your offers.

They are best placed in high traffic pages and should appear in the right location to drive maximum sales.

The banners should capture such information as email promotions, giveaways, and discounts.

5. Become an Influencer In Your Niche

If you want to take your business to the next level and boost your sales, it makes sense to create your personal identity online.

In this process, you could use your personality, charm, expertise, and other marketable qualities to become an influencer in your chosen niche.

Nowadays, it is easier than ever to establish your personal brand online by leveraging the power of social network sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

If you consistently send helpful messages that your target audience wants to hear, chances are high that you may gain a lot of followers.

For instance, if you plan to launch a website to promote the gym supplements, going for a brand name like "Best Gym Supplements" makes more sense than your name.

In my case, I've chosen the online marketing niche and created my YouTube channel where I regularly post videos related to online marketing tips and tools.

Setup Social Media Profiles

Similarly, You can set up either a YouTube channel or Facebook page, or Instagram page in the niche of your interest and post regularly there in order to reach the larger audience.

If you're working alone without outsourcing any work, personally, I would prefer to focus on a single platform.

That way, you'll not feel overwhelmed all the time and master that one source of traffic over time.

As you grow your business and profits, you would want to hire someone to take care of some of the tasks for you.

You could simple outsource the work to the freelancers from the sites like UpWork or

6. Be Authentic And Honest With Your Customers

Having created a positive platform for the audience to view the products it is crucial to embark on adding value by promoting the products and convincing the audience of their authenticity.

Building up trust in customers is a process that takes time and may demand some patience and honesty.

Provide genuine and honest product reviews to your prospects and put them in mind that they will rely on your opinion about the products.

When you are being honest about what you are offering, the customers are more likely to trust you and purchase more on your recommendation.

7. Be Creative With Your Promotion

Now that you've created your personal brand and have ablity to attract the right types of people to your website, you now have another task at hand.

You have traffic and people that like your awesome content.

Well, in order to really be exceptional at promotion you will need to focus on meeting the needs of your given audience.

Develop Some Marketing Skills

Next, you will need to develop your promotional skills and abilities in order to convince people to click on your links.

You would like to create effective reviews of the products you're endorsing that talk about the product in detail which will help the person making a buying decision.

Surprise Your Visitors by Your Creativity

The effectiveness of your promotional efforts depends greatly on the creativity that you bring to your content.

Once you master this skill, you can convert the people you attract from visitors to customers of your affiliate marketing company.

You can also try to convert people with minimal expenses on your part which can be helpful especially if you are just starting out.

Your profits from your affiliate sales will eventually outscore your total expenses for promoting products and services.

8. Master the Copywriting Skills

Let's say Facebook is your primary source of traffic.

Next, You need to decide what words, images, or videos you can use to make your followers click your links so that they visit your landing page.

The combination of these different types of media is called a copy and this form of promotion is called the Copywriting.

Test Different Copies of Your Campaign

You need to test different copies to refine and improve your marketing campaign.

With experience, you will know the types of posts, videos, images, or ads that convert well.

In order to know how well your copy is performing, try integrating the tracking into your campaign.

You need to know the number of views your copies receive and how much percentage of visitors are actually buying the products that you're promoting.

Track The Performance of Your Copies

If your tracking methods are in place, you will be able to track the improvement of results with each change that you make in your copy.

It's important that you go through a cycle of testing and implementation in order to reduce your marketing efforts and ultimately the costs.

When you find a copy that successfully converts, they keep using it until you come up with an even better copy.

9. Learn Indirect Marketing

You could ask your visitors to click on your links in two ways, in a direct way or indirect way.

Direct Marketing Has a Negative Impact

The first type is called direct response marketing. In this form of marketing, you really try to push the visitors to a great extent and generate an immediate response.

For instance, you include the link into your post and ask your visitor to click on it.

Master The Indirect Marketing

The second strategy is called indirect marketing.

It's is a way for a business to market it's product, idea, or service without having to use the methods of SPAM or direct advertising and marketing.

One of the main ideas is that you should not appear as if you are a marketer.

At the least, it should be questionable to your viewers whether or not you are marketing the things that you are providing links to. 

Final Note

I know the steps that I just mentioned are not easy to follow and will take time for you to see the desired results but it’s worth to try them in order to become a successful affiliate marketer in a legitimate way.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to win the trust of your audience and they’ll be more likely to purchase the products based on your recommendations.

How Much Money Can You Make With Affiliate Marketing?

Often the amount of money that you as an affiliate can make from affiliate marketing will depend on how much effort you put into it, and if you develop strategies to maximize your earnings. Earnings can vary from a few dollars a month to several thousand dollars per month. Yet do not expect to be earning thousands of dollars within the first few weeks of trying out affiliate marketing.

There are many factors that come into play like the affiliate networks, the commission rate, the product, etc. Regardless of all of these, there are some basic principles and ethics that will decide how much money can you make with affiliate marketing.

The amount of commission that you earn as the marketer also depends on the terms and conditions of the affiliate program.

Check The Commission Rates

The lower end commissions usually hover around 4-6%.

However, some vendors offer much higher commission rates up to 75%.

Some programs also adjust their commission rates based on the performance of the affiliate.

The program may usually start out at 4%-6% if you're just beginning with it.

As you sell more products in the month, the commission rate may also increase.

The Amazon Associates Affiliate Network works in a similar way.

Affiliates with a large audience can ask for higher commissions.

If you have a big email list and get a large amount of traffic to your website, you could email the vendor directly and ask if for a higher commission rate for the products that you want to promote.

If you have authority in your niche and you think you can convince the seller to give you a higher rate, you should also contact them.

There's No Short Cut To Success

Majority of the people who get started with affiliate marketing are clueless and fail to understand that it's a business and requires a great deal of commitment.

If it was ever started as a hobby and just with a mindset to make some quick money, it will die eventually even before it takes off.

It's crucial to understand that like any other offline business you got to work hard in order to achieve the results you desire.

It Won't Make You Rich Overnight

Those people who fail at affiliate marketing are the ones who think that it is a get-rich-quick scheme and it will make them rich overnight.

I'd be brutally honest here, I too believed the same when I got started.

And there's a reason that happens.

The so-called affiliate marketing gurus and experts represent this industry to newbies in that way.

They'll only show you their results and would never talk about the process and how many actions they take behind the scenes.

Don't Expect The Quick Results

You're more likely to be up for success if you take up affiliate marketing as a legitimate business and don't expect the quick results.

Don't be another scammer by promoting the products using the black hat techniques else you'll lose your credibility and the path to your success too quickly.

Those people that make the most out of affiliate marketing may have the benefit of a large social media following or have joined as many affiliate marketing programs as they can find.

If you have areas of particular interest and you are able to attract viewers to your sites or blogs then that will assist in your attempts to be successful in affiliate marketing.

Research, due diligence, and patience will improve your chances of being successful in terms of the income gained from joining affiliate programs and marketing goods and services through various links.

Just do not expect the overnight success of being able to give up the day job within a few days of signing up with your very first program.

How Fast Can You Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

How fast can you make money with affiliate marketing?

It's the most frequently asked questions when someone joins the affiliate marketing.

Well, the answer to this question could be different from person to person, because everyone has different measures when it comes to defining success.

The pace at which you can start making money with affiliate marketing depends on a few factors.

Here are a few questions that you should ask yourself before jumping into affiliate marketing because it's not a get-quick-rich scheme that will make you rich overnight.

  • Are you really serious about working towards your goals?
  • Are you able to find some time every day for your business?
  • How well are you able to organize your time?
  • Have You already set Your financial goals?
  • Are you willing to take action for achieving those goals?

I would highly recommend that you have the answers for at least three of the above questions.

In order to grow your profits with affiliate marketing, you'll consistently have to spend the time on it to grow your business.

Don't follow the get-quick-rich schemes, rather learn the best practices and importantly, keep taking the actions.

The time spent with doing it in the right way will be worth it, you keep going and don’t give up.

Here are the top ten most important things that you should consider before you start investing Your time and money in affiliate marketing.

Here we go!

1. Find Your Passion in Affiliate Marketing

Have you ever realized, how often have you woken up in the morning feeling excited about the day ahead?

What Excites You?

Are you excited or passionate about doing something?

Sadly, the majority of the people in this world don't know what they love doing or what they are passionate about.

It may not be easy finding the activities that they're passionate about but it could be the determining factor whether or not You'll succeed at affiliate marketing or any other business.

Source -

Discover What You Like To Do

In order to find your passion, find something in your day, something at work or something at home that makes you happy.

Having an interest and passion for something will make Your affiliate marketing journey fun.

You won't ever feel overwhelmed about what You're doing and it will take less time for you to achieve your financial goals.

2. Find The Solutions For The Problems

If You know what you're passionate about, then You'd probably know how many people are facing certain problems in that area or niche (in affiliate marketing term).

You will be in a better position to understand their needs and the expectations to find the solutions to the problems in that subject.

Provide The Solutions To Those Problems

Now, You know that what problems the people are facing in your niche, you just need to find the products that can help resolve those problems

The powerful tools like Jaaxy can help you understand what problems the people are facing in Your niche and can suggest the profitable keywords and the products that you can use to help Your audience solve their problems.

3. Devote Yourself For Your Online Business

If you're a beginner, you must realize that in order to make money fast online You must be able to spend the time it takes to create a business.

Many people have an idea about what they need to do in order to achieve their goals but never take a step ahead.

Realize The Power of Devotion

For building a legitimate affiliate marketing business you should be willing to devote Yourself completely at least in the beginning.

That way You'll be in a better position to establish a connection with Your audience and they will be more likely to buy the products from Your suggestions.

4. Take Massive Action

Without effort, nothing can be achieved no matter its affiliate marketing or anything else.

No book, no teacher, no mentor, no organization, and no belief system can bring your work into the world for you.

Putting your path into practice demands energy; this is why an effort is so essential.

Success at anything is not achieved without taking the actions that need to be taken at every stage.

Every action that You take towards Your goals will give you a reward back to you someday.

5. Find The Time For Your Business

Maybe you're a college student, a stay-at-home mom or a nine-to-fiver.

You don't have a lot of spare time and you are often on the lookout for ways to make extra money.

The good news is that you don't need a lot of extra time if you want to earn some extra cash.

Just a little of time here and there will be enough.

Find an Extra Hour Every Day

Just look into your everyday tasks and find out the number of areas where you could find an extra hour or so.

An extra hour a day here and there can really add up to quite a lot of time.

There are many ways you could save a few hours a day.

  • Take less sleep or in other words wake up early in the morning. You can sacrifice an 8-hour sleep rule for a few months if your health allows you to do so.
  • Turn off the TV
  • Watch fewer movies
  • Avoid drinking and late-night parties
  • Spend less time on social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube

So anytime you do have available, use it wisely and productively.

You don't need to do it for life, good if you can but only for a couple of months until you achieve the financial freedom you've dreamed of.

6. Set Your Financial Goals

Success is not all about money and it shouldn't be your only motivation, but for many of us including myself, the money part does matter a lot.

And because of this, I want you to take a few minutes and really come up with some tangible "money" goals.

If your idea of success is financially motivated, then success will be determined by a dollar amount.

Some people think earning $1000 a month is a success but for others, even million a month is not enough.

7. Start With a Small Goal

Therefore, the best way to approach this is to start off small, with an amount that is conceivably and then work your way up from there.

Please make sure you ask this question to yourself even before you take your first step towards building your online business.

Set Your financial goals and determine how much TIME are you willing to invest to achieve those goals?

8. Work For Your Success

Your success at affiliate marketing will depend on a number of factors.

Do you have any prior experience in online marketing?

Are You equipped with any knowledge and expertise you have in a particular niche?

Will you prefer to make some investment over time?

And most importantly, how much actions you’re willing to take along your journey?

9. Develop The Required Skills

Despite all the skepticism about affiliate marketing, I’ve since discovered that you really can do it, it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune, and you don’t have to rip people off along the way.

It’s important when learning about the whole process not to feel overwhelmed, so we’re going to finish off with an outline of what you can get started with straight away.

For getting into the affiliate marketing, You must at least know these basic steps in order to make it big.

  • Picking up the right niche
  • Finding profitable products to promote
  • Building a website
  • Create the relevant content
  • Get the targeted traffic to your website

You may learn all the skills that I listed above in two ways.

One by trial and error, if you decide to go with this approach, be ready to spend the months or even years before You can even make your first commission.

Second by taking a reputable training program that can help you understand the whole process and the best practices to grow your online business.

How To Be a Successful Affiliate Marketer (Step by Step)?

Many people try affiliate marketing and quit even before earning a single buck.

Here are the proven steps to build a long term sustainable affiliate business and be a successful affiliate marketer.

These are known as well as tried and tested steps to increase the chances of success in affiliate marketing:

Step 1: Start With Your Passion or Interest

To begin in affiliate marketing start with attempting to advertise and sell things that you know about.

If you are an expert in knitting then stick to selling patterns instead of trying to sell car parts.

Sell to your niche market instead of selling things you know nothing about.

Consumers will often tell when a website is written by an expert or a novice when it concerns goods, services or subjects, which they are interested in.

Experienced affiliates may set up sites about things outside of their normal niche, yet they will carry out wide-ranging research or even ask somebody to write it for them.

Step 2: Make Site Relevant To What You Sell

Generally, companies prefer to allow affiliates to join their programs that are related to their goods or services.

Make sure that merchants are able to visit your website, as they will not allow you to take part in the program if they believe that your site is not relevant to what they sell, or that it could change or threaten their reputation.

Remember that consumers looking for specific products or services will know more about things than you if it outside your normal niche.

So focus on marketing only specific items that you know in great detail.

Consider setting up new sites on different niches only if you have the time to conduct high-quality research and can find out of consumers are able to relate to, and buy items in any new areas that you have diversified into.

These days it is relatively easy to build a website of your own using software such as WordPress.

Remember to make a site that reflects your knowledge within your niche area.

Look into the affiliate marketing programs

Step 3: Research The Affiliate Networks

Before jumping into an affiliate marketing carry out research into a few different programs.

Look into the general affiliate marketing sites such as Amazon, and also consider any programs more specific to your specialist niche.

Sites such as Amazon can offer a great deal of opportunity as it sells just about all the goods you can think of, and some that you have never even heard of.

It also has a truly global customer base.

If you have no previous experience with such programs then pick one that is easier to use and will payout quickly.

However, if you have taken the time to research several programs start to sign up to new ones on a regular basis once younger got the hang of the first one.

There are many more popular affiliate networks such as ClickBank, Cj, ShareASale, MaxBounty, etc that you consider joining.

Step 4: Pick Up The Right Affiliate Programs

When it comes to affiliate marketing programs, there is a lot of different ones to choose from.

Take a look at several and opt for one that is simple to use and free to join.

The great majority of these programs are free to join, and never provide any program with your credit card details as you may be scammed.

It is standard though to provide either bank account details or PayPal details so that you can be paid promptly.

As always follow the golden rule of stick to what you know, and do not take needless risks.

Just join a single program to begin with, certainly until you have got used to how these programs work and you have started to make money.

Increase the scope of your affiliate marketing once you have more experience.

Step 5: Add Affiliate Links To Your Site

Add affiliate banners to your sidebar, footer or any other area to get affiliate marketing working for you.

Sidebars can be highly effective in affiliate marketing, so if you have sidebars on your site put affiliate marketing links on them.

Every part of your website should be used to either showcase your expertise in your niche area or be used to further your affiliate marketing campaigns.

Every aspect of your website needs to make a positive contribution to how consumers react to it, as well as motivating them to follow links and buy affiliated goods or services.

If you have access to sales data then use it to change your site to maximize the number of sales you are making.

It makes more sense to change things to highlight the parts that are the most successful in generating income for you.

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Step 6: Consider Creating Visual Ads

Visual ads work well with affiliate marketing.

Although demonstrating expertise concerning your niche aids successful affiliate marketing many consumers are also drawn to visual ads.

Attractive ads increase the chances of people clicking on affiliate links and earning the advertiser a commission.

People only take a few seconds to decide on, which sites to look at it if they are conducting a quick search for.goods and services.

So bright or catchy visual ads are important for getting them to buy things through your website instead of somebody else's.

Step 7: Create Unique And Helpful Content

In my opinion, content marketing is a must for affiliate marketing.

To keep people interested in your affiliate marketing it is best to keep adding to and updating the information on your website.

That means it remains interesting to visitors and keeps earning you money.

If the niche you are operating in is one in, which there can be lots of changes in short who is of time, such as cell phones or video games then you will have to update your website more frequently as goods and services are subject to more frequent changes than other niches may be experiencing.

Step 8: Understand What Sells And What Doesn't

Just like any other form of marketing, affiliate marketing can be made more effective by using information.

Most creators will provide analytics of sales figures and profiles of consumers.

Google also gather this type of data so that you can find out your best-performing links and gain more commission.

Review such data as often as possible and make updating your site a priority, replace what does not work with things you know will work, and will, therefore, generate more sales for you.

Furthermore, sales data can be really up to date, so you can make changes quickly, and soon have proof that these are working, or that further changes are needed.

Step 9: Change To Grow Your Business

You should always be on the lookout for more affiliate program opportunities.

Sticking with a limited number of programs will lead to stagnation so increase the programs you are signed up with.

Just because some programs may be producing a high yield of commission earnings does not mean they will remain lucrative over the long term.

Using automation means that you can have more than one site and leave things running in the background allowing you to set up new sites, or to concentrate on improving the performance of existing ones instead.

Step 10: Delegate or Automate Tasks

If you are lucky enough for your website to take off in terms of commissions it is worth hiring people to look after 24/7 to keep the money coming in.

Some programs allow you to automate some functions so do that whenever possible.

Delegation can also allow you to use somebody else's skills or expertise to make more money.

It is also a means to open up highly specialist see markets effectively without you having to become an expert whilst concentrating on more generic programs.

Final Note

The people that make a good living out of the affiliate marketing business have often put a good deal of effort into becoming successful.

There is no short cut to affiliate marketing success, and you will have to put time and effort into it before the affiliate programs start paying out a commission.

Indeed it can take a minimum of up to three months before you start to earn any money.

Why Affiliate Marketing Training Is Important?

You might have understood that affiliate marketing requires a great learning curve.

Most of the newbies fail to understand this in the beginning and end up with only frustration of failure.

Even choosing the right affiliate marketing training is no less than a big task as you have a ton of options.

In fact, every other affiliate marketer has his own so-called secret course to making money with affiliate marketing.

Over the years of being in this industry, I know that more than 95% of them are just scams and don't offer real values.

I have wasted thousands of dollars in trying out different training courses only to disappoint myself more.

So far I have come across only two genuine courses that have really helped me develop the real skills needed for building a legitimate and profitable online business.

My personal recommendations are Authority Hacker or Wealthy Affiliate when it comes to launching an online affiliate marketing business.

Authority Hacker

Authority Hacker is perhaps the only training in the world that covers every aspect of building a profitable authority site.

You get to learn about finding a profitable niche and keywords, site building, creating content and outsourcing, white hat link building tactics, and much more.

Furthermore, the founder Gael Breton and Mark Webster come up with free podcasts every week where they discuss the latest tools and trends in the industry.

The beauty of this course is that everything you learn is 100% white hat, tried and tested.

They offer great one-on-one support and active in their community for answering any burning questions their students may have.

Wealthy Affiliate

Most people who want to make money with affiliate marketing might have heard about Wealthy Affiliate.

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Pros And Cons of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has clearly become a huge industry.

What is it about affiliate marketing that makes it so popular among people of all sorts?

Let's talk about the great and worst things that come from affiliate marketing.

I am going to talk about as many advantages and disadvantages of affiliate marketing as I could gather and throw some light on the never-discussed topics.

It's important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of affiliate marketing in order to know whether an online business based on affiliate marketing is aligned with your goals or not.

Pros of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is suitable for when you are looking to make money from home.

The benefits that come with this activity are important as you could receive a sizeable amount of money for your efforts.

Here are the main advantages of affiliate marketing:

1. No Need To Have Own Products

Getting an online business ready can be a thrilling endeavor in its own right.

Just think about the possible profits you might get and the excitement of creating something special for the online world to see.

An affiliate marketing business is easier for you to run than any other business.

Once you get a site up and running, you will find ways to promote products without having to determine the price of an item, or how you are going to ship it, and other commonplace concerns.

This exciting endeavor can be interesting and give you a better sense of control.

2. Merchants Gain New Customers

While you are bound to benefit from many things that come out of an affiliate marketing routine, it also offers advantages to the merchant.

Businesses enjoy how they outsource their marketing efforts to the public at large.

There are benefits of affiliate marketing for the merchants that make it popular with businesses:

  • A merchant will not have to pay anything for this unless and until the affiliates actually do well with it.
  • A business can plan the payout scheme for the marketing program based on what it can afford to pay.
  • A company's page will have a better SEO rating as more affiliates link up to that page through their affiliate sites.
  • Everything involved in the campaign can be controlled by the business (or merchant). This includes the messaging to be used in the advertisements, any graphic features on those ads, and so forth.
  • The entry cost for getting an affiliate program ready is minimal.
  • A business will not have to pay other websites for ad space unless that group wants to promote its wares on those sites.
  • The operating cost is exceptionally low.

All a business has to do is plan the links and approve new affiliates.

All these points about affiliate marketing prove that it is an entrepreneurial effort worth making.

You will definitely benefit from this system when you plan it all carefully.

It also offers many advantages to businesses.

3. Businesses Are Not Demanding

Any business that you join as an affiliate will appreciate your work.

There really isn't any pressure from the merchant.

The problem with many jobs is that it is tough to get a good relationship running with other employees or higher-ups.

A frosty relationship between you and a manager could hurt your chances for success.

The good news is that an affiliate program will not be judgmental or hard on you.

The demands a company makes on its affiliates are not overly oppressive.

A merchant will understand if you are not getting money through your program. After all, it takes a while for you to earn money from a campaign.

You are not at risk of being fired if you are not doing that well initially.

Merchants know that affiliates have their own lives outside of their efforts.

These businesses understand that you are looking to make them attractive and that you are using your own ideas in planning an affiliate program.

The merchant might even know that you could be working with several campaigns at once.

Your merchant will accept that you are your own person and that everything you do is based on the efforts you put in and the skills involved.

You should never badmouth your merchant or network, and avoid giving inaccurate information.

You could be at risk of being dropped from a campaign if you start to abuse your work or purposefully hurt the merchant.

4. No Extensive Investments

In order to start an online business based on affiliate marketing will need almost little or no initial capital.

You just need to start up a website that is cheap and easy to achieve.

The problem with many other ways to make money online is that they require you to invest lots of money first.

You might consider an angel investment plan to support a new online business with the intention of getting some profits over time.

However, that could be an expensive endeavor.

You might have to spend thousands of dollars to support a business that might not even get off the ground or turn a profit.

It could take a while for you to see a profit (if you get one at all) and it might be minimal.

With affiliate marketing, you just have to start a website and get a hosting and domain plan ready.

It can be pretty cheap to get online these days.

After this, you can create a site with content that highlights the program.

Also, you do not have to buy the product or service that you are marketing.

It is still recommended that you do this just so you have a first-hand understanding of what you are writing about and because it can give you more new ideas for posts.

It is all optional, supporting the point that affiliate marketing is affordable for anyone to enter into.

5. Flexible Work Schedule

With an affiliate marketing, you can put in as much work as you want or as little.

You can work on the program every day or every other day because you are your own boss.

Just remember that you are more likely to make money from this when you put in as much effort as you can.

You need to spend time creating attractive content for your affiliate program to work well while also making your site stand out.

You have to be consistent when getting your work going too.

This includes producing a website that has an outstanding layout and is regularly updated.

However, the good news is that you have the freedom to figure out when you want to update it or how long you will spend on a typical day on updating and managing your site.

6. Make Money At Any Time of Day

Your site will bring in money from anywhere at any point in the day.

This is thanks to your site always being open.

Your site does not come with the same restrictions that traditional brick and mortar businesses have.

People will always have the ability to buy products because your site will be open at all times.

The options you have for working are vast.

You could do anything you want but it does help to put in as much work as you can while still being comfortable with your strategy.

7. Target Anyone Around the World

You can make your affiliate marketing work as localized or widespread as you want.

You have the freedom to do what you wish when getting a targeting plan up and running.

For instance, you might try and target people within your local community to your site.

You might be located in an area where rain is common.

You could have an affiliate program with a site that offers rain barrel products or yard care items that help people manage lawns that receive a lot of rain.

The site you produce could be targeted to your local area as you talk about how rain impacts the citizens.

You also have the option to target a general population.

You might tailor the information on your site to be about any kind of market.

You would have to put in more effort if you want to target a very specific group but the options you have for your work deserve to be explored.

Regardless, you have the right to get in touch with anyone you want.

You could talk with a particular demographic or people from a certain part of the world.

You just need to figure out who you feel is the best group for you to reach as you promote your work.

8. No Need To Stock Products

An online retailer will require a lot of stock to sell to its customers.

It needs enough products on hand to ensure it will not run out of the products and that it can satisfy the needs of all its customers.

This is a problem that many businesses encounter as they often struggle to afford the inventory they have to stock.

Sometimes that inventory might spoil or become worthless.

Even worse, a business might not have enough products during busy times or when an unexpected surge of activity comes onto a site.

This issue does not occur when you work as an affiliate.

Affiliates never have to stock any products.

They are responsible for leading people to the sites that have that inventory for sale.

You will not have to package or store products either.

For you, the process of selling items is simplified online as your job is to direct traffic to the merchant.

The cost associated with getting a warehouse ready for securing items or maintaining those items is eliminated in an affiliate business.

You do not have to reserve any space; nor do you have to keep tabs on whatever you are trying to sell.

The merchant will do all that for you.

9. Say What You Want

Your marketing work allows you to say anything positive you want about what you are selling.

You provide a review of a product or service and a discussion of particular features of that item.

News stories about it or anything else that relates to what you are offering can be included.

Just be certain that you come up with enough ideas to write articles for the products you are promoting.

Your site will be easier for people to read and more valuable if you have enough content to last for weeks or months on end.

Do not be negative or else you might be seen as being unprofessional.

10. Easy To Track Progress

Affiliate marketing is an entrepreneurial effort that you can easily track.

As you work on your campaign, you can get regular reports from a merchant, host, or other entity involved in how well your site is working.

You can get details on how many people are reaching your site, where they are coming from, their physical locations, and what they review when they are on your site.

You can also use analytics to get ideas on how cookies are produced and what part of your site is active.

This helps you to see what people are doing as they get on your site and click a link to reach a page from which you might make a commission.

The analytics you use can help you to see what your efforts are achieving.

You could use analytics to decide what needs to be changed on your site.

11. Performance Based Opportunity

Everything that comes with affiliate marketing is based on your performance.

You only get paid when you perform well.

Why is this an advantage?

It is a benefit to a merchant in that the merchant only pays you when your site is attractive and inviting enough to entice visitors who are redirected to the merchant.

This encourages you to stay active and persistent.

Many people suffer from a lack of motivation when trying to make money online.

By using an affiliate marketing program, you can continually make your site stronger and more distinctive.

This, in turn, gives you a better chance at earning some huge payoffs.

It is also a fair concept in today's business world.

It seems that there are far too many cases where people get a long way because they have lots of money in the first place or because they have the right connections.

It is a challenge for people to really move forward with their business endeavors these days because they do not have the assets and materials needed to make their campaigns really stand out.

With an affiliate marketing business, you will go far based on how well you can perform.

It is not about who you know or what you already have but rather what you do.

Your desire to make money and your effort are the keys to making something successful.

12. Works For Any Product

Affiliate marketing can work for practically any kind of product.

Just look at what a marketing network site offers and you will see many options for products you can promote.

You could work with campaigns to promote health care products, appliances, software, or online services.

Anything of value to you can be promoted through your own site.

This type of work is extremely versatile in that you can find something that relates to a field you understand or in which you have a vested interest.

You will still need to choose carefully so you can pick products in niches or markets with which you have a desire to work.

The best part of this is that a marketing network can link you up with practically any business.

The niches and subsections of any industry are diverse and many of them can lend value on your site.

13. Easy To Find Opportunities

You can find great opportunities to get into this field.

You can simply do an online search to find the latest affiliate programs or you can get onto the websites of different businesses that are offering those programs.

An affiliate network site like ClickBank can be especially helpful.

A network site will help you find all the newest and most attractive affiliates based on the fields you are interested in or whatever works for certain markets.

You will learn more about some of the specific opportunities for you to check out a little later in this guide.

The chances you have for making big bucks are huge.

14. Work With As Many Products As You Want

Affiliate marketing is a very versatile entrepreneurial endeavor to get into.

There are no limits on how many products you can promote at a time.

You can sign up for several products when getting a site ready.

You can promote all of them on the same site.

As you do this, you have to consider how well they relate to each other.

You must also look at how many ads you are including on your site as you don't want to have too many clogging it up.

You need to watch for how well you can manage these different products within your campaign.

The interesting thing about some of the marketing options you have is that multiple campaigns are sometimes run by the same merchants.

A single merchant who has several ClickBank sites dedicated to specific health care supplements might use the same affiliate program for each one.

That merchant might encourage potential affiliates to sign up for as many of these programs as they desire.

Cons of Affiliate Marketing

Even with all the great things that affiliate marketing brings, there are still some problems to anticipate.

It's time to discuss some of the problems that come with being an affiliate.

There are always two sides to a coin.

This can certainly be said about affiliate marketing.

As beneficial and special as this option for making money can be, it can be difficult as well.

There are many problems that come with affiliate marketing and they need to be explored in detail.

While this plan for making money online can be appealing, it can also be a challenge if you are not cautious.

Do not let any of these problems with affiliate marketing discourage you from actually moving into this field.

It remains a very viable and attractive option to consider when finding ways to make money.

However, it is going to require a good deal of effort on your part.

Some of these disadvantages of affiliate marketing should be considered so you can avoid the problems that might arise while you look for an opportunity.

1. Hard To Predict

One of the biggest issues surrounding affiliate marketing is that it can be impossible to predict where the public interest is going to be in the future.

You might think you understand all the ins and outs of your field but in reality, you have no idea of what is going to happen.

The business market is always changing.

Whatever you are promoting might not be popular a week or month from now.

This sense of uncertainty is a problem that can hurt even the best marketing efforts.

It is also tough to fully predict who your audience is going to be.

Analytics can help you to find the right people to market to but that does not always mean you are going to get them to come over to your site.

Rather, the online world is open to everyone.

This means the people you least expect might show up on your site.

They might be the opposite of whatever you thought your demographic was.

You have to be ready for the unexpected.

This is a problem with affiliate marketing and a fact of life.

You have to be on your feet and ready for anything that might come along as you aim to promote a merchant's wares.

2. No Real Consistency

The amount of money you earn each week in affiliate marketing varies based on who gets on your site and who uses the links you have posted.

You might get a good payday one week and less than half that pay the next.

It is impossible to figure out how much money you will make in a week.

You can never tell what the demand for something might be.

Do not ever assume that you will make a certain amount of money in a typical week or month.

All you can really do is keep working on your program.

3. Merchants Can Change Policies

Although the potential is there for you to make money from an affiliate marketing effort, a merchant can change the policies that you must work by.

A merchant has the option to reduce the commissions or rewards.

This often comes if merchants are struggling to keep their bottom line intact.

The profits a merchant will make from sales fluctuate.

As a result, merchants might try and reduce the rewards for your efforts to try to increase their profits.

A merchant may also change the reward structure.

You might end up getting a dramatic cut in how much you are earning from the campaign.

4. A Few Things Are Out of Your Control

You might have control over how you are promoting your merchant's products but you won't have control over absolutely everything.

  • The merchant you are working with will have more control over what is happening than you do.
  • The merchant you work for might remove the product you are promoting from the online world.
  • A merchant can stop selling something at any moment, thus making some of the material you have posted online irrelevant.
  • Also, a merchant could change things relating to the product you are promoting.
  • That merchant might change things like the formula for a product or its appearance.
  • Maybe that merchant might want to target a totally new audience.

A merchant's expansion into new products or changed products might sound great as it could give you new ideas for creating new material.

However, it can also be a huge headache.

  • You might be overwhelmed by all the changes required for your campaign.
  • You will not have much control over what a merchant is doing.
  • This could make it harder for you to keep your marketing campaign working well.
  • Such a concern requires you to be more alert and aware when figuring out what can be done to strengthen your marketing by making changes.
  • You Can't Control the Ads You might have to tailor your work in your campaign based on the ads that your merchant gives you.
  • You might have to focus more on certain content based on how those ads are produced.
  • Sometimes your merchant might give you totally new ads and the old ones become obsolete.
  • This is problematic as it makes some of your content outdated.
  • The advertisements might be overly distracting and upsetting to some.

Let's say you are running a website about treating herpes.

You would not want to contend with an advertisement that just shows a lot of ugly herpes sores, would you?

You would probably rather have an ad that shows the texture of a product you are promoting alongside information on how the product treats herpes sores.

You would rather let the readers decide if they want to see photos of those sores.

A merchant's ad might include all those unwanted shots and material that you probably did not ask for.

As you look for a merchant to support, check on how the merchant's advertisements are laid out and if they are easy to follow.

Anything that appears to be evergreen in nature (like the facts about what the merchant does, highlighting certain products, etc.) is always best.

Anything time-sensitive might be a challenge to manage.

5. The Need For Perfection Is Tough

One of the worst things that any affiliate could do is to create a campaign site that is not completely accurate.

Some merchants are reluctant to start marketing efforts because they know their affiliates might give out false information.

False advertising through an affiliate can hurt a merchant.

It can impact that merchant's reputation as people get the wrong information.

In some cases, it might include inaccurate details of a merchant's product.

Avoid making promises that a merchant could never actually keep.

False advertising is a problem that has to be avoided when trying to be an affiliate.

You must do your best to ensure that you do not provide people with false or misleading details.

This need to strive for perfection can be a challenge for some prospective marketers.

It is often tough for marketers to be aware of what they might be getting themselves into when they try to promote their wares and make them more appealing.

6. Some Merchants May Be Scammers

Scammers are prevalent online and can take the form of merchant affiliate programs.

These scammers might ask you for specific or detailed financial information linked to your name.

They might try to get access to your bank information or other identifying numbers linked to your name.

Be aware when trying to find great merchants to enter into a program with.

Make sure you review the merchants, what they have to offer, and how well they have been working overtime. Check on background information and find as many reviews relating to the merchants as possible.

7. Link Hijacking

Link hijacking is when someone tries to grab a link that you have posted on a site and use it to their advantage.

Sometimes people might take your link and information and use it for their own benefit.

This would not entail your personal data being lost but it would involve someone else using your program and receiving money from it.

You must be aware of how the link hijacking can take place and how it could harm your bottom line.

This is a threatening activity that will keep you from getting the money you deserve.

Regularly check on your links to see that they are productive.

You might also have to use different link shortening codes on occasion (this will be discussed in the next chapter).

Whatever you do, you must review how your links are organized and be careful with how they are managed and used.

Sometimes you might have to change your links.

A merchant might have you change the URLs and other features around your site on a regular basis.

This can be frustrating due to all the coding and editing involved.

You still have to take care of the problem just to keep your site visible and open.

8. Taxes Are a Concern

You can't earn money without having to pay taxes.

It is unfortunate but it is the truth.

People are always going to ask for money from you to pay for various services.

These include things you might never use.

You might think it is unfair but taxes have to be collected to allow society to function.

You are probably using some of the things that your tax dollars are paying for right now.

The money you earn from affiliate marketing will be taxed like any other income you generate.

The tax rate for your affiliate earnings will vary based on what you earn and where you live.

It is important to keep a record of all the money you earn.

Keep records and make sure they are reported on your annual return.

Failure to do this could result in significant penalties.

9. Technical Issues

One of the biggest worries surrounding running a campaign involves the technical problems that might develop.

Such technical problems might be:

A virus corrupting your site so it cannot be used.

Problems with your computer erasing your data, including the information you were using for your marketing site.

Problems with a server that you are hosting your site on; this is especially problematic if you are on a shared server.

The content you upload online being lost; this includes cases where picture files expire or no longer work, thus producing empty spots or errors.

The technical problems associated with running a site are never fun to deal with.

You cannot fully prevent them either, what with hackers and thieves finding new ways to get around blocks and security features.

Final Note

Be aware of these pros and cons of affiliate marketing can help you understand how well your site works, and try to spot trouble.

All the disadvantages of affiliate marketing should not keep you from getting into this great field.

However, you should be aware of these problems as they might directly impact how well you are able to make money.

Be cautious when getting into this field and do not put yourself at risk.


I hope this post proves to be the only guide you ever need to start affiliate marketing.

I recommend building a niche website to anyone who wants to launch a successful affiliate marketing business and grow it by adding awesome to generate consistent passive income.

If you've built your niche website and capable of creating the quality content, you're supposed to focus only on the two tasks which are driving the traffic to your website and promoting the products to your visitors.

I hope you enjoyed this beginner's guide for affiliate marketing.

Please comment below and let me know your opinion. I would be happy to answer any questions you may have. 🙂

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