Thrive Themes Review 2020: Why So Much Hype About Them?

Thrive Themes Review Summary

Overall Rating

4.5 / 5

Thrive Themes is the most sophisticated and state-of-the-art suite of WordPress themes and plugins and comes with a range of most powerful, customizable and conversion-focused tools. It offers plenty of features such as more engagements through quizzes, A/B split testing, online course platform, testimonials and comments tools, etc.

Best Suited For

Anyone who wants to launch a profitable online business with a WordPress site like a blog, business site, landing page, sales page, membership site, online course, etc.


Fixed $67 for the individual WordPress plugins, $19/month for the Thrive Membership and $49/month for the Agency Membership. (Paid annually with 24% discount)

Free Trial

NO, but the membership can be canceled at any time and it's backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Shane Melaugh and Paul McCarthy

Ease of Use

4.5 / 5


4.5 / 5


4.5 / 5

Customer Support

4.5 / 5


4.5 / 5

Value For Money

4.5 / 5


  • Conversion-focused WordPress Themes & Plugins
  • Powerful visual theme builder
  • Intuitive drag & drop editor for landing pages
  • Highly customizable pages and other components
  • Beautiful lead capture banners, forms, and pages
  • A/B split testing for headlines, pages, and forms
  • Modern and cutting-edge tools
  • Exclusive members-only discounts
  • Lifetime updates for themes and plugins


  • No free trial
  • A limited information on the WordPress themes


Thrive Themes is the next-generation tool suite that offers a range of most powerful, customizable and conversion-focused WordPress themes and plugins. It's the only all-in-one tool that comes with everything you need for running a successful WordPress site like theme builder, landing pages, lead-capture forms, comments, testimonials, quiz builder, online courses, etc.

I am a proud user of their membership and this site uses the theme and a few other plugins from Thrive Themes. Feel free to take a look around and see if Thrive Theme is best suitable for your needs or not.

You are here because you are looking for a genuine Thrive Themes review.

No worries, in this in-depth review we are going to discuss each and every aspect of Thrive Themes.

There is certainly no doubt that choosing a website theme can be an extremely challenging feat.

However, it is a task that we have to perform in as much as we want to publicize our businesses over the internet space effectively.

Although in recent times, several different tools have come up with various themes that are readily available for use, and we find that we can access them easily.

While some are free, some are not, but in recent studies, we have found that very few of them (whether paid or free) do an excellent job for the purposes in which they are downloaded.

However, among other things, one crucial factor which we must take note of is that although choosing a website theme is quite tricky, it is essential.

And the truth is a lot of the available themes do not cut excellence.

For this reason, today I am going to talk about a brand new tried and tested tool known as "Thrive Themes.''

Are you tired of building websites and getting no subscribers or even visitors?

Have you ever wondered what it will be like for you to have adequate traffic and activity on your website?

Well, think no more!

Because Thrive Themes are here for you and in this in-depth thrive themes review I am going to talk about everything that you must know before you decide to get into its membership.

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What Are Thrive Themes?

Thrive themes offer unique but straightforward designs that ensure that your website is easy to use and still intrinsically captivating. Thrive Themes keep it simple and classy, by providing that although visitors value data availability, they are always mesmerized by the structure of your web page.

You might be wondering how this helps you, and the answer to that is quite simple.

Sophisticated and straightforward themes work best for your search engine optimization because you will have succeeded in avoiding any complexities in accessing your web page, and still, it will look good enough to keep people coming back by avoiding any unnecessary busyness.

As you know, the theme of your website has ultimately connoted the energy that individuals derive from your page.

It is the first look which your web visitors come across and helps them to form an opinion of what might be available to them on your site.

This theme includes features like the color sequence and overall scheme of your website and the necessary arrangement of the details that are available on those pages.

The idea of your website, in plain terms, refers to the first impression which individuals get from your web page on coming across it.

You are also aware of the sayings about first impressions, they last long.

This is why trusting the right tool for your website theme is essential.

But delving straight into directly stating to you that thrive themes are the best, you might not be convinced.

On that note, how about you take a look, and a full description of what thrive themes can offer you?

Watch the video and decide if Thrive Themes is right for your business or not.

Thrive Themes Features

Thrive Features

Thrive Themes Features

The first advantage that Thrive Themes offer you above all other themes is that it makes it simple.

With thrive themes, you are guaranteed the utmost simplicity and why is that?

It is evident that in recent times the attention span of most individuals is at the lowest it has ever been, and keeping people on your website takes more effort than usual.

However, this also directly implies that no one wants to spend all their time trying to figure out how to maneuver your website or glide through a pile of junk information.

Here are the top features of Thrive Themes that you can look forward to.

Fast And Easily Accessible Customer Support

Everyone wants to be able to figure it out without breaking a sweat or even thinking twice.

Also, visitors want to be able to get to the content and information they seek the moment they request it.

Which is why keeping it simple is the best.

Also, Thrive Themes offer fast and easily accessible developer support.

This is evident in how fast and frequently updated the software is to add the needed changes to your themes.

Unlike some other web themes which due to sparse coding and lack of adequate developer support, make it difficult for users to access updates, thrive themes offer you the needed developer support.

This is also done fast and without unnecessary glitches.

The required updates are done on time, and you can easily avoid any forms of system breakages.

Thrive Themes provide this service by ensuring that all developer information for you to receive help easily is available on the website.

And for the sterling reviews and recommendations, you can count on the fact that Thrive Themes have made right on the promised services.

Through frequently and efficiently updating facilities, which makes your themes up to date and in line with the times.

Mobile Responsiveness

Thrive Themes are mobile view responsive.

It is no uncommon knowledge that the majority of the individuals that visit the website do so on their mobile phones.

Hence, it is not enough for a website theme to be merely responsive, but it must also be mobile phone responsive.

Through the mobile responsive themes, you are guaranteed that no visitor is leaving your site because they were unable to quickly get access to the information they need on their mobile phones.

Conversion Focused

Thrive themes are also conversion-focused in that they provide you with the best WordPress themes and plugins that are built right from scratch to make sure that your web page easily converts your visitors into subscribers and, in any case, customers or possible clients.

The software components provide you with easy access to customize your website to fit the image of your brand and every other specification that you might have.

These additional functions help both the tool and you to make your site theme is compliant with your brand's plan as you wish it to be.

One of the many ways through which Thrive Themes do this is by boosting your website management through quizzes, which will help engage your visitors in meaningful discussions that will keep them coming.

Thrive Themes also build your mailing list faster by doing this.

Multiple Browser Compatibility

Another exceptional feature of thrive themes that you will not get from many other web themes is that Thrive Themes are compatible with several browsers across the board.

One thing a lot of individuals do not take cognizance of when getting website themes is the compatibility of those themes with variant web browsers, mobile devices, and computing systems.

Taking note of this is essential because they are accessibility pods to your website.

However, you do not have to take cognizance of this or even worry about it because thrive themes take care of that for you.

Thrive Themes help you ensure that your website is accessible on all platforms, as this makes it even more attractive to the users.

How Does Thrive Themes Work?

How Does Thrive Themes Work?

Having said all these, there is no doubt that you agree that thrive themes are indeed the best.

The next question now is, how does it work?

If you are familiar with the general operations of website themes, then that of Thrive Themes will not be alien to you.

Although going into the intricate details might complicate things for you, there is no harm in getting a basic overview of how Thrive Themes work.

Much like the conventional process, Thrive Themes are built in such a way that multiple files are used to create a single page on your website.

These template files are responsible for the construction of each of the pages on your website, which invariably form your web theme.

All these work to the end of ensuring that the visitors that come to your website are converted to be much more than that by becoming subscribers, clients, or customers.

With Thrive Themes and plugins, you are guaranteed a surge in your conversions.

All you need to do is to subscribe to Thrive services, which leads to the topic of prices.

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Thrive Themes Pricing

In the creation of website themes, one major factor that makes individuals and business owners shy away from is the exorbitant prices.

This is not surprising as several theme creators charge much more than the average man can afford to spend on a website theme.

But there is no need to fret here because Thrive Themes are very affordable.

They provide you with the best packages for the best and most affordable amounts on the market.

If you would like to make a purchase of any Thrive Themes on WordPress, here is a look at the price list.

Single Site License ($49)

The Single Site License from Thrive Themes is just as the name implies, available for use on a unique website.

This license will give you access to all the available features and updates that are available from purchasing Thrive Themes.

Unlimited Personal License ($67)

This is the second available package that allows you to make use of your theme on any of the websites that you own.

This package also includes access to all Thrive Themes free available updates.

However, asides from these packages, there is a much better deal than Thrive Themes offer, and they are known as the Thrive membership packages.

Thrive Themes Pricing

These packages are divided into two significant sets, and they are;

1. Thrive Membership (at $19/month)

This package is available to individuals and entrepreneurs.

It gives the subscriber access to all themes and plugins for use on 25 of their websites.

The only condition placed on its use is that the site has to be yours.

2. Agency Membership ($49/month)

This package is available to agencies and web designers.

The significant difference between this package and the other listed above is that this theme is available for use to multiple users at the same time.

In contrast, the other is restricted to the use of the sole owner of the theme.

It can be used on 50 of your websites and also that of your clients.

Now that you know all the packages that are available to you choose one and become a part of Thrive Themes immediately, you cannot afford to sleep on these deals!

Thrive Themes Products

You might be wondering what kind of products a theme building facility offers.

But you need not fuss any further.

Thrive Themes offer various add-ons and plugins that make your web experience and that of your web page users very blissful.

Here are the services and products that are offered.

1. Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect is a WordPress page builder that helps you to articulate your ideas into pages.

It is a visual page builder that allows you to create impressive layouts and outstanding content on your website in the easiest way possible.

The page builder is targeted towards entrepreneurs and businesses who, although are busy, need to still work on creating a website.

This page builder will help to simplify the process by being as fast as possible with the instant drag and drop editing process.

This process is commonly referred to as "Click-to-edit," which simply means that if you need to edit any aspect of your web page theme, all you need do is to click on the icon.

And the possible options for substitution will be made available to you.

This makes the process as fast so you can do everything instantly.

You need no prior design or coding skills to operate the Thrive architect, as it has 325 excellently designed templates that are entirely conversion focused.

These templates help you to create professional-looking pages that are 100% customizable.

Although Thrive Architect is not the only available visual editor for WordPress, it is the only editor that is 100% focused on business entrepreneurs.

With Thrive Architect, you can create a homepage that you will be proud of.

2. Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads

Do you want to build your mailing list faster than ever before?

Then you need Thrive Leads!

Thrive Leads is one of the best and most useful plugins that you will ever come across on WordPress.

This is for several reasons.

The first one being that Thrive Leads is a plugin that was created by a team of obsessive conversion-focused optimizers.

Also, making use of Thrive leads helps you have a personal list-building and conversion expert that comes in the form of software.

This is amazing as this plugin will handle your conversion optimization with utmost excellence without any extra hands having to be on deck.

Thrive leads helps you to effectively combine all the kinds of opt-in forms that you need in a single plug.

Hence, you can use the intuitive drag-and-drop editor to create the design of your choice at any time.

It also helps you with advanced targeting as it helps to boost your conversion rates by providing relevant and targeted offers to your consumers.

Also, it helps to give you actionable reports and insights.

Your website needs a touch of Thrive Leads!

3. Thrive Quiz Builder

Thrive Quiz Builder

The Thrive Quiz Builder is an excellent example of what expresses the original intention of individuals who introduced quizzes to blogs and web pages.

The Thrive Quiz Builder helps you to see that quizzes are not for mere fun, and they are in place to help you engage both your visitors and subscribers.

This is an efficient way to grow your business as it aids the activity on your web page and helps to convert those visitors into active leads.

Through the quiz builder, you not only get the attention of your visitors, but you get to keep it!

This will ultimately help you to increase your email list, social presence, and also serve as a data generation avenue for your business.

4. Thrive Theme Builder

Thrive Theme Builder

The Thrive theme builder is the much anticipated WordPress visual design-builder of the year.

It is available to members of the Thrive Theme, who will gain foremost access to its use.

And if you're not yet a member, what are you waiting for? Join Thrive Themes!

The Thrive theme builder is not a plugin. No!

It is more than just a mere hack for your present theme; it is a whole new theme builder with a significant feature of keeping you in charge all the time.

It gives you absolute control over every section of your WordPress site, and there is no doubt you will love it!

5. Thrive Apprentice

Thrive Apprentice

No doubt building an online course from scratch could be as challenging as building your furniture or machines from scratch without having any knowledge of how.

However, this is why there is a Thrive Apprentice.

With Thrive Apprentice, you are allowed to take online course creation lessons without breaking the bank or getting frustrated.

In this course, you are taught in chapters and modules that help you to produce "fast-action designs" as though a professional made them.

The Thrive Apprentice environment is ultimately conducive for use and highly visually engaging.

How about you try it out for that online course?

6. Thrive Comments

Thrive Comments

Thrive Comments is one of the powerhouses for the increased conversion rates which Thrive Themes offer.

It is a WordPress plugin that helps you keep your visitors engaged through comments.

You might be wondering how comments transform into conversion rates; well, here is how.

Thrive Themes, has engaged some of the growth principles of social media to spice up your WordPress comments.

First, there is no doubt that everyone wants a reward for their good actions performed, no matter how little.

This is why Thrive Themes has implemented the use of the techniques used by the likes of Quora and Reddit to ensure engagement on your WordPress site.

This method of encouraging participation is by implanting the reward system.

Visitors are allowed to drop comments on your site and see them liked by others.

Next, they have a sense of achievement if they're able to unlock badges for themselves.

They can then be given extra validation through featured comments and up-votes.

This might even earn them the opportunity to get a comment featured on social media!

Initially, you might wonder how effective this will be, seeing that people might not want to work so hard for a small badge.

But you can take a look at how the verification badges on Instagram and Twitter have encouraged individuals to use those platforms increasingly.

What are you waiting for? Stop those boring comments and start using Thrive Comments!

7. Thrive Ultimatum

Thrive Ultimatum

When you hear ultimatum, what comes to your mind? A countdown!

And what rushes to your heart? Excitement!

There is no doubt that once in a while, we all love a rush, and it spurs us on to do what we might not have done under normal circumstances.

This is what is referred to as scarcity marketing.

Scarcity marketing is a marketing strategy in which you create a "sense of urgency" on your website by giving visitors an ultimatum to access a particular facility, this the logic behind the Thrive Ultimatum.

Through the use of various strategies like countdowns and various ultimatums, Thrive Ultimatum keeps your visitors active and engaged by instilling a mild fear of missing out in them.

This technique has been adequately tried and tested and has proved undoubtedly to be an excellent method of increasing your conversion rates.

Thrive ultimatum is your key to legitimately keep your visitors active by creating a sense of awareness and urgency on your site.

8. Thrive Ovation

Thrive Ovation

Thrive Ovation is the crown of all Thrive Themes and your great business efforts.

Thrive ovation is the Thrive Themes facility that helps you to display all those excellent testimonials and even convert comments to testimonials.

There is no doubt that a lot of our businesses are doing well, and we are providing adequate services that give people satisfaction and encourage them to leave sterling reviews.

But compiling the comments and reviews from the various platforms they could have been left on can be a real hassle.

This is why Thrive Themes introduced this actionable and straightforward facility known as Thrive Ovation, to help you quickly and easily compile your comments and reviews into testimonials on your website.

You no longer have to leave out the testimonials when creating your website, you can easily add them on with Thrive Ovation.

Bottom Line

This brings us to the end of all the products and facilities which Thrive Themes offers.

Through this, you can decipher that Thrive Themes has got every aspect of your website building covered.

There is no aspect of webpage building that has left untouched, and through comments and reviews from users, you can be assured that Thrive Themes products and services are what they have been said to be.

That being said, are you still not a Thrive member? πŸ™‚

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