20 “Unique” Ways To Get Free Traffic To Your Website

You have built a beautiful website and started creating awesome content on it.

You spent hundreds of dollars on purchasing a catchy domain name and reliable hosting.

But the problem is, maybe you are still struggling to find the ways to get free traffic to your website and get the real returns from your investments.

Maybe you are clueless and keep asking yourself, how to increase traffic on my website for free?

As great as the compensation for your affiliate marketing work can be, you must work hard to get a site to work for you.

The problem with trying to run a marketing campaign is that it takes a while to get going.

Part of running your site involves producing a layout that is convenient and offers an easy way for people to get online and see what you have.

What Are The Ways To Get Free Traffic To Your Website?

To make it work, you have to look carefully at how well your site is made while also investigating how you are going to get in touch with other people.

You must put in a significant amount of effort to get your marketing work to stay profitable and viable.

Fortunately, there are several things that you can do to build traffic on your site.

You can use these points to give yourself a better chance to produce a great site that has an outstanding look and layout while being inviting to the public.

Here are the top 20 ways to get free traffic to your website that are proven and used by top bloggers and influencers in respective industries.

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1. Be Visible On Social Media

Ways to get free traffic to your website - Be Visible On Social Media
Image by Erik Lucatero from Pixabay

The first thing you have to do is let the world know that your site exists.

It is the most preferred way to get free traffic to your website after SEO.

You cannot just sit there with a nice website and assume that you will actually get traffic out of the blue.

You need to be active in the online world to let people know that you are around.

One of the best ways to do this is through the use of social media.

A social media page can be set up and planned to promote your affiliate marketing content.

This can be efficient in that social media are extremely popular with a large number of people and are often easy to update and access.

Always be certain when promoting your site that you use these ideas to enhance your visibility:

  • Post messages on popular social media platforms.
  • Do not make these messages obvious advertisements. Instead, make them constructive and intelligent and thoughtful, while relating to the content at hand.
  • Be active on feeds that relate to whatever you are promoting. If you are promoting a site that offers travel deals to Las Vegas, then maybe you can post messages on feeds for Las Vegas resorts or casinos.
  • Post things regularly on your social media feeds. After people click on a link to your feed, they will want to see that you have much more to say.
  • The content you put on your feed should be relevant to your campaign while including various relevant keywords.
  • Be willing to interact directly with other users. These include people that you might see in the comment section of a post.

Develop a plan for working with social media.

You have to make your work on social media strong so you can stand out and be easier to spot.

2. Try Different Social Media Sites

ways to get free traffic to your website - Try Different Social Media Sites
Image by Photo Mix from Pixabay

Certain types of social media sites target specific groups of people.

Try and get onto more of these sites if possible.

You should not limit yourself to just having Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Those might be the most popular but there are many more choices for you to utilize:

  • Start an Instagram page if you have several photos to share.
  • Use Pinterest if you are a more creative type and you want to show what you are promoting in action.
  • Linkedln is ideal if you want to reach professionals.
  • Tumblr also works if you like to share GIFS, short videos, and brief blog posts with a younger audience. You could even connect your work to some of the more interesting pop culture concepts that people like to talk about on Tumblr.
  • Reddit works if you want to solicit questions from people or if you want to contribute to more detailed discussions online.

Of course, there are also some social media sites that focus on people from very specific parts of the world.

Those would not be necessary unless you are actively trying to reach those people in particular.

For instance, QZone is huge in China and V Kontakte is big in Russia.

You would be better off not using those platforms unless you are intentionally trying to reach a Chinese or Russian audience and you actually had a site that is in Chinese or Russian.

Look at particular social media sites to check that the one you want to work on is useful for your marketing demands and that the people you want to reach are actually likely to show up on it.

3. Create a Social Media Handle

Create a Social Media Handle
Image by Coffee Bean from Pixabay

One additional point for using social media is to use a handle that relates to your campaign.

This allows people to actually find you when they search for certain things on a social media site.

Have you ever used a search function on a social media site?

You might have noticed that some results will pop up as you are typing something in.

  • If you were typing "Las Vegas" into a search engine, for example, you would get results that list many things relating to specific hotels or resorts that operate out of the city as well as other businesses and entities.
  • This shows that you will be easier to spot if your handle and title page are easily revealed.
  • Let's go back to the Las Vegas example for a moment.
  • Maybe you are trying to promote big deals on Las Vegas travel packages.
  • You could use a handle like "@lasvegasforcheap" or "@lasvegasdiscounts" - anything that directly explains what you have to offer is worthwhile.
  • Don't forget about the title of your social media page.
  • For "@lasvegasdiscounts", you could use a page title like "Las Vegas Travel Discounts."

Remember that the title of your feed will appear alongside the handle.

Doing this makes it more likely that your site will be spotted on a social media search.

Many people who use social media sites will use the search engine feature to find specific feeds or bits of content.

Anyone who enters in a search using a certain keyword could be quickly linked up to your site, provided you use the right keywords. Your work will appear right on the search page.

If someone typed in "Las Vegas travel discounts", then the "@lasvegasdiscounts" handle that you chose will be one of the first things people spot.

Whatever you do, make sure you create a good keyword or title name that fits within the character limits that a social media site uses.

This is especially the case with Twitter.

That site might have exponentially increased its character limit for individual tweets but the ability to be concise in what you are posting is still vital to your success.

4. Create The Varied Length Content

Ways to get free traffic to your website - Create The Varied Length Content
Image by Erik Lucatero from Pixabay


A good idea for running a site is to work with various kinds of posts.

Did you know that many people are able to get massive traffic just by creating the content of varied length on their website or blog.

It's one of the best ways to get free traffic to your website and has the potential to drive that free traffic for months and even years.

You do not have to use the 1000-word rule for every post you put on your blog, for instance.

The last thing you want is a bunch of filler that goes nowhere.

You could have one post that is 1200 words long followed by a 3500 word one, then a 2000 word one, and so forth.

Offering a diverse variety of content always helps.

You can put in small blurbs to go alongside longer stories or profiles.

5. Follow a Schedule

Ways to get free traffic to your website - Follow a schedule
Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Establish a schedule where you are producing unique content in many forms at certain times in the week.

  • For instance, you might plan a new review of a product in your niche every Tuesday.
  • This might involve a new 1000 to 1800 word review showing up on that site each Tuesday.
  • Meanwhile, you could post an 800 to 1000 word opinion piece about your field every Friday.

Stay with that schedule and figure out how many ideas you want to work with as you produce this content.

Establishing a great plan will help you to sell more products or services.

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6. Use Different Formats For Your Content

Ways to get free traffic to your website -Use Different Formats For Your Content
Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

On a related note, you should use a variety of story formats.

You do not always have to stay with the same text-based format for all your website posts.

  • You can produce small videos, GIFS, audio files, etc.
  • Creative infographics and other data-oriented files can also be used.

By using a variety of stories and content pieces, you are showing the reader that you have a strong interest in what you are marketing.

You also show that you understand all the ins and outs that come with whatever you are marketing.

7. Target Long-Tail Keywords

Target Long-Tail Keywords
Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

Is your site completely new and you are still struggling to get content ideas for your blog?

If you just got started it makes sense to focus on the long-tail keywords and it's one of the best ways to get free traffic to your website.

You might have an idea of what keywords you want to use when promoting yourself but you should watch for more than just the basic ones.

Consider using long-tail keywords that you wish to incorporate into your site as well.

Long-tail keywords are ones that are directly related to the keywords you have already been working with recently.

Such a keyword is about three to five words in length and is a little more specific.

Let's use the example of running a site that promotes Las Vegas travel packages.

  • You might already use "Las Vegas travel" or "Las Vegas deals" as the keywords you want to use to reach people.
  • Add more long-tail keywords that fit perfectly and incorporate more information.
  • For instance, you might use keywords like "deals on Las Vegas travel" or "discounts on (name of resort) Vegas", or "Las Vegas hotels for (special event coming to the city)", among others.
  • Those long-tail keywords are much more specific than your basic keywords might be.
  • Using those long-tail keywords will allow you to reach more people as they could be picked up by those who have a specific intent in mind.
  • You can use as many of these long-tail keywords as you want.
  • Try and spread them out in your content.
  • You might have the keyword "Vegas resorts for CES" or "deals for Paris Las Vegas" placed on one end of the site while
  • "Las Vegas hotels for honeymoons" might be on the other end.

Enter your keyword below to start getting long-tail keyword ideas:


Adding more of these keywords all-around your site is worthwhile as you can show your site offers more details for anything visitors might want to explore and learn about.

Make sure that you use an analytics program to get an idea of what keywords are being used and that you have a clear idea of what is available for your use.

Use any analytics programs from a website operator to know which keywords are doing the most for you.

8. Leverage The Power of Guest Blogging

You can always get on other people's blogs.

By doing so, you can expose yourself to more people.

Guest blogging entails two different formats.

These are going onto other blogs and your existing blog, and having people come to yours.

Going to Others' Blogs

The first aspect of guest blogging involves you writing blog posts on someone else's website and it's still one of the great ways to get free traffic to your website.

With this, you will write something that relates to your marketing campaign.

This gives you the ability to make your page a little more noticeable.

What happens here is that you would ask a blog if you could write something for that page.

You would have to do a few things to make this work:

  • Start by explaining who you are and what your blog is about.
  • Talk about what you know about the site on which you wish to make a guest post.
  •  A blogger will want to know what you have to offer before accepting you. The blog will require you to provide details on everything you have to offer.
  • Explain to the blogger what you want to write about in particular. Explain how long the post will be, the style of writing you wish to use, and so forth. The blog operator needs to know why your work could make a positive impact.
  • Set up a plan for when you want to get your post online.
  • Plan an author blurb that includes details so the audience knows who you are. This plan is useful as you can make yourself more visible.

You will attract a new audience that might be interested in clicking the link to your site to learn more about your work and what you are marketing.

Whatever you do, avoid sounding like you are making a blatant advertisement when you are writing a guest post.

You can always list information on your site on the author's blurb.

Try not to go too deep into detail on your blog or another site as people are often turned off.

The other site has the full right to schedule your guest post as it sees fit.

The site may also edit your post although it should give you details on what is being done before your work goes public to make sure you agree with any changes that have been made.

9. Invite Other To Write On Your Site

Allow other bloggers to guest post to your site.

By doing this, you are allowing those people to explain their interests to your audience.

More importantly, you might get people from another site to come onto your page.

This will lead the guest poster's regular audience to your site.

It works best when the guest poster operates within the same niche in which you are already operating.

This plan for sharing links is simple.

  • When dealing with a guest poster, you too have the right to upload the guest's content on your site as you see fit and even edit it to your liking but you must advise the guest blogger of those changes or scheduling plans.
  • Do not post something that you have edited unless the original writer is okay with those edits.
  • Be sure you also look at how well the other writer discusses their work.
  • Make sure the post does not sound like a blatant promotional message or else your audience will think that you are desperate for attention.

10. Check Your Website Responsiveness

All the content you produce on your site can show people just how knowledgeable you are and that you have a strong interest in your subject.

All that work will mean nothing if people cannot actually read what you are writing.

You have to look at how well your site is able to respond to different platforms and display setups.

As you get a site ready, watch for how good everything looks and that it is easy for people to use.

  • Check how your website looks on many search engines and displays.
  • Test it on mobile devices to see if it displays well on a variety of operating systems.
  • Try to use it on several versions of the same operating system.
  • Make sure it is legible on many screens, including smaller three-inch smartphone screens or larger eight-inch tablets.
  • See how well your work reads on both landscape and portrait layouts.

The key is to ensure that your site is capable of responding well and is looking its best on many browsers and devices.

This is to see that people can actually get on your site and have access to the links and other features.

The most important thing to do is to see that anything you plan is readable.

Test everything regularly and make sure it all works, with no errors.

11. Track Your Website Performance

Track Your Website Performance
Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Have you ever tried to get onto a website that was taking a while to load up?

At first, you might think it is your computer or the mobile device that is the problem.

You might think that the device is loading up something or that it is using too much memory.

What happens when everything else on your computer or device is running smoothly?

At this point, it is not your device that is the issue.

It is the website you are trying to load that is the problem.

Look at how fast your site is and that it can actually load up as asked without delay.

It is often hard to keep a campaign running well if a site is unable to load quickly as a slow site is one that people are not going to want to visit.

There are several things that can be done to help you keep your site running quickly:

  • Watch for how pictures and other files are added to your site.
  • It is easier for a site to load up if you have pictures and other items that do not take up a lot of disk space.
  • Look at how your page is structured. See that the layout is not overly rough or hard to use. Any site with a detailed and complicated layout is often hard to load up.
  • Be cautious with any third-party apps you want to use on your site. These include plugins for loading files. Such apps might cause your site to slow down if they are not maintained well enough.
  • Test your site on your own if possible. Try it out while all the other programs on your computer are shut down.
  • The site should work quickly and not use too much disk space or memory when it is loading.

You will have to make some corrections if the site is not loading up as well as you want.

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12. Invite People to Chat with You

A good way to bring in traffic is to be transparent.

Produce a site that offers a setup where people can chat with you and leave feedback in real-time and you will foster a good community.

Creating a congenial community always helps as you will bring in regular readers and people who want to learn more about what you are saying or offering.

This strategy works especially well when you are trying to get a cost-per-impression (CPM) or cost-per-click (CPC) campaign to work for you.

Such compensation plans work best when you have regular traffic coming to your site.

  • Offer comment boxes so people can leave feedback on individual posts you make. Use the Facebook system to create a feedback box or another third-party tool.
  • Hold special live chat events with people or even Q&A sessions on a regular basis. This lets you answer questions that people might have with regards to what you have to offer.
  • Create a full forum that includes several sections where you and others can post threads relating to anything of value. Always use a third-party forum creation tool to help you.

Anything that puts your guests in control or gives them the power to leave special messages is always worthwhile.

However, you should monitor whatever you are offering regularly to ensure no one is trying to spam your site or leave anything hostile or counterproductive on it.

The feedback section needs to be carefully arranged and certain features should be used.

13. Add Social Media Sharing Buttons

Have you ever gone to a website and noticed a big box somewhere that includes little icons symbolizing particular social media sites?

It might have a bar with boxes showing things like a red P, a blue F, a light blue flying bird, and other symbols that represent some of the more popular social media sites around.

Adding a social media sharing box is always a good idea.

This uses a simple layout:

  • Add a box to a part of your site. You might have it listed at the bottom or top of the page. Just make it appear somewhere where people can find it easily.
  • Program the box to link up to some social media sites. You can use as many of these boxes as you want although it helps to use five to ten at the most.
  • Choose the more popular social media sites or the ones that are relevant to what you are offering.
  • Test each of these boxes to see that it works. When you click on a box, it should produce a code that allows people to share your content on a social media site of their choosing. This is perfect if you can get these boxes added throughout your site.
  • A box can be placed on each page of an article or blog. This allows people to share individual things that you have included on your site.

By doing this, you will give your readers the option to share your content with as many people as they want.

Those posts that the readers create on their social media pages will always link back up to your site, thus creating a direct quality link.

14. Set Up Webinars or Other Videos

Do you have a camera that you can use for recording videos that you can post online?

If so, you should consider preparing a webinar.

A webinar is a type of online conference to inform people about something of interest to you.

You can prepare a webinar on anything related to your campaign.

You just have to think about something that can be utilized for a video that is a few minutes in length.

It should be fairly easy to work on a video such as this.

The things to do in your webinar can include:

  • Telling people about how to use a certain product or service.
  • Talking about some of the big news stories relating to the field you are promoting.
  • Showing yourself using something in action.
  • Giving people tips or tricks relating to something of value to you.
  • You could even go out on the road and record yourself doing something at a special location provided it is relevant to your work. Anything that relates to what you are promoting on your site is always worth highlighting.

See how well this can work when producing content and you will see that adding a good video will make your site more appealing.

15. Create a Transcript of Your Text Content

You can always add a transcript or text summary of what you are presenting on your site.

This would be perfect if you are trying to get keywords to naturally appear on your site or if people are unable to load a video for whatever reason.

Apart from anything else, a transcript is always good to have as it allows people to read about what you are offering even if their mobile devices or browsers are unable to load a video.

Keeping a text-based option for your seminars always ensures that your work is a little more visible.

16. Do Podcasting

Ways to get free traffic to your website - Do Podcasting
Image by Daniel Friesenecker from Pixabay

Do you have lots of things that you want to say but not have the time to actually get them typed up?

You can always create a podcast that highlights what you want to say.

A podcast is very easy and simple to prepare.

It is an audio file to talk to people about something of interest to you.

You can use this to talk about anything:

  • Explaining the background or history of your subject matter.
  • Reviewing some of the newest things in your field.
  • Talking about what is happening in your field and what might make it worth checking out.
  • Interviewing other people in the field of interest to you and getting their insights on anything they might be working on.

Tips For Starting a Podcast

A podcast can be perfect to have but there are a few tips that you should use when getting a great podcast ready:

  • Consider something that is long enough to keep a person interested without being too long. A podcast could be 10 to 20 minutes in length.
  • As you publish your podcast, you should post enough keywords on its entry as you load it up. This not only improves upon the SEO
  • support for your site but also gives prospective listeners a clear idea of what you are producing.
  • Get your podcast loaded onto various directories. It obviously helps to put it on the iTunes podcast directory but look around to see what else is available.
  • Use the right category for your podcast when publishing it on many sites. This is to give people access to it as they look for shows in a particular field.
  • Always use professional recording Items when recording a podcast or webinar, make sure that you are producing it with enough professional features in mind.

No one wants to watch a video that you shot on a tablet in some poorly lit room.

No one has a desire to hear a podcast that was recorded on a shoddy microphone without much noise cancellation.

Always look for professional items when recording podcasts or videos.

These include the following:

  • A microphone with a noise cancellation feature and enough coverage to eliminate noise without feedback.
  • A camera that records high-definition video and is also fully mobile.
  • Enough lighting for your video based on where you are; you might have to have extra lights depending on the conditions in your recording room.
  • A software program that lets you edit your audio or video files.

People will take your work more seriously if they see that you put in the effort.

Your marketing campaign will be a  little more effective if people notice the work you put into the production.

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17. Present Your Content In a Unique Way

Make sure that the work you are planning is unique and that you are not copying someone else's ideas.

One of the greatest problems with affiliate marketing sites is that many of them produce content that is just a duplicate of what is already online.

For instance, a person might copy much of another site's articles onto their page.

  • That is absolute plagiarism and can keep a site from being visible on a search engine.
  • Such search engines often frown upon sites that copy excess amounts of data from others.
  • You can always use a website or program that checks your content to see that it is unique and different from everything else out there. Copyscape has become a trusted solution for this.
  • It is imperative that you produce something that is unique and distinct and that you do not use something that another person created.

Always do something unique or you might be banned and not actually appear on a search engine.

18. Create a Unique Voice

A great website always comes with its own special voice.

Such a voice should use the types of words or the attitude you would use as you are writing.

Planning an appealing and special voice is always useful and will illustrate to your readers that you are truly human.

You will also create a mood that is truly your own.

  • Be casual and humorous in your approach.
  • Pepper your content with funny quotes or stories about what you are promoting.
  • Choose to be a little more historical in your work.
  • Talk about some of the things that happened in the past with regards to what you are discussing or introducing in your work.
  • In some cases, it might be best to be serious and straightforward. This is especially the case when you are trying to promote something a little more important, like financial services or healthcare products.

The voice you plan on using should be something you can easily handle.

It lets the reader know that there is a true human behind a site and that the human in question cares about the reader.

19. Keep the Voice Consistent

Try and keep the voice you wish to use consistently throughout your site.

It can be tough to switch from serious to comical on a whim.

Readers might not appreciate the sudden shift in tone as you move from one attitude to another.

  • Make sure your voice in your work stays the same and is not confusing to readers.
  • Working with the same voice lets the audience know something about you and what you can do.
  • You have to decide on the voice to use based on what is appropriate for the niche you have chosen. Some niches might allow for a voice that is more casual in nature while others might be rather serious.
  • A lighthearted and fun attitude is great if you want to promote sports fan apparel.
  • You would have to be a little more serious if you want to talk about retirement services or health care products for aging seniors.

You have to think about what a customer might be feeling when clicking on your site.

Some people might want to learn fun things about a topic or might be enthusiastic about making their lives better in some way.

Others might be focused on more significant concerns that they cannot afford to ignore.

Either way, you must plan your site accordingly.

20. Keep Watch on Your Competitors

Keep Watch on Your Competitors
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

The last thing to do when trying to attract traffic is to take a closer look at what your competitors have to offer.

See how the competition is analyzed so you have a clear idea of what others are doing.

Your market will always be filled with other people who want to do the same as you.

You might find some people who emphasize very specific aspects of your niche, including some that you might target yourself.

With the online world being so vast, it is no surprise that other people will be doing things similar to what you are doing yourself.

  • Perform a search of websites that are similar to yours in terms of what you are trying to market. See what those sites are doing and determine whether they are engaging in actions that are different from your site.
  • Are there things about a site that really interests you? Maybe another person's site is more visually intriguing.
  • Think carefully about how well another person's site is laid out and what makes it perform well and what you like about it. You will find that viewing how others succeed will enable you to generate a quality page. You can change your workaround to reflect what might work better.
  • Look at others' writing and what can you learn from it. You can look at a topic and see if you can produce a totally new angle to write about or review.

This gives you a bit of an advantage as you are working with content that others might not have fully considered or explored.


The points that I discussed here are proven ways to get free traffic to your website.

Even if you can leverage a few of them, you should be able to see the significant increase in your traffic to your site.

Whatever you do, avoid copying anything other people have created.

Create more unique writing that explores different angles.

All your efforts to draw traffic onto your site should be reviewed with care.

You will get more out of your site and make it a whole lot more visible and useful if you are careful in arranging its pages.

Do you have ideas about getting free traffic to a website?

Feel free to share in the comments below, I'll be more than happy to know πŸ™‚

About the author 

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Hardik is passionate about helping people launch their own online business. He loves to talk about online business ideas, affiliate marketing tools, tips and other sources of residual income available on the internet.

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